Cold Case: Thomas Terry Johnson Jr. charged with the 1996 murder of Joseph Todd Jowers outside of the Classic’s Lounge

Joseph Todd Jowers

Find-A-Grave: Joseph Todd Jowers
25 years later, Tuscaloosa investigators seek cold case information
Tuscaloosa Cold Case Remains Unsolved 25 Years Later
Man Indicted For Murder In 1996 Tuscaloosa Cold Case
Suspect charged in 26-year-old cold case out of Tuscaloosa
Suspect indicted on murder charges in 1996 cold case ambush shooting death at Tuscaloosa lounge
Arrest made in 26-year-old cold case
Investigators Say They Solved Cold Case Murder of Popular Alabama Line Dance Instructor and Karaoke Singer


Custody Status:Out of Custody
Reason:General release
Contact Facility:
Date of Birth:12/18/1972
Additional Information:


Woods Cross Motel 6 Murder: Matthew John Whicker was murdered during a robbery at the motel while he was working; Da

Matthew John Whicker

Matthew John Whicker obituary
Find-A-Grave: Matthew John Whicker
Man guilty of ’96 killing
Gunman in Motel 6 slaying is sentenced
Plea deal reached in Motel 6 shooting
Case of Woods Cross motel clerk killing is over
Man convicted of murder at 17 leads Provo police on chase
New Twist to Motel 6 Murder Case
State of Utah v Todd Jeremy Rettenberger 1999 (conviction overturned)
Conviction overturned in Motel 6 murder; man released
Man convicted in Motel 6 murder set free
Man involved in 1996 Motel 6 murder convicted of human trafficking
The Justice Files: Man convicted of sex trafficking claims he’s ‘found Jesus’

David Valken-Leduc – convicted, sentenced to 6 years to life in prison; overturned, entered an Alford plea and released
Elliott Rashad Harper – pled no contest, sentenced to 0-5 years in prison
Todd Jeremy Rettenberger – pled guilty, sentenced to 5 months in jail (driver)

Murder For Hire: Paul Allen hired 2 men to kill his wife, Jill; All were sentenced to prison

Jill Allen

Jill Allen obituary
Find-A-Grave: Jill Martinsen
Slain wife called unrecognizable Mother of Jill Allen breaks into tears on the stand
Jill Allen’s killer offers details of 1996 slaying
State of Utah v Paul Christopher Allen 2005 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Justices uphold conviction in ’96 murder-for-hire case
Convicted of hiring a hit man to kill wife, Paul Allen maintains innocence
The Justice Files: No new trial for convicted killer
The Justice Files: Jill Allen’s killer seeks parole
Utah hit man seeks parole, but family of murdered woman says 25 years isn’t enough
Utahn convicted in murder-for-hire plot refuses to attend own parole hearing

Paul Christopher Allen – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
George Anthony Taylor – pled guilty, 5 years to life in prison
Joseph Sergious Wright – pled guilty, sentenced to 0-5 years in prison


Offender Number: 138732
DOB: Thu, 27 Feb 1969
Height: 5 Feet 11 Inches
Weight: 190
Sex: M
Housing Facility: OQUIRRH
Parole Hearing: 8/2022
Parole Date: N/A


Offender Number: 53076
DOB: Wed, 30 Jul 1969
Height: 6 Feet 0 Inches
Weight: 210
Sex: M
Housing Facility: WASATCH
Parole Hearing: 6/7/2022
Parole Date: N/A

Deadly Girlfriends: Helen Hardin Moore convicted of killing her boyfriend, Casey Roy Elliott and dismembering his body; Sentenced to life in prison

Casey Roy Elliott

Find-A-Grave: Casey Roy Elliott
Girlfriend Admits Killing, Cutting Up Cowboy
Helen Hardin Moore
Boyfriend Murdered
Girlfriend Admits She Drugged, Chopped Up 300-pound Cowboy

Ep. 76: The Wild Case of Helen Hardin Moore

Snapped: Helen Moore
Extreme Forensics: Deep in the Heart of Murder
Autopsy 4: The Dead Speak
Amanda Burton’s Killer Forensics: Unusual Evidence


Cold Case: Garry Artman charged with the rape and murder of Sharon Kay Hammack and dumped on the side of the street

Sharon Kay Hammack

Find-A-Grave: Sharon Kay Hammack
Delayed Justice: Sharon Kay Hammack
KCSO Makes Arrest in Cold Case Homicide
‘We got him’: Florida trucker arrested in 1996 rape, murder of Grand Rapids woman


Deadly Duo: Joe Luis Garay Jr and Kevin Jerome Carlson stabbed and killed 16-year-old Troy Gorena; Sentenced to 15 years to life in prison

Troy Alan Gorena

Joe Luis Garay has a parole hearing on October 7, 2021. That will not be even close to the 15 years that is the minimum for him to serve. If you would like to oppose his possible parole, here is a letter you can use: CA Board of Parole Garay hearing


CA Board of Parole – Victims Services
Correctional Training Facility
Soledad Prison Road
Soledad, CA 93960

RE: Joe Luis Garay
ID#: AN 7133

On March 5, 1996, Troy Gorena was walking down the street to go to a friend’s house when Kevin Carlson walked by him. Kevin took his child home and picked up Joe Luis Garay, who had a knife with him. They went back to where Troy was walking and Joe got out of the car and asked Troy where he was from. Troy responded that he was from Fullerton and turned to walk away. Joe stabbed him in the back several times. He was taken to the hospital and went into surgery but he never came out. This heinous, violent crime came about through Joe Luis Garay’s gang associations.

Garay was convicted of murder and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. He will have only served 8 years when he is considered for parole.

I STRONGLY OPPOSE parole for Joe Luis Garay. Justice demands he serve the full prison term of life given to him at the time he was sentenced for this heinous crime. If released, the chances that he will violently reoffend is high. Society does not deserve to have him back with his freedom, know he could once again tear another family or community apart.

Thank you for your time.

Find-A-Grave: Troy Alan Gorena
A Mother’s Mission
Trial to begin in 1996 gangland slaying
Gang member convicted of 1996 stabbing death
Man apologizes before sentencing for murder
People of the State of California v Joe Luis Garay Jr 2014 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
OC man wrongly convicted of 1996 murder close to freedom
Petition opposing parole 2021

Joe Luis Garay Jr – convicted, sentenced to 15 years to life in prison; parole hearing Oct. 7, 2021
Kevin Jerome Carlson – pled guilty, sentenced to 4 years in prison

Kevin Jerome Carlson


CDCR Number AN7133
Age 45
Admission Date 03/13/2013
Current Location Correctional Training Facility
Parole Eligible Date (Month/Year) 10/2019
Parole Eligible Date Information
The Parole Eligible Date displayed above is subject to change.

The parole eligible date shown above is the first date the inmate is (or was) eligible for a parole suitability hearing by the Board of Parole Hearings to determine if the inmate should be released. Inmates may earn credits for participating in rehabilitative programming, which may move their parole eligible dates to an earlier date. Inmates could also be found guilty of an institutional rules violation, which could result in a loss of credits that may move their parole eligible dates further into the future. Parole eligible dates may also change based on a variety of other reasons, including court orders, changes in law, and routine audits. Parole eligible dates displayed on this website are updated regularly.

Monsters Among Us: Bradley Marion Steckman killed 2 women, Barbara Loesch and Dorothy Martin; Sentenced to 15 years to life in prison

Barbara Loesch, 52 [1/8/1998 Post Falls, ID]
Dorothy Martin, 89 [7/21/1996 Pullman, WA] (no picture)
Gary Loesch, 56 [11/13/1995 Post Falls, ID] (no one charged)
Kristopher Loesch [missing child, 9, now would be an adult]

This is a complicated story, that includes another couple that committed a murder-suicide, and a missing child.
The other persons of interest in Barbara Loesch’s murder was her daughter Tina Loesch, who died in a murder-suicide with her girlfriend, Skye Hanson, the other person of interest.

Find-A-Grave: Barbara Dean Stultz Loesch
Find-A-Grave: Dorothy A Martin
Find-A-Grave: Gary Charles Loesch
Work ensues in Dorothy Martin murder case
Pullman police demonstrate patience pays
Jury trial set for Dorothy Martin murder case
Murderer pleads guilty to 1998 hot tub killing
Women sought in connection with Pullman slaying found dead
Suspects in 1998 Hot Tub Murder Found Dead After TV Profile on Case
Man Hopes TV Show Can Help Solve Cold Case Murder
Suspects found dead in Arizona: TV show featured ’98 Post Falls killing
Suspects in 1998 hot tub murder found dead
Women had been in Arizona for years
Gary Loesch murder 11/1995 Post Falls, ID *Persons of interest, Tina Loesch & Skye Hanson, die in a murder-suicide*
Q6 Cold Case: “Murder, Love and Money”
Teen Missing After Decade-Long Manhunt for Mom Ends in Suicide

Deadly Sins: Greed
AMW: Tina Loesch
AMW: Skye Marie Hanson

Bradley Steckman – pled guilty, sentenced to 15 years to life in prison, died in prison 4/12/2012
Tina Loesch committed murder-suicide
Skye Hanson committed murder-suicide

Tina Loesch and Skye Hanson


Cold Case: James T. Manning charged with the 1996 murder of Jacques A. Smith in his Nashville home

Find-A-Grave: Jacques A. Smith
State Prison Inmate Charged with 1996 Nashville Murder
Nashville police arrest 48-year-old man for 1996 murder of teen
State prison inmate charged with murder 25 years after killing occurred
Rapist charged in 25-year-old Nashville Chestnut Hill area cold case slaying
Metro Police charge man currently behind bars for rape in 1996 murder investigation
Convicted Rapist Charged in Cold Case Murder of Victim Found Riddled With Bullets and Covered in Duct Tape in 1996


Monsters Among Us: John O’Neal Rainey robbed and killed Mark Alexander Fyke; Sentenced to LWOP*

Mark Alexander Fyke

Find-A-Grave: Mark Alexander Fyke
Teen on spring break murdered
Suspect arrested; service held for slain Canadian
Teen’s role in tourist slaying questioned
Ex-murder suspect released
Police Now Believe They Have Real Killer Of Tourist
Teen arrested in tourist slaying
Volusia jury indicts 4 in spring-break killing
Teen Makes Deal In Tourist Death
Teenagers Will Testify Against Pal
Suspect says tourist was accidentally shot
Suspect in spring break murder wasn’t at scene, witnesses say
Trial starts in student slaying
Mother testifies in son’s slaying
Teens get lengthy sentences in killing
Spring break killer sentenced to life
The murder that ended Canadian spring break in Daytona

John O’Neal Rainey – convicted, sentenced to LWOP
William Marshall Schmidt – pled guilty, sentenced to 12 years, released 9/2003
Scott Russell Malone – pled guilty, sentenced to 13 years in prison
Donald William Shoup Jr – charges dropped,




Deadly Duo: Alan Mackerley and Lisa Costello killed Frank Lee Black; Both sentenced to prison

Frank Lee Black

Find-A-Grave: Frank Lee Black Jr.
Bus Executive Faces Murder Charges
Bus company owner convicted
Bus company owner guilty in rival’s death
Alan Mackerley v State of Florida 2000 (murder conviction affirmed)
Florida Supreme Court rules for millionaire in slaying
Alan Mackerley v State of Florida 2020 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
‘Snapped’ to focus on Lisa Costello’s role in murder involving Alan Mackerley, death of Frank Black
How Did Frank Lee Black Jr. Die? Where is Alan Mackerley Now?
Sparta Man, Byram Bus Lines Owner Charged with DWI, Newton Woman Held on Drug Charges
Charley Project: Frank Lee Black Jr.

Criminal Discourse: Alan Mackerley – Millionaire Murderer

The F.B.I. Files: Millionaire Murder
The Lies That Bind: Wheeling and Dealing
F2: Forensic Factor: No Body, No Crime
Snapped: Lisa Costello

Alan Mackerley – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
Lisa Costello – convicted, sentenced to 10 years in prison, released

Lisa Costello


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