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Monsters Among Us: Achim Josef Marino killed Nancy DePriest, but let 2 innocent men go to prison before confessing

Nancy DePriest

Lethal Rejection
The Framing of Christopher Ochoa and Richard Danziger
Texas Inmate’s Confession Slips Through the Cracks
Mother of murder victim says exonerations revealed a broken system
Man Convicted of Murder Freed After DNA Test
DNA evidence exonerates two Texas inmates imprisoned since 1988
Innocence Project: Richard Danziger
Innocence Project: Christopher Ochoa
Freed Man Gives Lesson on False Confessions

Forensic Files: Forever Hold Your Peace
Shadow of Doubt: Right Place, Wrong Time
I Didn’t Do It: Nancy DePriest Murder


SID Number: 02354339
TDCJ Number: 00573514
Race: W
Gender: M
DOB: 1959-03-12
Current Facility: ROBERTSON
Projected Release Date: NOT AVAILABLE
Parole Eligibility Date: 2025-11-04
Next Parole Review Date 11/04/2025


Kent Heitholt murder 11/01/2001 Columbia, MO *Ryan Ferguson and Charles Erickson convicted, sentenced to prison; However, Ryan Ferguson released after 10 years due to innocence; He is also working to free Charles Erickson, who he says is also innocent

Kent Heitholt
Kent Heitholt

Find-A-Grave: Kent William Heitholt
Facebook: Justice for Kent Heitholt
Remembering Kent Heitholt
Lawrence native slain in Missouri
Sports editor beaten to death
Still no answers one month after sports editor’s slaying
Suspects arrested in 2001 murder of Columbia sports editor
21-year-old guilty of killing editor
Jury suggests sentence for man in slaying of editor
Man sentenced to 40 years in sports editor’s death
Man convicted in death of Columbia sports editor seeks new trial
Columbia Daily Tribune: Ryan Ferguson
Co-worker denies role in Heitholt murder
An Examination of the evidence in Kent Heitholt murder
Ryan Ferguson’s murder, robbery convictions vacated by appeals court
Ryan Ferguson freed from prison after murder conviction overturned
Police Seek New Leads in Murder Case After Ryan Ferguson Freed From Jail
Free Charles Erickson
Ryan Ferguson thinks he knows who really killed Kent Heitholt (video)
Wikipedia: Ryan W. Ferguson
Ryan Ferguson: Wrongfully Convicted
Kent Heitholt murder: Crime scene & suspect

Dream Killer
48 Hours: Ryan Ferguson: Wrongfully Convicted

Ryan Ferguson
Ryan Ferguson


CharlesErickson prison mug

DOC Id 1138775
Offender Name Charles T Erickson
Race White
Sex Male
Date of Birth 06/23/1984
Height/Weight 5’8″ / 148
Hair/Eyes Brown /Brown
Assigned Location Northeast Correctional Center
Address 13698 Airport Road, Bowling Green, MO 63334
Assigned Officer Phone Number (573) 324-9975
Sentence Summary 25 YRS {<(15, 15 CC), 10 CS> 5, 7 CC}
Completed Offenses VIOL EMP DOC TO INMATE
Aliases Charles Timothy Erickson; Charles Erickson; Charles T Erickson

Update: Maria Ridulph murder *Jack McCullough’s conviction thrown out, McCullough freed*

Maria Ridulph

News Archive: Maria Ridulph murder
Jack McCullough 1957 murder conviction vacated; released on bond until new trial
Jack McCullough freed after conviction vacated in ’57 Sycamore murder
Jack McCullough walks free after conviction in 1957 Sycamore murder vacated
Jack McCullough To Go Free After Judge Orders New Trial In 1957 Murder Of Maria Ridulph
Man wrongly convicted in 1957 Illinois murder to be released
Judge overturns 1957 cold case murder conviction, Jack McCullough goes free
Judge frees ex-cop given life sentence in 2012 for killing girl in 1957; new trial ordered
Man wrongfully convicted in 1957 cold case killing ruled innocent

Jack McCullough in court

Dr. Samuel Sheppard – Did he or did he not kill his wife, Marilyn Reese Sheppard? Was he trial fair or biased?

Marilyn Sheppard2
Sam and Marilyn

Chronology of a Murder
Dr. Sam Sheppard – Guilty or Innocent
Sam Sheppard murder trial items at CSU law school
Dr Sam Sheppard Trials
DNA Test Absolves Sam Sheppard of Murder, Lawyer Says
Woman says Eberling confessed to murdering Marilyn Sheppard
Inmate claims murderer says he killed Sam Sheppard’s wife
Cabbie Says He Killed Mrs. Marilyn Sheppard
‘Fugitive’ to be buried near wife
Sheppard murder trial still not over after 45 years
Key events in the Sam Sheppard case
Sam Sheppard’s body to be exhumed in effort to clear name
Sam Sheppard to be exhumed
Marilyn Sheppard’s body to be exhumed
Tests disclose Marilyn Sheppard didn’t bite attacker
Attorneys clash over coroner’s report in Sam Sheppard case

Possible murder weapon in Sam Sheppard case found
bio: Sam Sheppard
Wikipedia: Sam Sheppard
Still Unsolved
Curiosity seekers must move on; Sheppard murder house demolished
Speaking up for Marilyn in the 60-year-old Sam Sheppard murder case: Brent Larkin

Dr. Sam Sheppard on Trial: The Prosecutors and the Marilyn Sheppard Murder
Mockery of Justice: The True Story of the Sam Sheppard Murder Case
The Sheppard murder case
The Wrong Man: The Final Verdict on the Dr. Sam Sheppard Murder Case
The Wrong Man: The Final Verdict on the Dr. Sam Sheppard Murder Case (Ohio)

Guilty or Innocent: The Sam Sheppard Murder Case
NOVA: The Killer’s Trail – The Story of Dr. Sam Sheppard
A Crime To Remember: The Wrong Man
The Fugitive (movie)
The Fugitive (TV series)

Victoria Cushman murder 8/11/1989 Providence, RI *Jeffrey Scott Hornoff wrongfully convicted of her murder until Todd Barry finally pled guilty, sentenced to 30 years in prison*

Vicky Cushman
Vicky Cushman

Please remember, here the focus is on the victim, Victoria Cushman. There are many sites focusing on Jeffrey Scott Hornoff, the wrongfully convicted man. However, it seems like Victoria Cushman, the actual victim, has been forgotten. I was able to find pictures of Hornoff and Barry, but nothing of Victoria Cushman. If you have a picture of her that you would like to share, please let me know. Thanks!

‘Killer’ free after another confesses
Cranston carpenter arraigned for a murder that sent innocent man to prison for 6 years
State of Rhode Island v Jeffrey Scott Hornoff 1999
‘Killer’ free after another confesses
Former detective exonerated following killer’s confession
Exonerated man’s case analyzed
Injusticebusters: Jeffrey Scott Hornoff

Scorned: Love Kills: Blunt Force Drama
Redrum: Blue Blood


Todd Barry

Inmate ID: 122332
Last Name: BARRY
First Name: TODD
Name Type: Real
Sex: Male
Age: 57
Last Residence: Cranston

Case No.: K1020768A
Count: 1
Date Imposed: 1/06/2003
Retro Date: 11/04/2002
Term YR-MO-DAY: 30-00-00
Good Time Release Date: 9/27/2028

Serial Killer: Gerald Parker *The Bedroom Basher*

Sandra Kay Fry, 17 [1978]
Kimberly Gaye Rawlins, 21 [1979]
Marolyn Kay Carleton, 31 [1979]
Debora Kennedy, 24 [1979]
Debra Lynn Senior, 17 [1979]
Dianna Green D’Aiello, 21 [survived but unborn child did not]

The last victim, Diana D’Aiello, was pregnant when attacked. She survived, but her unborn child did not. However, her husband, Kevin Green, was convicted of the attack and spent 17 years in prison before DNA tests identified Gerald Parker as the attacker.

Casebook of the Bedroom Killer
Cops Get Killer Suspect Leads
O.C.’s death row: Confession frees innocent man
Freed O.C. Man Goes Home to Tearful Reunion
Ex-Marine Charged in ’70s Killings
Relative of Alleged Serial Killer Cites Life of Losses
O.C. Grand Jury Heard Parker Admit 6 Killings
Jury Quickly Convicts Parker of Six Rape-Murders in ’70s
Parker Murder Trial Begins Penalty Phase
Jury Recommends Death for Killer of 5 Women
Man Sentenced to Death in Killings
Another Bizarre Twist in a Macabre Tale
Serial Murderer Receives Death Penalty for ’70s Rapes, Killings
Murderpedia: Gerald Parker
Wikipedia: Gerald Parker
Man’s Ex-Wife Always Believed Him Innocent

The Perfect Murder: The Bedroom Basher
On the Case with Paula Zahn: Painful Memories
Cold Case Files: The Bedroom Basher
Forensic Files: Memories


Gerald Parker

CDCR#: J0319
Age: 57
Admission: 02/22/1994
Current Location: San Quentin

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