Manhunt: Dontae Rashawn Morris wanted as a person of interest in the shooting murders of 2 Police Officers

Officer Dave Curtis
Officer Jeff Kocab

This is such a loss to the Tampa community and to law enforcement everywhere. It appears to have been just a routine traffic stop also. The suspect, Dontae Rashawn Morris, was a parolee who had a minor warrant out for him. That is not worth shooting these two officers for. Now, if he is arrested and convicted, he is looking at the death penalty.

Also, Officer Jeff Kocab’s wife gave birth today to their first child. She was due next week, but went into labor within hours of her husband’s murder. For her, today is bittersweet. The birth of her first child and the loss of her husband. My heart goes out to the families of both victims. Maybe justice be served.

Dontae Rashawn Morris surrendered to police and is in custody.

2 Florida officers die after traffic-stop shooting
Two Tampa police officers shot, killed during traffic stop
Police use reward, known associates in hunt for shooting suspect
Remembering Tampa Police Officer Jeffrey Kocab
Slain Tampa police officers recalled as devoted family men and crime-fighters
One in custody, second suspect still sought in Tampa police officer murders
Female ‘person of interest’ in Tampa police tragedy captured
Tampa Police Department: Cortnee Nicole Brantley in custody
Florida Police Officer’s Widow Has Baby Hours After His Killing
Accused killer Dontae Morris has a lengthy criminal recordSuspect in Fla. cop killings surrenders
Suspect in Florida cop slayings captured
Cop-Killer Suspect Dontae Morris Surrenders After 30 Hours of Negotiation, Say Tampa Police
Forfeiture of 1994 Toyota

Dontae Rashawn Morris
Cortnee Nicole Brantley


Pervert Alley: Danette Stark takes revenge on a 13-year-old girl

Danette Stark

What on earth could a 13-year-old girl do to deserve this? From a 37-year-old woman? And I bet this woman will name the 13-year-old at some point now just for more revenge. Grow up Danette, or do you need to go back to junior high?

Woman puts teen’s face on bestiality photo, shares flier at school
Woman charged for obscene act of revenge against teen girl
Salt Lake woman charged with obscene revenge against teen (in the comments are some from the mother of the victim and at least one who knows the accused, very interesting and tells more of the story)

Jose Juan Rubio-Navarro murder 6/24/2010 Salt Lake City, UT *Shot to death in his front yard while waiting for ride to work*

536 N. 1790 West

Police investigating early-morning homicide in Salt Lake City
Police: Man shot to death in west Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City Man Gunned Down In Front Yard Drive-By
Man shot to death in Salt Lake neighborhood
Police arrest 3 in connection with Salt Lake homicide
Love triangle possible motive for murder
Update: Jose Juan Rubio-Navarro murder *José Adrián Rodríguez-Ramírez sentenced to 15 years to life in prison*

Jose Alan Gallegos-Mendoza
Marta Campusano
Jose Adrian Rodriguez-Ramirez

Lawndale Triple Homicide 6/19/2010 Lawndale, IL *No witnesses or no suspects yet to shooting that killed 3*

Waseen Smith, 20s
Barry Smith, 45
Leon Smith, 28

Police: No Witnesses To Triple Murder In Lawndale
Police: 3 dead in overnight shooting in Chicago
3 men found shot to death
No Witnesses to Little Village Triple Murder

Michael Fowlkes murder 6/18/2010 Indianapolis, IN *Found shot in his driveway; 2 men being sought*

Michael Fowlkes

Man Found Fatally Shot In Doorway
2 sought in fatal shooting overnight
Police seek two in fatal shooting

Ronnie Lee Gardner has been executed; justice has finally arrived after 25 years on death row

I just got back from the execution of Ronnie Lee Gardner. No, I was not a witness, but I was across the street where people gathered. It was interesting. Most of the people there were friends and family of Ronnie Lee Gardner. Nick Kirk’s family was there, off far away from the Gardner family. We stood in between. I wanted to talk to Nick Kirk’s family, but I did not know what to say to them and I felt like I would be intruding. I was torn about it, but just felt that it would be best to not bother them. I just hope that they feel a bit of peace tonight, as justice has been served.

Not much really happened where we were, but we could see Gardner’s family. I will never forget it, as they played Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” over and over. I hate that song anyway, and now, I hate it more. It will now always remind me of delayed justice. But at least justice occurred finally. They also released balloons into the air around the time of the execution. It was late when this was all over, but, we decided to go for dinner. We had waffles of justice! When we left the area, I felt a bit of justice inside, and just wished that we could get these death penalty cases moving a little faster through the appeals process. Victims and their loved ones should never have to wait this long for justice. I found a quote that I like that seems to fit this: “Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent”

Ronnie Lee Gardner executed by firing squad
Gardner executed
Ronnie Lee Gardner executed by firing squad
Ronnie Lee Gardner final day timeline
Murderpedia: Ronnie Lee Gardner

Cold Case: Nancy Lyons murder 6/17/2002 Rushville, IN

Nancy Lyons

Family Holds Hope For Closure 8 Years After Woman Killed
Five years later, murder remains unsolved
Family Of Missing Rush County Woman Prays For Her Safe Return
Police Revisit Area Where Missing Rushville Woman’s Car Was Found
6 Years Later, Family Hopes Woman’s Killer Will Be Caught

Deadly Women: Ex-Corrections Officer, Kim Wolfe, pleads guilty to killing her ex-girlfriend and her uncle; sentenced to 22 years to life in prison*

Stacie Williams

Stacie Williams, 45
Michael Williams, 56
Marshall Williams, 88 [shot in leg, survived]

Corrections officer allegedly kills 2 in LI rampage: report
Police: NY jail guard kills ex-girlfriend, uncle
Off-Duty LI Corrections Officer In Custody After Fatal Shooting Spree
Corrections Officer Accused of Killing Ex-Girlfriend, Uncle (has a good video)
LI corrections officer arrested after shooting spree leaves her ex-girlfriend and her uncle dead
NY jail guard arraigned on murder charges
LI correction officer Kim Wolfe held without bail after rampage left ex-girlfriend, uncle dead
No bail for NY jail guard facing murder charges
Deadly Shooting Spree Suspect To Be Arraigned
Break-Up Gone Bad: LI Rampage Suspect Arraigned
Murder suspect Kim Wolfe should show her face in court, victim’s relatives say
Corrections Officer Pleads Guilty to Double Murder and Kidnapping
Nassau County Jail Guard Kim Wolfe Pleads Guilty To Murder
Corrections Officer Pleads Guilty to Double Murder, Kidnapping
Ex-Jail Guard Kim Wolfe Gets 22 Years In L.I. Shooting Spree
Ex-jail guard gets 22 years to life in LI shooting spree
Former Jail Guard Sentenced to 22 Years in Prison for Double Murder

Thou Shalt Not: Unrequited Souls


Identifying and Location Information
As of 10/23/17
DIN (Department Identification Number) 11G1050
Inmate Name WOLFE, KIM S
Date of Birth 03/03/1967
Race / Ethnicity BLACK
Custody Status IN CUSTODY
Housing / Releasing Facility BEDFORD HILLS
Date Received (Original) 12/05/2011
Date Received (Current) 07/17/2012
County of Commitment

Crimes of Conviction
Class A1

Class B

Class B

Class C

Sentence Terms and Release Dates

Under certain circumstances, an inmate may be released prior to serving his or her minimum term and before the earliest release date shown for the inmate.
As of 10/23/17
Aggregate Minimum Sentence 0022 Years, 00 Months, 00 Days
Aggregate Maximum Sentence LIFE Years, 99 Months, 99 Days
Earliest Release Date 06/12/2032
Parole Hearing Date 02/2032
Parole Eligibility Date 06/12/2032
Conditional Release Date NONE
Maximum Expiration Date LIFE
Maximum Expiration Date for Parole Supervision
Post Release Supervision Maximum Expiration Date
Parole Board Discharge Date

Amber Alert: Missing 8-year-old girl in West Valley City, UT *Amber Alert cancelled*

There is not much information on this one yet. A witnesses saw 2 men in a car abduct a young girl who was riding on a scooter this morning. Now, the police do not know the name of the girl, but are choosing to “err on the side of caution” as no one has reported a missing girl, yet. I am hoping that this is just a misunderstanding, and that the girl is okay.

The Amber Alert has been cancelled. It appears that this may not have been a kidnapping or a missing child.

Amber Alert issued for Salt Lake County child
Amber alert issued for missing girl in WVC
Kidnapping reported in West Valley City area
Police issue Amber Alert for abducted child

Execution Alert: Ronnie Lee Gardner

This will be the first execution here in Utah in almost 11 years. It is getting quite a bit of national media attention since Ronnie Lee Gardner chose the firing squad as the method of execution. I don’t mind them talking about that, as long as they remember to mention WHY Ronnie Lee Gardner is being executed. He is being executed for the 1985 shooting death of Micheal Burdell, who he shot in the face as he hid behind a door. This happened during an escape attempt from a courtroom in Salt Lake City, UT where he was on trial for the murder of Melvyn Otterstrom, whom he also shot in the face, while he was on escape from the Utah State Prison. During the escape attempt when he killed Michael Burdell, he also spotted balliff Nick Kirk in the stairwell, said “You’re next” to his face and shot him as well. He lived the rest of his life suffering from those injuries. Ronnie Lee Gardner was not just a young man who made a mistake and someone died. He was a career criminal at a young age and a violent offender, with an explosive temper. At his commutation hearing he said he is a changed man and has remorse for his crimes. Other people have said that is true, however, I have heard from some who were around him and say it is not true. My opinion is that he picks and chooses who to have remorse around and who to be a changed man around. This sudden change in him is convenient to use to get out of his sentence. However, remember Karla Faye Tucker? She WAS a changed person at the time of her execution. It was obvious to the world. But she was still executed due to the heinousness of her crime. She showed the world that she had changed, and she showed this change long before her death warrant was signed. No one heard a word about remorse or change from Gardner until after his death warrant was signed. I know he has appealed to Governor Gary Herbert, but yesterday the Governor said he would not intefere, that Gardner has had his due process. Unless a miracle happens, Ronnie Lee Gardner will be executed by firing squad at 12:05am Friday morning, which is just over 9 hours from now.

Also, I will be going out to the prison for the protests tonight and will be there at midnight. My sister will be taking pictures, so hopefully we will get some interesting stuff! So far she has not made me promise to not cause trouble…

Breaking News The Supreme Court has denied his appeal. The execution should move forwarad in a little over 4 1/2 hours.

Gardner prepares for execution
Gardner on verge of claiming his spot in infamy
Gardner moved to observation cell, hopes for eleventh hour reprieve
Utah to execute condemned killer by firing squad
Denver appellate court: No stay of execution for Gardner
Governor denies Gardner’s request to halt execution
Death Penalty in Utah (My essay on capital punishment is featured on here, almost to the bottom. The formatting was lost, so if you have a hard time reading it, let me know and I will post a better one.)
Impending execution generates range of emotions
Poll: Should Murderer Ronnie Lee Gardner Face Utah Firing Squad?
Court refuses to halt firing-squad execution of Ronnie Gardner
Family says goodbye to Gardner (video is interesting; also they state that Gardner’s girlfriend will be on at 5pm – she is the one who commented on an earlier post “Debbie” – funny, her daughter is never mentioned in this video)
Archive: Past posts on Ronnie Lee Gardner and his crimes and victims

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