Hello and kinda of a request!

Hello everyone! I am sorry for the lack of new posts lately. I have been sick (I do not have the virus) but am slowly on the mend now. I am still in self-quarantine now, per the hospital staff request, so I am actually listening for a change! At this moment I am feeling a bit better, so I am going to try to get a post or two in today. Try being the keyword!

Lately I know I have had some requests on updates. However, being the forgetful person I am, I have forgotten some of them. Except for Neriah Roberts (who seems to have disappeared into thin air, kinda) who is charged in the murder of Tierra Lechall Adams and their unborn child. He is out of jail, but many motions have been filed. But almost 5 years after his arrest and no trial? Hinkey to me. Anyway, if you have any requests for updates, please comment them below so that I see them in one place right now. Stan, I know you had a few, so if you can, will you put them here? You had some really good ones, too.

Also, I know I have technically missed several cases I wanted to post on, and I will. I have paid attention and do have a list. If there are any you want to suggest, please do!

My Kitties, Misty and Mewsette, just wanted to say hi!!!!


Open Thread: Casey Anthony murder trial

I am watching the trial today as I suspect many of you are also. So, I thought I would open up a thread for people to post questions, feelings or any kind of comment. Have at it!

Open Thread Wednesday

Good morning everyone! I decided to start this today so you can just post on anything you want, whether it be the death of Ted Kennedy (who I believe got away with murder) or the Letalvis Cobbins trial (I am listening to the sentencing hearing now) or any other case, even if I have not posted on it.

Let loose if you want!

Open Thread

Red caped kitty says hello!!

Good morning everyone!  Here is an open thread for the weekend.  Post on whatever you like, crimewise.  Maybe something I have not posted yet, or about one I have, like the Caylee Anthony murder or Dale Stark murder.  Also, here is a good place to remind me to update a case (Baby Grace) also.  I hope this weekend to get a bit done.

Open Thread!

OK, I thought it might be nice to have an open thread today, for you to post about any crime issue you choose, whether it is a case I have posted or not. Just have some fun!

Open Thread: Caylee Anthony disappearance

Here is a clean post, for discussion. I hope to do an update this weekend. For now, this is for open discussion, since several of the previous posts have too many comments are are slow to load now.

Open Discussion Thread Friday

I am going to try something new here, but something I have seen in other places. This is an open thread, to discuss whatever you want! Basically! Same rules follow as on all posts. Read comment policy if you haven’t already. No bashing the victim, no racists or vulgar remarks. Just be adults and have fun.

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