Arletha Hopkins murder 11/04/2004 Jackson, AL *Husband, Anthony Jujuan Hopkins, arrested for her 2004 murder; her body was found in a freezer*

Arletha Hopkins

If these charges are true, there is no excuse. This man is a monster – first he is sexually abusing his daughter (and others, I believe) and then kills his wife after she kicks him out. And he is supposedly a Preacher. Certainly not a good representative of a church is he?

Preacher Arrested in Church After Wife’s Body Found in Freezer
Police: Body found in Ala. freezer was mother of 8
No Bond for Preacher in Body-in-Freezer Case
Affidavit: Murdered wife saw too much
Shocking New Details In Freezer Murder
Preacher killed wife, stuffed body in freezer, police say
Update: Arletha Hopkins murder *Husband, Anthony Hopkins convicted of killing his wife, molesting stepdaughter; sentenced to life in prison plus 51 years*

Anthony Hopkins


Update: Caylee Anthony disappearance *So much drama! Bail Reduction denied again; Party photos surface; and now, phone calls in code*

  Caylee Anthony, still missing

Maybe Casey is afraid if she tells the actual truth, then no one would pay attention to her anymore. Of course, the party photos (which were posted here in a comment several days ago!) have not made her appear the grieving, loving mother she claims to be. But has grandma said anything about them? I have not seen anything, but I bet they are staying far from that! The speaking in code now? How silly and junior highish. It is as if she has something to hide, huh?

Casey From Jail: ‘I Wouldn’t Let Anything Happen To My Daughter’
Former Inmate Says Casey Told Him Who Has Caylee
Lower Bond Denied for Missing Florida Tot’s Mom
Court: No bond drop for missing Fla. girl’s mom
Photos Show Missing Florida Girl’s Mother Partying at Club
Grandmother: ‘I believe we’re going to find Caylee’
Cindy Anthony Appears On ‘Today’ Show
New Phone Call Released Between Casey Anthony, Brother
Anthony Taking Bond Appeal To Florida Supreme Court

Down with the Other Woman on an all new Snapped this Sunday

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Parents Go Wild! Rachel Anderson and live-in boyfriend, Mitch Laputka *Couple abandon baby Gabriel to go party*

I seriously doubt these two will be nominated for parents of the year. They left their infant son, Gabriel, at home in his stroller while they went out partying. They also left him at home in the stroller when they went to their jobs at Pizza Hut. However, their paychecks certainly did not benefit their son at all. Rachel only changed his diapers once a day, and Mitch said he NEVER changed a diaper–that was Rachel’s job. When this poor child was found, he had a horrible diaper rash and his body temperature was 12 degrees below normal. He stopped breathing at one point and CPR was performed for more than 20 minutes. What do you think? Should they be nominated for Parents of the Year?

Who cares about kids? I want to party
Police: Couple Abandoned Baby So They Could Party
People You Will See In Hell
Couple Abandoned Baby To Party, Police Say
Hypothermic baby rescued

John Luke White murder 7/09/2008 Luther, OK *14 year old Brent Burleson charged with the murder of 12 year old John Luke White*

                   John Luke White

John White, 12-year-old from Luther, dies
Devastated Family Pleads for Gun Safety
Luther Teen Charged With Manslaughter
Teen charged in 12-year-old’s death
Manslaughter charge filed in death of 12-year-old
14 Year Old Charged In Luther Shooting

Missing: William “Willie” James Simon since 3/21/2008 from Fayetteville, NC

William James “Willie” Simon

Fayetteville Cabdriver Goes Missing
William James Simon: Leads, But No Body
Search for Cabbie Becomes Homicide Investigation
Governor offers reward in missing cab driver case
Reward offered in missing cab driver case
Help Find the Missing
Project Jason

Parents Gone Wild! Elizabeth Nicole Guerrero and Herman Bailon *child abuse homicide*

          Herman Bailon                     Elizabeth Guerrero

Yes, this is another one where the stepfather, Herman Bailon (an illegal alien also) felt trapped and did not want the child around. She suffered many cuts and abrasions, and yes, a skull fracture. She was only 2 years old. And of course, mommy dearest, Elizabeth Guerrero, just let the abuse go on. So much for protecting your children, huh?

2-year-old’s stepfather faces murder, abuse complaints in city
OKC Police Investigating Child Abuse
Toddler dies, stepfather booked
Memorial held for 2-year-old who died
Mother arrested in child’s death
Dead girl’s mother arrested in abuse case
OKC mother arrested in child’s death
Mother Arrested In Connection With Child-Abuse Death

 2 year old Liliana Rodriguez, victim of these Parents Gone Wild!

Greenland Etienne murder 7/30/2008 Lynn, MA *Rodlyn Petitbois arrested for her murder*

                 Greenland Etienne in the middle

Eyewitness details horrific Lynn slay, abduction
Boston Blotter: Fatal Stabbing
Amber Alert Leads To Arrest Of Stabbing Suspect, Release Of Family
Amber Alert: 4 Petitbois children since 1am 7/30/2008 from Boston, MA *possibly abducted by their father, Rodlyn Petitbois, who is wanted in the questioning of a homicide*
Amber Alert cancelled: Petitbois Family found safe *Father, Rodlyn Petitbois, arrested for the homicide of Greenland Etienne*

                     99 High Rock St. Lynn, MA

Amber Alert cancelled: Petitbois Family found safe *Father, Rodlyn Petitbois, arrested for the homicide of Greenland Etienne*

Rodlyn Petitbois and family

NYC Police Arrest Man Accused of Taking 4 Kids, Mom From Massachusetts Apartment
NYC police hold man accused of taking 4 kids, mom
NYC Police Hold Man Accused of Taking 4 Kids, Mom
NYC police hold man accused of taking 4 kids, mom

Amber Alert: 4 Petitbois children since 1am 7/30/2008 from Boston, MA *possibly abducted by their father, Rodlyn Petitbois, who is wanted in the questioning of a homicide*

      Rodlyn Petitbois

Children Abducted
Ryan Petitbois, 3,
Lyndsey Petitbois, 2,
Lauren Petitbois, 1,
Roddick Petitbois, 11 months

Amber Alert Issued For 4 Children
Lynn father takes 4 kids, triggers amber alert
Amber Alert issued for 4 children in Lynn after homicide
Amber Alert issued in Mass. for 4 children

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