Don Elmer Lloyd murder 1994 Clarksburg, WV *Robert Lively convicted and sentenced to 35 years in prison; has parole hearing coming up*

remembering the victims

I have been unable to find much on this case, however, his murderer is up for parole again in Feb. 2011. From what I have found, Robert Lively knocked on the door of Don Elmer Lloyd and his wife. When Don opened the door, Lively shot him, and then pointed the gun at his wife. He pulled the trigger, but it jammed and he ran away. He then held an ex-girlfriend and some children hostage before being arrested. He was convicted and sentenced to only 35 years in prison. Therefore, he has a parole hearing come up every year. There is a petition to help stop parole for him. He has not been a model inmate (not even close), and in my opinion, should not be released. I have signed the petition and I hope many of you will as well. I do not want to see him hurt another human being ever again.

I have been unable to find a picture of the victim, Don Elmer Lloyd. If anyone has one to share, I would love to post one.

Petition to deny parole (Parole hearing: Feb. 20, 2011)


DOC Number 22011-1
Sex M
Birth Date 4/7/1976
Height 5′ 8″
Weight 175
Race White
Location Huttonsville Correctional Center
Status Active Inmate
Next Parole Hearing 2/1/2011
Maximum Parole Discharge Date
Projected Release Date 8/18/2030
Court Order List

Sentencing County Order Date Order Number Offense(s)
Harrison 11/3/1995 95-F-28-2
Second Degree Murder (1 count)
Harrison 11/13/1995 94-F-145-1
Breaking And Entering (1 count)
Grand Larceny (1 count)
Receiving Or Transferring Stolen Goods (1 count)


Cold Case Solved: Steve Herman Bronson arrested for the 1979 murder of Norma Page

Norma Page
Norma Page

DNA Identifies Suspect In 1979 Homicide
Arrest made in 1979 St. Cloud murder
Fla. man charged with murder 31 yrs later
Man Arrested For Gruesome 1979 Slaying Of Woman
Minister relied on faith to cope with wife’s murder
Cold Case Homicide Solved – 1979 Murder of Norma Page, FL – Steve Herman Bronson Freed Due to Mental Incompetence

Steve Herman Bronson

Parents Gone Wild! Brittany Ellis strangled her 4-year-old son to death

Brittany Ellis

There is not much released on this yet. However, the autopsy does suggest that the child was restrained while being strangled to death. There is NOTHING a child can do to deserve being murdered, much less strangled to death by his own mother. I personally hope that they seek the death penalty for her.

Autopsy confirms Montgomery child choked to death, mother remains in jail
Montgomery, Ala. woman charged with capital murder in death of 4-year-old son
Mother Behind Bars for Killing her 4-year-old
Neighbor reacts to 4-year old child murder

Jonathan Paul Foster murder 12/24/2010 Houston, TX *Mona Yvette Nelson has been arrested for his murder; admitted to dumping his charred body*

Jonathan Paul Foster

Amber Alert Issued For Missing Boy
Child’s Burned Body Found In Ditch
Search For Missing 12-Year-Old Grows
Mona Yvette Nelson Charged With Capital Murder In The Death Of Jonathan Foster
Jonathan Foster made a deadly birthday wish
Police: Suspect admitted dumping body in Christmas killing
A charge in boy’s death, but motive elusive
Woman Charged With Murder in Death of 12-Year-Old Texas Boy
Jonathan Foster Missing: Woman to be Charged in Disappearance of Texas 12-Year-Old, Say Sources
Suspect In Boy’s Killing Has Criminal Past
Jonathan Foster Update: Suspect in Death “Soulless,” May Have Other Victims, Say Police
Update: Jonathan Paul Foster murder *Mona Yvette Nelson convicted of capital murder, sentenced to LWOP*

Mona Yvette Nelson

Nancee Rapoport murder 12/25/2010 Wilmette, IL *Beaten to death with a baseball bat by nephew, Anthony Rapoport*

Anthony Rapoport

Wilmette man charged in murder of his aunt
Nephew Charged With Murdering Aunt on Christmas Day
Wilmette man charged with beating aunt to death
Wilmette man held on $8M bail for aunt’s Christmas Day murder

Waymon Keith Gentry murder 11/9/2005 Robinson, TX *Wife, Darlene Gentry, convicted of his murder; sentenced to 60 years in prison*

Waymon Keith Gentry

Find-A-Grave: Waymon Keith Gentry
Gloves Found In Kitchen Trashcan Led To Arrest Of Murder Victim’s Wife
Central Texas Woman Indicted In Shooting Death Of Husband
Testimony Resumes Wednesday In Gentry Murder Trial
Jury Seated, Murder Trial Of Central Texas Woman Begins Tuesday
Defense, Prosecution Rest In Gentry Murder Trial
Waco nurse gets 60 years for killing husband
Darlene’s Appeal
Convicted killer Darlene Gentry back in Waco court, without “Racehorse” Haynes
Convicted Killer Darlene Gentry Loses High-Profile Attorney
Darlene D. Gentry v The State of Texas 2008
Family waits for answer on new trial for Darlene Gentry
On The Case With Paula Zahn

Deadly Wives: Pretty Young Deadly Things
On The Case With Paula Zahn: Beauty Queen Killer
Snapped: Darlene Gentry
Deadly Women: Sleeping with the Enemy


SID Number: 07631879
TDCJ Number: 01425894
Race: W
Sex: F
Age: 36
Maximum Sentence Date: 2067-02-05
Current Facility: TEMP ASSIGNMENT
Projected Release Date: 2067-02-05
Parole Eligibility Date: 2037-02-04

Scheduled Release Date: Offender is not scheduled for release at this time.
Scheduled Release Type: Will be determined when release date is scheduled.
Scheduled Release Location: Will be determined when release date is scheduled.

Offense History:
Offense Date 2005-11-09
Offense MURDER
Sentence Date 2007-02-09
Case No. 2006-0020-C1
Sentence (YY-MM-DD) 60-00-00

Corey Parker murder 11/26/1998 Jacksonville Beach, FL *Robert Eric Denney convicted of her murder; sentenced to life in prison*

Corey Parker

Parking lot saliva brings murder arrest
DNA evidence key as trial begins on 1998 murder
Beach murder trial starts; blood, hair focus
Parker slaying jury hears of her fight to live
Defense Calls First Witness In Denney Murder Trial
Accused Takes Stand In Murder Trial
Man convicted in waitress slaying
Denney Jury Reveals What Sealed the Guilty Verdict
Denney Sentenced To Life In Prison For Waitress Murder

Dead of Night: Blood Brothers
Solved: The Rivalry
Forensic Files: Black Friday
Cold Case Files: Rear Window
Body of Evidence
In Ice Cold Blood: Peeping Perv


DC Number: 126916
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BLUE
Height: 5’09”
Weight: 145 lbs.
Birth Date: 07/15/1981
Initial Receipt Date: 05/12/2005
Current Facility: MAYO C.I.
Current Custody: CLOSE
Current Release Date: SENTENCED TO LIFE


Scars, Marks, and Tattoos:
Type Location Description

Current Prison Sentence History:
Offense Date 11/26/1998
Sentence Date 05/09/2005
County DUVAL
Case No. 0014455
Prison Sentence Length SENTENCED TO LIFE

Boyfriends From Hell: Johnny Juliot

James Anthony “Tony” Hack

Kentucky Man Charged With Beating Girlfriend’s Son (Excellent post!)
Louisville four-year-old hospitalized; mom’s boyfriend arrested
Autopsy shows 4-year-old beaten to death, mother’s boyfriend charged with murder
Four-year-old dead after alleged abuse from mother’s boyfriend
Alleged child abuser has history of violence
Murder Suspect’s Girlfriend Says He Was Good To Her Kids
Boyfriend charged in beaten 4-year-old’s death
Funeral Wednesday for 4-year-old allegedly beaten to death by mother’s boyfriend
Tara Hack’s Facebook

Johnny Juliot

Crystal Faye Todd murder 11/17/1991 Conway, SC *Family friend, Johnnie Kenneth Register convicted of her murder, sentenced to life in prison for her rape and murder*

Crystal Todd
Crystal Faye Todd

Find-A-Grave: Crystal Faye Todd
Man charged with murder, rape of girl who was stabbed 31 times
Jury debates on life or death for murderer
Register gets life for murder
State Supreme Court upholds murderers convictions
CrimeLibrary: The Crystal Todd Murder Case
An Hour To Kill review

An Hour To Kill: A True Story of Love, Murder, and Justice in a Small Southern Town (excellent book)

City Confidential: Conway, SC: Fatal Friendship
Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets: Killer Instinct
Forensic Files: The Crystal Faye Todd case
Frenemies: Deviant Mind


Inmate Description Inmate Sentence and Location
Name Register, Johnnie K.
SCDC ID 00191911
SID SC00843172
DOB 04/13/1973
Citizenship Citizen – Native Born
Build Medium
Complexion Light
Hair Color Blond Or Strawberry
Eye Color Blue

Offender Type Adult-straight Sentence
Offense Murder
Sentence Start Date 02/18/1992
Sentence Length LIFE SENTENCE
Admission Date 01/26/1993
Committing County Horry
Location Broad River
Projected Release Date Not Eligible
Projected Parole Date 02/18/2022
Supervised Furlough Eligibility Not Eligible
Sex Offender Registry Yes

Cold Case: George Kemp

George Kemp

UTAP: Cold Case Files: George Kemp

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