This Date in History: Anne Scripps Douglas was murdered by her husband, Scott, who then killed himself

Anne Scripps Douglas
Anne Scripps Douglas

Find-A-Grave: Anne Scripps
Our Mother’s Murder (good site, has photos and news)
A daughter reflects on ‘Our Mother’s Murder’
Heiress Dies After Beating and Spouse Is a Suspect
Scripps heiress dies for beating, husband sought as main suspect
Slain heiress received order of protection
Slain Heiress Buried as Some New Details Surface
Possible Clue In Slaying: Missing Gear For Camping
Police believe they’ve solved heiress’s death
After Scripps Slaying, Families Clash Over Custody of Child, 3
Custody Claim Withdrawn Over Slain Heiress’s Child
When the scandal described below hit, Judge Braslow responded by HIRING A PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM!.
Wikipedia: Anne Scripps

Our Mother’s Murder
Behind Mansion Walls: A Toxic Inheritance

Scott Douglas
Scott Douglas


Just a reminder that I, the blog owner, am not related to Anne Scripps-Douglas, nor do I know her or her family. Every time the movie shows, I get emails about this, thanking me for sharing the story of my mother’s murder. However, Anne was not my mother. Nor does this stie belong to her daughters nor do I know how to reach them. I apologize for any confusion.

UPDATE 9/25/2009
Unfortunately, it appears that this family has another tragedy, as it appears that Anne’s daughter Annie Morrell has committed suicide. Please keep them in your hearts. I also want to remind everyone that I cannot reach the family, and in this case, nor would I. Please respect their privacy as this is a very difficult time for them. If you want to leave a note of condolence, fine, but I will not try to invade their privacy to give them messages.

TZB suicide believed to be daughter of murdered Bronxville heiress


This Day in History: Yablonski family murders 12/31/1969 Clarksville, PA

Jock, Charlotte and Margaret Yablonski

Joseph Albert “Jock” Yablonski, 59
Margaret Yablonski, 56
Charlotte Yablonski, 25

Find-A-Grave: Joseph “Jock” Yablonski
Find-A-Grave: Margaret Rita Wasicek Yablonski
Find-A-Grave: Charlotte Joan Yablonski
Murder of the Yablonski
Yablonski murders
Yablonski, Wife, Daughter Slain (part 1)
Yablonski, Wife, Daughter Slain (part 2)
Mine Union Aide Slain (part 1)
Union official found slain in coal area (part 2)
2 guns used on Yablonskis, Police report (part 1)
Yablonskis attacked by 2 guns, Police say (part 2)
Behind Bars
Paul Gilly Found Guilty – Death Sentence Weighed
Aubran W. Martin, 42, Murderer of Unionist
Convicted hit man confessed he lied during Tony Boyle trial
A Research Paper on the event
1969 Yablonski murders spurred union reforms
Snapshots of the 20th Century
Tony Boyle Trial: 1974 – Annette Gilly Confesses
Jury may get Yablonski case
Yablonski jury says guilty
Jury sentences Martin to death for slayings of Yablonski family
Martin’s attorney to appeal
Guilty on Three Counts
Vindication for Jock Yablonski
Gilly appeal
Martin appeal
Vealey appeal
Killer Claude Vealey Dies at 55; He Was Convicted In Death of Union Figure Yablonski
Killer of ‘Jock’ Yablonski seeks release from prison
William J. Prater Is Dead at 70; In Prison for Yablonski Killings
William Prater; Jailed for Life in Unionist’s Murder
Claude Vealey, gunman in Yablonski shootings, dies at 55
Murderpedia: William Anthony Boyle
Wikipedia: Jock Yablonski
Wikipedia: W.A. “Tony” Boyle


Act of Vengeance: The Yablonski Murders and Their Solution
A Man Named Tony: The True Story of the Yablonski Murders
Yablonski: Murder By Contract

Act of Vengeance
FBI: The Untold Stories: Yablonski

William Anthony “Tony” Boyle: convicted; sentenced to 3 consecutive life sentences; died May 1985
Paul Gilly: convicted; sentenced to 3 life sentences (still in prison 10/2020)
Claude Vealey: convicted; sentenced to 3 life sentences; died in prison of cancer 1999
Aubran Buddy Martin: pled guilty; sentenced to 3 life sentences; died in prison of stomach cancer 1991
Albert Edward Pass: arranged the murders; convicted, sentenced to prison; died in prison
William Jackson Prater: helped arrange the murder; pled guilty; 3 life sentences; died in prison in August 1989

Tony Boyle
Aubran Wayne “Buddy” Martin
Paul Gilly
William Prater
Claude Vealey


Inmate Number: AP2282
Name Name Type
PAUL GILLY Commit Name

Parole Number: 7891K
Age: 87
Date of Birth: 03/26/1933
Race/Ethnicity: WHITE
Height: 6′ 00″
Gender: MALE
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: LIGHT
Current Location: ALBION

Permanent Location: ALBION
Committing County: WASHINGTON
Last Updated Time: 11/5/2020 4:00:18 AM

(had both State & Federal sentences)

Name: William J. Prater
Register #: 38993-133
Age: 92
Race: White
Sex: M
Release Date: 06-28-1988
Location: RELEASED

This Day in History: Humboldt Triple Homicide – Brandon Teena, Phillip DeVine & Lisa Lambert murder 12/31/1993 Humboldt, NE

3 Humboldt victims

Brandon Teena/Teena Renae Brandon, 21
Phillip DeVine, 22
Lisa Lambert, 24

Find-A-Grave: Lisa Marie Lambert
Find-A-Grave: Brandon Teena
Find-A-Grave: Phillip DeVine
The Humboldt Murders
Woman Who Posed As a Man Is Found Slain With 2 Others
Cross-Dresser Killed Two Weeks After Town Learned Her True Identity
Brandon Teena murder trial 1995
Wikipedia: Brandon Teena
Reel Faces
Nissen: ‘I am the person who shot and stabbed Teena Brandon’
Brandon Teena: Anatomy of A Murder
John L. Lotter v Robert Houston, Warden 2011 (habeas corpus denied)
Federal judge calls John Lotter’s death penalty challenge ‘meritless’
Man on death row in ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ case is engaged to be married
Murderpedia: John Lotter

house where the murders took place

All She Wanted

Boys Don’t Cry
The Brandon Teena Story
American Justice: The Life and Death of Teena Brandon

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This Day in History: *5 Teens beat 17-year-old Stuart Anthony Tay to death with a sledgehammer and a baseball bat; All were sentenced to prison*

Stuart Tay

Find-A-Grave: Stuart Anthony Tay
Young, Well-to-do, Intelligent – And Charged With A Brutal Murder
Murder, They Wrought
Death Penalty Called Possible in Tay Slaying
Image in Death Doesn’t Match Stuart Tay’s Life
Charles Choe, 17, will serve only eight years of 25-to-life term because all Youth Authority inmates are released at age 25.
Jury quickly convicts Robert Chan in trial that shocked O.C. Another youth enters a surprise guilty plea
O.C. Murder Mystery: Why Tay Was Killed
Honors Student Convicted in Ambush Killing
Last 2 Youths Convicted in Murder of Student
Teen Mastermind in Tay Murder Gets Life Prison Term
Judge Sentences 3 Teens, Closing Tay Slaying Case
Group Likened to Billionaire Boys Club
Tay Murder: Cast of Characters
Seaweed Soup
The Honor Roll Murder
Killers of Youth Ordered to Pay $1 Million : Court: Parents of Stuart Tay may never receive the money, their attorney says, but the matter was pursued to send a message to criminals.
Wikipedia: Murder of Stuart Tay
Wikipedia: Sunny Hills High School
High-School Killers
better luck tomorrow
Day 41: The Honor Roll murder
Stu and the Ethics of Humanity
Man Convicted of 1992 ‘Honor Roll Murder’ Granted Parole

Better Luck Tomorrow

Robert Chan – convicted, sentenced to LWOP
Kirn Young Kim – convicted, sentenced to 25 years to life, paroled 12/2012
Mun Bong Kang – pled guilty, sentenced to 25 years to life
Charles Choe – pled guilty, sentenced in juvenile court
Abraham Acosta – convicted, sentenced in juvenile court

[I could not locate Mun Bong Kang in prison today (2/15/2012). So, my deduction is that if one of the young men who committed this heinous crime died in prison from AIDS, it was him. However, this is not fact, but my opinion. If I find out anything more, I will post it.]


CDCR Number J30838
Age 46
Admission Date 08/12/1994
Current Location Avenal State Prison
Parole Eligible Date (Month/Year) LWOP
Parole Eligible Date Information
The inmate shown above is serving a sentence of life without the possibility of parole and is, therefore, not eligible for parole consideration at this time.

Missing Child: Aarone Thompson 11/14/2005 Aurora, CO – Now believed to be murdered child

Aarone Thompson

Find-A-Grave: Aaroné Thompson
America’s Most Wanted
Archive for the ‘Aarone Thompson’ Category
Aurora Girl Missing After Fight With Mom
FBI Hauls Away Trash In Missing Girl Case
Police: Aarone Was Killed In Her Home Some Time Ago
The Mystery of Aarone Thompson
From Whispers to Roars
Missing Colorado Girl’s Case Turns Into Homicide Investigation
Report: Girl Buried In Field (also, there are several links to other stories at the end of this one)
Father Of Missing Aarone Thompson Moves
News Archive: Aarone Thompson murder

Aaron ThompsonShelyLowe
Aaron Thompson and Shely Lowe

Great Falls, VA Christmas murders-suicide 12/25/2005 – Nathan Cheatham killed himself and 4 others

Sheila Cheatham and Christopher Buro

Sheila Gay Cheatham, 53 [his mother]
Christopher James Buro, 20
Adam Sebastian Price, 19 (no picture)
Janina C. Price, 50 (no picture) [Adam’s mother]

Sheila Gay Cheatham obituary
Christopher James Buro obituary
Find-A-Grave: Christopher James Buro
Friends Mourn Adam Price
5 Killed In Va. Murder-Suicide
Murder-suicide leaves 5 dead in Va.
Christmas slayings shock D.C. suburbs
Va. Cops Seek Murder-Suicide Motive
At Va. Home, Friend Turned A Haven Into a Crime Scene
Fairfax Gunman’s Rampage Detailed
Police: Christmas slaying suspect shot at homes
New Details Emerge About Killer’s Mental State
Random factors combine to cause Christopher Buro’s murder
‘Pillar of Strength’ Lost in Bloodshed
Fairfax Gunman’s Rampage Detailed

Nathan Cheatham

Selina Akther murder 12/28/2005 Queens, NY *Danny Carpio pled guilty to manslaughter, Sentenced to 4-12 years in prison*


Selina Akther

Find-A-Grave: Selina Akthel
Soldier on leave in N.Y. charged in shooting death
Soldier charged in stray bullet shooting
Soldier charged in fatal shooting of New York woman who was standing at fifth-floor window
Queens Woman Killed by Stray Bullet Through Her Window
D.A. Brown: Army Private arraigned in fatal shooting of woman standing at fifth-floor apartment window
Soldier on leave charged with accidental shooting death
Soldier Charged in Shooting Death of Woman at Window
Guilty Plea in Fatal Shooting
Danny Carpio sentencing
New York: Queens: Ex-Private Gets 4 To 12 Years For Manslaughter
DA Brown: Army Private sentenced to 4 to 12 years in prison in fatal shooting of woman standing at fifth-floor window

Danny Carpio was released on parole 12/26/2013


Identifying and Location Information
As of 11/28/14
DIN (Department Identification Number) 06A3290
Date of Birth 08/13/1982
Race / Ethnicity WHITE/HISPANIC
Custody Status RELEASED
Housing / Releasing Facility WALLKILL
Date Received (Original) 06/13/2006
Date Received (Current) 06/13/2006
Admission Type
County of Commitment QUEENS
Latest Release Date / Type (Released Inmates Only) 12/26/13 PAROLE – COND REL TO PAROLE

Crimes of Conviction
If all 4 crime fields contain data, there may be additional crimes not shown here. In this case, the crimes shown here are those with the longest sentences.
As of 11/28/14
Class C

Sentence Terms and Release Dates
Under certain circumstances, an inmate may be released prior to serving his or her minimum term and before the earliest release date shown for the inmate.
As of 11/28/14
Aggregate Minimum Sentence 0004 Years, 00 Months, 00 Days
Aggregate Maximum Sentence 0012 Years, 00 Months, 00 Days
Earliest Release Date
Earliest Release Type
Parole Hearing Date 08/2015
Parole Hearing Type REAPPEARANCE
Parole Eligibility Date 12/26/2009
Conditional Release Date 12/26/2013
Maximum Expiration Date 12/26/2017
Maximum Expiration Date for Parole Supervision

Deadly Duo: Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan charged with killing their friend, Melissa James

Melissa James

Find-A-Grave: Melissa Ann James
Body in burned Jaguar: Bodybuilder admits to affair
Bodybuilders Nabbed In Stoughton For Vegas Murder
Bodybuilders accused of murder
Mother calls for justice in Vegas bodybuilder in slaying
Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan Investigation blog
BODY IN BURNED JAGUAR: Bodybuilder admits to affair
Bodybuilders Nabbed In Stoughton For Vegas Murder
Bodybuilders accused of murder
Mother calls for justice in Vegas bodybuilder in slaying
Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan Investigation blog
No Bail Decision for Las Vegas Bodybuilders
Bodybuilder murder suspect says live-in friend overdosed on drugs
Bodybuilders Face New Charges in Las Vegas Murder
Craig Titus and the Art of Lame Explanations
INDICTMENT UNSEALED: Autopsy: Drugs in body
Titus/Kelly (has several links to stories)
Las Vegas police link hit-man liaison to Titus through jail calls
Craig Titus murder charge
MURDER-FOR-HIRE ALLEGATIONS: Contradictions revealed
Melissa James
Bodybuilder Charged in Murder Case Appears in Las Vegas Court
Bodybuilders Face New Charges in Las Vegas Murder
Chris Titus and Kelly Ryan Investigation (great blog, has A LOT of information)
Free Craig Titus
Update: Melissa James murder *Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan have pled guilty to her murder; sentenced to prison*

Titus Ryan and Gross

Craig Titus
Kelly Ryan
Anthony Gross

This Day in History: Ricky E. Callahan stabbed Ronald Eugene Haenitsch to death; Sentenced to 60 years in prison*

From Callahan’s appeal:

Shortly after 12 a.m. on December 27, 1997, Jerseyville police responded to a call concerning an altercation at Lorton’s Hotel Restaurant and Bar in Jerseyville. Officers arrived to find a scuffle outside the bar involving defendant and several other men and placed defendant in custody in a squad car. Inside the bar, they found a large crowd of people, several of whom were injured. Haenitsch, the murder victim, lay on the floor of the bar. A knife was found on the ground outside near the entrance to the bar.

Defendant, a patron of the bar, was rebuffed by a woman with whom he wished to dance. The woman’s brother intervened and told defendant, “Hey, man she said no.” Defendant withdrew to his table but then approached the brother and scratched him twice on the neck with the tip of a knife. In response to the bar-tender’s request, two patrons then escorted defendant to the exit door of the bar. Defendant appeared willing to leave but then turned back into the crowd and, in a punching motion, stabbed four other patrons. One died and the other three were injured.

Find-A-Grave: Ronald Eugene Haenitsch
The People of the State of Illinois v Ricky E. Callahan (conviction affirmed)
Roses & Thorns: Thorn


Wakefield Massacre: Michael Morgan McDermott killed 7 co-workers because he was upset over a payroll garnishment


Cheryl Troy, 50
Janice Hagerty, 46
Louis ‘Sandy’ Javelle, 58
Craig Wood, 29
Jennifer Bragg-Capobianco, 29
Paul Marceau, 36
Rose Manfredi, 48

On Dec. 26, 2000, Michael McDermott, angry over a garnishment from the IRS, went on a shooting spree at his place of employment, Edgewater Technology, an Internet consulting firm. He killed 7 people. He went to trial, was found guilty and sentenced to 7 consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.

Find-A-Grave: Cheryl Anne Troy
Find-A-Grave: Janice A. Miller Hagerty
Find-A-Grave: Louis Auguste Javelle
Find-A-Grave: Craig W. Wood
Find-A-Grave: Jennifer Bragg Capobianco
Find-A-Grave: Paul A. Marceau
Find-A-Grave: Rose Marie Manfredi
Remembering Alleged Shooter’s Victims
Shooter’s Victims were ‘Sweetest People’
Families, friends grapple with seven Wakefield slayings
Funeral for victim
Tragedy steals young mother from family
Tragedy Steals Young Mother From Family
Portrait Of A Killer
In Wake of Killings, Strands of Suspect’s Life
Murder Charges In Workplace Shooting
McDermott found guilty of Edgewater murders: Judge sentences him to seven consecutive life sentences
Commonwealth v McDermott 2007
Michael McDermott
Murder Conviction for Edgewater Killer
Emotions raw 10 years after shooting
Murderpedia: Michael McDermott
Wikipedia: Wakefield Massacre
Historic Photograph of Michael McDermott Arrest
Emotions raw 10 years after shooting



Date of Birth:
Offender ID: W80188
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender: Old Colony Correctional Center (Medium Security)

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