Cold Case: Robin Gilbert murder 7/2/1975 Reading, MA *David Allen Jones convicted; sentenced to 19-20 years in prison*

Robin Gilbert
Robin Gilbert

Find-A-Grave: Robin Renee Gilbert
Diary Reopens 1975 Murder Case
Man held for murder 23 years ago
Suspect in 1975 murder treated like child in court
20 year old murder is set for trial
Diary Reopens 1975 Murder Case
Diary entry causes man to be charged with murder
Trial for 1975 Murder of Massachusetts Teen to Begin
Man found guilty of girl’s 1975 murder
Man gets 19 to 20 years in 1975 killing of 14-year-old girl

Shadows of Suspicion

David Allen Jones


Jerry Eli Sternadel murder 6/12/1990 *Poisoned to death; Debra Lynn Baker convicted of his murder*

Jerry Sternadel
Jerry Sternadel

Debra Lynn Baker was convicted of Jerry Sternadel’s murder and received 10 years probation and a $10,000. That was in 1994. However, she continued to break the terms of her probation, so her probation was revoked and she was sent to prison in 2002 for 10 years.

Find-A-Grave: Jerry Eli Sternadel
Jeannie Walker: Fighting the Devil
Probation: Murder case fears return
Local mother and daughter to appear on TV
Debra Lynn Baker Parole Review
Petition online
Murderpedia: Debra Lynn Baker
Clay County Killer Walks Free
Daughter of Slain Clay County Millionaire Killed in 1990 Speaks Out on Murderer’s Release

Fighting the Devil: A True Story of Consuming Passion, Deadly Poison, and Murder

Snapped: Debra Baker
Deadly Women: Hunger for Cash



SID Number: 05044363
TDCJ Number: 01201529
Race: W
Gender: F
DOB: 1956-08-05
Maximum Sentence Date: 2013-06-20
Projected Release Date: 2013-06-20
Parole Eligibility Date: 2004-08-19

Offense Date: 1990-06-04
Offense: MURDER
Sentence Date: 2002-08-19
County: CLAY
Case No.: 93-05-0013C-CR
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 9-11-25

This Date in History: Stephanie Bryan murder 1955 *Burton Abbott convicted, executed on 3/15/1957 for her murder*

Stephanie Bryan

For those who really wonder if Burton Abbott was guilty, remember that when the doctor at San Quentin asked him about this, he said “I can’t admit it Doc, think of what it would do to my mother, she couldn’t take it”

Find-A-Grave: Stephanie Randolph Bryan
The History Channel
Reasons for Murder
Burton Abbott Trial: 1955 – Emotion Over Evidence, Amused Defendant
The kidnapping of Stephanie Bryan: Berkeley’s most infamous murder
Find the Body of Young Girl
Body Of Girl Located In Cabin Grave
Man Claims Innocence
New Evidence In Murder Is Found
Abbott on Trial For Murder of Stephanie Bryan
Formal Charges Filed In Girl’s Kidnap-Death
Suspect’s Alibi Is Trial Target
Jury Deliberates In Abbott Murder Case
Convict Abbott for Slaying 14-Year-Old Girl
Death Jury Is Still Out
Jury Votes Gas Death For Slayer
Kidnap-Killer Breathes Fatal Gas As Stop Call Is Too Late
14-Year-Old Stephanie Bryan’s Murder Baffled Police; Abbott Trial Was Battle Of Science
Murderpedia: Burton W. Abbott
Wikipedia: Burton Abbott

Shallow Grave in Trinity County
A Trail of Corn: A True Mystery

A Crime To Remember: Cabin in the Woods

Burton Abbott

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Carnival of the True Crime Blogs XX


William (Wilson) Turner murder 4/20/1948 *Murdered by wealthy landowner, John Wallace, who was convicted and executed*

William “Wilson” Turner

Murder In Coweta County
Murder In Coweta County blog (has pictures)
Was it really Murder in Coweta County or Manslaughter in Meriwether Georgia?
Murder in Coweta County
Sheriff, 7 Men Indicted In Murder Case
Eight Indicted In Man’s Death After 2 Hours
Three Given Life Terms For Murder
John Wallace Takes Witness Stand At Trial
Dairyman Given Chair In Cremation Killing
Unusual Murder Case at Atlanta Nearing Climax
John Wallace v State of Georgia 1949 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
John Wallace & The Kingdom (about 1/2 way down)
Murder In Coweta County…
Murder in Coweta County
Rich Man’s Murder Trial Memorable
The Man: John W. Wallace
Sister says Turner was told to leave farm
The Crime: A Chase and a Massive Shotgun Blow
Past Times
The John Wallace Story
Wikipedia: Murder in Coweta County
Find-A-Grave: John Walton Wallace
Facebook: Murder in Coweta County (has a lot of pictures)
Find-A-Grave: Mozart Strickland
Find-A-Grave: John Walton Wallace

Murder in Coweta County
No Remorse: The Rise and Fall of the Killer John Wallace
From the Farm to the Electric Chair: The John Wallace Story

Murder in Coweta County

Wallace, Sivell, and Mobley

John Wallace – convicted, executed 11/3/1950
Herring Sivell – convicted, life sentence
Henry Mobley – convicted, life sentence
Tom Strickland – convicted, life sentence
Sheriff Hardy Collier (died before trial)
Mozart Strickland – charges dismissed
Albert Brooks (turned State’s witness)
Robert Lee Gates (turned State’s witness)

Angela Caston & Sharon McIntyre murder 4/10/2000 Lake Providence, LA *Jesse James Caston convicted and sentenced to life in prison*

remembering the victims

*Post updated 1/26/2011*

Caston was also wanted in the murders of James B. Kelly, 59, and his son James M. “Bubba” Kelly, 37, who he is related to. Allegedly, Jesse was having an affair with Bubba’s wife, Andrea. I am still searching for information on this case.

I have not been able to find pictures of the victims. If anyone has one that they would like to share, please email me. Thanks!

Public’s Assistance Sought In Locating FBI Top Ten Fugitive, Jesse James Caston, After July Sighting In Westminster, CA
Fugitive on FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list captured
FBI arrests most wanted suspect after standoff
FBI Captured One of Most Wanted
State of Louisiana v Jesse James Caston 2005
For many of USA’s inmates, crime runs in the family
WriteAPrison: Jesse Caston (he wants pen pals!)
State of Louisiana v Johnnie Lee Bridges 1986 (Caston was involved in this)
Infamous: Jesse Caston

FBI Criminal Pursuit: Outlaw


Offender Name: JESSIE J CASTON
Offender ID: 101028
Date of Birth:

Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender: David Wade Correctional Center

The emphasis here should and will now be ONLY on the victims, Angela Caston and Sharon McIntyre, NOT the Caston family. If your comment is not about Angela or Sharon, then don’t leave it as it will not be approved. Please think of them and their loved ones and leave a memory or thoughts of compassion for them. This is NOT a place to defend the Caston family. Period. I am sure there are places for that. This is to remember the victims and loved ones.

Trisha Marie Beristain murder 1/18/1998 Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake County, UT *Boyfriend, Jessi Vega, wanted for her execution-style murder*

Trisha Marie Beristain

Find-A-Grave: Trisha Marie Beristain
Trisha Marie Beristain obituary
Man charged with murder in slaying of Murray woman
America’s Most Wanted
US Marshalls Most Wanted Poster for Jessi Vega
Family continues to remember victim of shooting 13 years later
Searching for Trisha Beristain’s accused killer

Jessi Vega

Nicholas Markowitz murder 8/8/2000 Santa Barbara, CA *The story behind the movie Alpha Dog*

Nicholas Markowitz

News Archive: Nicholas Markowitz murder

Unsolved Mysteries
In Loving Memory
Jesse James Hollywood’s Arraignment Postponed
and then Jesse James Hollywood Captured (below first story)

Fugitive in 2000 Slaying of Teen Found
Authorities arrest Jesse James Hollywood and then Jesse James Hollywood enters plea (below first story)
Jesse James Hollywood
**Update to this story**

Who’s who from the movie:

Zack Mazursky — Nick Markowitz – (Anton Yelchin) victim
Jake Mazursky — Ben Markowitz – (Ben Foster) brother, appears to have cleaned up his life, living day to day
Johnny Truelove — Jesse James Hollywood – (Emile Hirsch) convicted, sentenced to LWOP
Frankie Ballenbacher — Jesse Rugge – (Justin Timberlake) life with parole
Elvis Schmidt — Ryan Hoyt – (Shawn Hatosy) gunman, received death penalty
Keith Stratten — Graham Pressley – (Chris Marquette) sentenced as a youth, incarcerated until age 25
Tiko Martinez — William Skidmore – (Fernando Vargas) 9 years with parole


Come and discuss this case (and many others) at my new discussion forum: Discussion Forum

Psycho For Love: Sherry Halligan, who allegedly confessed, still on the run from police for the murder of boyfriend, Dennis Campbell*

1050 S Sixth Ave La Grange
1050 S Sixth Ave La Grange

America’s Most Wanted
FBI joins in search for female murder suspect
Nationwide Manhunt Underway For Murder Suspect
News Archive: Dennis Campbell murder

Sherry Halligan mug shot

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