Charles Merrifield murder 6/19/1957 La Sal, UT *Shot to death by James W. Rodgers, who was convicted and executed for his murder*

James W. Rodgers

Last request: a bulletproof vest

Murderpedia: James W. Rodgers
Wikipedia: James W. Rodgers
2 More Inmates In ‘Death Row’ At State Prison
Top Utah Court Upholds Guilty Ruling In Slaying
Death Row Inmate Vows Fight For Life
No Shortage of Volunteers for Firing Squad

The Unforgiven: Utah’s Executed Men


Spree Killers: Walter Kelbach & Myron Lance – Killed 6 people during a Christmastime spree

Steven Shea and Michael Holtz

Steven Shea, 18 [12/18/1966]
Michael Holtz, 18 [12/19/1966]
Grant Strong, 30 [12/21/1966]
James Sisemore, 47 [12/21/1966]
Fred William Lillie, 20 [12/22/1966]
Beverly Janice Mace, 34 [12/28/1966]
Verl Meads, 24 (survived)

These two originally received the death penalty, but when the death penalty was struck down in 1971, they received life in prison (with a chance for parole). However, in 1992, the Parole Board decided that they would spend the rest of their natural lives in prison. Myron Lance died in prison in 2010 (now spending eternity in hell, just waiting for his special friend Walter to join him – who did in 2018)

Find-A-Grave: Steven Allen Shea
Find-A-Grave: Michael Kent Holtz
Find-A-Grave: Grant Creed Strong
James Sisemore obituary
Find-A-Grave: James Louis “Pete” Sisemore
Find-A-Grave: Fred William Lillie
Find-A-Grave: Beverly Janice Mace
Second kidnapped youth found dead (part 1)
Second teen found slain (part 2)
On trail of killers (part 1)
Rewards spur hunt for killers (part 2)
Both slaying victims friendly, liked cars (part 1)
2 victims, friendly, loved cars (part 2)
Police checking clothes in slayings
Rewards up to $6000 for slayers
Grissly Count: 5 in 5 days
Parolee linked to 5 slayings
Pair charged in S.L. murders
Counties push legal action in 5 slayings (part 1)
Legal action spurred in 5 Utah murders (part 2)
Murder suspect named 2 days before killings
Pair back in S.L. jail
Tipster Claims Accused Men Identified Before Killings
Woman dies, 6th victim in killing
Deaths In Utah’s Five-Day Period Of Violence Last Week Rise To Six
Suspects face series of dates in court
2 Utah Men Get Death Sentences
Wife Held In Inmate ‘Rescue’
9 Utah ‘Security’ Cons Escape
‘Hey’ Sets Trap For 3 Escapees
Walter Kelbach & Myron Lance
Kelbach & Lance
Walter B. Kelbach v O. Lane McCotter 1994
Murderer files suit for disability pay
Walter Kelbach’s appeal for his disability claim! (He was denied disability and the Appeals Court affirmed the denial)
Serial killer Myron Lance dies after years in prison(not a serial killer)
Myron Lance’s application for a pardon on a previous charge
Documentary Gives Insight Into Minds of Two Killers
Shocking Documentary Stars Death Row Killers
Don’t free duo, victims’ relatives plead
Murderpedia: Walter B. Kelbach
Murderpedia: Myron Lance
Find-A-Grave: Myron Lance

Walter Kelbach and Myron Lance

Larry Duane White murder February 1989 Salt Lake City, UT *Robert Eugene Bennett pled guilty, sentenced to 5-years-to-life in prison; he is currently still in prison*

remembering the victims

He is also a person of interest in the mysterious disappearance of his wife, Floy Jean Bennett February 22, 1978 in Beaverton, Oregon. In August 2004, the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole decided to never parole Mr. Bennett. He will spend natural life in prison.

Man questioned in severed legs case isn’t talking
Bennett faces charge of 2nd-degree murder in slaying of chessmate
Murder charges filed in mutilation slaying autopsy discloses 5 bullet holes in torso
Trial ordered
Trial ordered in mutilation, slaying of chessmate
Bennett enters surprise guilty plea
Murderpedia: Robert Eugene Bennett


Robert Eugene Bennett 1989 & current prison mug shot

Offender Number: 53260
DOB: Sat, 1 Jan 1938
Height: 6 Feet 0 Inches
Weight: 180
Sex: M
Age: 75
Race: White
Gender: Male
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Central Utah Correctional Facility

Pervert Alley: Alfredo Enrique Vargas charged with 26 counts of sex abuse at Little Bears Academy Daycare

Alfredo Enrique Vargas

Lehi man charged with 26 counts in daycare sex abuse case
Police looking for possible sex abuse victims from Lehi day care
Lehi man charged with 26 sex abuse crimes at day care
Lehi man charged with sexually abusing young girls at his home daycare
Wife defends husband in daycare child sex abuse case

Serial Killer: Benjamin Tony Atkins aka Woodward Corridor Killer *Killed & raped 11 women in Detroit, MI*

Darlene Saunders, 35 [10/1991 Highland Park, MI] survived
Debbie Ann Friday, 30 [12/14/1991 Highland Park, MI]
Bertha Jean Mason, 26 [12/30/1991 Detroit, MI]
Patricia Cannon George, 36 [1/3/1992 Detroit, MI]
Vicki Truelove, 39 [1/25/1992 Detroit, MI]
Valerie Chalk, 34 [2/17/1992 Highland Park, MI]
Unidentified Woman [2/17/1992 Highland Park, MI]
Juanita Hardy, 23 [2/17/1992 Highland Park, MI]
Brenda Mitchell, 38 [4/9/1992 Highland Park, MI]
Vicki Beasley-Brown, 43 [4/15/1992 Highland Park, MI]
JoAnn O’Rourke, 40 [6/15/1992 Highland Park, MI]
Ocinea Warner, 22 [8/21/1992 Highland Park, MI]

Cops explore possible serial link in killings
Police seek trail of serial killer – women may have been lured with drugs
Serial killing trials to open; Suspect in 11 deaths to claim insanity
Suspect describes raping, cursing, killing — 11 times
Man convicted of strangling 11 prostitutes
Atkins convicted of killing 11 women
Serial killer dies 4 years into 11 life sentences
Murderpedia: Benjamin Atkins
Detroit in ruins: the photographs of Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre
Murderpedia: Benjamin Tony Atkins
Wikipedia: Benjamin Atkins
A Facebook about him
Find-A-Grave: Benjamin Tony Atkins

Benjamin Tony Atkins

Pamela Bradley McMeen murder 1/25/1971 Streator, IL *Shot & killed by husband, Louis A. McMeen, who was found found mentally unfit to stand trial*

Policemen recall 1971 McMeen murder
McMeen family faced similar tragedy years ago
Emington woman’s dad killed wife in front of son
Louis A. McMeen, Jr. (this is the son of Pamela & Louis)

Church’s Chicken shooting leaves 2 dead, 5 wounded in Chicago, IL

Victim’s names have not been released yet, but both who died were teenagers. This holiday season has been filled with violence all over the Country. It seems worse than normal. My heart and prayers go out to the families and loved ones everywhere.

Two Killed, Five Wounded in Shooting at Chicago Restaurant
Two people killed, 5 others wounded in Chicago restaurant shooting
Englewood slaying victims were 16, 17: ‘This is crazy. This is crazy’
Two people killed, 5 others injured in shooting at Church’s Chicken

Robens Borno murder 12/25/2011 Elkins Park, PA *Rayshon Carwheel arrested for his murder*

Christmas Day Cheltenham Shooting Victim Identified
Police: Jealousy May Have Been Motive In Cheltenham Christmas Day Murder
Arrest Warrant Issued In Xmas Day Slaying
Suspect Identified in Christmas Day Killing

Boyfriends From Hell: Jeremy David Marshall arrested for the death of his girlfriend’s 3-month-old infant, Kennedy Lucille Marshall

Say NO to Child Abuse

Kennedy Marshall
Kennedy Marshall

Man arrested in death of girlfriend’s 3-month-old daughter
Man, 35, arrested in death of 3-month-old girl
Man charged with homicide in Ogden baby’s death
Boyfriend arrested in Ogden baby’s death
Update: Kenney Marshall murder *Jeremy Marshall sentenced to 15 years to life in prison*

Jeremy David Marshall

Luis Vasquez murder 10/16/2011 Houston, TX *4 people arrested and charged with his murder*

Cymone Anthony, 20
Beoncay Sade Kesee, 23
Ashtin Johnson, 24
Martez Levy, 25

Beoncay Kesee,Cymone Anthony,Martez Levy,Ashtin Johnson,Lured Luis Vasquez With Sex
Slaying victim was lured with promise of sex, police say
Man found dead outside apartment complex
Arrest in man’s murder at SW Houston apt complex
3 more charged in deadly ambush of man last month
Cops: Houston Man Lured To His Death After Showing Up For Prostitute

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