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    August 18: 1987: Ember Kimberly Mars, 27, was raped and murdered in her Kearns, UT apartment by David Franklin Young.  He was convicted and sentenced to death.  His conviction and sentence was overturned. He was reconvicted and sentenced to LWOP.  He was also convicted of murders in Illinois and Indiana.  He is serving his sentences out of the State of Utah.

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Execution Alert: Thomas Douglas Arthur executed for the murder of Troy Wicker Jr. on 2/1/1982 in Muscle Shoals, AL

Troy Wicker Jr

Find-A-Grave: Eloise Bray West
Find-A-Grave: Troy L Wicker Jr
Niece of victim: Tommy Arthur execution delays have put family through ‘living hell’
Judy Wicker breaks silence after 27 years
Murderpedia: Tommy Arthur
Thomas D. Arthur v State of Alabama 1984 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Ex Parte Arthur 1985 (denied)
Thomas D. Arthur v State of Alabama 2001 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Thomas D. Arthur v Kim Tobias Thomas 2014 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Thomas Arthur to be executed Thursday evening
Alabama Inmate Tommy Arthur Faces Eighth Execution Date
Alabama Death Row inmate Tommy Arthur asks US Supreme Court to stop execution for 8th time
Clock ticks down for Tommy Arthur execution
Alabama executes Tommy Arthur: Inmate dies for 1982 murder-for-hire
Alabama executes man for 1982 murder

Judy Wicker – convicted, sentenced to life in prison; released in 1992
Thomas Douglas Arthur – convicted 3 times, sentenced to death



Execution Alert: Mark Christeson executed for the murders of Susan Brouk and her 2 children


Susan Brouk, 36
Adrian Brouk, 12
Kyle Brouk, 9

Find-A-Grave: Susan Jo Southard Brouk
Find-A-Grave: Adrian K. Brouk
Find-A-Grave: Kyle C. Brouk
BROUK MURDERS: From Bolin’s Hill to Bonne Terre
Missouri sets October execution date for triple murderer from Maries County
State of Missouri v Jessie R. Carter 2002 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
State of Missouri v Mark A. Christeson 2001 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Mark A. Christeson v State of Missouri 2004 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Mark A. Christeson v Don Roper, Warden 2015 (habeas corpus)
Missouri inmate faces execution today for killing family in 1998
Missouri Inmate Faces Execution for Killing Family in 1998
Inmate Faces Execution Tuesday for Killing Family in 1998
Missouri inmate faces execution for killing family in 1998
Murderpedia: Mark A. Christeson
Missouri executes death row inmate Mark Christeson for 1998 murders
Missouri man executed for 1998 murder of mother, 2 children

Mark Christeson – convicted, sentenced to death
Jessie Carter – convicted, sentenced to LWOP



DOC ID 1031687
Offender Name Mark A Christeson
Race White
Sex Male
Date of Birth 02/20/1979
Height/Weight 5’11” / 198
Hair/Eyes Brown / Brown
Assigned Location Eastern Reception Diagnostic Corr Center
Address 2727 Highway K, Bonne Terre, MO 63628
Assigned Officer Phone Number (573) 358-5516
Sentence Summary Death (Death, Death, Death CC)
Active Offenses MURDER 1ST DEGREE (3 CTS)
Completed Offenses Completed sentence not found
Aliases Mark Christeson; Mark A Christeson



DOC ID 1050450
Offender Name Jessie Carter
Race White
Sex Male
Date of Birth 09/20/1980
Height/Weight 5’7″ / 138
Hair/Eyes Brown / Green
Assigned Location Eastern Reception Diagnostic Corr Center
Address 2727 Highway K, Bonne Terre, MO 63628
Assigned Officer Phone Number (573) 358-5516
Sentence Summary Life W/O (Life W/O, Life W/O, Life W/O CS)
Active Offenses MURDER 1ST DEGREE (3 CTS)
Completed Offenses Completed sentence not found
Aliases Jessie R Carter; Jessie Carter

Execution Alert: Ricky Jovan Gray for the murders of the Harvey Family



Treva Terrell Gray, 35 (Ricky’s wife) [11/5/2005] (no one has been charged with her murder)
Sheryl Ann Embrey Warner, 37 [12/18/2005]
Ryan Carey, 26 [12/18/2005] (survived) no picture
Bryan Harvey, 49 [1/1/2006]
Kathryn Harvey, 39 [1/1/2006]
Stella Harvey, 9 [1/1/2006]
Ruby Harvey, 4 [1/1/2006]
Mary Baskerville-Tucker, 46 [1/6/2006]
Percyell Tucker, 55 [1/6/2006]
Ashley Baskerville, 21 [1/6/2006]

Harvey Family murders 1/1/2006 Richmond, VA *Ricky Gray and Ray Dandridge arrested for the murders of Richmond family*
Ricky Gray Set to Be Executed for Virginia Family Murders
Ricky Gray’s execution day has arrived — 11 years after murder spree
Governor won’t stop Ricky Gray execution; lawyers file emergency request to Supreme Court
Ricky Gray set to be executed for 2006 murder wave that claimed two Richmond families
Ricky Gray to be executed Wednesday for 2006 murders
Gov. McAuliffe says he won’t stop Wednesday’s execution of Ricky Gray
Ricky Gray apologizes; more than 50 mental health experts urge clemency
Ricky Gray makes last-minute appeal to U.S. Supreme Court to stay execution
Ricky Gray executed by lethal injection for Harvey family killings
Virginia executes convicted family killer Ricky Gray
Virginia executes inmate convicted of murdering family of four

Wicked Attraction: Evil in the Blood


OFFENDER NAME: Ricky Jovan Gray
SEX: Male
RACE: Black
LOCATION: Greensville Correctional Center



OFFENDER NAME: Ray Joseph Dandridge
SEX: Male
RACE: Black
VADOC RELEASE DATE: Single Life Sentence
LOCATION: Keen Mountain Correctional Center

Murder In The Family: Lowell Lee Andrews was executed for the murders of his parents and sister


William Lowell Andrews, 50
Opal Andrews, 41
Jennie Marie Andrews, 20

Find-A-Grave: W Lowell Andrews
Find-A-Grave: Opal Halley Andrews
Find-A-Grave: Jennie Marie Andrews
Held In Triple Slaying
Youth, 18, Guns Parents, Sister To Death
The nicest boy in Wolcott: ‘Polite’ Lowell Lee Andrews proved to be another ‘cold’ Kansas killer
A crime for all time
Murderpedia: Lowell Lee Andrews
Wikipedia: Lowell Lee Andrews
KS – William, 50, Opal, 41, & Jennie Andrews, 20, murdered, Wolcott, 28 Nov 1958

Lowell Lee Andrews

Monsters Among Us: George Joseph Cvek was executed for the murder of Catherine “Kitty” Pappas *The Aspirin Bandit*

Catherine “Kitty” Pappas

‘Aspirin Bandit’ Admits Slaying
Catherine ‘Kitty’ Pappas: A Crime To Remember (GREAT article)
The aspirin bandit
Tramp Rapist Executed for Slaying N.Y. Woman
Murderpedia: George Joseph Cvek
Find-A-Grave: George Joseph Cvek
Crime Flashback
Excerpt from “World Encyclopedia of 20th Century Murder”

George Cvek Strangler of Women (eBook)

A Crime To Remember: The Gentleman Killer

George Joseph Cvek

Monsters Among Us: Martin Link executed for the rape and murder of 11-year-old Elissa Self-Braun

Elissa Self-Braun

Find-A-Grave: Elissa Self-Braun
Martin Link v State of Missouri 2000 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Martin Link v Al Luebbers (warden) 2006 (habeas corpus denied)
Quest for girl’s killer became personal for pair
Martin Link execution date set
Elissa Self-Braun’s family prepares to watch her killer be executed
Martin Link #1239
Martin Link Executed: Missouri Puts Murderer of 11-Year-Old Girl to Death
Man executed in 1991 slaying of St. Louis girl
Murderpedia: Martin C. Link

Ice Cold Killers: Frozen Innocence

Martin Link

Deadly Women: Betty Evelyn Butler killed Evelyn Clark with a handkerchief; Executed on 6/11/1954

Woman, 25, Doomed To Death In ‘Love’ Slaying
Trial Airs Story Of Female ‘Sweeties’
Betty Evelyn Butler
13 Female Murderers’ Last Meals Serve A Plate Of Bizarre Requests, From Sweet Peas To A Nice Bowl Of Apricots
Murderpedia: Betty Butler
Find-A-Grave: Betty Evelyn Butler
Excerpt from “Women and the Death Penalty in the United States, 1900-1998”

Deadly Women: Friends to Foes

Betty Evelyn Butler

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