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Monsters Among Us: Eddie Ricky Nealy sentenced to death for the rape and murder of 14-year-old Jody Lynn Wolfe

Jody Lynn Wolfe

DNA yields suspect in murder cold case
22-year-old Fresno murder solved
Evidence To Be Presented In Fresno Cold Case
Rape trial begins for Fresno man who already faces death sentence
Convicted Fresno killer welcomes death sentence
Death penalty recommended for convicted murderer, rapist
Rape trial for Central California man to start in May
Fresno rapist and murderer headed for death row
Fresno man sentenced to death for rape, murder of teen girl
Eddie Nealy sentenced to death for 1985 murder and rape
Eddie Ricky Nealy – California Death Row

Swamp Murders: Down the Canal



CDCR#: AY6171
Age: 59
Admission Date: 12/21/2015
Current Location: San Quentin

Monsters Among Us: Thomas Laneal Sims charged with capital murder for the burning death of 85-year-old Gene Emory Dacus

silver on black

Gene Emory Dacus
Gene Emory Dacus

‘Somebody burned up Mr. Gene’ — Community struggles with murder of beloved war veteran
85-year-old man found burned to death, suspect seen running away with gas can
Teen neighbor charged with capital murder in slaying of burned elderly veteran
Teen accused of lighting 85-year-old on fire, killing him
Teen accused of lighting 85-year-old on fire, killing him
Birmingham police charge teen with capital murder in death of 85-year-old
Teen charged in burning death of elderly man; police searching for second suspect
‘Evil at its finest’: Teenager charged in killing, burning of 85-year-old Korean War vet
Teen charged with capital murder after lighting elderly veteran on fire


Thomas Sims

Inmate Summary – SIMS, THOMAS LANEAL

Demographic Information

Global Subject Number 883587
Address BIRMINGHAM, Alabama 35207
Photo 12Y0FQX38/19/2016 9:23 AM
Booking History


Booking Date 8/18/2016 5:19 PM
Release Date
Prisoner Type Pretrial Inmate
Housing Facility Jefferson County Jail – Birmingham
Total Bond Amount No Bond
Total Bail Amount

Offense Date: 8/17/2016
Attempt/Commit: Commit

Monsters Among Us: David Kevin Hocker killed his boss, Jerry Wayne Robinson to get money for crack; Executed 9/30/2004

remembering the victimsFrom Hocker’s appeal: The victim, Jerry Wayne Robinson, owned a small business in Houston County, Alabama.   The Defendant David Kevin Hocker worked for Mr. Robinson.   They were together on March 21, 1998 and were seen by the victim’s wife at West Building Supply in Dothan, Alabama. That would be the last time she saw her husband alive.   The next time she saw him was at the funeral home when she identified his body.

“Sergeant Donald Valenza of the Houston County Sheriff’s Department received a call from the Mobile County Sheriff’s Department informing him that Mobile had the Defendant Hocker in custody.   He had confessed to Mobile authorities that he had murdered Jerry Robinson.   Sergeant Valenza went to Mobile and took a statement from Hocker at which time Hocker admitted to killing Jerry Robinson by stating that he had broken a knife off in his chest.   Sergeant Valenza transported Hocker back to Houston County, Alabama, and made arrangements with the Headland Police Department to locate the body.   Hocker took the officers to the body which was located in Henry County, Alabama.   The body contained a single stab wound to the chest with the ․ blade imbedded in Jerry Robinson’s chest.   There were numerous cuts, abrasions and other injuries.

“Upon further investigation and the Defendant’s statement it was learned that Jerry Robinson and Hocker had gone to West Building Supply to purchase materials to build a fence.   Hocker later dumped the building materials in a ditch.   He had intended to kill Jerry Robinson at his office but a co-owner was present.   By ruse, Hocker talked Jerry Robinson into going with him to Henry County to pick up a microwave oven.   While in the truck Hocker stabbed Jerry Robinson in the chest, drove to a remote area and dragged Jerry Robinson from the vehicle.   Hocker then proceeded to beat and stomp Jerry Robinson causing over thirty contusions, scrapes and cuts.   Jerry Robinson’s Adam’s apple was broken.   There was a fracture of the thyroid cartilage.   According to the forensic pathologist, Dr. Parades, Jerry Robinson remained alive during this vicious beating and was able to feel pain.   However, the stab wound to the chest was the lethal wound.

“Hocker stole Jerry Robinson’s green truck, ATM card and cash.   After several withdrawals through the victim’s ATM card Hocker purchased $400.00 in crack cocaine and then drove to Mobile, Alabama. While on crack he believed the police were chasing him and he abandoned the truck and ran through the woods causing numerous scratches to his face.   Hocker later rented a motel room in Mobile and called 911 to turn himself in.   He subsequently gave statements to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Department and Sergeant Valenza confessing to the crime.

“In his statements Hocker claimed that the victim made sexual advances towards him which caused him to stab the victim.   However, three witnesses testified that Jerry Robinson was not homosexual.   He was a married man with two children.”

Hocker faces execution for murder of his boss
Executio date set for inmate in boss’ slaying
Appeals court upholds death sentence
David Keith Hocker v State of Alabama 2002
David Kevin Hocker #930
Alabama executes Hocker for 1998 murder of boss
Alabama executes Hocker for the murder of his boss
Mentally ill man executed for 1998 killing

Hocker last words

Monsters Among Us: Convicted sex offender Gerald Bordelon kidnapped and killed his 12-year-old stepdaughter, Courtney LeBlanc; He was executed 1/7/2010

stand up for children

Courtney LeBlanc

Find-A-Grave: Courtney Michelle Leblanc Kocke
Two men accused in killings escape from Louisiana jail, remain at large
Gerald Bordelon and John Priest CAUGHT
Death sentence for molester who killed stepdaughter
Murderer apologizes before his execution at Louisiana State Penitentiary
Gerald J Bordelon #1191
Bordelon convicted for exposing daughter to killer
Gerald Bordelon Raped & Killed 12 Year Old Courtney LeBlanc..Social Services FAIL
Murderpedia: Gerald J. Bordelon
Gerald Bordelon – Louisiana Death Row
State of Louisiana v Gerald Bordelon 2009 (appeal dismissed, remanded for execution of sentence)

Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall: Missing Blue Eyes

Gerald Bordelon
Gerald Bordelon

Final Words:
Just before his execution, Bordelon apologized to LeBlanc’s mother, uncle and sister, who witnessed the execution, and he asked for their forgiveness. “I’m sorry. I don’t know if that brings any closure or peace. It should have never happened, but it did, and I’m sorry,” he said, choking up and halting to collect himself. His eyes red-rimmed from crying, Bordelon added, “I’d like to apologize to my family and tell them that I love them.”

Monsters Among Us: William Frank Parker executed for killing his former in-laws, James and Sandra Warren

DVFrom Parker’s appeal: Parker was divorced from Pam Warren. Pam’s father, James Warren, and her sister, Cindy Warren, were getting into Mr. Warren’s truck in front of their house on November 5, 1984, when they saw Parker approaching the truck with a gun. Cindy got on the floor of the truck, from where she heard shots being fired. Cindy then got out of the truck and attempted to spray mace into Parker’s face. Parker fired one or two shots at Cindy, not hitting her, and then chased Mr. Warren into the house. Mr. Warren and his wife Sandra were later found in the house where they had been shot to death by Parker. In the events that followed that same day, Parker kidnapped and shot his ex-wife, Pam Warren, and shot a police officer three times in a shootout at the Rogers Police Department.

Awaiting Execution, And Finding Buddha
William Frank Parker v State of Arkansas 1987
William Frank Parker v State of Arkansas 1989
William Frank Parker v Larry Norris 1994
William Frank Parker v Larry Norris 1995 (habeas corpus denied)
A Buddhist Whom Many Tried to Save Is Executed
Killer Who Became a Buddhist Executed
Parker executed in Arkansas
Murderpedia: William Frank Parker

William Parker
William Frank Parker

Serial Killer: Joseph Daniel “Joey” Miller killed at least 5 women

Kelly Ann Ward
Kelly Ann Ward

Kelly Ann Ward, 25 [1986]
Selina Franklin, 18 [5/16/1987]
Stephanie McDuffey, 23 [11/6/1989]
Kathi Novena Shenck, [2/271990]
Jeanette Thomas, 25 [1/11/1990]

Lives cut short: The victims of serial killer Joseph D. Miller
‘We just hope she gets the justice she deserves,’ says cousin of murdered woman
Selfless nature led Kelly Ward to cross paths with a serial killer
The grisly history of serial killer Joseph Miller’s crimes
Pa. court favors life for mentally disabled killer
Background on serial killer Joseph Miller, including 1992 arrest
Man who murdered woman is notorious serial killer Joseph Miller, police say
New homicide charge filed against convicted serial killer Joseph Miller
Convicted serial killer Joseph Miller charged in 1997 cold case murder
Serial killer Joseph Miller returns to court to face murder charge in decades-ago death
Convicted serial killer Joe Miller pleads guilty to ’86, ’90 murders
Serial killer Joseph Miller pleads guilty, gets life terms for 2 more murders
‘Most prolific killer’ in Pa. confesses to 1986 and 1990 murders
Compulsion to rape and kill: Inside Steelton serial killer Joseph Miller’s mind
Inside Killer’s mind: Why did he rape, murder?
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v Joseph Daniel Miller 1995 (affirmed)
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v Joseph Daniel Miller 2000 (affirmed)
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v Joseph Daniel Miller 2005 (vacated death sentence)

The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead: Speaking for the Dead


Joseph Miller

Inmate Number: CB2362
Name Name Type
JOE COOL Also Known As
Age: 51
Date of Birth: 09/02/1964
Height (in): 5′ 09″
Gender: MALE
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: LIGHT
Current Location: SMITHFIELD
Permanent Location: CAMP HILL
Committing County: DAUPHIN
Last Updated Time: 8/8/2016 4:00:16 AM

Hamilton double murder: Three people charged with the murders of Orlando Gilbert and Todd Berus

Orlando Gilbert and Todd Berus
Orlando Gilbert and Todd Berus

Suspects, victims in double-fatal Hamilton shooting identified
Police: Hamilton shooting victims were ‘specifically targeted’
3 charged in drive-by fatal shootings of 2 men in Ohio
Prosecutor: Hamilton double shooting was an execution
3 central Ohioans held in Butler County slayings
Suspects, victims in Hamilton shooting have prison records
Prosecutor: Death penalty may be sought in Hamilton shooting

Hamilton 3
Melinda Gibby
Zachary Harris
Tony Patete

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