2007 August: Children Who Kill Their Parents

During the month of August, I will be concentrating on those cases where children (of any age, whether it be teenagers or adults) who kill one or both of their parents.

Patricia Columbo

Michael Yowell

Sarah Johnson

Christopher Porco

Lyle and Eric Menendez


11 Responses

  1. Re: Christopher Porco
    Please look closely at the picture posted.
    Those educated in psychology or even some training
    in psychology, will understand what I mean. This picture speaks volumes.
    It appears defendant is in disassociate state (removed), and his defense counsel is asborbing the verdict (showing emotions/by expression). It apears defendant has no feelings/remorse… It is a very hard job to defend those accussed, my hats off to everyone involved in the court system– (judges, court reporters, bailiffs,prosicutors, defense attorneys, investigators, police off., legal asst., etc.) for having to see, hear, and understand the true meaning of the entire trail/case.
    They all hear, “all” the details, nothing left hiden to court/and reps. of court. Many times judges will ask that “this matter be taken up; outside of the jury.”
    And then makes rulings of the court for the jury not be allowed to hear ! These remarks can change the entire trail/case.
    Look how many this year has been released from prision due to error, and dna cleared them and set them free.
    It is a shame–jury’s should be able to hear everything–“nothing” hidden, good or bad.
    In order to make sure our system gets and convicts the right person; everything I feel should be allowed to be heard by the jury, same as court personal get to hear everything. I believe this is important, that the right defendant be tried and not just anyone–to apeaze the families of the crime. It is almost be victimized twice !


  2. Stacy

    You dont know what you are talking about….what kind of armchair psychology is that….do you even know what a dissociative state is???


  3. Josh killed his grandmother with a clawhammer. He was 14. he pled guilty because the family wanted him to and recieved 25 to life. He was indeed a very sick child and was never given a competency evaluation. He was seen by several doctors for the purpose of sentencing and was said to have severe mental disturbances. he went to an adult prison at 15. why would his lawyer have him plead guilty? why was he not tried by a jury. Why was he not afforded a competency evaluation. And why will no one help him? The legal system failed this young boy in boundary county.


  4. donna, you have the wrong details to that case. He killed his Father and wounded his mother with an axe. His trial was moved out of jurisdiction due to media coverage “tainting” it. He was 19. You have the wrong guy. He got 50 years. He was not a failed kid, he was a cold blooded killer.

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  5. donna
    Ok, I see you put josh, i saw everyone talking about Christopher. Who is Josh, and where is he on this page


  6. They needed competency evaluations???!!! Society failed these kids??? That is EXACTLY what is wrong with this country now. No one takes responsibility for their actions. The bastard deserves to rot.


  7. What the fuck I wonder what the hell goes thrue there minds these kind of ppl should not b kept in jail they should die they will never change they r the devil’s kids


    • OMG, Maria…
      Please, learn how to spell, or else , stop posting mindless blabber on the net.


  8. This is how I know that Sarah Marie Johnson is not guilty of the murders of her Parents,Alan Scott Johnson & Diane Marie Johnson.

    Alan was 6 feet 6 inches tall & Sarah is only 5 feet 2 inches tall,meaning that she was too short to shoot him in the chest by shooting from straight across,while standing flat on the ground.

    The actual shooter in this case is Christopher Kevin Hill,who is 6 feet tall,he shot Alan from straight across,while standing flat on the ground,all that he had to do,after he shot Diane,who was sleeping in bed,was aim the rifle straight across at his chest & then with 1 pull of the trigger,he shot him in the chest from staight across.

    If she wanted to shoot Alan in the chest,while standing flat on the ground,then Sarah would have had to aim the rifle in the direction of the bullet going up,in order to do that,before pulling the trigger.

    If she wanted to shoot Alan in the chest from straight across,then she would have had to stand on either a stool or a stepladder in order to do that & there was no sign of either a stool or a stepladder being placed next to where Diane was sleeping,before she was shot,proving that Christopher Kevin Hill shot them to death & not Sarah.


  9. I was looking for the case of William “B.J.” Liske, who killed his father, stepmother, and stepbrother on Halloween. Is that case listed here?


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