Demetrio “Jim” Baltazar murder 1/21/2007 Oakland, CA *Still unsolved*

Demetrio “Jim” Baltazar

Guard Shot, Finishes Shift But Later Dies
Police baffled by guard shooting
Man shot dead outside liquor store in Oakland
Guard’s fatal shooting an unlikely tragedy
Oakland security guard shot in head, finishes shift and later dies


Carlos Baltazar Garcia-Aburto murder 1/27/2007 Garden Grove, CA *Still unsolved*

Carlos Baltazar Garcia-Aburto

City of Garden Grove: Carlos Baltazar Garcia-Aburto
Police find dead man on residential street
Dead man’s car found burned
Garden Grove

Woo Sung Park murder 1/29/2007 Irvine, CA *Ernesto Hernandez Avalos convicted, sentenced to 26 years to life in prison*

remembering the victims

Gardener charged with murder in Irvine attack
Prosecutor: Laborer killed boss with pickax
The Stinky Irvine Day Worker, His Meth, the Pickax & His Dead Boss
Day Laborer Sentenced to 26 Years to Life For The Murder of Boss With Pickax
Ernesto Hernandez Avalos, Day Laborer Gets 26 Years to Life for Shovel-Pickax Murder



CDCR#: AD4475
Age: 33
Admission Date: 05/12/2010
Current Location: High Desert

This Week’s Carnival of the True Crime Blogs


Carnival of the True Crime Blogs LXI

Deterrell Esque Jackson murder 1/16/2007 Hinesvile, GA *Two people, Eddie Goodwin and Rajiv Robert Laurent, charged with his murder*

Body Found in Mobile Home Park
Hinesville Murder Victim Identified, Suspects Still at Large
Hinesville slaying victim identified
Two Charged with Murder of Hinesville Teen
2 suspects arrested in Hinesville slaying
Local gets 20-plus years on drug charges
Murder trial to start in April
Murder trial witness describes gang activity
Murder trial ends in hung jury

Eddie Kodnell Goodwin – hung jury; in federal prison
Rajiv Robert Laurent – pled guilty, sentenced to 5 years in prison

Rajiv Robert Laurent



Register Number: 17219-021
Age: 33
Race: Black
Sex: Male
Located at: Estill FCI
Release Date: 01/03/2034

Execution Alert: Christopher Jay Swift for the murder of his wife Amy Swift and her mother Sandra Stevens Sabeh

dv awarenessTuesday January 30 is the scheduled day for the execution of Christopher Jay Swift. Swift was convicted of the murders of his wife, Amy Sabeh-Swift, who was 8 months pregnant, and her mother Sandra Stevens Sabeh. Both women were strangled in front of Christopher and Amy’s 5 year old son, who Swift abandoned at a motel the next day. The boy was able to tell the police that his dad killed his mom and grandma.

The 5-year-old boy wandering the lobby of a Days Inn in suburban Dallas began attracting attention when a couple hours passed and no one showed up to claim him. He’d been watching cartoons and the front desk staff gave him some breakfast, but he was getting frightened. When police were called, he made a startling disclosure.“Basically he was saying: ‘Daddy killed mommy and he killed grandma, too,'” former Denton County Assistant District Attorney Lee Ann Breading said.


The next day, after Swift was arrest, he made a full confession, even blaming his own son at one point. During the trial, his attorneys tried to put on a psychiatric defense, but he said that there would not be a rigorous defense. Basically speaking, he expected and wanted to be convicted. He obviously had a death wish too. He chose the fast-track to execution, which I wish more would do, but I am surprised that some do.

Swift’s wife worked as an aide at the Denton State School for the mentally disabled and the couple had been married six years although at one point Swift had filed for divorce. Four days after their wedding, he started a four-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to assaulting a Texas state trooper in 1996 and a Denton County woman in 1997. He also pleaded guilty to an assault charge for shoving and choking his wife in March 1996, driving while intoxicated and fleeing a police officer. In 1992, he pleaded guilty to evading arrest.Prosecutors said Swift, who had a history of alcohol abuse and drug use, quit his job at a concrete company because they asked him to take a drug test. When he came home, his decision sparked an argument with his wife that led to the slayings, prosecutors said.


Somehow, I am not surprised that he is where he is.

Man who strangled 2 women set to die Tuesday
Convict volunteering to die for killing wife, mother-in-law
Convict volunteers to die for killing wife, mother-in-law
Texas convict volunteering to die for killing wife, mother-in-law
Convict executed for killing wife, mother-in-law
Texas Carries Out Third Execution Of The Year
Christopher Jay Swift #161
Texas Execution Information Center: Christopher Swift
Murderpedia: Christopher Jay Swift
Excerpt from “Death Penalty USA, 2007-2008



Offender Information

Name Swift, Christopher Jay
TDCJ Number 999496
Date of Birth 02/12/1975
Date Received 04/11/2005
Age (when Received) 30
Education Level (Highest Grade Completed) 10

Date of Offense 04/29/2003
Age 28
County Denton
Race White
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Height 5′ 9″
Weight 150
Eye Color Brown
Native County Dallas
Native State Texas
Prior Occupation

Prior Prison Record
TDCJ# 796672 on a 4 year sentence from Denton County for 2 counts of Aggravated Assault.

Summary of Incident
On 4/29/2003 in Denton County, Texas, Swift killed his wife, a twenty-nine year old white female, by strangling her with his hands and striking her in the face with his fist approximately five times. Swift also killed his mother-in-law by strangling her with his hands.


Race and Gender of Victim
Two White Females

Monsters Among Us: Todd Baker killed at least 2 women – pled guilty to 2 cold cases; Sentenced to life in prison


Melissa “Missy” Schmidt, 15 [9/4/1995]
Anne True, 38 [9/29/1996]

Deltona Man Faces Charge In 1996 Nebraska Death
Ex-wife alleges Baker killed Anne True, others
Todd Baker Trial
Witness: ‘When he killed Anne True, that day I feel like I died, too’
Conviction In Anne True Murder Case
Officials: Skeletal remains are of girl, 15
Con Confesses to Teen’s Murder
Human Remains Case Solved
Todd Baker Pleads Guilty To Murder
Convicted killer sentenced in teen’s ’95 murder
Dark Side of Nebraska: Todd Baker
NE – Melissa Ann Schmidt, 15, Lincoln, 5 Sept 1995
Mayor presents November Award of Excellence
State of Nebraska v Todd S. Baker 2013



Inmate Committed Name
Last: BAKER First: TODD Middle: Suffix:
Inmate Legal Name
Last: First: Middle: Suffix:
Gender: MALE
Date of Birth: 07/11/1963


Update: Lee-Wilkinson family murder-suicide

dv awareness

Darrell and Jaime Lee and family

Richard Wilkinson, 62 [shooter] grandfather
Darrell Lee, 35
Jaime Lee, 26
Michael Wilkinson, 6
Jacob Shinabarger, 3

Lee-Wilkinson family murder-suicide 1/29/2007 Omaha, NE
Records: Daughter Had Filed Protection Order
Breaking News Update
5 Dead in Murder-Suicide
Five dead in murder-suicide
Daughter Had Filed Protection Order
No Motive Named in Shootings
Murders-Suicide Leave Five Dead In Omaha
Domestic Shooting Leaves 5 Dead

Richard Wilkinson

Lee-Wilkinson family murder-suicide 1/29/2007 Omaha, NE

dv awareness

Darrell and Jaime Lee and family

Richard Wilkinson, 62 [shooter] grandfather
Darrell Lee, 35
Jaime Lee, 26
Michael Wilkinson, 6
Jacob Shinabarger, 3

Police Believe Grandfather Shot Family
No Motive Named in Shootings
Nebraska family of 5 dead after domestic shooting
Domestic shooting leaves five dead in murder-suicide
Update: Lee-Wilkinson family murder-suicide

Richard Wilkinson

Cold Case: Convicted sex offender Richard Joseph Hirschfield charged with the murders of Sabrina Gonsalves and John Riggins; Faces death penalty


John Riggins, 18
Sabrina Gonsalves, 18

Find-A-Grave: John Harold Riggins
Find-A-Grave: Sabrina Marie Gonsalves
The Sweetheart Murders
Cold Cases Heat Up, To Suspect (about 1/2 way down)
Justice Waits
DNA links inmate to 1980 student slayings
Davis Writer Helps Solve Local Murder Mystery
Justice Waits: The UC Davis Sweetheart Murders
Innocence lost
‘Sweetheart’ case hits the courts — and network TV
A Very Cold Case
’48 Hours’ mostly leaves out cringe factor with ‘Sweetheart’
Preliminary Hearing Under Way In 1980 Double Homicide
Richard Hirschfield preliminary hearing concluded
Trial for 1980 murders delayed until January
Update: John Riggins and Sabrina Gonsalves murder *Richard Joseph Hirschfield convicted, sentenced to death*

Justice Waits: The UC Davis Sweetheart Murders

Richard Joseph Hirschfield

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