Update: Paris Talley murder *China Arnold convicted of the murder of her newborn daughter*

                  China Arnold in court

Prosecutor: Mom Intentionally Cooked Baby in Microwave
Ohio Mom Found Guilty of Killing Newborn Daughter by Cooking Her in Microwave
China Arnold convicted of killing baby in microwave
Ohio jury convicts mom in microwaved-baby case


Dunce’s Corner: Carnegie Mellon University professor Jeffrey Hunker gets 3 DUIs in 8 days

Jeffrey Hunker

It goes to show that sometimes those you think are smart are the dumbest ones around. This guy has a PhD, yet, he decides it is just fine to drink and drive. Of course, NOW he is getting treatment, after the fact.

Pennsylvania Professor Charged With 3 DUIs in 8 Days
Pittsburgh professor with 3 DUIs gets treatment
His own web site
University faculty page

Zaughan Cerell McDuffie murder 6/21/2007 Richmond, VA *Xavier Thompson convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison*

            Xavier Thompson

Two Richmond Murders In One Hour
Jury convicts man in fatal shooting
On A&E tonight: Crime 360 *Episode 2: Fatal Feud*

Crime 360: Fatal Feud

Inmate Record:

DOC Inmate Number: 382815
Last Name: Thompson
First Name: Xavier
Middle Name or Initial: Ramon
Race: Black
Sex: Male
Virginia DOC Location: Sussex II State Prison
Projected Release Date: 11/18/2024

Breaking News: Michael Jason Registe, one of the FBI Top 10, arrested

                      Michael Jason Registe

FBI Press Release
TV show helps nab Georgia murder suspect
Double killing suspect captured
FBI nabs ‘Most Wanted’ fugitive in the Caribbean
FBI adds Michael Jason Registe to the Top Ten list

Pervert Alley: Bernie Ward gets 7 years for child porn

                                          Bernie Ward

This guy, once a radio show host, pled guilty to child porn charges and was sentenced to 7 years in prison. Once again, I will say: I do not understand child porn crimes. Children are not sexual objects. It just grosses me out to think of people who sexually desire children. It is creepy beyond words. I hope he enjoys prison.

San Francisco Radio Host Gets 7 Years for Child Porn
Former Radio Host Sentenced To 87 Months In Prison
Wikipedia: Bernie Ward
Bernie Ward admits to child porn in plea deal

Fugitive: Alicia Leonor Banuelos

  Alicia Leonor Banuelos

WANTED: Alicia Leonor Banuelos in Murder, Kidnapping Case
FBI Wanted Poster
America’s Most Wanted
Woman wanted in Illinois homicide may be in El Paso

AMW: On Five-Year Anniversary Of Attack, Cops Hunting Domestic Terrorist

On Five-Year Anniversary Of Attack, Cops Hunting Domestic Terrorist

Police say Daniel Andreas San Diego is an animal rights activist who is willing to do just about anything to get his extremist views in the spotlight.

Federal agents say that five years ago today, San Diego took his activism to a new low: they say he targeted a company that he believed had ties with animal testing labs, blowing up two pipe bombs outside their office.

Less than a month later, cops say San Diego struck again, this time with a bomb that sent nails hurtling through the air at more than 100 miles per hour. No one was hurt, but investigators say that as long as San Diego’s on the loose, he could be planning his next attack.

To see how violent San Diego’s attacks have been, AMW’s Karen Daborowski spent a day with explosives experts at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va.

Karen watched as experts detonated a pipe bomb similar to those that San Diego used, and she says that she was amazed by its power. “It could easily have killed someone,” Karen says. “They put the bomb under a table with a computer, and after it blew up, you couldn’t tell what was there.”

Log on to AMW.com to see the amazing video of the FBI explosives tests.

Karen’s sources say San Diego is very smart, and could be receiving aid from terrorist groups around the world. Log on to AMW.com to see the clues that may help identify San Diego, including his unique tattoos. This Saturday night, tune in to help us bring down the man who the FBI calls a cold-blooded domestic terrorist.

AMW: After The Hurricane, A Murder In The Big Easy

After The Hurricane, A Murder In The Big Easy

As Tropical Storm Gustav bears down on the Gulf Coast this week, many Americans are thinking back to Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the region three summers ago.

After that storm, police say Edmundo Cerda-Anima traveled to New Orleans, looking for work as a contractor, rebuilding the community, but left a personal path of death and destruction in his wake.

In late May 2006, cops say Cerda-Anima raped and murdered 51-year-old Sandra Adams as she walked in a park in the New Orleans suburb of Metairie, La. Now, America’s Most Wanted is teaming up with authorities to help track down this accused killer before he strikes again.

AMW producer Sedg Tourison traveled to Louisiana to investigate the Cerda-Anima case, and he says that he knew from the very start that this story would be difficult to cover. “Anytime something like this happens, it’s terrible,” Sedg says. “New Orleans desperately needed help after the storm, and police sources tell me Cerda-Anima brutally robbed a family of their mother.”

Sandra’s son and daughter, Ryan and Alessa, have dedicated their lives to tracking Cerda-Anima down, and John Walsh has vowed to stay on the story until the man accused of killing their mom is behind bars.

This week, we’re asking the public to keep their eyes open for Cerda-Anima once again, and this could be the week we get tip that takes him down.

“People who do things like this,” Sedg said, “don’t just go back to being normal people.”

Log on to AMW.com and take a good look at Cerda-Anima. Then, tune in Saturday night as we head down to the Gulf Coast for a cleanup effort of our own: we’re working to sweep this lowlife off the street once and for all.

Roger Arthur “Cotton” Adams murder 10/1984 Corbin, KY *James and Michelle Napier both imprisoned for his murder*

remembering the victims

(I was unable to find a picture of Roger Arthur “Cotton” Adams. If anyone has one that they would like to share, please let me know)

James Napier wanted poster
Police seek help in murder suspect search
One of Kentucky Most Wanted Arrested in Georgia
Michelle Napier sentenced to 20 years in prison
Napier claims responsibility for 1984 shooting
Madison man admits to 84 killing
Letcher County News
Michelle Napier v Commonwealth of Kentucky (conviction and sentence affirmed)

Offender Information


Inmate SPN/ID: 210924 / 068850
Facility: Green River Correctional Complex
Age: 58
Race: White
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5′ 09″
Weight: 160lbs.
Inst Start Date: 05/17/2007

Alias Name

Conviction Information

Offense Number 1
Indictment #: 02-CR-0003
Crime Date: No Crime Date Listed
Conviction Date: 05/17/2007
Conviction County: Whitley
Indictment Count: 001
KRS Code: 439.3401
Felony Class: B
Sentence Length: 0014 years 00 months 00 days

Parole Information

Hearing Date Hearing Action Months Deferred 02/26/2008
Serve Out Not applicable

Offender Information


Inmate SPN/ID: 124483 / 203010
Facility: Otter Creek
Age: 47
Race: White
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5′ 05″
Weight: 145lbs.
Inst Start Date: 09/01/2006

No aliases found for this offender.

Conviction Information

Offense Number 1
Indictment #: 02CR035
Crime Date: 10/07/1984
Conviction Date: 09/15/2006
Conviction County: Whitley Indictment Count: 001
KRS Code: 439.3401
Felony Class: X
Sentence Length: 0020 years 00 months 00 days
Offense: MURDER – HB455

Parole Information
No parole information found for this offender.

Missing: Kelly Hollan since 2/13/1982 from Mousie, KY

                 Kelly Hollan 1982                                 age progressed to 29

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: Kelly Hollan
The Doe Network: Kelly Hollan, Jr.
Mountain Cold Case – Kelly Hollan- 1982

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