Dunce’s Corner: Mikayla J. Miller arrested for DUI after she texts ‘I’m so drunk’ and then tries to flee from police


Police: Woman charged for felony DUI texted boyfriend ‘I’m so drunk’
Police: Woman arrested for DUI texts ‘I’m so drunk,’ forces officer off road
Facebook: Mikayla Miller


Dunce’s Corner: Carla Brennan was texting while driving and hit two people on a daily walk, killing one of them, David Henson, and seriously wounding his wife, Leslee Henson

David and Leslee Henson
David and Leslee Henson

Former Utah County resident killed in accident in St. George
Utahn arrested in fatal St. George crash
Arrest Made In Traffic Accident
St. George woman pleads not guilty to auto homicide
Leslee’s miraculous recovery after a fatal text message
Texting-while-driving homicide trial set
Woman pleads no contest in 2013 automobile homicide case
Brennan pleads no contest to alleged texting-while-driving death
Woman takes plea deal in alleged texting-while-driving death
stop the texts. stop the wrecks.

Carla Brennan

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