Deadly Boyfriends: DocQuen J. Watkins charged with the murder of his boyfriend, TikTok influencer Rory Teasley, during an argument over a video game

Rory Teasley

Rory Darnell “2 Pump 4 TV” “Camera Man” Teasley, Jr. obituary
Instagram: Rory Teasley
Facebook: Remembering Rory Teasley
Pontiac man arrested in death of boyfriend following fight, police say
Friends Remember TikTok Star Rory Teasley
Pontiac man choked boyfriend of 10 years to death during argument over video game, police say
Pontiac Man Charged In Death Of Longtime Boyfriend After Argument Over Video Game
Police: TikTok star Rory Teasley strangled to death by boyfriend over video game argument
TikTok Star Rory Teasley Reportedly Choked To Death By His Boyfriend
TikTok Creator Slain Shortly After Uploading Video Poking Fun At ‘Getting Old’
TikToker Rory Teasley’s Last Video Before His Boyfriend Allegedly Killed Him Was About Getting Older
Michigan Man Strangled Longtime Boyfriend and Social Media Star to Death Over Video Game, Told 911 the Victim Was ‘Sleeping’: Sheriff
Facebook: DocQuen Watkins


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