Idiot of the Day: Thomas Eugene Colucci charged with possession of methamphetamines after calling 911 to have it authenticated

Yes, they will test it for you! And if it is authentic, you will be arrested and charged!

Florida man calls 911 to have meth tested for authenticity, deputies say
Deputies: Florida man calls 911 to get his meth tested
Florida man calls 911 to have meth tested for authenticity
Spring Hill man calls 911 to ask if his meth is real
Florida man asks police to test meth for authenticity



Online Predator – Raymond Holycross “Internet Casanova” moves all over the Country, lying to and scamming women and going by different names, sentenced to prison in Indiana

Ray Holycross
Ray Holycross

Ray Holycross – A Sociopath
Women say ‘Internet Casanova’ stole valuables, money
Online predator “Internet Casanova” sighted in Salt Lake City
Alleged ‘Internet Casanova’ arrested in Mishawaka
Raymond Holycross, Dubbed ‘Internet Casanova,’ to Face Charges
Alleged Internet Casanova sentenced to prison on theft charges

Web of Lies: Internet Casanova


Offender ID:32502
Date of Birth:08/01/1983
Age: 30
Race: White
Gender: Male

Custody Status: Out of Custody
Date: 01/28/2014
Reason:General release

Idiot of the Day: Joey Scott beat up 65-year-old school bus driver, Juan Delvalle, for knocking off his side-view mirror; Charges should be upgraded to murder since Juan Delvalle passed away from his injuries

Juan Delvalle

There is no excuse for this whatsoever. To beat a 65-year-old man into a coma just for such a minor thing (Mr. Delvalle clipped the car and broke his side view mirror) is not only inexcusable, but shows what a sociopath Mr. Scott really is. He is a career criminal who fled the scene to his apartment, then the police had to negotiate his arrest. Ridiculous. Plus, there were children on the bus. Children who had to see what happened. This reckless disregard for human life shows that he actually deserves the death penalty himself, but NY does not have it. I hope they charge him with murder one and that he gets LWOP.  I cannot get this one out of my head.

Cops: 65-Year-Old Bronx School Bus Driver Beaten Into Coma In Road Rage Incident
School-bus horror
NYC school bus driver beaten into a coma
Juan DelValle beaten into a coma for clipping parked car (has video that shows the incident – be ready, it is not easy to see)
Bronx school bus driver dead after being beat up for knocking off side-view mirror

Joey Scott Arrest

Idiot of the Day: Richard Dildine, who used a stun gun over 100 times on his grandmother!

Richard DildineThere are not words strong enough for me to say how I feel about this person. I should say, my grandmother raised me. She has been one of the most important persons in my life. And I miss her everyday of my life. To see people abuse or mistreat an elderly person, ESPECIALLY A RELATIVE, is just wrong to me. It is a major issue for me. Well, this jerk takes the cake. I don’t care that he was drunk or how much he had to drink. It was not like she was sitting there nagging him or anything like that. He came home after drinking and pulled her out of bed for this stunt. Then hugged her and went to bed. She was able to escape and get help. She said she was afraid he was going to kill her. I am surprised she survived. He is now in jail, with bail not high enough ($20,000) but he had a warrant for a probation violation, so he may not be able to bond out anyway. This is one case where I say do the same back to him as he did to her, but to make it effective, do it at least 3 times more. He is a big guy and he is not 80 years old. Edna Dildine, I admire you for the strength you had to make it through this and to go to the police. Many people cover up their family members crimes. You are very brave and I admire you.

Police: Man Used Stun Gun On Grandmother
Grandma stunned 100 times by grandson
Grandmother Shocked with Taser; Grandson Behind Bars

Idiot of the Day: Charles Dodson

The Dreamin Demon is one of my favorite blogs and I try to read it regularly. They truly tell it like it is. I was reading it today, and here is a story I want to share with you guys. This guy is a true idiot. And I hope he suffers for the rest of his life for this idocracy.

Charles Dodson Was Burnin’ Down The House

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