2007 July: Movies Based on True Crimes

(Yes, I did this last month, but I just feel the need and want to do it again!) 

This month, I will spotlight some movies that were based on true crimes. I will admit, I watch these! And I collect them. I like old ones, new ones, bad ones, good ones! OK, I have not liked all of them, especially if they stray so far from the truth that it is ridiculous (for me, one example was Nightstalker However, I believe everyone has a right to their own opinion. There are so many movies based on true crimes that I will not be able to cover all of them this month. So I will do it again. I will probably cover alot of the movies that I personally own or like. In fact, it was a movie based on a true crime that got me interested in crime in the first place:

helter-skelter-1976.jpgHelter Skelter.

I watched it the night it premiered on tv (I was like13 at the time, and surprised that my dad actually let me watch it). I was hooked from there!

The best place I have found to get the true story behind a movie, is the following website:

Movies Based on True Stories

Traciy has been working on her site for many years now and has put in alot of work. I “met up” with her when she had a Yahoo! group for this (which I really miss by the way!) and we could discuss them. She has continued to add to her database over the years. I am amazed at how many she has been able to dig up. Her site is great. Please visit it.













3 Responses

  1. Kojak the marcus Nelson Murders. Absolutely awesome


  2. Allan,

    Do you mean the movie was good or that the murders were awesome? I hope you mean the movie!

    I will be posting on this movie this week. It is based on “Career Girl” murders, victims Janice Wylie and Emily Hoffert, in 1963.


  3. I have seen all these movies


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