Fugitive Friday: Tyrom Walter Theis wanted for the murder of 3 women during a robbery in 1994

Mary Beth Wheeler, 25
Rosealie Fey-Girtz, 51
Virginia Kay Endicott, 47

Yesterday, January 17, 2019 was the 25th anniversary of this horrific event. To the victims families, I am so sorry and also sorry that justice has not been completed. I hope that he is still alive and is caught and brought to justice. Twenty-five years is a long time to wait for justice.

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TYROM THEIS: Fugitive from Gresham, OR – 10 Feb 1994 – Age 20
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Tyrom Walter Theis


Fugitive: David Creamer *US Marshals 15 Most Wanted*

creamer1997 creamer4

US Marshals Most Wanted: David Creamer
Wanted Poster
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Fugitive: Ena McNeish

enamcneish mcneishena
Ena McNeish

New York State’s Most Wanted: Ena McNeish
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America’s Most Wanted: Ena McNeish
Wanted by US Marshals: Ena McNeish
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