Update: Juanita Richardson murder *Thomas Richardson convicted, sentenced to LWOP*

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Juanita Richardson

Juanita Richardson murder 6/22/2006 Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, MI *Husband, Thomas Richardson, charged with her murder*
Jury selection begins in Richardson trial
Opening statements made
Opening arguments today for Richardson trial
First witnesses testify
Richardson trial in second day
First responder testifies at Richardson trial
Richardson’s reaction questioned
Testimony goes on
Testimony reconstructs events on day of death
Richardson’s reaction to wife’s death probed
Pictured Rocks ranger testifies
Richardson’s story changed
Jurors listen to Richardson telephone recordings
Richardson Trial Videos
Richardson guilty
Wife’s plunge sends Thomas Richardson to prison for life
Michigan man gets life prison sentence in wife’s fatal fall
Man gets life in prison for pushing wife off cliff
Richardson Murder Trial Coverage
Man appealing in wife’s death at Pictured Rocks
Attorney to appeal conviction in Pictured Rocks death



MDOC Number: 687060
SID Number: 2949738J
Racial Identification: White
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 188 lbs.
Date of Birth: 02/27/1962 (54)

Current Status: Prisoner
Earliest Release Date: LIFE
Assigned Location: Michigan Reformatory
Maximum Discharge Date: LIFE
Security Level: II

Sentence 1

Offense: Homicide – Murder First Degree-Premeditated
Minimum Sentence: LIFE
MCL#: 750.316A
Maximum Sentence: LIFE
Court File#: 070000001782-FC-WWC
Date of Offense: 06/22/2006
County: Alger
Date of Sentence: 05/19/2008
Conviction Type: Jury


Missing: Anthony “Tony” Luzio Jr. since 7/4/2005 from Delaware County, OH

  Anthony “Tony” Luzio Jr.

Crime Stoppers Ohio Wanted: Anthony “Tony” Luzio Jr.
America’s Most Wanted
Project Jason: Missing Man: Anthony “Tony” Luzio Jr. – Ohio – 7/4/05
National Center for Missing Adults: Anthony Joseph Luzio Jr.

Update: Allison Rinsch murder *Damon Catt sentenced to 63 years in prison*

Allison Rinsch

Catt Sentenced to 63 Years
Damon Catt v. State of Indiana
News Archive: Allison Rinsch murder



DOC Number 116421
First Name DAMON
Middle Name B
Last Name CATT
Date of Birth 08/00/1978
Gender Male
Race White
Facility/Location Reception Diagnostic Center
Earliest Possible Release Date *
*An offender whose projected release date falls on a weekend or holiday will be released the first working day prior to the weekend or holiday.

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 06/06/2008
Description MURDER
Term in Years / Months / Days 62 11 00030

Type of Conviction M
Indiana Citation Code 35-42-1-1
Cause Number 42D01 0711 MR 078
County of Conviction KNOX
Projected Release Date 05/16/2039

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 11/25/2002
Term in Years / Months / Days 03 05 00028

Type of Conviction FC
Indiana Citation Code 35-41-5-1
Cause Number 42C01-9809-CF-029
County of Conviction KNOX
Projected Release Date 05/28/2004

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 05/14/2001
Term in Years / Months / Days 01 04 00020

Type of Conviction FC
Indiana Citation Code 35-41-5-1
Cause Number 42C01-9809-CF-029
County of Conviction KNOX
Projected Release Date 12/14/2001

Update: Caffey Family murders *Daughter, Erin Caffey, being tried as adult*

Caffey Family
Caffey Family

Erin has been moved to the Hopkins County Jail and bond set at $1.5 million. I bet she stays put for a bit! I do not believe she will face the death penalty, like the others, as she was under 18 when the crime was committed.

News Archive: Caffey Family murders
Teenage Murder Suspect to be Tried as Adult
Teenage murder suspect to be tried as an adult
16 Year-Old Charged With Capital Murder In Mother, Brothers’ Deaths
Teenage murder suspect to be tried as an adult in East Texas family slaying
Death Penalty Sought In Triple Murder Of Alba Family

Caffey Four

Charlie James Wilkinson, 19
Charles Allen Waid, 20
Bobbi Gale Johnson, 18
Erin Caffey, 16 (daughter)

Patricia and Kevin Whitaker murders 12/10/2003 Sugar Land, TX *3 convicted, including Bart Whitaker, son & brother of victims*

Patricia and Kevin Whitaker

Family Of 4 Shot By Intruder; 2 Killed
Sugar Land Father, Son Bury Mother, Brother
Son Missing Months After Family’s Double Murder
Police Want To Question Missing Man In Family’s Murder
Suspect Arrested In Sugar Land Family Murders
Second Arrest Made In Sugar Land Family Homicide
Murder Suspect ‘Bart’ Whitaker Arrested
Victim confronts killer who shot his wife and son
Convicted murderer sentenced to death
Bart Whitaker Murder Case Sugarland Texas
Sugar Land man’s death row blog draws criticism
Minutes Before Six – Thomas Bartlett Whitaker’s Blog
Inmate Information: Thomas Bartlett Whitaker (Death Row profile)
A most unusual suspect
Murder in the Family: ‘I Wanted Them Dead’
Bart Whitaker talks about killing family, death row complaints (While he acknowledges he has made “some mistakes”, he does not take any real responsibility for his crimes, including the murder of his mother and his brother)
Parole board recommends clemency for Bart Whitaker
Texas grants clemency to Thomas Whitaker minutes before execution
Man who plotted his family’s murder will not be executed, governor say
Death Row Inmate Who Murdered his Mom and Brother Spared Just Minutes Before Execution

Savage Son (great book)
Murder By Family: The Incredible True Story of a Son’s Treachery and a Father’s Forgiveness

48 Hours: The Sugar Land Conspiracy
Forensic Files: Family Interrupted
Blood Relatives: Blood is Thicker
Redrum: Bad Seeds

Thomas Bartlett Whitaker, 25 [death penalty; spared the death penalty by the governor 2/22/2018]
Chris A. Brashear, 23 [life, parole after 30 years]
Steven Champagne, 23 [15 years in prison]


SID Number: 05908024
TDCJ Number: 00999522
Race: W
Gender: M
Age: 31
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE
Current Facility: MCCONNELL
Projected Release Date: LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE
Parole Eligibility Date: LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE

Office History:
Offense Date 2003-12-10
Sentence Date 2007-03-08
Case No. 42969
Sentence (YY-MM-DD) 5555-55-55


SID Number: 06883381
TDCJ Number: 01467806
Race: W
Gender: M
Age: 28
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Current Facility: EASTHAM
Projected Release Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Parole Eligibility Date: 2035-09-14

Offense History:
Offense Date 2003-12-10
Offense MURDER
Sentence Date 2007-09-19
Case No. 42968
Sentence (YY-MM-DD) 9999-99-99


SID Number: 07595867
TDCJ Number: 01471820
Race: W
Gender: M
Age: 29
Maximum Sentence Date: 2020-09-13
Current Facility: GIB LEWIS
Projected Release Date: 2020-09-13
Parole Eligibility Date: 2013-03-15

Offense History:
Offense Date 2003-12-10
Offense MURDER
Sentence Date 2007-11-19
County Case No. FORT BEND
Sentence (YY-MM-DD) 42970 15-00-00

Ivory Jackson murder 6/23/2008 Chicago, IL *Nursing home resident beaten to death; Solomon Owasanoye arrested for his murder*

Renaissance At 87th Street
(773) 434-8787 2940 W 87th St
Chicago, IL

Elderly Man Beaten To Death At Nursing Home
Chicago Nursing Home Beating Death Ruled Homicide
Man charged with nursing home resident’s murder
Man Charged With Murder For Nursing Home Beating

Update: Megan Touma *Fellow soldier, Edgar Patino, is the person of interest*


PFC Megan Lynn Touma

News Archive: Megan Lynn Touma murder
Fellow GI is person of interest in pregnant soldier’s death
Police Search Home of Suspect in Pregnant Army Dentist’s Death
Ft. Bragg soldier person of interest in death of pregnant servicewoman
Person of Interest Named in Pregant Soldier Death
NC soldier eyed in probe of dead servicewoman

Aaron Nichols – juvenile pedophile; will justice be served?

Please go to this site and read this post. It is very scary to think that prosecutors would allow this now convicted sex offender to not serve any jail time. Apparently he has approximately 21 victims (although his father, Bob Nichols, told him to keep his mouth shut about the other victims) he was only charged for 2 victims, incidents that happened in 2002 and 2003, when he was a teenager. He is currently 21 now.

Please read this link: Aaron Nichols and I urge you to write to the Judge in this case. These victims deserve justice, not the fear of seeing him on the street as they try to pull their lives back together.

Also, be sure to read this letter written by a friend of one of the victim’s. It gives some details about this prosecutor, that I sure hope other prosecutors don’t take her lead when dealing with confessed child molesters.

Thomas Garafolo murder 6/22/08 Central Islip, NY *Victim able to tell police who stabbed him; 2 men arrested*


Fredrick Hollman, 20
Joshua Lopez, 27

Victim of fatal stabbing identified as Quogue man
After Being Stabbed 22 Times, New York Man’s Last Words Name Alleged Killer
Prosecutor: Victim said killer’s name before dying
Murder charge lodged against Long Island men

Breaking News: 4 people, 2 adults and 2 children, beaten and stabbed to death; police searching for 2 persons of interest*

 Joseph Ciganek in an SR-71 Blackbird simulator at a NASA facility

Joseph Ciganek, 60 NASA Engineer
girl child, 13ish
boy child, 10ish

Persons of Interest:
Jae Hwan Shim, 39, Palmdale
Si Young Yoon, 34, Lancaster

NASA engineer, 3 others die in Calif. murder-arson
NASA Engineer Among Four Dead In Quartz Hill Fire
Investigators Seek Clues in Brutal Killings
Quartz Hill Fire Investigators Seek ‘Persons Of Interest’
Persons of interest named in Calif. slayings of 4
Persons of interest named in suspicious fire case
Men with ties to slain family sought

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