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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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572 Responses

  1. Between 1970 and 1975 a school mate was murdered in Whitnall Park, Wisconsin. Her name was Janice Bourdo. I went to grade school with Janice, she lived in the neighborhood. She worked at an Arby’s restaurant downtown Milwaukee. because of the long bus ride home she took a lift. The man claimed he had a vietnam flashback and murdered her. Janice was slightly mentally retarded and her parents had some issues. The murderer claimed he was relieving himself in the park and she came up behind him, startled him and he “freaked out”.

    I knew Janice she would not do that. She was a young teen. It’s been 30 years and I still feel there’s more to this story. For some reason it surfaces in my mind and heart. Because of her home life everything was just swept aside.

    I can’t seem to find anything on this murder anywhere.

    • I found this site and this is the first time I can talk about this to anyone. My stepmother was stabbed 52 times and chopped up in pieces. The murderer was sentenced to a mental institution. His explanation was that he talking to my stepmother about his family problems and she didn’t want to hear it. He said she just wanted her money. He said she was laughing and he just went blank and didn’t realize what he was doing. I know my stepmother. She was a drug addict but she was very passive and quiet. She also had a heart of gold. She took care of me for awhile. At that time she was off of drugs. She was a gentle woman and protected my sister and I from my fathers beatings. She was a good woman. After my father went to jail she became hooked on drugs. I know she was not the kind of person to do what he said she did.

      • I stumbled on this blog and on what you wrote, Sandy, and I am so sorry for the sad life you had. I hope you are well in your life now and that you are a happy person

        • are u by any chance from Cleveland, Ohio? I have a cousin Deena that I have been searching for many many years for. She also has a brother by the name of Dana. If you are from Cleveland, Ohio.. plz contact me back, Thank you. Bev. V

      • Maybe she didn’t want to hear it, sounds like he was having his own issues. Keep the memories that you have about her, she was an angel touching you, protecting you. Drugs make people do things they normally wouldn’t do, I know. You have to really consider why does it bother you what this pathetic assholes excuse was, why let him tarnish what you know about her. You already said it, a few times, what kind of a person she was. Drugs don’t make everyone bad just a little joanzie and sometimes we are way to high to think logically and we do the most stupidist things that put us in situations we really wish we wouldn’t have ended up in. sometimes it can just really be fucked up. It doesn’t sound like she could have said anything right. He was fucked up it doesn’t matter what he says, it has no … you know what I mean.

        • Yes I know what you mean Lisa, man such is life sometimes these things just happen and trying to figure it out, is just going to drive you crazy young lady.. I like what Lisa has to say, save the precious memories that you have of and about stepmom. The rest is out of your hands and your healing is not connected to knowing,
          trust me.. So many times in life when we search for things like this we come out worse off than were were before hand trust us leave it alone..

    • I know how you feel. My best friend sue Belote was murdered by Stephen morin I was so upset to find info on him but not my friend, since she was the victim. He on the other hand was praised for becoming a Christian and saving lives in prison . Forgetting that he murdered 37 women and 7 men one was my best friend. He tortured, raped and murdered these women , give me a break….

    • Hi there, I’m so sorry to hear about your school mate. Unfortunately I’m on a search myself looking for a case regarding an abduction and rape that occurred in the 1960’s. Unfortunately for us, it’s decidedly difficult to find much information about anything pre-Internet days in regards to crime. If you do find a good resource, I’d love to know about it!

    • Deb Walser this is the link

  2. I grew up in LaGrange, IL, and lived very near to LTHS South Campus on Willow Springs Road. In the early seventies, there was a teenaged boy found murdered in the woods across from the school, commonly known as “the Hole”. I don’t remember much else about it, and can’t seem to locate any more information on the Web. Our 30th high school reunion is next year, and I’d like to have some info for our classmates – it was a very big story.

    • His name was Alan Fredian, he was a classmate of mine. Apparantly a drug deal gone bad, Alan was beaten in the head with a brick or something and buried in a very shallow grave. Very sad time.

      • The police reported that there was no drug deal nor was there any involvement with explosives. Both stories were made up trying to figure out why such a terrible thing happened in our community.

      • I went to Spring Avenue elem school with Alan, Karl and the two others questioned by the police. I saw Alan walking home from LT Friday afternoon. He was riding his banana seat bike, it was unusually warm that homecoming weekend. We both had just cut through “the hole” and we said hello. That was the last time I ever saw him, and a mutual grade school friend called on Sunday to inform me of his murder.

        I don’t think it was a drug deal. I would love to see this case resolved, wish Lily and the cold case bunch could get it! I lived in LaGrange my entire life, the rumors were always that Karl did it, I believe he was indicted by a grand jury, yet it never went to trial. Karl’s family moved away, as did Danny’s. I would like to know why this horrible crime happened. LaGrange was total white bread suburbia and this kind of violence was very unusual.

        I knew the parties well, we had been classmates for years. Subjectively, Alan was fun loving, quick and a prankster. Karl was also intelligent, but was aggressive and “different

      • I went to LT in the mid 60’s and that area was a hangout for the “greaser” element in school . They all smoked cigarettes there after school. Guys carried knives, had “Elvis” hair cuts and dressed in black with pointed black shoes. Every month or so one of them would challenge someone they had a beef with to fight them there after school. I remember making a funny comment that one of them didn’t like and being challenged to meet him there after school. I didn’t show but I remember how fast word got around I was fighting someone there.
        When the drug culture hit in the early 70’s I can imagine how it changed. I wouldn’t want to be cutting through that area if I didn’t hang out with that crowd.

      • The killer was found, but the Police botched up the Search Warrant, and all the evidence was thrown out and he walked.

      • Here is the story from the Chicago Tribune, March 31, 1973. The alleged killer was Karl J. Rettger, 17 of Lyons Township North High School

    • i hope they can bring Karl to justice for what he did.

    • I also remember that. I went to school with the boys that killed that little boy. I dont know what ever happen to them.

    • This is all about “Remember the Victim”. What about the second victim in this story? The cops railroaded Karl. They fabricated evidence. The States Attorney had promised an arrest and had political motivation to arrest someone, anyone. They arrested Karl.

      What did not get played up in the news was the fact that the defense attorney did not prohibit any evidence at all from being entered. (The prosecution actually wanted that so they could say he got off on a technicality.) They put everything they had into the trial and then they rested. At that point the judge issued a Directed Verdict and dismissed the case for lack of evidence.

      Now here are all you folks dragging out rumor and innuendo, repeating things like “I knew someone who was a friend of…”, or “I read this in the newspaper.” or whatever. All the while you continuing the damage started by political hacks 40 years ago.

      Simply shameful.

      • Dave, our class addresses this every few years. It was a very traumatic crime for 15 year olds to go thru. You seem to know a lot about this case than any other. 45 years later and we have no answers to who did it.

    • This whole storyline is very flawed. People here are spouting rumor, hearsay, and theories. You just do not know the damage you could be causing by doing so.

      The fact is, Karl was a scapegoat of then State’s Attorney, Bernard Carey. He promised to find someone, and he chose to go after Karl. There is talk about clothing found at the local park. Some below mention they should have it DNA tested. How about this? Check the label on the tag. It fits smaller kids. Karl was six feet tall. The clothing fit the other two kids who were best friends, but not Karl.

      At the time of the murder Karl was home watching TV with the family. He could not have been at the scene of the crime.

      There is talk about blood evidence below. Yep, they brought that into the trial too. The blood evidence was type A. Karl is not.

      Others talk about finding a shovel, gasoline, and other stuff in the garage. Yep, they brought that in too. It should be noted that the shovel was used for yard work and was not tied to the shallow grave, which was not dug with a shovel. The gasoline was for the lawn mower in the garage. Just pulling stuff out of the garage does not make it meaningful evidence.

      The prosecution’s hope was that this obviously useless evidence would be tossed out by the defense. If it had been, they could claim he got off on a technicality. None of the evidence was excluded, however. Once they put forth their case it was clear that they had nothing, not even circumstantial evidence. The judge put an end to the trial at that point. Karl was most definitely acquitted.

      The surprising thing was that the evidence they had actually pointed to others (where the blood matched and the clothes fit). But, they chose Karl to go after. No telling why. At any rate, they knew ahead of time they could not win, but went through with it anyway.

      It is too bad, but in our legal system one cannot be deemed “innocent”. The best you can get is an acquittal. Once you have been railroaded by the authorities, once you are being hounded by the press, once everyone around you has looked at you angrily or called you “killer”, the damage is done. Imagine having to go through the later years of High School with that hanging over you. Someone below comments on seeing Karl smirk in the hallway. How would you react if every day, all day, you were faced with this?

      You might be able to tell that I am close to this situation. I do know what happened. I saw it all unwind up close, first hand. I saw the damage it did to the “second victim” of this crime, Karl. I also see the potential for damage that this blog can continue to do, simply because you goofs have no idea what you are talking about.

      • I heard that Karl died in a car accident. Anyone hear about this?

        • Not true. Simply more hearsay and rumor.

          • who were the other two people you mention?

          • No more rumor or hearsay.

          • Your statements are in direct contradiction of the events reported after the tragedy and read in newspaper accounts of the trial. WLS TV – Joel Daly was personally offended by the amount of evidence against the defendant and the exclusion of evidence at trial.. Not sure what your game is….shameful. There is only one Victim here and a family with nightmares.

          • To Jon. Nothing was excluded from evidence. That is a fact. Joel Daley did do a special segment after the trial was over. That, too, is a fact. You simply do not know what you are talking about.

      • Good for you! I wish more people would speak up. Gossip cannot be undone. Please think before you speak. At the very least, know what you are talking about. Many lives are needlessly ruined by diarrhea of the mouth. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes for a mile.

        • Mary, we simply want answers to the crime. Someone killed Allan and it all pointed to one person. No one is spreading any rumors. We lived the terrible crime.

      • Dave, are you saying you witnessed Alan’s killing? Please help me understand what you are saying.

      • Dave, the only way to clear Karl is to expose who actually killed Allen. You may be the only person who can do that. Please contact me directly.

      • Someone killed Allan.

  3. In 1977 or 1978 my daughter was good friends with a girl from Bangor, Michigan named Terri Wilson. Terri was a pretty girl and was the local blueberry queen. She was murdered by a young man she met and put in the trunk of her parents car and left on a side road. I wondered what ever happened to the murderer because shortly after this we moved from the area and I lost track of the case.

    • Terry Lynn Wilson murdered July 4, 1977 by Carl Johnson in Bangor, Michigan. Johnson sentenced to life in prison.

  4. I am looking for any information on the murder of Patricia Cogswell of Cheboygan Michigan. She was killed by her husband in a very violent manner. He was then killed by their son I think. This happened back in 1981. What happened to the son?

    • I married an Andrew Cogswell and am now seeking a divorce of annulment from this man. He told me that he killed his mothers husband and that he lived in Michigan at the time. He now lives in Kingsport Tn. If you need more info you can contact me on fb under Mychelle Bowers

    • I think this might be the Murder that happened right next door to me back in 1981 , I lived with my brother on N ,Wstern Ave in cheboygan Michigan in a small stone house we turned the extra garage into a liveing area and bedroom for me I babysat the kids. The cogswell home was about 70 feet from my bedroom wall .

      One night it was raining no thuunder but some heat lightning All at once siren’s and lights all over the street..

      The story was Andy came home and his dad was beating his mom so andy tryed to stop him The dad had killed the mom and came after andy so andy shot him with a .22 rifle many times

      They had adopted andy

      • jp…thats exactly what the police believed….Andy’s story. He killed his mom and step dad in cold blood and hopefully he rots in hell. There is an old saying…”loose lips sink ships”. Too bad Cheboygan is like Mayberry…he got away with two murders.

  5. Pat,

    Do you know Patricia Cogswell’s husband’s and son’s names?

  6. Pat,

    For Terri Wilson, did this happen in Bangor, MI? I did find the the man who killed her was Carl Lee Johnson, but that is all so far. Do you know anything about him?

  7. 6/1/06 my seven year old niece lost her Dad,

    Two Uncles,and One

    in fact my sister had picked her up about 30-min prior
    to the murders,
    This night was one of the worst mass-
    murders in the history of Indianapolis,Ind.

    my niece is trying to make something positive come from this, at her request,

    we are going to
    be holding a fundraiser

    on Oct14th with items
    to auction,

    The Inpls Colts have
    gave items,
    some are autographed.

    Paul Rodriguez has
    donated items,

    Actor John Travolts
    family has donated a
    autographed movie

    and we have several
    other items that will
    be auctioned as well,

    we are going to be
    doing a story on the news.

    all money raised will
    go back into the
    community where the
    murders occured.

  8. I don’t know the name of Patricia Cogswell’s husband but he was the tax assessor, building inspector, etc. in Cheboygan and they also owned a motel. Her son’s name was Andrew.


  9. The Terri Wilson murder occurred somewhere between South Haven and Bangor. He was black and an acquaintance of hers. She was a very pretty, white girl who was quite popular.

    I think he beat her to death and put her in the trunk of her parents’ car that she had been driving. It was surmised that she had been giving him a ride home.

  10. To bmp1213:

    Where do you find your information? My Internet searches don’t turn up anything on cases that are more than a couple years old.

  11. This is a very interesting site. I don’t find Morgan Nick’s case on your site.


    Hello, Bloggers. My name is John Bassett, I am a television producer working on a documentary about Bill Bradford for Court TV. I am trying to locate any family or freinds of Tracey Campbell, one of Bradford’s victims found murdered in the desert of Lancaster, CA in 1984. Tracey was only fifteen when Bradford promised her modeling success, then ended her innocent life before she had a chance to live it. The reason I am doing this project is to spread awareness about the type of person Bill Bradford is, as well as to help the LA Sheriff identify all of the photos found in Bradford’s possession over twenty years ago. If anyone has information on the whereabouts of freinds or family of Tracey Campbell, please e-mail me with a lead. I am looking for someone who can speak on behalf of Tracey’s life, so she isn’t portrayed as just another victim. Tracey was originally from Montana, and moved to Mar Vista, CA when she was fifteen. She has a brother Derrill, a sister Tanya and a cousin named Todd Heidrick. Please help! Thank you for your time. Please e-mail any info to or call 818-817-9690.
    Thanks again!

    John Bassett
    Digital Ranch Productions

    • The Bill Bradford case is similar to Reinaldo Rivera case.
      Here in Augusta,GA and in SC he was telling young females that he was with a modeling agency. He killed 4 women in the areas.
      He had a 5th victim but she survived the brutal attack of being stabbed in the next several times.
      One of the victims I knew the father of.
      He plus had approached my oldest sister about a modeling career. She almost went through it but something didn’t add up with our mom.
      He kept wanting her alone not with anyone around. So my sister went on our moms intuition and didn’t go through with it. He kept harrassing her to where she had to get his number blocked. We are blessed she never gave him her address.

      • I had a family member on the Reinaldo Rivera jury. What he did to these young women was pure evil. Thank God his last victim survived, or no telling how many more there would have been. I hate that she has led such a troubled life since. What is scary about Rivera, was that he led essentially a double life: held a good job at Bridgestone Firestone, was married, and a father. He needs to go ahead and get what he deserves- an injection in his arm. Too bad Georgia has banned the electric chair because even that is too good for Rivera.

    • I will never forget her funeral at the new house. We met while she lived next to my uncle, his wife and their 5 daughters. I have wanted to tell her Mom for many years about things that happened but, have not been able to find her. She took me under her wing and tried to protect me when ever she could for so long. When she was killed so was my hope. I still think of her daily and wonder what if. You are still the only person I ever fully trusted and ever will. I love and miss you so much and always will my friend.

  13. Does anyone have anymore information on missing Jenny Klein, abducted from a campsite in Moab, UT in 1974, other than what is listed in her poster on DoeNetwork and NCMEC? Have the parents kept looking (although I can’t imagine that they would have stopped)? I’ve never seen interviews and can’t find any other information on her case other than thru these two sources.

  14. Monica,

    Being in UT, I have searched and searched on tihis one and come up with nothing recent. I have had one post on it:

  15. I recently read A Beautiful Child by Matt Birkbeck. I’m curious to know if Jennifer Klein is the child that Franklin Floyd passed off as his own daughter. I first noticed Jennifer’s picture on the Doe Network. I never knew how many people went missing until I was on this website. A few hours later I came across the photo of Floyd with a little girl in his lap and immediately thought that she was Jennifer. I went back and located her picture and then wasn’t sure. It is difficult to tell because the child in the picture with Floyd is a little older and turned at an angle. A few days later I was in a bookstore and came across this book. I saw the picture of Floyd with the girl and couldn’t believe that this was the same picture I had just carefully studied a few days before. Jennifer is even mentioned in this book and at the time of the printing, the DNA tests were not completed. I wondered if my hunch was correct and the little girl in the picture was in fact Jennifer Klein. Her photo is so compelling. I wish there was something we could do.

  16. I am looking for information about a murder that occurred in Albion, Michigan on Dec 15, 1976. Her name was Mary Ellen Watkins she was found beaten in her home. It has been a cold case ever since. I can’t find anything about the murder at all online. She was a relative of mine and would like to know more about it. Any suggestions?

  17. April Sheree Corter, age 24, has been missing since September 25, 2006 in Red Oak, Iowa. Police believe she may have been murdered, but the case is going “cold”.

    Are there any “serial killers” in that Montgomery County area as there seems to have been several women in the last few months murdered (based on the newspaper articles I have researched) One woman was found by a bridge, another woman along side a road. I also found very brief information about Mindy McCunn from Red Oak, but I can’t seem to find anything concrete about her either. (It is interesting that Red Oak, Iowa is noted as having zero murders…)

    April Corter did not plan to go anywhere, other than,She was packed to go to her family in California. Her suitcases were packed in her apartment. She has an infant son who is protective custody. There were initially many leads (and it IS an on-going investigation) but it already “feels” as though this will become one of your “unsolved” disappearances of a young woman listed on your Blog, I fear.

    The police, though somewhat kind and considerate through out this ordeal, seem perplexed at this point. It has been almost two months (in six more days it will be two months!) and they are not any closer to finding her/her body. Have you heard anything about this case? Why aren’t the newpapers/media striving to find her on a continual basis? Why aren’t groups of people out looking for her?
    Thanks for your help.

  18. Kate,

    I just made a post about April. In looking for information, it mentioned that her boyfriend’s vehicle was impounded. Has he been cleared yet?

    I will also check on the serial killer issue. I hope that is not the case, but it does not hurt to look.

    I hope you get some good news soon. I can’t believe I have not heard of April previous to this. They need to get some information and searches going on her.

  19. I’m writing a story on April Corter for the Omaha World-Herald. Anyone with information, please contact me at

  20. Approximately 30 years ago a convenience store clerk was abducted while she was working at store on Macon Road in Memphis, Tennessee. I have passed by this location many times during the years and her fate still haunts me. Does anybody have any idea if she was ever located? I can’t even remember the poor girls name anymore.

  21. Kate Guimaraes,

    This morning I found out that April has been found and unfortunately had
    been murdered by Daniel Miller. It appears from your comment that you
    were her friend and I want you to know how sorry I am for your loss. It
    is so tragic. I will keep you and her family in my thoughts and
    prayers. I certainly hope that justice happens for her.

    I did make an updated post on her today, if you are interested:

    Please take care,

  22. I have been trying to find information on the murder of a girl I grew up next too. Her name was Brandy Swope. She was married when murdered and her husband was the prime suspect. Unfortunately I do not have her married name. We were raised in Liberty Missouri and I know the case was in Clay County Missouri but I am uncertain if she and her husband lived in Liberty or Kansas City city limits at the time of her death.

  23. Wondering if you can offer advice in tracking down a kiddnapping rape and murder trial taking place in 1931 in knoxville TN, whta tips you might have in finding info on the victim and the defendants



  24. John,

    Cases that old are hard to find. I do very detailed searches in several search enginges, search tv stations and newspapers, anywhere possible. Do you know any names or if there was an execution? If there was an execution, it is easier to find the info.

  25. There was a murder that happened in South Bend, Indiana in the mid 60s. It made healines locally, involving a son murdering his father with an axe. The paper acknowledged that the son confessed, but later recanted. The name was Banish or possibly Bannish. Can you provide any other information about this crime?


    Kevin Swain

  26. Kevin,

    I will check on it! I lived in Indiana in the mid-60’s myself, in Chesterton, on Jefferson St.!

  27. Lew,

    Was Peter a biochemist also?

  28. That’s an interesting question because while I know that Peter had some kind of financial investment company, the person that I think engineered his death, may be using a variety of bio-angents to attack other people.

    If true, this would go a long way toward discovering where and how he is able to kill with impunity.

  29. your blog is fantastic…..keep it up 🙂

  30. My company is producing a Documentary for Court TV about the murder of Janet March. We are looking for additional photos of Janet for the film and I was wondering if you could email me with the source of your picture.
    Thank You

  31. I am the daughter of Mary Badaracco- Thank you for caring about my mom-

  32. Brandy Swope’s husband was Todd Johnson. He was acquitted of her murder in Clay County. I think he is living out of state now. I believe that after his acquittal a female was charged with her murder but charges were later dropped.

  33. Dan Lewis,

    All the photos I have were found online in various places. I don’t know that I can tell you where now. Check the TV Stations websites or Google Images.

  34. In the late 80’s a young girl was kidnapped and killed from the apartments where I lived. (7477 SW 82nd St) in south Miami. I have never heard any information on whether or not they found out who did this horrible crime. I am now living in Idaho and have raised my kids using extreme caution due to Kristin’s murder. If anyone knows anything I would appreciate the info. Also, Kristin was friends with one of my friend’s daughter, My friend has since passed away.

  35. Tonia,

    Do you remember Kristin’s last name by any chance?

  36. My brother was shot 6 times and left for dead, in his house while he slepted in Avon Ohio. Any leads would be appreciated. This happened January 5, 2007.

  37. I need some help… I don`t know to say this in a matter that people wont think I`m crazy. a dead person has been coming to me looing for help. I`ve spent hours seaching the web looking for her to no avail. I can almost pinpoint the location (I would know it if I saw it), however I can`t find anything online to help me since the case happened in 1974. Her name was Tracy. she would`ve been in her mid 20`s and either from main or nantucket…. Please point me in the right dirrection… she wants me to help her and I don`t know how.

  38. Hello. I have been trying for several days to access the Doe Network’s website and I keep being advised that the site cannot be located. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  39. Sorry,
    I am looking for some information on a murder in the late 70’s to early 80’s, in Houston Texas. I don’t remember the girls name, But she was supposedly killed by her mother’s boyfriend with a pool cue at their home. Her mother’s name was opal, she was one of my mother’s friends, and the boyfriend’s last name I think was Mckenzie. I want to know if the boyfriend was ever charged, and if he is still locked away.

    • I wonder if you are talking about a girl I went to school with. Her name was Martha (I believe) and she was beaten to death by her mother’s boyfriend in 1979 (possibly 1980). At the time of her death, we didn’t hear about a pool cue being used, only that she was beaten to death and that there were signs of struggle in multiple rooms. I have been scouring the internet for information and finally a phrase I used pulled up your comment.

      If it is the same case, I was told by a co-worker a few years later that her mom’s boyfriend was released. He didn’t serve long at all. In fact, I was told of this somewhere around 1983. My co-worker knew him and was furious (understandably so).

      • Actually, in speaking to classmates, it looks like I was mistaken. I think this murder took place in 1981 and the victim was Lisa Jones.

  40. I was a childhood friend of Tiffany Sessions in Massachusetts. We used to ride horses together and took ice skating lessons. Every so often, especially if I am watching something like 48 Hour Mystery, I wonder if there is any new information. I know it is a cold case. It is so sad. Florida seems like a place where people can really disappear (criminals I am referring to). In February, I will post her picture on my website, it is all I can think to do. I wish I could do more.

    • I had dinner with her uncle a month ago and no new information has surfaced.

    • Tiffany Sessions was murdered in Tampa, FL leaving work by a serial killer. Can’t think of his name. I live in Florida and remember this happening. I also recall another woman, Terry Lynn Matthews being murdered by the same man. Think the man’s last name is Rollings.

      • Darlene,

        Actually Tiffany Sessions disappeared while jogging. Her case was recently closed, as the person of interest, Paul Eugene Rowles, has died. It appeared that he might have been a serial killer. I have posted a few times on her case.

        Teri Lynn Matthews was killed by a different serial killer, Oscar Ray Bolin. I have posted on Bolin as well.

  41. I am the widow of a victim of triple homicide which occured in Preble County, Ohio on October 30, 1987. The victims were Donald (Donnie) Marker, Dave Smelzer, and Belinda (or Melinda) Newcomb.

    Though this is supposedly a “cold case”, many people in the small town of Eaton, Ohio, and surrounding areas have a good idea who is responsible, and it has to do with local law enforcement.

    There are at least 2 similar murder cases in the same area, with blatant corruption by those same authorities. We have banded together and are activiely seeking information, hoping that since so much time has passed, people will feel somewhat more free to share their knowledge of this crime.

    The problem – some of those authorities are still in office in the town of Eaton. The families encounted deceit and danger when pursuing answers. Now that we are active again, we fear for our safety. Please help us in our quest to find information, and allow me to use this post as documentation that we are fearful of retribution – just in case something happens to one of us, too.

    There are 2 separate threads on a local Eaton forum – . Use the search feature for “murder” and you will see the threads, mainly discussing Donnie Marker and Lesa Buckley.

    Thank you!

  42. I was looking for information on a murder that occured in 1991 in Paoli, Indiana. My grandfather was a cab driver in Louisville, KY, one night in 1991 he picked up a passenger at a bar in downtown Louisville and was found shot execution style in a cornfield in Indiana the next day. When he was found he still had money in his wallet so it was not a robbery. I recently learned that there were several beer cans in the back seat of the cab, they were taken as evidence for DNA. The case is still unsolved and I can’t seem to find any information on it. I was just a kid when it occured and am looking to find out more about the case. If anyone knows where I could find some information, it would be greatly appreciated! His name was William Thomas Montgomery Sr., the murder occured in Paoli, Indiana. Thanks.

    • Jessica,

      Hello, my name is Summer Busick-Banka, and I lived in Paoli, IN at the time of that murder. My best bet is to have you look into the old Paoli News-Republican newspaper, the archives of it anyway, to see of they have found out anything else about it, or contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Department or The Paoli Police Department about the case, I can give you the phone numbers to both places. Contact me on Facebook under my name as it appears here, and i will give you the right numbers to where you might get some answers. I am terribly sorry for your loss.

    • Jessica,
      Orange County Sheriff dept Phone in Paoli,IN 812-723-2417 Ask for Josh Babcock he is the new sheriff in Orange County maybe if you haven’t found anything by now, he could help. I always wonder what happen in this case.So sorry for your loss.

  43. R. White,

    I grew up in Westmont, IL and I was friends with a boy by the name of Roger Myers. He was found murdered in a forest preserve in the 70’s, I thought it was around willow springs. I could be wrong, as I was young and it was so long ago. He was in 5th grade at the time. I was in 4th. I am not sure if this is the person that you were referring to. He was stabbed 20+ times. Supposedly his older brother was in some trouble or some gang, and was trying to get out. Roger had stayed home from school sick the day that all of this occurred. His house was being broken into and he hid under his bed. They found him and took him to the forest preserve. It has been told that they tied him to a tree and he said to the 3 guys that took him, that if they were going to kill him he didn’t want to die slow, that is when they started to stab him. I am not sure if this is accurate, as I said before I was only in the 4th grade at the time, but I too have been trying to find information. I know that one of the guys that was involved in the murder received 12yrs and is out of jail. I often wonder what happened to his family as they moved away from me not long after all of this happened.

    Anyone that may have any information on the Roger Myer or Meyers murder from westmont, IL Murdered in the 70’s, I would love to hear about it. I would be interested in finding out about his family as well..

    Thanks Again

  44. Carrie (and R. White if it is the same case),

    I have found information on this sad case and will be posting it here later tonight or tomorrow, depending on time.

  45. Thank you for finding the information on Roger. I have tried over the years to find anything on this case but have been unsuccessful. I have tried over the yrs to locate his family but to no avail, I would be curious to see what ever became of his brother.

  46. A young man of 23 named Robert Wright was murderd in Phoenix, Arizona on Aug. 29, 1969. His killers name was (is) David Valdez. Valdez atteneded Alhambra High School and lived somewhere off of Indian School Rd. I know about this because the killing happened in my front yard. I did not know Valdez but often wonder what ever happened in the case and if the killer is free ow or what?

  47. Anyone having information on a 1969 murder in Pike County Mississippi, 12 year old girl name :Tina Andrews.

    • I am from McComb and everyone has been talking about Tina today on Facebook. The murder took place August 13, 1968 she was abducted from the local movie theater. Her friend refused to go with the man. Talk around McComb all these years has been that a local cop did it. Her body was found close to an old oil well site in an abandoned building on Schmidt Road. I believe that many older residents of McComb would know the name of the alleged murderer.

    • Tina was killed and raped by a cop. The City of Mcomb threatened to kill her lawyer because her family could have sued the city of Mcomb because the person who killed her was a cop and was using a cop car and shot her with a gun given to him by the city of Mcomb.

  48. Does anyone have any information on the murder of James Studdard which occured during the 60’s in Mississippi. I am a doing a thesis on this murder.

  49. Carrie (and others who requeste updates)–

    I am so sorry to have not posted it yet. I have been battling a migraine and am way behind. I promise to get it posted. I did not find much and so far nothing on the family, but I did see that Jerry is out of prison, and I believe he is in Lima, OH. I believe he has a auto shop there.

    • I know its been awhile since the post, but I know the real story about the boy from Westmont in the70’s. Jerry doesn’t have a auto repair shop in Ohio. Also he got 40 years.

  50. thank you. I too have been fighting a migraine. It has to do with the full moon. My body is so in tuned with nature, that every time there is about to be a fool moon, I have one. It will go away once the moon starts to go down.

    How sad is it that you can kill someone and get out of jail in 12 yrs. My older brother actually went to school with him. He was just asking me not to long ago what ever became of the guy who killed Roger and I told him he did get out of jail and who knows where he is at now.

    Keep tabs on the moons and you too might get them when the fool moon is coming.

    Thank you again for looking into this, Your sight is awesome. Keep it up.

  51. I very good at finding info. I would like to help any of you looking for info on POIs or victims. Please leave as much detail as you can about a case or person or email me @ and I will see what I can do.

  52. Have any of you been following the Richard Pickton mass murder trial? He’s accused of killing 49 women in Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada. Right now he’s facing the six of those charges in court. It’s a very sad case.

  53. I like your blog

  54. Where can I find the info on Lesa Buckley Eaton,Oh?

  55. I am a student of police science and criminal psycology. As a research project we were given information on not well known cases. My assignment was to gather information on the pantyhose murders.

    The information given me was that this occured in the early 1970’s. The victims were all university girls. The victims were all wearing micro mini-skirts and pantyhose.

    The killer would hide inside their apartment. As soon as the girl would step inside the door, he would grab them and place them on the bed. He would put a pillow over their face and began suffocating them. He would revive them and smother them three or four times over. One girl he suffocated for forty five minutes before killing her.

    After smothering the life out of his victims he would remove their pantyhose and keep them for a sick trophy. The girls were not raped. They were found fully clothed with the exception of their missing pantyhose.

    I was wondering if anyone knows more information on this weird case?

  56. Re:Mrs. Sveinson question about Picton case,
    The name is actually Robert Willie Picton, and he is charged with kidnapping and murder of six of 49 women missing from Vancouver BC’s lower east side. There is much controversey surrounding this case and it is truly a grisley case to follow.

  57. I was just wondering if anyone knows what became of the murderer in Traverse City Michigan in the early 80s? A man named Gainsforth killed James Burton At a mini mart just to see what it was like? I know he and ani=other guy were convicted. I want to know if they are still in prison? I hope so. Jimmmy was a great guy! All of about 18.

  58. I am looking for information on hammer attacks– not domestic or personal fights, but by a stranger. I was attacked back in 1968 in Columbus, Ohio. The cops had his license number and “lost” it. I just wonder if he was ever caught, or if he murdered anyone. I think the guy was from London, Ohio at the time.

    • How did they just lose it? I mean …it happens but that sounds like a bad horror film cops losing the plate # of a deranged maniac hitting people with hammers and oops…

  59. Any updates on Kaitlin Violette? This case seems to have disappeared. Last I heard they had the preliminary autopsy reports but wouldn’t release them until they were final. Anything?

  60. I would like to know about a murder that took place in 2006 in Birmingham Al. can you help. The victim’s name is Francine Franklin any thing you can tell me will be deeply appreciated…..oh yeah

  61. Why is there nothing on this site about Jessica Lunsford? If anyone cares, her killer was convicted.

  62. Melissa,

    I plan to do an update on Kaitlin this weekend, if there are any. Also, I will be posting on Jessica Lunsford this week too. I am behind as I was very sick for a week, so I have not gotten done as much as I like. But I have not forgotten. I was very happy to hear Couey was convicted and am hoping for the death penalty.

    • i am from rogersville tennessee and a few years ago a very horrible violent crime happened in knoxville tennessee a hour away from me. four evil people and one later on raped and murder channon christian and chris nusom. and i just want people to remember them for the amazing people they were. his and her parents are big advocates noe. amazing strong people. i could not even imagine how they feel. but the girl involed in the killings is getting alot of attention lately for the wrong reasons. and its not right. and i just would like for you to look into there case and put something up about how great they were or something etc. cause your right. they need remerence not the killers. its a heartbreaking story. really horrible things were done to them and they were just 21 and 23 and she was a student at the university of tennessee and they both would of had amazing lifes. its so sad.

  63. Thank you. Sorry to hear you have been so sick. As for Couey, I am also hoping for the death penalty.

  64. I am looking for good who-dunnit homicide stories with multiple suspects, and the case was eventually solved by physical evidence at the actual crime scene. Can I give you a call or can you call me? This is for a 10 hour series for Spike network, to air in summer 2007.
    Kevin Barry
    (818) 989-8753

  65. Kevin,

    I got an email from Sara also. She is supposed to call me. I will also try to call you in the next couple of days.

  66. Nilda,

    Can you tell me what your brother’s name is?


    • This is several years later but the people who killed christopher barrios are just going to trial. I think the women involved was sentenced to life but all 3 were trying to get insanaity (sp) pleas. Glad to know some cares about that little boy.

      • Faith,

        Actually, only George Edenfield (David’s father) has an insanity issue. David Edenfield was convicted of Christopher’s murder and sentenced to death. George Edenfield was declared incompetent to stand trial and committed to a mental hospital. Once he is competent, he will face trial. However, I am guessing he will die before that. Peggy Edenfield pled guilty and was sentenced to 60 years in prison. These were the only three involved in the murder of Christopher Barrios. Only 1 woman involved.

  68. Can anyone tell me how to go about searching records of a cold case. This relates to a murder that may have occurred more than 30 years ago. I know someone who has confessed to being involved but don’t have much detail ie name of victim or if the crime was ever discovered. I do know the method and the city and state in which this supposedly occurred. There may have been other murders involving this person since that time.

  69. For STEVE who posted a request on FEBRUARY 8 on this board, the Lesa Buckley murder in Eaton, Ohio is heavily discussed at – and a website entirely devoted to the Buckley case can be found at

  70. I am wonering how to find out about the Lesa Buckley case as well. However I have already checked out the two sites listed by Andrea Marker. I would like to see more.

  71. My husband and a friend are looking for information about the murders of the Cassidy family in Huron, OH sometime in the 1960s. Bill & Ann Cassidy, and their daughter, Patty were murdered in their home. The son, Mike Cassidy, was the primary suspect at the time, but there was a great deal of money involved, along with a family connection in the police force, and Mike was let go. I’m not finding anything online. Does anyone have any information?

  72. Jessica, the Lesa Buckley case is also being discussed at You must go to the Pit #2 and go to the PC Justice link…

  73. I am wondering about a murder that occured in Cheboygan, Michigan involving a son blugeoning his mother to death some years back with the base of a table lamp. It occured on Mackinaw Ave. I wondered what the guys name is because I forgot and if he is still in prison or not.

  74. I have been away from Huron, Ohio for quite some time now, having first left to attend Kent State University from January ’65 until I graduated in December of 1970, staying away longer each year, then moving to Provincetown in June of ’71. Over the years I’ve been gone, I’ve heard rumors that 3 members of the Cassidy family, Bill, Ann, and their younger of two children, Patty, were all murdered and to this day, there has been no solution for that horrific crime. Firstly, I’m wondering if this rumor is true or false and if it’s true, did it happen in Ohio in Old Homestead where they lived three houses down and across from us or did it occur elsewhere. The mother, Ann, was one of my (now deceased) mother’s best friend for years. Every morning one or the other would visit the other’s house and have coffee without missing. The father, Bill, an alcoholic, could have a raging temper at times especially whenever i saw him lose a game of bumperpool at our tavern, The Knotty Pine. My mother, Dorothy Slyker (in that marriage) and my first step-father Allan Slyker had owned that bar-restaurant for several years in the mid-fifties and Bill was frequequent customer. They also had a son name Michael. who was at one time suspected of this crime but was never indicted let alone convicted. Secondly, is it true all three were murdered and if so by whom. And was it in Ohio or elsewhere? How might I find the details of this gruesome crime.
    Now another rumor I heard only recently, was that a classmate of mine, kathy Zimmerman (maiden name) had died and now they believe it was under “suspicious circumstances. Kathy was an “A” student in class, very friendly to all and very good-looking. I never heard where she went to college—I’m guessing she did—with her grades—and I don’t remember if I saw her at our 25th high school reunion in 1985, the only reunion we ever had, although, I rather think I had. It has been only in the past 5 or so few years she’s died, then the last year or so is when the rumor of those “suspicious circumstances” surfaced.
    I see my friend Lesa Holstine—also originally from Huron, Ohio—has submitted a comment/inquiry above about the Cassidy’s murder and perhap this addendum may add a bit more interest to some solution or at least more information on what really happened. Especially where Mike Cassidy has “disappeared to.” Mike is perhaps 4 or five years younger than I and as kids he took some majoir rigbbing from we neigbors. Thanks for reading…

  75. I located the information on Brandy Swope Johnson murder.
    Ronald and Patricia Swope v. Todd Johnson and Revonna Nutt — $30 million
    In 1998, 26-year-old Brandy Johnson was stabbed to death. Her parents, the plaintiffs, filed a wrongful death claim against her husband, Todd Johnson, who had been acquitted of Brandy’s murder. Todd Johnson named co-defendant Nutt, his girlfriend, as Brandy’s killer. Nutt claimed Fifth Amendment protection in the murder trial. The court awarded $30 million in damages against Todd Johnson.

  76. Thank You

  77. I would like to know about a murder that happened in Alamogordo, New Mexico in either 1973 or 1974. Michelle Bebe was a friend, and my understanding was that she had disappeared from the bowling alley located at Holloman Air Force Base and her body was later found in the desert. I moved away, but have always been haunted by the murder. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

    • I am not a member here but came across your post. I also was a friend of Michelle Bebe’s, lived a few houses away from her at Holloman AFB. I read years later that an airman from Holloman AFB was the murderer. He had killed her and went to Viet Nam and that is where he was found. I can’t remember the exact story and can’t find anything about it now, but I would also be interested to find out the story.

      • Are you sure this was her last name? There aren’t even any death records with that name in the in the SS index.

        • I’m positive that was her name. I have tried searching online but nothing on Michelle. I believe the murder was in/about 1972 not 1973-1974. I remember my mother sending me a newspaper article about the guy who was charged with her murder.

    • I lived in Alamogordo NM at the time and remember reading about the murder in the local paper. Wasn’t she a minor like 16 years old. Her body was found nude or near nude off hwy 70 near Orogrande pass on the road to Las Cruces. I remember always thinking that whoever did it had to exit the base right by the guards at the entrance. I suppose there was no video Surveillance back then. Does anybody else remember a murder in Alamogordo in the mid to late sixties of a middle aged woman who’s body was found concealed in a ditch behind abbott dr in Alamogordo. Her car was found on the east side of the ditch with the contents of her purse scattered about. I was a kid around 8 or nine and remember watching as the police removed the body from the ditch. As far as I know it was never solved.

  78. I am writing about two posts, both regarding Cheboygan MI victims. Regarding Pat’s post for Patricia Cogswell, she was killed with a splitting maul by her husband. Her son Andrew then shot and killed the husband. He was not charged. I remember Patricia’s other son Micheal from early in school. It’s my understanding he died early as well.

    Regarding Paula’s post in April, Dave Montsdeoca killed his mom (her name may have been Daisy Smith) with cast iron pig door stop. He is currently incarcerated in the G Robert Cotton Correctional Facility. You can look him up on the Michigan Offender Tracking website.

    This is an interesting site!

  79. Dorothy,

    Thanks for your information! I have not had a chance to research many of the requests, so I am truly grateful that you would do that!

  80. Love your site, thank you for helping so many people.

  81. yes, I remember the case of Tina Andrews.

  82. Hi,

    This is a great site, thanks for your work. I am looking for any information on the murder of a college sorority sister- Angela (Angie) Samota in 1984 in Dallas TX. We had been out earlier in the evening and she was found murdered in her apt. by her boyfriend/landlord late that same night. She’d been stabbed 20+ times and raped. we were at SMU together- we told the detective on the case at the time we were certain it was her ex-boyfriend bc she had a restraining order against him- He was in Oklahoma and the murder occured on TX-OU weekend, which takes place at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. But he had an airtight alibi.
    I just wonder what ever happened- they had to have gotten a lot of DNA evidence- but I’ve never heard anything about the case. It’s the only murder of an SMU student to date– I’ve been just sick that no one has been brought to justice for her murder- she was a fun, pretty and smart young girl- she was from
    TX- not Dallas, but I can find out more details if needed, I kept all the newspaper clippings from that date. She was scared to death of her ex- she would have never opened the door for anyone that late at night- when the murder occurred. Something just wasn’t right about the whole thing- her boyfriend at the time was on the phone with her when someone came to her door and she hung up to answer the door– he called back a while later, and when he got no answer, he drove to her apt., got the landlord and that’s when they discovered her body. The boyfriend at the time was never charged, he sat behind us at the memorial service on campus.

    Just any bit of info would be helpful-


  83. In Autumn of 1985, a young clerk was murdered in a bridal boutique at a mall right off the highway in Lancaster OHio. I remember it because I had just broken up with the guy I had lived for years, and just a few days before the murder, he did something weird. He brought me a photo album and said it was a gift. I thought it was to make up, but I wasn’t interested. After he left my house, I opened the album, and there was a picture of the girl we broke up over. He had cut through her throat in the photo and he had drawn blood dripping down with red ink. That was totally outside his character and really I didn’t know what to think. He was from Lancaster, and I thought of him but didn’t really suspect him when the girl was killed that same week. A few years later, the tv show Unsolved Mysteries featured a series of unsolved murders. someone was killing clerks in small boutiques at malls just off the highway. UM thought the murders had begun about 1988 just south and west of Lancaster OHio, and were continuing over the years to occur in a line tracing south and west. I thought they ought to look at the possibility that series of murders started years earlier and miles to the north and east from where they thought. I tried emailing some police sites and the UM site, but I don’t know anything. no response. For some reason tonight, over twenty years later, I took a notion to do a quick search for murders at Lancaster Ohio malls and see if the crime was ever solved. I find no evidence online that the crime ever occurred. She was only around 20, and she was about to be married herself.

  84. There is much information on the Lesa Buckley case at Most documents are there. We are currently awaiting the comlplete autopsy from Preble County, Ohio. They are only sending 23 pages, so I am certain the missing items will still not be available. We continue to gain more and more witnesses and are thrilled with the response received so far.

  85. Cool Site. Any theories on who killed JonBenet?? Check out my blog if you ever have a chance. I wrote one about missing women – I ranked them.

  86. For those of you with an interest in the Lesa Buckley murder and the prosecution of Billy Scott for that murder – you should reallly check out the following sites:
    www. (see PC Justice forum) and

    All of these are relative to the Preble County area and the claims of criminal misconduct by officials there.
    Currently, I am routing all with knowledge and all our evidence gained since beginning posting on-line to an FBI agent. We are trying to get the federal government to step-in and assist the citizens of Preble County who continue to make claims of widespread corruption covering a municipality.

    You see, the Billy Scott / Lesa Buckley case is not the only unusual case in the area. Many continue to make claims of corruption which include framing individuals and even murder.

    While Billy has been in prison for 16 years now, the whole town knows he didn’t do it. The entire town is aware who did kill Lesa with such hatred, yet Billy continues to rot. Those that most believe did kill Lesa, continue to beat, rape and molest with no attempt by authorities to incarcerate them for their crimes. You see, there are close personal relationships with law enforcement there and they are untouchable. They have been left to commit violent and disgusting crime after crime.

    Preble County needs outside assistance badly – higher authorities outside the county must step-in and help us. So please, check out these sites and spread the word!! We have made remarkable progress so far and want that to continue until we expose what really is going on in Preble County, Ohio.

  87. I would like to support the opinion that if just once, some really higher up authority would come to Preble County Ohio, there would be a chance that all the murder and corruption would stop. I just wish with all my being that this could happen. Just take the 100’s of cases seriously.. We can;t ALL be wrong!

  88. Reply To R. White (Murder In La Grange, IL 1972):

    I grew up in La Grange, IL too and I know of the murder in La Grange That you wrote about. It was in the late spring 1972 – at “The Hole” a wooded area across from LTHS South (is now Town Homes). Anyway the murdered boy’s name was Alan Fredian and he was a Freshman at LTHS. His family attended the same church we did. According to the papers he was found with his head smashed in by a slab of concrete and buried alive. He was supposedly found (at The Hole) by a friend of his who went looking for him at night when he went missing. I remember another LTHS boy was accused of doing it – Karl was his name. This may sound strange but I remember the papers saying that Fredian was going to blow up part of the school and he was buying explosives from Karl – he went to meet him at The Hole and Karl allegedly either dropped a chunk of concrete from up in a tree or he hit Fredian with it. Then he allegedly buried him in a shallow grave. The friend that found him supposedly tripped over his foot sticking up out of the Ground. In the end Karl had a Bench Trial and was acquitted on no witnesses and lack of evidence. Rumor was that Karl had a friend help him burn his bloody clothes in Waiola Park In La Grange which explains why there was no evidence. This creeped me out for years living so close to the Hole – the place scared the hell out me after that. Someone got away with murder.

    • My sister was in Alan’s class in Junior High and High School. I was two years older. Alan was murdered the night of the Homecoming dance so it would have been in the Fall of 1971.

      The hole was a wooded area, directly across the street from South Campus, used as a cut through for many of us living east of the school. Hundreds of students and supervisors were within shouting distance that night, always wondered why no one else witnessed anything. They totally cleared the area after the murder.

  89. I grew up iin Minneapolis in the 80’s and had a friend by the name of Michelle Kunutz, not sure if thats the correct spelling of her last name. Anyway, she was murdered I think in 1987 and I can’t find anything on the case. Is it possible that you could find something?

  90. We are seeking investigative journalists to assist in exposing the need for federal investigation of the numerous murders, false charges, missing evidence/documents, and suspicious activities by authorities in Preble County, OH. Currently there is a documentary that has been made about one of the cases there, and at least 2 books being written.

  91. In the mid or late 80’s a man named Ray killed his wife and two children with a crowbar, then put plastic bags over their heads, then went for gasoline and set the house on fire. I believe he was convicted and is serving life sentences. Supposedly depressed over losing his job at a bank and / or caught embezzling. He lived on the south side of Chicago. The son’s name was Tad or Ted. I cannot find any story. Any help? Names? When it happened?

  92. In 1985-86, near Pascagoula, MS, a log truck driver stopped and kidnapped and murdered a young lady. He kidnapped her in front of a lady sitting on her front porch. Her dad or husband found her body. He did recieve death, but I haven’t been able to find out if he paid with his life for this most brutal murder. If any knows what happened to this jerk, please let me know. I have emailed the local paper, but no one there remembers or cares.

    • This is the case you are looking for – Paul Woodward was executed on May 19, 2010. Around noon on July 23, 1986, Rhonda Crane, age twenty-four, was traveling on Mississippi Highway 29 south of New Augusta in Perry County, Mississippi to join her parents on a camping trip. Paul Everette Woodward driving a white log truck forced her car to stop in the middle of the road. He then exited the truck with a pistol in his hand and forced Rhonda to get into his truck. Woodward then drove the victim to an isolated area, forced her out of his truck and into the woods at gunpoint and forced her to have sexual relations with him. Rhonda Crane was shot in the back of her head and died. Rhonda’s automobile was left on the highway with the engine running, the driver’s door open and her purse on the car seat. A motorist traveling in a vehicle on the same highway saw a white colored, unloaded, logging truck moving away from the victim’s vehicle, and notified the authorities. Additionally, a housewife residing on a bluff along the highway at the location of the car noted a logging truck with a white cab stop in front of her driveway. A white male exited and walked toward the back of his truck and returned with a blonde haired woman wearing yellow clothing. As he held her by her arm, the male yelled sufficiently loud for the housewife to hear the words “get in, get in,” and forced the blonde woman into the driver’s door of the truck and then drove off. The housewife investigated the scene on the highway in front of her house, discovered the abandoned car, and notified the authorities. Law enforcement officers began an investigation to locate Rhonda Crane. The officers discovered that Paul Everette Woodward unloaded logs at a pulp mill and departed the yard at 11:36 a.m. in a white Mack log truck. Woodward arrived at his wood yard at approximately 12:45 to 1:00 p.m. The yard manager noted that he was late arriving at the yard and was wet from sweating. A drive from the mill to the wood yard takes approximately thirty minutes. A sheriff’s deputy stopped Woodward, who was driving a white Mack logging truck, around 2:00 p.m. on the afternoon of July 23, to ask if he had seen anything that would assist in the investigation of Rhonda Crane’s disappearance. Woodward replied that he had not seen anything. Through the investigation, it was ascertained that Woodward was the only driver of a white logging truck operating at the nearby timber yards on that date. On the following day, Rhonda Crane’s body was located in the nearby wooded area by her father and a friend. Woodward was arrested, and ultimately he made both written and videotaped confessions. Woodward also confessed to his employer over the telephone. Woodward was charged with kidnapping, oral sexual battery, and capital murder with an underlying crime of rape. He was tried before a jury and convicted of all counts. In a separate sentencing hearing, the jury sentenced Woodward to death for the capital murder conviction. He was also sentenced to two thirty-year sentences on the kidnapping and oral sexual battery charges, to run consecutively.

  93. either heard convo about this,or too close too comfort knowing this, ANYONE ELSE RECALL ANYTHING about 16 year old headen too babysit yet never made it there never made it home.location possibly
    conroe tx/cutnshoot/clevland tx/houston tx.

  94. 4got the years no later then 1986 not be 4 1977


  96. mylifeofcrime,
    I saw a case you had up here on the Woodchip murder by cant get back to it. Could you post the link here for me.
    The murder of Helle Crafts.

  97. Thank you.. We are learning (in biological evidence class) about cases of murder prosecutions without a body.

  98. Amy,
    Have you been to this blog:

    NoBodyBlog? He has done alot of research in this area.
    If you need more cases, I know of several examples and can send you some probably tomorrow.

  99. mylifeofcrime,
    No I havent but I will check it out. Thank-you and yes that would be great.

  100. mylifeofcrime,
    Jenna Nielson, I found this video you might want to see. Jenna’s father is up here and they have two “persons of interest the police department is looking for.

  101. Glenda-Lancaster, OH I remember a horrible crime like this I believe the victim’s father was a banker in Carroll=is this the same case? Was it solved?

  102. mylifeofcrime,
    I dont know if you have done anything on Domestic Violence but I thought I would send you a link to a case that happened in North Carolina in 1996. Anitra Allen Coburn died at the hands of her estranged boyfriend.
    They started a coalition against Dometic Violence after her death occured.
    Here is some links in case you are intersted

    Here is link with the names of people in the United States that died because of domestic violence.

    Here is a link from the news that covered the situation. Her boyfriend held her hostage.

    This link has a video of the news talking to the hostage Negotiator.

    Here is the link to a picture of him in prison

    He didnt always look like this. He face is damaged from the attempt to commit suicide.

    Here is the link I forgot to put in.

  104. I am looking ofr information on the murder of my dear friend Kimberly McFarland on September 15, 1991 or 1992 in Redford, Michigan. She was working the late night shift at a Shell gas station when she was stabbed to death. It was suspected that her boyfriend was involved but after the funeral I know the case went cold. Can anyone tell me if it was solved? This has been bothering me for years.

  105. Amy,

    I usually focus on Domestic Violence during Oct. which is National Domestic Violence Awareness month. However, I will try to post on that case this coming weekend.

  106. mylifeofcrime,
    if you can hold off on it, I can get you a picture of Anitra while I am up in North Carolina this week. I talked to her best friend and she said she has lots of pictures of her. I need you email address though. I thought I had saved it to my address book butI didnt.

  107. Amy,

    I will wait. Forgot when I posted that it was the Harry Potter weekend anyway! I will be reading this weekend…

  108. I have to get that book. Actually I need to get the whole series. I have only watched the movies.

  109. I am curious about a murder that occured in Suffolk County, NY in September of 1966, her name was Irene Brandt, she worked in a bank, she quit and it was discovered shortly thereafter she had embezzeled some money. She ended up beaten to death, and discovered in a laundry sump. Someone named Julius Klein was a person of interest. I have the original article I found on the front page of a paper a friend found in his grandmother’s house. This girl has been “haunting” me since I read about her. It is so sad to me when someone’s life is terminated at such a young age. She was twenty. Anyone know of her or remember? Thank you.

    • Are you still looking for any information regarding Irene Brandt. Yes she did work as a teller in a local bank, and she also was a “cage Dancer” at the Shoreham in Sayville. She was said to have embezzeled the sum of $25,000.00 which was conscidered a great deal of money at that time. It was said that she was acting in the advise of her then boyfriend etc., etc., Julie Klein. Her body was found in the sump of the Blue Point Laundry. A guy named Ruther, or Ruether was arrested for the crime, and after some sort of deal cheesed out Klein. That was many years ago

    • My mother and stepfather were friends of Julie Klein. He did in fact Kill that girl after she embezzled the money for him. Julie told her he would leave his wife for her if she got the money. She was so young she believed him. Of course he didn’t leave his wife and she threatened to tell his wife of their affair so he killed her and dumped the body, I thought, in the Hamptons. Shortly after his arrest his wife was at my house whispering with my stepfather Silvio. Next thing I know the club the Klein’s owned called the Left Bank on Montauk Hwy in Lindenhurst or Copaigue burned to the ground. It was my understanding at the time it was to hide evidence from the police. However, I was just 17-18 then and now believe it was for the insurance money to pay for his defense. No one ever knew she ordered the arson.

    • I have posted on Irene’s murder. I could not find much information, but posted what I could. Julius Klein was released from prison a few years ago. He may still be alive, but he would be quite old now.

      • I just thought this morning to look again online for Irene and information, thank you so much Bonnie, and I left a comment on the Irene Brandt site as well. And to all the others who have left their comments on this sad case, thank you very much. I had also mentioned her to a man from that area on the 30th anniversary of her death. He said she had also danced at a club called the Doll House, in Patchogue. I didn’t press for any more details, I have a feeling he was floored that I even knew of her. Thank you again!

  110. I have been interested in the “Memphis 3” murder case, (3 small boys were murdered back in the 90’s,I believe it happened in the state of Arkansas) and 3 teenage boys were convicted. However, after watching the documentary on it, it seems as though the step-father of the one little boy who was murdered possibly did the murders. The last I heard there was a group of people who were trying to help re-open the case, because it does seem obvious that there is good reason to look at the stepfather of the one little boy. Has anyone heard anything new on this case? The one young teenager that was convicted and sentenced to death, is named Damien Echoes (I think). Anyway, it appeared that the police in this small town werent interested in reopening the case~~!(God forbid they may have convicted the wrong persons) I know Damien was on death row, and if infact he is innocent, I get sick thinking HE may be “murdered” by the state, and the real murderer is getting away with it………I think your site is facinating, and is great that you do all this work, helping people, keep up the great work, and God bless!

  111. I also rembember the Tina Andrews murder in 1969. She was a classmate of mine. If you need further info post again.

  112. Linda,

    I too am interested in the West Memphis 3. I have been from the beginning. I was on the old mailing list from way back. I will be posting on it soon, including the DNA results, but I need to do some more reading on it again.

    The victims are Stevie Branch, Christopher Byer, and Michael Moore.

    There are 3 defendants: Damien Echols (who is still on death row), Jason Baldwin and Jessie Miskelley.

    This is a complicated case with everyone having an opinion and feelings are very strong about it.

  113. My dear friend Ericha Lynn von Hoken was murdered 12 years ago today. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her. Now, I must confront the upcoming parole hearing for one of her killers in October. Please pray with me, that he is not released back into the Wisconsin community. Thank you.


  114. Emily,

    Thank you for posting your comment. I am very sorry about Ericha. If you look at my blog on the left, you will see that I had already posted on this for Today in Crime History. I have planned to make a regular post on this too. Is the parole hearing for Matthew or Benjamin? I could not find a picture of any of them. I would love to post one of Ericha, if you have one you are willing to share.

    Email me off of here at


  115. I know this sounds crazy, but I feel confident someone I recently met has commited an assault or pobbibly murder. Probably in Chicago. Near New York Township. He lived there untill 1999. It would have been years before. Can someone give me info on unsolved murders? It would not have been a planned murder, most likely. thanks for all you do.

  116. If you go to Unsolved Mysteries website there may be a contact number there where you can call and give anonymous tips or even America’s Most Wanted at Anything is worth a try.

  117. I had looked up my former high school on and had found that in 1983 the body of a Niles West High School (Skokie, IL) student had been found in the nearby forest preserves and that the killer had never been found. I tried to research this but could not find any leads. If anyone has any information regarding this, it would be greatly appreciated. I am very curious as to how this went cold/if it ever even occured in the first place.

    This murderer was released and is living in Indianapolis!

  119. Yes, he was released in 2003. Here is where he is living:

    940 E 40TH ST
    INDIANAPOLIS IN 46205 46205

    That was sure a long 45 years huh?

  120. He served 14! Donna is still dead and her daughter still is motherless. He has paid a whopping $15 toward the court ordered funeral expenses. Thanks for the address, much appreciated.

  121. Breezy,

    I will be doing a post on her too. This is so sad. I do not feel that justice has been served.

  122. Thanks so much. If I can help email me.

  123. Linda,
    Here is a site for the West Memphis Three that I believe Damian Echols’ wife keeps updated. It’s full of info and also tells you ways that you can contribute in trying to free them. It’s an excellent site.

  124. In 1973 or 74 two of my friends were murdered. Tracy Richards and Crystal Kluckner. Crystals dad and brother Tony were also killed. This took place in Romeoville IL. I can’t find any information on this. I know the killer was convicted but would like to know if he is still in jail. Don’t know his name.

    • I lived in romeoville and was friends with krystal. We moved about a year before this happened. The last time I saw her was at the fair they had every year. I wrote my cousin who still lived there and asked her to give krystal my address and to have her write to me. What a shock when she wrote back and told me what happened. My grandmother would not let me spend the night with anyone after this, The man who murdered Krystal and her family was Paul Lenea. I searched for him in the Illinios Department of Corrections and he was not there. He must have gotton out. On Tuesday March 12, 1974 Paul Frederick Lenea was convicted of four counts of murder and one count of aggravated battery. These were referred to as the hammer slayings since Robert, Anthony, Krystal Kloeckner and Tracy Richards were bludgeon to death with a hammer. Krystal and Tracy also had their throats cut. The mother Patsy escaped to a neighbors house and police were contacted. Angela and Ricky Kloeckner were spending the night with their grandparents.

      • I’m married to the youngest son Rick. 🙂 Fred died in jail some years back. Angel and her husband live in Savannah, GA and Rick lives in AZ. Patsy just recently passed in Florida in November 2009.

        • Where was Krystal laid to rest? I will be visiting family in Chicago at the end of the month and would like to go pay my respects. I am sorry that Rick has now also lost his mother.

          • hello I am Curt Hill Tracy’s brother. Bob Tony & krystal are at reserection cemetary in Romeoville. I havent been there in years, If I remember you go straight in to the second road right about 200 feet on your left just past a large bank of bushes. I would like to talk to Rick have him contact me through Garisanne.

      • i thank you for this. my name is dawn. i was also a friend of krystal’s i was four years younger than krystal. she use to live next door to my grandmother and grandfather. she use to play with me. whenever i would swear she would always tell me she would take a bar of soap and make me eat it. i didn’t find out until later that she was murdered. i was about eight when it happened. i found out from neighbors about four years later. i miss her very much.

      • I was a freind of Krystal’s. We were in a ballet class at the time. I found out later that my brother was at a party next door to the house and heard the screams but didn’t realize what they were. You know party’s in that day. I have been trying to find newspaper articles and have only come up with a few. I can’t forget seeing the bloody chair sitting out by the curb to be picked up by the garbage man. This had a huge impact on my life and sometimes it doesn’t feel like it is real. If anyone knows of any more articles on the subject I would appreciate itl.

        • This is crazy. I had a slow day at work yesterday, and for some reason starting thinking about the time I lived in Romeoville. We moved to Florida in 1973, but right before we moved, I had asked about the house a couple doors down from my grandfather’s on Montrose Dr and why it was boarded up like that. I remember being told what happened. I was only six years old at the time. I felt compelled to research this yesterday. This seems to have had a huge impact on my life too. What was it about yesterday anyway?

          • Also does any of you know what the motive was? I thought they were like family friends.

          • Princess, there was no motive that I know of. There was no reason for the actions taken on that day. Fact is we will never know.

        • im angels son i had to live in that house after that with my gma the murders happened 6 years before i was born and still fucked fucked up my whole life .u pepole think it impacted u,this world is lucky my grandma was the woman she was otherwise me and my uncle would already have mass murdered half the country.the only thing stopping us is her.i hope nun of you ever have to feel what the last of us have felt.

          • Tim, I am so sorry for what you had to go thru. I think living romeoville was enough to have major issues in life but I have an inkling of what your family must have gone thru.

            I hope that you can get some help, therapy counseling etc. That is how I got out of it all.

            Good Luck

        • They were friends many years back. If my memory serves me right Robert and Paul served in the military together. That is how the relationship started as best I can figure. They were both interested in Patsy. How they met Patsy I do not know. As we know, Robert ended up with Patsy. From what I read there seemed to be some tension between the two men over Patsy. It is my opinion from researching this crime that the motive was jealousy. It has been a few years since I researched this crime. There is no intent on my part to alter or impart judgement. There seems to be some anger still evolving from this crime so henceforth I do not mean to offend anyone.

          • I was just trying to get a clear picture about it because my understanding of why they were all in the same house was because they had come back from a wedding that day that they all attended and Paul was staying overnight with the family. Then at some point he did all this and then just sat in the house waiting for the police. Just seems kind of extreme to kill a family over some jealousy. Not saying that wasn’t part of it. Just wondered if he made any comment or if it came up in trial if and what kind of motive he had. There has to be trial documents somewhere I am assuming but dont’ know where I would find. them. Jim, did you know them personally? Just curious.

          • No, I did not know any of the family but Tracy is my half-sister. I did not know her that well. Unfortunately the opportunity was taken away from my brothers and I. Tracy, along with my brothers did spend time together on a few occasions. There is much I do not know about the relationship between Robert and Paul before the tragedy. I ask that you remember that it is my opinion when I surmise. My only reference are police reports and background reports. Having said that, jealousy comes in many forms. Some people never forget the past. We are talking about a man with no regard for human life as his past record shows. To me it is the old adage of ” a leopard never changes his spots.” His record proves this. I can have my opinion but the hard core fact is that we will never know why he decided to act upon whatever emotion or belief he had at that moment. There are an infinite numbers of tragedy with “why?” involved. I wish I knew myself for I cannot comprehend it. Sometimes I question my own opinions but for now it is my belief at this point in my life it was jealousy. The one factor that throws me is the alcohol. Drunk people do stupid things. How many people do we know who change when they drink? How many times when old friends get together and drink they sometimes fight or disagree on the present or the past. Just thinking out loud. I wonder sometimes why did he just sit there after the crime. Was he satisfied that he evened an old score or did he just not give a damn because of his past criminal behaviors. Once again you arrive at that question of why.

          • Don’t mean to bring up any bad stuff. Just always bothered me. Seemed so senseless. I remember sitting outside the house a few days later and they left a bloody chair out in front of the house and they had the doors open so you could see everything inside. Just made a huge impact on me. Hard to take in. I didn’t know Tracy well, but was friends with Krystal. I am sorry you never got the chance to know Tracy better.

      • my moms name is angel not angela and im her son tim,paul died in prison before i could get a trasfer to kill him myself in 2002 and my grandma patsy died in fl.of stage 4 cancer 2 years ago today.shes back with the rest of my live in georgia ,i live close to joliet and uncle rick lives in arizona

        • I was friends with Krystal and Tracy, I think of them often. I’m sorry for the way things are for you Tim…my heart goes out to you I’ve often wondered WHY? I can’t imagine what you’ve been through.

      • Yes was a sad day in Romeoville that year 1973. I remember well as I was a paperboy and the headlines in the Chicago Suntimes read “Family of Four Slain in Romeoville” I don’t live in Romeoville anymore but still call it the place where I grew up. Tony(Anthony) was a classmate of mine. Was a good kid. A lot has changed in Romeoville since then but I will always call Romeoville my home. RIP Tony.

    • I wondered if any of you had any information about the murders that happened at the other end of Montrose drive near where I lived. The guys last name was Mann. He killed the lady across the street from him. Anyone know where I can find out more about this. This isn’t for curiosity sake. I am working thru some things in my life and I am needed some spaces filled in.

      There was also a murder I witness when i was a child on the road running alongside West View Jr. High. A man and woman in the car in front of us, she tried to get out of the car and run, he shot her, she fell in the grass in the yard and then he shot himself.

      I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks

  125. My brother-in-law David Weldon was murdered in Knoxville, TN on or about September 1, 2005. Delana Ann LaRue was arrested two months after and she plead guilty last Monday to manslaughter. How can I found out details of this case? Because this was not high profile no one cares. We have heard various rumors and would like to find some details to provide some sense of closure.


  126. My great aunt was skinned alive, I am not sure of her name, but it happened in either Ohio or Florida. have you seen anything about this? It was a long time ago, at least 30 years ago.
    Also, here’s an update on Jessie Davis

  127. Back on July 3rd I posted a request for any information regarding a murder in Cheboygan, Mi. …1980’s, Mrs. Crowley…robbery, murder…solved??? Does anyone have any information that will help me?? Thank You.

    • She was killed by some punk with a shotgun during a robbery at her party store. He was caught and is still in prison I believe. She was a sweet german lady.

  128. I lived in SE Houston in the early 70’s. There were 3 girls I remember knowing that were murdered in that time frame.
    Joanne Knighten or Nighten
    Rose Baker
    and I forgot the other girl I think Kimberly something? Anyway, as I grew older I always wondered if there was a serial killer active at that time or if it was someone we all knew? I don’t think anyone every found thier killers. Do you know anything about this?

  129. I went to Bangor High School with Terry Wilson and Carl Johnson (Graduated 1976). Terry Wilson was the Bicentenniel Queen that year & very popular. Carl Johnson was a basketball player and an excellent athlete. I knew his girlfriend that came to me with a black eye & bruises from him. She is white & he is black. I only mention this because she claimed he was very angry because he felt he did not get the same opportunities & respect that the white athletes did. She felt he took it out on her in violent rages. I begged her to leave him before he killed her (my exact words)! A few years after that he became a suspect only after some “mysterious mexicans/migrants” were initially suspected. Later, police reported founding him/Carl on his bed at home with her blood on his clothes & sheets soon after Terry’s murder. That summer I worked in a blueberry shed with another high school classmate who dated one of the Abbott brothers (Bangor High classmates also). She claimed the brothers heard a women screaming that night on a backroad, stopped their pickup, and seen Carl approaching them repeating that he had f**d up over & over, insisting they leave — which they did. According to her, the brothers did not know what happened. One of the younger brothers had a nervous breakdown that year, another that my friend, Sidona Manspeaker (now Hunsberger) had dated, by then he was fighting alcoholism and left state to stay away from bad influences. My brother, John Eaton, was in jail for parking tickets, knew Carl, & said Carl had found God. As I recall this was the story reported, Terry Wilson was reported as celebrating with classmates including Carl at a local bar. She needed a ride home & received one from Carl. He killed her, raped her dead body, then tried to pour gasoline on some rags or clothes which he stuffed in the tailpipe of his car, and tried to ignite it/burn the evidence & Terry’s corpse. Carl’s parents got the NAACP and Terry’s parents (according to another classmate) left the state. Weird part of it is my best friend, Sidona and I were talking on the phone the night of the incident & I noticed what I called a “blood red” moon that night which we felt was some kind of bad sign (remember we were young teenagers & very idealistic). Bangor keeps alot of secrets, especially when drugs started becoming an issue in our small town in the early seventies, as well as race riots from people who moved in from Chicago who thought we were dumb hicks & they were street tough. School was put on lock down for a couple of years due to the racial tension & the KKK rolled into town (I know I answered our home phone a couple of times just to have them identify themselves to me). This is what I know from a very clear memory of a horrible scandal that rocked our small town. I left Bangor as soon as I graduated in 1976. For the record, I never believed the story of the “mysterious Mexicans”, but can’t figure out why it took so long to tell about Carl being on the bloody sheets & with bloody clothes which convicted him. I do know that he was violently angry towards his white girlfriend for racial reasons/hatreds & Bangor was in the throes of racial tensions. Sounds like the Abbott brothers may hold the key to what really happened that night!


  131. I just wanted to let the person or persons doing this site that this site is very informing and very will done. Thank you for giving us something to read and learn about things that is not just a bunch of b.s.

  132. hi… i had found a piece of paper with the name ‘shannon melendi’ on it where i had written it down about 6 months ago… i was watching a court-tv show on her, and i freaked out because when they show a video of her over a birthday cake i had to do a double-take! she looked JUST like me when i was her age in that! also, the thing that we shared was the name, shannon, and we both lived in georgia. so i was just a little weirded out. anyway, i decided to finally look it up and came across your site… i have to say that it is nice to see something so organized, but at the same time all of this information in one place saddens me… it just reminds me of how many people are taking out their problems and angst on innocent victims… one that i am curious to find out information on was a murder of one of my dad’s lady friends back around the late 1980’s. my dad played on a softball team (called the Scattered Showers) in tennessee with her husband. her name was Martha Wyatt, and my guess is that she lived in nashville. all i know about the case was that she was a social worker or something and went to visit one of her clients at a residence that may have been in a shady part of town. apparently, the client was not home. the client’s boyfriend was there and said that she would be back shortly and asked Martha to come in. he bound her, raped her and then murdered her. she was found in a weighted-down bag of some sort in a river in nashville, tennessee. i was only 14 or so, and i hadn’t seen her in ages. it was really sad, though. i am told that Martha had a heart of gold. i have wanted to read about what really happened (because everything i have typed here was just kind of passed along to me), and i can’t find anything on the internet about it. do you know how i might find out how her murderer was brought to justice? thanks a bunch for taking the time and effort to read this!!! 🙂 to all of those who have lost their loved ones to murder, i send lots of love your way.

  133. please help, i’m writing a prisoner in usp florence, his # is 27177-008 name; bret allen hudson; dob 07/08/1959 he says he’s in there for unarmed bank robbery, but he’s in usp high & i’m trying to see if you can find out excatly what his record is. please e-mail me if u find out anything. thank you very much, rita

    note from blog owner
    He is in federal prison for bank robbery. He was designated a career criminal since he already had 2 prior offenses of what is calll “crimes of violence”. I have emailed you a copy of his appeal.

  134. looking for victims of avedis ralph seaward alias artie archie seward trucker . serial rapist -murderer 1970s- 1981. also looking for info on a blond haired girl with him in franklin ohio oct 6 1981 that was deceased

  135. I was wondering what happened in the case of the Mexican family murdered off the Florida highway in the summer of 2006. It was the murder where the mother was huddled over the boys protecting them but they still died. The father was also shot a few feet away. Where do you find you information? Is there anything that you would recommend I do so that I can check-up on these major crimes at a later time. So many times these major murders make headlines and then you never hear anything about them again. It is really bothersome. Thank you.

  136. Stephanie,

    I know that there was an arrest of like 4 people in this case but I have not heard anything lately. I will check on this and try to get it updated this week. Thanks for bringing this one up. It was so sad.

  137. Survivor,

    All I could find on him was that he is in prison on a plea bargain and had a parole rehearing a couple of years. He is still in prison however. You said he was a murderer? Do you have any more info? Can you email me off of here?

  138. A friend of ours worked as a cook in a restaurant. His nickname was Fritz and his name was fortunato Primiano (sp?) He kept a side of his life hidden to all, he was gay. Fritz engaged in dangerous sexual practices and picked up strangers frequently. He would bring them to his apartment. One night he picked up the wrong person. He was beaten and killed, then the murderer stole his car. It was later found and the criminal (s?) caught. I never found out what happened from there and still wonder. This was in the Buffalo, NY area in a suburb named Cheektowaga. Any clues how I can find out what happened to the murderer?

  139. Yes how

  140. Hello, I am still looking for information concerning the 20 year old Irene Brandt, murdered in Suffolk County at the end of September, 1966. The article in an earlier post and inquiry about her was printed three years after the murder, and a Julius Klein was a suspect, or determined to be the murderer. Miss Brandt worked in a bank and also at some time worked as a go go dancer, in the Doll House in Patchogue(?) Would anyone here have known her?

  141. Everyone who reads this blog,,,
    Please join the Yahoo Cold Cases group

    we discuss this type of thing there see ya all there 🙂

  142. what is the address to the message board for this site?

  143. If is anyone is interested in the Virginia Tech killings I do know a little about it because my younger sister was best friends with one of the students killed and my Dad was friends with one of the Proffessors killed. My younger sister also was there during that whole thing and works on campus in the place that they were housing all the family members.

  144. Justice for Kenneth Conrick!!
    I love you Kenneth..

  145. On May 18, 1980 I lived in Yakima, WA. when Mount St. Helens blew. Sometime shortly after that we drove from Yakima to Ellensburg one night. We picked up two girls who were hitchhiking to Alaska. I rode through the Ellensburg Canyon in the back of the pickup with one of the girls. It was really cold and she put on a ski hat and ski gloves. She wore granny glasses and I think she had light brown hair parted down the middle. The other girl rode in the cab of the pickup with my husband.

    The girl I was with told me about wanting to get back to her family in Alaska and how much she missed them. We dropped them off under the dark overpass that you come to when you arrive in Ellensburg. We offered to take them into town. But they kept saying no, they would be okay. I worried about leaving them there.

    A few days later their bodies were discovered in the Mt. St. Helens ash at Moses Lake. Moses Lake is to the east of Ellensburg. Somebody picked the girls up and killed them, then dumped their bodies in a pile of ash.

    Sometime later I saw the photo of the girl I had talked to in our town newspaper. She was wearing the granny glasses. Same hair. I knew it was her. This was an ad asking for information about the girls. I think it was from her family in Alaska.

    I went to the Yakima police and told them where we had dropped them off. The detective I talked to seemed very casual about it and didn’t question me very much. He said they would get back if they needed anything. I said, “what about this? You know where we dropped them off now.” He said it didn’t do much good because anyone could have picked them up. I never heard from them again.

    That has always bothered me. I have wished so much that we had insisted on buying them dinner. It has made me feel terrible all these years. I have no idea if the killer was ever found. I felt really bad for the girls parents and families.

    Can you tell me if this case was ever solved?

    Thank you.


  146. I just want to make clear those girls insisted on getting out there because it was the best place to get a ride up North. We did offer to take them into town, which was only a few blocks up the street. But they said no and we had to get to the college before it closed for the night.

  147. I was wondering if you have see any updates on Christopher Barrios? This case has haunted me for a year and I’m just curious what has happened or is happening to the monsters who took him away.

  148. I have vague information about a case. In the 1940’s my great great grandmother Bess Seigler or Lankford was murdered in NY. She was buried in Potter’s Field. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I would go about finding more information? I have been unable to locate a death record or news articles about her.

  149. I was thinking about my old friend ,Roger Myers after reading an artical in the Aurora Beacon News on 01-20-2008 about murdered young women. I searched his name on the internet and was directed to this website . I was suprised to see info on him. I attended Indian Plains grade school in Eola Illinois(between aurora and naperville) in the 70’s and was friends with Roger Myers in the fourth grade. He had moved away before 5th grade and untill now I did not know where he moved to. I to, can’t belive that one of his murderers is now out of prison. If any one knows Rogers family, I would like to hear from them. I still live in the same area. Thanks for the info that was provided, I rememboring it happening just as Carrie and R. White has written, although I did not know of any gang affiliation by his brother. Thank you for proving the information that I have read and I will be checking back soon to see if there is any more.

  150. I am also looking for information on Crystal Kluckner, Crystal was a good friend of mine and Tony (Butchy)Played music in my brothers band. I can find no information on this case.

  151. very good site congratulations!

  152. I am trying to reach Jessica who wanted information about the unsolved murder of her grandfather, William Montgomery. She posted on this web site January 24, 2007 at 6:06 am. I am a Detective with the Indiana State Police, Sellersburg Post 812-246-5424

  153. I am interested/concerned about the Texas cold case of unidentified victim known only as orange socks. She was found on oct. 31, 1979. It is late I will try to get the doenetwork link in the morning. She was found in Georgetown, I believe she was found there. And she was discovered in a drain pipe the day she died. 20 to 28 yrs. old, hitchiker, tall, meduim build, decent teeth. Maybe from Oklahoma or stayed there in a hotel room. thanks nancy austin

    note from blog owner

    Are you talking about the victim that Henry Lee Lucas was convicted of her murder, but then Gov. Bush gave him clemency for it as it appeared that he might be innocent of this murder?

  154. IF anybody is missing a mother, an unidentified victim of homicide was found in New Castle, Delaware in the spring of 1977. She had given birth at least once. She had a lot of dental work and some dentures. Small build, short. Just check Delaware does 1977 doenetwork on orange socks check texas jane does oct. 1979.

  155. I came across this website throug a blog post in my local newspaper. This is an awesome site.

    I tried logging on to the Doenetwork earlier this week and was not able to log on – does anyone know if it is back up?

  156. Do you have anything more to date on Wenda Wright? She was a maid that was murdered in Titusville fl by , Margaret and Quintin Allen

  157. Sometime in the late 70’s (1976-1979), a fifteen year-old girl was convicted of killing her parents in Texas (Dallas or Ft. Worth). I would like to find some information about the case, but do not remember the names involved. Can you provide me with tips or links for finding this kind of info?

  158. Tish,
    I have information on Angela Samota’s case. Contact me

  159. Do you have a posting about the mysterious disappearance of
    Zebb Quinn? This is my friends brother

  160. Can you help me get in touch with the person who left this message?—“Johnna Says:
    December 2, 2006 at 1:36 pm
    I have been trying to find information on the murder of a girl I grew up next too. Her name was Brandy Swope. She was married when murdered and her husband was the prime suspect. Unfortunately I do not have her married name. We were raised in Liberty Missouri and I know the case was in Clay County Missouri but I am uncertain if she and her husband lived in Liberty or Kansas City city limits at the time of her death.” I tried the sucessful civil case, and I know that Brandy’s mother would appreciate hearing from Johnna. John Kurtz 816-467-1776

  161. To Tish from Dallas, I do have some information on the case you are talking about. Is there an email address to contact you?





  165. My husband has a cousin that was murdered in Washington D.C. I believe it was 1979. Her name was Mary Lazarou. I looked on the D.C. police web site and they didn’t have her name listed as a cold case. As far as I know they never solved her murder. Can anyone tell me how you would go about seeing if they have any update. Thank you

  166. To L.K.K.

    You can reach me at


  167. Great site you run here. I too am founder of a site which is dedicated to children who are victims of child murderers and child abusers. The Site is petitioning for hasher sentences for all child murderers and child abusers, making a mandatory sentence for the maximum sentence available in each state whether that is death or life without parole, but one thing for sure is that we need to stop releasing these animals back in to society. Please sign the petition.
    The site offers a memorial for all murdered children as well as unsolved murders and missing children. But one of the new features on this is an OFFENDER REGISTER for all released child offenders (physical child abusers and murderers) with there location and picture on there, so we can protect our children from the criminal justice sysytems inadaqueces.
    Please sign the petition on the and make these criminals spend the rest of there lives away from our children.

  168. Teri
    I went to your site.. You do a wonderful job. Thank you.

  169. […] abducted from a campsite in Moab, UT in … I am a student of police science and criminal psycology. repair saddlery english amp western how to tell crack cylinder wall what kind of […]

  170. A series of three rape/murders of women occurred in Houston, Texas in my neighborhood when I was a child. I believe the year would have been in the vicinity of 1961-1963. Two of the women were residents of Belmark Street, one of the women lived on another street. Our neighbor, Barbara Merritt, was one of the victims. Her husband’s name was George. She had two children, Beverly and John. I recall that one of the women was a flight attendant (called stewardesses back in those years). I know that the relative of another of our neighbors was accused of the murders, but I believe was subsequently acquitted on testimony that was questionable.

    My mother was a close friend of Barbara Merritt. I have memories of being in their home, and of playing with her daughter. I can find no information on these murders. After all these many years, it still bothers me that no one was ever brought to justice in these cases, and may have gone on to commit other crimes.

    Can anyone give me any ideas about where I might do further research? I have done many variables on internet searchs, and cannot come up with anything. Thanks.

  171. When I was about 5 or 6 I played with the little girl around the corner every day.Her cousins and I played jump rope.We used to have a local carnival near by every year, and one day she disapeared.Her name was Vernita Wheat.We found out later that her mother had let her go to the carnival with a man she didnt know well,( she had recently met him,Back then people where much more trusting)and she never returned.She was murdered by Alton Coleman.Who then went on a killing spree through Wisc/Illinois and I believe Indiana.I will never forget how that changed our community.We played easily outside back then all alone.When she dissapeared then we were kept inside.You could feel something was wrong,But i didnt really understand it till I was older.It really affects everyone in a comminuty when things like this happen..I will never forget how close we were to that situation.I also met Jefferey Dahmer at a Milwaukee hospital when I was treated for depression as a teen, they made all the people attend meetings and groups.How creepy is that?I guess you never know how close to home these things are..Its more common than not,and that is too bad.

  172. I am wondering if anyone has any information on the death of Bruce Whitesell in Preble County, Ohio. The obituary completely contradicts what I was told growing up, My grandmother is an honest woman, Preble County officials are quite corrupt, I was always told that the Sheriff’s office had something to do with his “murder”, his obituary says robbery attempt and I cannot find any other information on the incident

  173. To R. White re: LTHS murder

    To answer your question: The story I’ve heard from classmates of the murdered boy is as follows: It occurred in October of 1972. 15-year-old Alan Fredian and some of his friends had been at the Corral down the street. When the Hole was still wooded (now it’s a park) kids used to use it as a shortcut to/from school and as a place to smoke dope and drink. Supposedly, his best friend, 17-year-old Karl R., buried him alive.

    The LaGrange Police were accused of botching things. i’ve never been able to verify whether the accused boy was dealt with as a juvenile and thus turned loose when he turned 18, or whether he stood trial and was acquitted.

    if anybody knows the results of this case, please post.

  174. R. White and LT Grad,

    From what I just found, Alan J. Fredian was bludgeoned to death with a chunk of concrete and then buried on Oct. 17, 1971. He was the son of Alan Fedian, a professor at Loyola University. Karl was tried, but acquited in Aug. 1973. I believe he now lives in Waukegan, IL. The only thing I have found on him is:

    I will try to make a post on Alan this weekend.

  175. I live in petoskey, mi. I used to take care of this lady. Everyday she would tell me that her mother was murdered on her way to work. She said a man killed her with an axe and then threw her in the river. It happened in cheboygan, michigan in the 1940’s. Does anyone have any information?

  176. RE: Melissa Says:
    February 22, 2007 at 3:36 pm
    Any updates on Kaitlin Violette? This case seems to have disappeared. Last I heard they had the preliminary autopsy reports but wouldn’t release them until they were final. Anything?
    John will not stand trial for the murder of Katlin because a judge ruled that he was mentally insane. I have yet to find full autopsy reports.
    You can check out about the case at

  177. Ok guys this one is new for me and don’t know where to turn. It seems that I may be doing this backwards. I’m a 30 year old non practicing psychic that lives in arizona. This morning I had a vision of merit that is bothering me. It’s about the dissapearance of an african american man and his son probably in the 80’s i am pretty sure in michigan. Detroit is what I saw. The man was a college basketball player out of state. left the house when he was 23… anyway I have a lot of details about the murder of these two individuals and I am pulling nothing on the internet. Where would I go for help like this?

  178. Do you have any information about the Kluckner/Richards murder either in the late 60’s or early 70’s?

  179. To LT Grad, R White, mylife,

    Karl was, to my knowledge, was not acquitted but , rather, not indicted. The police “abused” a search warrent for the house and garage and took items that were not allowed into evidence during the grand jury procedings. There was a lot of trace evidence found, such as hair, that could not be identified at the time. I have always wondered why the LG PD has never reopened the case using DNA. Other points: Karl and Alan were the same age and class, so LT Grad is mistaken there, but they were best friends. Karl stayed in school but 2 other “best friends” moved shortly [I heard one became a preacher]. Many of us were questioned about the evening, but only 3 refused to provide samples or retained lawyers.

    • Your comment could not be more incorrect. The fact is that the prosecution phonied up a bunch of evidence. Regardless of this, the lawyer for the defense let them bring in any and all of it. Once they put out everything they had and rested their case, Judge Ryan dismissed the case with a directed verdict. No defense was needed because the prosecution had no case to begin with.

      State’s Attorney Bernard Carey had made a pile of promises while campaigning for his position. When it was time to make good on the promises they went after Karl simply as a scapegoat. The attorneys knew they would lose, but took the case with promises of future advancement. It was Chicago politics at its worst.

      There were two victims associated with this case. The first was Alan. The second was Karl. And here all you goofs are spouting hearsay, rumors, and vague memories on a web site that will keep doing damage 40 years later. You really should know better.

  180. Your Awesome!

  181. Well they killed my boyfrind in Savannah Ga on decemeber.29,2007 and they still have not done anything about it his name was Larry James Lee Jr. and i miss him very much

  182. I was wondering if you might be able to help me find information on two crimes. I was a child living in Northwest Arkansas in the 1980’s and I remember two separate cases and I have boon looking to obtain information on. The first concerns the murder of a young girl in a remote area of Northwest Arkansas. The young girl (I think between 3 and 6 years old was raped and bludgeoned to death with a nearby rock) I believe the murderer was apprehended. It would have happened before 1987.
    The second case involved the kidnapping of two teenagers and I believe I saw a representation on the series “Unsolved Mysteries.” There was a boy and Girl who were abducted and photographed in a white van with no windows. The photograph was found on the ground outside of a convenience store. I believe the victims names were Michael and Sarah and I do not believe they were related.

    I appreciate any help you could provide.
    Thanks, Jerry Chappell

  183. I am wondering if anyone has ever heard in the South Bend, IN area of police looking at a 20 year old cold case. I had a sister-in-law who was murdered while out walking her dog late one evening. She was 8 months pregnant. I had spoke with a cold case detective many years ago who basically contradicted some of the info we were given at the time of her murder. There has never been any discussion of relooking at any DNA evidence, at least none provided to our family but because we live out of state, I am just wondering if we are maybe unaware of any further investigation. Her mane was Miriam Rice.

    • I’m from South Bend and am familiar with the case. Very few internet mentions save for a Crime Stoppers series that ran a few years ago. What’s the latest on the case? Is it still being looked at by South Bend police?

  184. Started researching about the murders of Crystal Kluckner and Tracy Richards to better remember and relay the facts to my youngest son. I was a classmate to both and a close friend to Tracy. Tracy was attending an overnight birthday party for Crystal at Crystal’s house. As far as my memory recalls, Crystal’s mother escaped to a neighbors house for help. Crystal’s little brother and sister were spending the night a their grandparents house. The murder was a released convict from Florida whom was of friend of Crystal’s father. Both girls were attending Westview Junior High. We were in track B of A thru D on the 45/15 year round school year. They would have graduated in 1978. I would like assistance in finding out more details.

  185. The child that Franklin Delano Floyd had taken back in the late 70’s was not Jennifer Klein. She still remains unidentified. Franklin has been convicted of numerous crimes through out his life time and perhaps is responsible for ones we don’t even know about. If anybody has information on the identity of the little girl that was with Franklin Delano Floyd back in the late 70’s even if you think it was a little girl that was your neighbor please let me know. Thanks a bunch.

  186. I also knew Roger Myers from Westmont (although only remotely through mutual friends). He was murdered by drug dealers associated with his brother in 1978 or 1979 from what I recall. Roger was a couple years younger than I was. The family lived a few blocks away and it was a shocking story. I remember that the park where he was killed was Maple Grove Forest Preserve/Gilbert Park in Downers Grove. I remember this because I happened to be riding my bike through this park on the very same day and I heard the news when I got home.

    I seriously doubt that there was gang activity involved in this area, but drug trafficking was certainly commonplace.

  187. Hi all! My name is Sorcha and I absolutely love this blog. I run B.O.M Magazine and we are the paranormal and unusual interests. Our psychic community would greatly appreciate any cold case or unsolves stories that you may need help in. If you should need help with anything please contact me personally, because I may or know someone who may be able to help you in your search. Also if you need help on a personal level whether about a deceased loved one or so forth please contact me.
    I also have a network for those of you to easily post answrs or questions
    and listen out for our blogtalk radio: http://www.blogtalkradio/blackorchidsmanor

  188. We knew the Myers family. My sister Laurie was in his class at Miller School, Westmont, Il. I remember the police coming to our house asking questions. The Myers lived several houses down from us. My sister still has her class picture of him. I was 8 years old at the time and remember having nightmares that the kidnappers would return. The only name I remember from the news was on Channel 7, WLS tv and the name the gave was Jessie Garcia. I’ve often looked for Roger’s name on the internet and this is the first time I’ve come across this.

    Thanks for the posts.


  189. This is in response to the question about the Miriam Rice murder. I have been following this case for years. I posted the “missing person” flyers for Miriam.

    I have been trying to get the SB police to listen to me for years. This was not a stranger abduction. It was someone who knew her and knew her schedule. I thought for years it was her husband, Jeff. But he passed lie detector tests.

    I now believe that it was the girlfriend/co-worker of Jeff (who he later married) that abducted and killed Miriam. She knew their schedule, and she wanted Jeff to herself. But Miriam was pregnant.

    The SB police should bring in this woman for questioning and a lie detector. It wasn’t random. I truly believe this woman either killed Miriam or has the key.


  190. P.S. to Lisa re: Miriam Rice


    Feel free to contact me directly at I will fill in the blanks about your sister-in-law’s murder and the runaround I’ve gotten from the South Bend police.

    They know it wasn’t random. South Bend just is not a good place to get murdered.


  191. I am looking for information on the murder of TODD NOVAK in Florida about 5-6 years ago. He came home one night and someone was in his home waiting and shot him in the dark. The last I heard they have not found his killer. Would you have acess to the latest in this case?

  192. Hi, i just wanted to drop in and let you know that I really love reading your myspace page and also here on your blog. I was just wondering on what you do for a living? Or do you have a degree in Law Enforcement? I am a college graduate in Law Enforcement. I love to read true crime novels and blogs. I also love to do detective work on the side as well. I have used your blog for many of my writing term papers for college as information on “where” I got them from. Some of my teachers were amazed by some of my work, and where I had gotten it from. I showed them your blog recently and my one instructor was “AW” by it all. Needless to say he couldn’t stop reading your blog. In fact, I have a really hard time getting out of the blog myself and all those links you have. Keep up the GREAT work on it! Happy Holidays to you and your family!!

    note from blog owner


    Thank you very much! I wish I could do this for a living. If I did, I would be more up to date than I am now. I have an office job not related to crime in any way (but since my job is going to be outsourced now, I only have one for about 3 or 4 more months – so I am on the job trail like so many). I did go to school for Criminal Justice and Psychology. I have about a year to go, but due to money, it is not happening for a while.

    Again, thanks for your kind words! They made my day!

  193. In regard to the Miriam Rice murder, I have an idea.

    Someone needs to contact Mark Fuhrman. I don’t think he went wrong in the OJ trial. In fact, he’s a first class investigator.

    He might be willing to take on this case. He took on the murder that turned out to be one of the Kennedys. Of course that was high profile, and this is not.

    But Miriam’s murder is SO much like the Scott Peterson case. Fuhrman might be willing to take it on just for that parallel. And the fact that it SHOULD have been high profile, including a pregnant woman and an unborn child.

    It’s certainly worth asking him. And I would bet the farm that he could solve it in short time.


  194. P.S. on Mark Fuhrman. I’m sure he doesn’t come cheap.

    But you can barter with him. Give him full rights to the story if he can solve it. That’s really all you want, to have it solved and the killer exposed, and I think he could get it done.


  195. Does anyone have any updated information on Cathy Lynn Henderson? She is on death row in Texas for murdering a 3 month old. She was the babysitter. The last I heard, she was granted a new trial. That was in 2007 sometime.

  196. I think that you are doing a very great thing with this site. It’s helping get cases out there that might not otherwise.
    I’ve been fortunate enough so far not to lose anyone to a violent crime, and I feel such sorrow for those who do and I do pray for them all.
    I sort of have this facsination with cases like the ones you have on your page and I feel morbid when I watch documentarys on them or read about them, but the truth is I am just wondering how on earth that the perpatrators can commit these crimes. I can’t fathom why so much hurt and pain goes on in the world. But the truth is it does and this gives a voice to those who can’t speak any more.
    Bless all of you.


    My name is Lori Cumpston Harrison. I am a journalist covering the Roger Ellison case. Ellison, 17, disappeared from Cedaredge High School in Cedaredge, Colorado on February 10, 1981. After 28 years with few leads, the case has gone cold. I am trying to locate anyone who might have information that will help solve this case. Please come forward even if you think the information is insignificant. It could be the link that finally cracks the case. For more on the case, check out my blog at


    Lori Cumpston Harrison
    Grand Junction, Colorado

  198. For the latest on Canadian crime and criminals, check out

    New this week, internal parole records on Canada’s worst serial rapist:

  199. all of these stories are very sad, but I came on because of the story of Lisa Renee on FBI files on tv. Unfortunately, there are poeple who do not have any respect for human life.

  200. Hello. I was just watching an episode of Cold Case files on A&E and thought about my sister, Cathy Clay. She was murdered in 1989 or 1990 and I don’t know if the case was ever solved. She & I had different mothers and were not raised together which is why I don’t have a lot of details about her. I believe her murder took place in 1989 (possibly 1990). It was in California, most likely in the Long Beach/Orange County area. She was 26 years old. I could find out more details but would rather not drag my family into this. Does anyone know of any websites in California where I can search for more? My greatest fear is that because of my sister’s lifestyle (she had become a drug addict & start prostituting), no one cared enough to solve her case. If anyone has any information on how I can find out about the murder of Cathy Clay PLEASE let me know. I already done a basic google search and come up with nothing…Thanks.

  201. Good work! I have been working on a history of murder in Blair County, Pennsylvania, from 1846 to the present. For any one searching for information on any murder committed in Blair County, please fee free to visit the site, or to contribute information. The address is:

  202. My mother was born in Atlanta ga in 1945 her mother took her to Fla to work in the fields. It was said her mother left her with a lady and told her if she is not back in 3 days to take her home. I’m trying to find the biological family of my mother. Can someone please help? My mother’s name is Lillie Jean Barr at the present and she was 3 yrs old at the time of the incident. She is a African american the lady that took her was from GA.

  203. Does anyone have any info about a crossbow killing in Connecticut in the early 80’s? I think the victim was a correctional officer.

  204. In the 1980’s a young woman by the name of Janette Roberson was murdered in a pet store that she worked in in Reed City, Michigan and the case is yet to be solved. Many suspect cover up by police and other officials. Some say they know who the perpetraitor was, but have not or will not go forward to police with what they know. The family of this young lady have only gotten the runaround and little details to the crime. They would very much like closure and justice if at all possible. Can anyone help?

  205. They are featuring the Miriam Rice case on Crimestoppers this week. I hope something breaks with this case. When she was first missing and later when she was found murdered, her husband was never seen on TV. The rumor around town was that he was in the “witness protection program” and could not be pictured. Her family was in town at the time of the murder and appeared on Tv.

  206. I am taking criminal justice and I have to write a report about what items to look for at a crime scene if a woman was murdered in the back seat of a cab. Can anybody help me?


  207. I am looking for anyone with information regarding William “Billy” Luther Lunsford or his wife Anna Deneice Lunsford-Doremus from Henderson, Nevada in the 1960’s. Billy was born in NC and moved to Nevada sometime in the early to mid 50’s., and Anna was born and raised in Henderson, NV. Anyone knowing or crossing the paths in any manner of Billy’s brother Eulas Edward “Eddie” Lunsford (went by Edward), his first former wife Mary Alice Hullum-Lunsford-Stewart-Christie or their daughter, Judith Anne Lunsford-Bragg-Netski, please contact me at

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  208. This site is a source that is so positive and could very well lead to solving many cold cases.
    Thank you,

  209. I am not sure if anyone can help me, but I am going to take a chance anyway. I live in North Carolina and two years ago, my brother was found hanging in a garage. His death was ruled a suicide at the time. I didn’t feel as if it was right, so I started looking at some evidence. I found bruises on his body and conflicting statements from his girlfriend and the police department involved. There is a lot more evidence that points us in the direction of murder, but I cannot get anyone to look at the evidence that I have or even listen to me. His case has been closed since the day he was found. An autopsy was never done and I feel as though if he were to be exhumed, they would see he was killed before he was hung. I am looking for help on ways to get people to listen to me and help me on where to go next. I have battled the investigating police department, I have went to the FBI, the SBI, the county District Attorney, and even the Attorney general gor North Carolina, but have had no luck. If you can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Please Help!


  210. Trying to find out any information about a murder that happened in Houston Texas somewhere in the mid to late 1970’s. A teenage boy and girl were killed, and I think they were found in a park, or possibly near a park. I think maybe shot, and the boy was decapitated. I’m not sure if it happened in the Spring Branch ISD school district area, or maybe close to there. I never knew if this was ever solved (I was a teen back when this happened, and my parents tried to protect us from this news). I think the boys name was Bobby or Robert. Tried looking for old newspaper articles, possibly in the Houston Chronicle or the now gone Houston Post. Keep getting fee for use sites. Any info anyone can find on this would be helpful. I am haunted by this from my teen years.

  211. Response to question from Joann posted December 15, 2008 re: Todd Novak

    Your post caught my attention because I live in FL, however I am not familiar with the Todd Novak murder other than the little bit of reading/research I’ve done since seeing your post. I discovered that the FL Dept. of Law Enforcement (FDLE) website has this murder listed in the Unsolved Homicides area. A photo of a person of interest is posted and FDLE is requesting help in identifying this individual. There is also contact info for the Pasco County assigned to this case, so you may be able to obtain info there. Also, a 3/6/04 article in the Tampa Tribune indicated Novak was a drug informant and that his murder was likely related to that.

  212. To Tish re: May 28, 2007 posting regarding Angela Samota murder

    See 5/7/08 article posted on

    The Dallas County District Attorney’s office has charged Donald Bess for the alleged murder of Samota. Bess currently is serving a life sentence at a state prison for sexually assaulting a woman. DNA left at the Samota crime scene links him to the murder.

  213. To: Mandy regarding 8/22/09 post

    Per North Carolina General Statutes § 130A-390 Exhumations

    (a) In any case of death described in G.S. 130A 383 or 130A 384 where the body is buried without investigation by a medical examiner as to the cause and manner of death or where sufficient cause develops for further investigation after a body is buried as determined by a county medical examiner or the Chief Medical Examiner, the Chief Medical Examiner shall authorize an investigation and send a report of the investigation with recommendations to the appropriate district attorney. The district attorney may forward the report to the superior court judge and petition for disinterment. The judge may order that the body be exhumed and that an autopsy be performed by the Chief Medical Examiner. A report of the autopsy and other pathological studies shall be delivered to the judge. The cost of the exhumation, autopsy, transportation and disposition of the body shall be paid by the State. However, if the deceased is a resident of the county in which death or fatal injury occurred, that county shall pay the cost.
    (b) Any person may petition a judge of the superior court for an order of exhumation. Upon showing of sufficient cause, the judge may order the body exhumed. The cost incurred shall be assigned to the petitioner.
    (c) Without applying for a judicial exhumation order, the next of kin of a deceased person may have the remains exhumed, examined by the Chief Medical Examiner and redisposed. The cost shall be paid by the next of kin. (1983, c. 891, s. 2; 1991, c. 463, s. 3.)

    Per the above, my recommendation would be to make a plea to the Medical Examiner in the county where the death occurred. In the letter to the ME, objectively and unemotionally cite each of your reasons for suspecting homicide. Be sure to include contact info for yourself and other witnesses. Send the letter via certified mail. Seems worth a shot to me! Good luck.

  214. To Deb:

    Thank you so very much for the information! I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to do this. This will be a huge help. I can’t thank you enough!


  215. I attended Marshall Junior High school in Redford Twp. during the years of 1973-1976. There was a family last name of Bowman. The daughter’s name was Sandy Bowman. her older brother murdered his ex-girlfriend, her best friend. He hid the body for a while until his parents discovered it in their basement. The family moved away, & I am sure they had the records sealed, maybe even changed their names. Does anyone have any information about this case, and what ever happened.

    I am also trying to find out what happened to Buddy Ault? He attended Marshall Junior High, and she attended Pierce Jr. High in Redford Twp. & was dating Dawn Williams. Shortly after they broke up Buddy dissappeared, no one knows what happened to this story either. The years are the same. Buddy has a younger brother named Kevin. They supposedly own a gas station on Plymouth Road in Livoina, Mi.
    Any info. on either is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you very much.

  216. Mandy,

    You’re welcome. I’m so glad to be of help. Please feel free to contact me again if you need to. I’d be glad to conduct research for you or assist you in some way.

    The offer above applies to anyone else out there. Although I have left the workforce, when I was working my job required both extensive research skills and data analysis skills. In college I majored in both Criminology and Nursing, and these backgrounds contribute favorably to the research of crimes. My interest in researching crime is a hobby only, therefore I don’t charge a fee.

    Contact me at

  217. To Gretchen Loskutoff re Sept. 7, 2009 post

    In a Michigan newspaper I found a March 1974 article about a murder with the same set of circumstances you described, with the exception of the family’s last name. The last name of the victim/victim’s family was Shaffer. The victim was 14-year old Jennie Shaffer. She was killed by a 15-year old boy. I can email you the article if you’d like to have it.

    I’m continuing to research this case. The article mentions that Redford Township police were seeking a waiver so the courts would try the boy as an adult, however I do not know yet whether they were successful with this request.

  218. Deb, I cannot thank you enough! The name I gave is the killer’s last name. The victim’s name you have is exactly correct. The girl’s brother’s that did the heinous act was Bowman. They probably did not release any names due to them being minors. During the investigation, it was revealed the boy had previously tossed a basketball against the glass in the gymnasium, and a piece of glass embeeded itself into his head. They “claimed” in his defense he had incurred brain damage due to that incident. I think you stated you were a nurse, I, am too, however, I keep my license active, and am now an actor. But that is a little off, so I cannot thank you enough abt. this information, I have literally spent a few minutes each month, researching this case & wondering what happened to either family.
    PLEASE Continue any research, & if possible I am willing to look where you send me. I am so very appreciative. None of my classmates could or would talk about it. Since it affected our small Junior High school, it was really big news. It has always haunted me. Yes, any links to this case are very welcome.
    Thanks again, so much! Gretchen

  219. To: Gretchen Loskutoff


    If you’ll email me at
    I will send you the newspaper article. I am continuing to research this case but haven’t uncovered additional info yet.


  220. Hi, I came acrossed your site while trying to look up suicides in Orlando, Florida- back in 1990 thru possibly 94. I am in search of a guy name Mike that commited suicide in his apartment he shared with a girl name Cheryl Hughes. I would like to see the death information, I did not know him, but I became close with Cheryl Hughes and through her I learned that they were roommates and she came home one morning to find the phone ringing and when she answered it, it was 911 returning a call from the house. She went on to say that when she was talking to the dispatch she seen a note on a door in the house and it was a suicide not from her roomate MIKE. He had shot himself with her gun and dragged himself to the phone when he didnt die. She was investigated for possible murder in the begining from what she says and released and it was deemed a suicide. Though she has never said anything incriminating about this situation, she has been weird and shaddy about it. I would just like to read the information on his death for myself. I no longer speak to Cheryl Hughes, so I cant get his last name. My question is how do I look up suicides in this area for back then. It will have her name in it somewhere and that will tell me I have the right one?

  221. Re: Janette Roberson’s January 1983 murder in Reed City, Michigan

    Contact the State of Michigan / Office of the Attorney General / Attorney General Mike Cox to request that this cold case be re-opened. He created the Office of Special Investigations (see below) and the unit has had some success with cold cases.

    From the Michigan Attorney General website:

    Message from the Attorney General on Cold Cases
    “One of the biggest ideas that I’ve pursued has been the prosecution of cold cases. When I was sworn in as Attorney General, I created an Office of Special Investigations- a ‘cold case’ unit- to go through Michigan’s unsolved murders, and bring today’s perspectives and best practices to those cases. Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference. This was an idea that hadn’t been tested on this level before in Michigan, but having run the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Homicide Division, I knew it was an idea whose time had come. Quite simply, as you know, local police and prosecutors are limited in following up on cold cases – but my office stands ready to help. Murder has no statute of limitations, and in Michigan, justice will know no bounds.”

    –Attorney General Mike Cox
    Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police
    February 2, 2005

  222. Deb., my girlfriend in this matter still lives around The Buddy Ault listed as owner of the station, was their father, he passed away 5 years ago. She also found out that Buddy lives in Inkster, Mi. He is not married, which probably means the name Phyllis was either his mom or step mother. the brothers were very guarded abt. giving her any info. But when she explained who she & i were, they just said their brother is getting by, and they only see him once in a while….also Inkster is a very run down area, on the way to the largest airport hub. in Michigan, it is locate din Romulus.
    So the address or Inkster reference on Buddy’s records are where he currently resides…Sometime when I get back there her & i will probably go by his home to see him…Just wanted to give you a recent update. My girlfriend was there thursday of this past week..
    Still sad. But THANK YOU so much..Gretchen

  223. Hey Gretchen,

    Thanks for the update. So sad about Buddy. Your girlfriend and I exchanged emails, and I told her that I thought the sign on the station door might be the dad. Sorry this turned out to be the case because, had the sign been for Buddy, it would have been an indication that Buddy’s life was rocking happily along.
    I wish for Buddy’s sake that Phyllis had turned out to be his wife. Again, that would have been yet another indication that his life was rocking happily along. (FYI I don’t think Phyllis was his mother’s name, therefore she was probably another family member.)
    It saddens me to hear about the state of his life and his living conditions. Hopefully his brothers will pass on to him that you and your friend asked about him and care about his wellbeing. Please do go by and see him when you are back in MI — it may just make all the differnce to him!
    Take care of yourself.

  224. You too. I was so happy you were able to help. I have been trying to find any more articles in any of the local papers from our old neighborhood, re:Shaffer. But our 1 main paper we had was sold. So I proceeded to email them asking for the word yet. But hey it’s only been 30 + years, I can wait….
    I appreciate the time and care you put into this
    for me. and the many that question in their minds but never ask…I always ask, the worst that can happen is a no, or dead end…so you turn the corner & keep on going!
    Regards, Gretchen

  225. I survived being abducted and stabbed by serial Killer Ralph Andrews,He was from Evanston,Il but killed in several states.Im looking for any other people who had kids abducted and murdered by him or law enforment,anyone who can give me any info re ralph andrews.Also I would like to say that if your ever abducted by 1 of these freaks,the only way to fight back is by complete surprise,never let them get you to there killing grounds.I grabbed the wheel at 50 mph in a blizzard while he had hi right hand down my shirt the knife was in his left.I told him to fuck a corpse,unknown to me he liked that to, then grabbing the wheel the car slid down an embankment 15 ft. I was face to face with 1 pissed off serial killer,The fight to the death I was 15 he was 28 yrs old average.I kicked him in the balls with 5 inch heels he didnt flinch,somehow I got the knife turned on him and stabbed him,he didnt flinch,theyre so strong,theyre inhuman.In my case when it went to court they let him go because we smoked pot.this was 1973………IM finally writing a book with a former world correspondent.The name of the book is The Prey That got Away.Before his arrest in the 90s I did alot of my own detective work.I found out that he dated my 12 yr older sisters bestfriend and hungout with my future brother in laws little brother.The bastard had been in my home at parties of my sisters and saw mw when I was 2 yrs. old.It amazes me to this day how these guys minds work,how they get away.The fact is most of these bastards have very long rap sheets from a young age.Ralph Andrews was in and out of prison his whole life.He had a job driving a bus in chicago, a wife and 3 daughters whom might have had sons to whom this killing gene passed down to, awaiting there first trigger,first kill.I here its the best.I testified in every trial he had.He also had a list #1 and #5 were always go back and kill your victims.He tried,but by then I was waiting for him trained to fight and had 3 attack dogs.Cant sleep without them.To this day there are 2 things I know as a fact I vaguely remember the innocense of being a child and that no matter where I am I will never feel safe,THankyou for reading this BETTY HANSON.

  226. Hi! I read your story on the Jorge Juarez case and I couln’t agree with you more. I truely believe they deserve the death sentense. The Juarez family are close friends of my family and seeing them suffer was not easy. It is hard for me to pass by that space where there once stood a house. Althou the Juarez family and my family lost touch over a period of time, we still loved them. The little kids especially. Jorge Juarez will forever be missed. R.I.P. little buddy.

  227. I went to school and church (St. John’s Lutheran) with Karl who was accused, then aquitted of the murder of Alan Fredian in the early Fall of 1971. The evidence was a shovel that was used at the scene of the crime. This shovel was removed from Karl’s garage by the La Grange PD without a warrant, thus making it inadmissable at the trial. Karl lived about a half mile due east of the “Hole” where alans body was found. Pastor Gerkin of St. John’s was at his side at the trial. All the signs of probability pointed at Karl, but legal loopholes of a botched investigation set a killer free. He then moved to Texas after the trial and last known he is residing in Waukegan or Buffalo Grove, or perhaps Willowbrook. As a classmate of Karl, I still remember that he told me how he liked to tear the hind legs of frogs and then watch them struggle to move only with their front legs. A child of around eight years old getting such a thrill from an act of torture seems like a morbid prophecy for what ultimately occured. Blood evidence on personal property thrown out of court adds up to no Justice for Professor Fredian and his family who have never seen a conviction for his son’s brutal murder.

    • i went to Gurrie jr. high and was in 7th grade when Alan and Karl were in 8th grade.i had a creepy feeling about Karl observing him from a distance. he seemed to be somewhere else if you know what i mean. Alan was kind of a smartalec.he was maybe 5’4” and Karl was about or getting close to 6′ tall.i think Karl’s advisor was joe Chrisanti the science teacher.We used to call him uncle joe.He was different also.I kinda feel that Fredian was into smoking pot like alot of us were back then. Karl and Alan probaly grew up together going to Spring Ave. elementary school before i knew them at Gurrie. An earlier post said that Karl had confessed.If so, wasn’t that enough to convict ?What i want to know is why. Why did Karl kill him ?

  228. I am wondering if someone can help me locate some information on my mothers murder? Her name is Darlen Sharon Lambert ( maiden Schwan). She was murdered August of 2004. (They can not agree whether it was the 9th or 11th). In CLeveland, Ohio. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  229. To: Cassandra

    You need to contact the local law enforcement agency that investigated her murder. They can provide you with a copy of the investigative report if the investigation is closed. If the investigation is not closed, a detective generally will speak with any family member about the case. Additional information can be obtained from the Cuyahoga County Coroner’s Office in the form of an autopsy/investigative report.

    The only info I found on the web about her murder was an Aug. 13, 2004 article in Cleveland’s ‘The Plain Dealer’ newspaper. The article indicated she died from blows to the head, that her body was found under the Abbey Road Bridge near West 19th St., and that a 43-year-old man believed to be her boyfriend was in police custody (but not yet charged) in connection with her death.

    Sorry about your mom. I hope this info helps.

  230. First off, great blog…I hope this helps people in finding closure. I’m looking to see if anyone has any info about a murder my mom knew about. Apparently sometime in the late seventies in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, some grandparents/parents were murdered by their grandson/son…she doesn’t remember the town (she was passing through) but apparently it happened on Hwy 41 between Red River and Marquette. I guess they had owned a grocery store or something along those lines and she was curious whatever happened about it.

    Also, does anyone know where John Norman Collins lived in Center Line Michigan? My mom lived there and was around his age. She wasn’t sure how close she lived from his address. Thanks for the help and good luck to all in their continued searches.

  231. This is some comments to the blogs on the murder that happened in La Grange, Il. back in 1971. It’s ashamed that this case can’t be re-opened especially with all the new technology in forensics. You see a lot of cold cases opened up and televised on “20/20”, “Dateline”, “Primetime Mystery” etc. I never had associated with Karl, but I remember him because he lived behind my best friend in La Grange and growing up in La Grange.

  232. Cherly Thornton –
    I have been looking for information on a double homicide that took place in Redford Township MI. I believe it was in the mid to late 70’s. A teenage girl whom I believe was Cheryl Thornton and her boyfriend were murdered behind a store. the last i remember the case was unsolved. Anyone have any information. Their family were friends of mine and it still troubles me.

    • Nothing has been solved yet, but any information you can find out would be greatly appreciated. Mario Maniscalchi was his name. He was my brother and I would love nothing more than to find out who was behind this murder. The case may be cold but someone knows something. My father is 84 years old now and will never rest until he finds out who murdered his son. Please help me solve this case before he moves on.

  233. Update on Miriam Rice Murder

    Jeff Rice is now employed at a prominent university, and his pic is available at their website. So that shoots down the theory about the witness protection and his unwillingness to have his pic publicized.

    No. This was not a random killing, because the body was staged to look like a sexual assault, yet there was no sexual assault. And Miriam was 8 months pregnant.

    Miriam (and her unborn child) were murdered by someone they knew. And perhaps someone she trusted, who was able to lure her into a vehicle.

    I don’t think it was Jeff. He passed a lie detector test. A sociopath could pass, but I don’t think Jeff is a sociopath.

    So I think it was the girlfriend (now wife). I think she either killed Miriam or arranged the murder. And I think to this day Jeff doesn’t know that she did this.

    I’d like to see her called in for a lie detector test.

  234. To Mike re: November 12, 2009 posting

    Per a check of the social security death database:

    Sheryl Thornton
    birth: 6 Apr 1963
    death: Nov 1980 Redford, Wayne, Michigan

    I’ve not been able to locate additional info yet, but I will post here if I do. At least now you have the correct spelling of the victim’s name, as well as her DOB and DOD, which will help you in your searches. Good luck.


  235. To Mike regarding post made November 12, 2009

    I located one newspaper article on the murder of Sheryl Thornton and Mariano Maniscalchi dated January 26, 1981 in which the police were trying to locate a blonde female seen with Sheryl about 45 minutes before her death.

    If you email mail me at, I will send you a copy of the article. I am continuing to look for info for you.


    • Deb, if you still have that article, I would appreciate seeing it. Any info would be appreciated. I am Mario’s sister and still looking for info to solve this case. Thank you

  236. This is a response to one written By: shannon on October 3, 2007
    at 4:45 am
    Martha Wyatt was my aunt and my dad and Martha’s husband my uncle Jeff, also played on that softball team, (my dad still does) I have all the information on her murder if you ever come back here to check. She was a home-bound school teacher for Nashville Tech who went to a student’s house to teach and she wasn’t there but her boyfriend Jerome Whooly was and he’s the one who murdered her. He raped her and bound her and threw her in the Cumberland River to drown. There was a little more involved. Aunt Martha DID have a heart of gold. She was a literal ANGEL. If you’d like more details just let me know.

  237. I just found my son in a Maryland jail, I believe he was wrongfully convicted 10 years ago. he got 20 years in jail, for something I believe was his girlfriends fault, her relative is a police officer in the same county, in Baltimore. I don’t have the money to help him what can we do ? this is a child abuse case. And no the child is living.

  238. To Richard and Joe,

    First, Karl was not acquitted, rather he was not indicted. Second, the shovel was legal…it was the gas cans taken [pertaining to the burnt clothing in Wailo Park] that invalidated the warrant.

    Third – I am pleased that this is still a topic. I grew up with Alan and Karl. Alan was a smart-alack. Karl was always a bully. Personally, I have never understood why Karl has never been brought to trial. The police took plenty of “now” DNA evidence from those involved in the case, including me. Science has changed. I have often thought of calling the LG police and asking them why this case is still ignored. Maybe there wasn’t any DNA. If so, then there isn’t much hope for justice. But do know that hair, blood and sputum samples were taken from those of us who knew Alan.

    • steve,

      i just replied on richards post about karl.that is right about karl being a bully now that i think about it.but why did karl do it ? rage ? over a girl ?

      dave- class of 75 LTHS

  239. My name is Lana, in reference to the murder od Janette Roberson on Jan 19th, 1983 in the basement of the Gambles Store in Reed City Mi, I have contacted the Attny General, he will not do anything because according to the Detective in charge this is still an “open and active” case, even though there have been no new leads, and they have just submitted DNA within the last 4 months. Yes I am getting the run around and nobody with any information will come foward (which I really don’t understand. If a person is afraid of repercussions, in my opinion it is always better to tell someone and get it out there, then there is no reason to be afraid). I can get no info from the police officers, I have contacted all of the local papers. There is only one (Cadillac News), who is even interested,I have also contacted the Head of the MSP, no return phone calls or e-mails. I have contacted the major networks (the “detective shows), no response from some others will only air it if it is solved.
    People in that town remember the murder but have forgotten the person who was murdered. I have gotten some help from a couple of citizens, who believe as I do that Justice should be done, but without cooperation from the poice dept it is almost impossible to get anywhere. My mother is 82 years old now and I was hoping to have this solved before she died.

  240. To: Lana
    Re: Janette Roberson murder

    I’m sorry to hear that the Attorney General Office was not helpful. Consider contacting
    David Schock, PhD from the Delayed Justice website at Mr. Schock raises public awareness about cold cases in the state of Michigan, and he has many contacts in the press, law enforcement community, and legal community. Check out his Delayed Justice website. On the menu bar on the right side of the screen you can select either the “Send Us Your Case” link or the “Contact” link. His work is both thorough and compassionate. I think he is worth a try. After all, nothing ventured means nothing gained. Best of luck to you.

  241. Carl Lee Johnson was found guilty, however, I do not believe he did it.

    I was best friends with his girlfriend and do not recall him ever abusing her.

  242. Tish,

    I saw your post regarding Angela Samota. This case is coming to trial and I would like to get further information from you.

    Please email me or call me at (817) 379-4663.

  243. This is in response to posts by Steve regarding the murder of Alan Fredian. I lived in LaGrange for several years–same grade as Alan and Karl–but moved away before the murder. I’ve always been intrigued by this crime and finally started doing a bit of research and found this blog. I’m really surprised that justice wasn’t served in this case because everyone I’ve ever spoken to about it seemed to know very well who did it.

  244. i was almost abducted as a 6 yr. old in mckenzie, tn. i have always wondered if there were any other children who were murdered or missing in that area. The year was 1963.

  245. Ref: Murder in LaGrange in 1971. I was a student at LTHS South Campus at the time. Freshman and Sophomore students attended South Campus in Western Springs. Junior and Seniors attended North Campus in LaGrange.

    Karl and Alan were friends and as I recall, Karl was two years older than Alan, and after the murder of Alan, Karl finished his Junior and Senior years at LTHS, before his family moved away. Alan was either a Freshman, or Sophomore, but pretty sure he was a Freshman. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Both lived on South Stone Ave about a block apart if I remember right. If not Stone, it was South Wiola. “The Hole” was a wooded area directly across the street from LTHS, South Campus, On the LaGrange side of Willow Springs Road. In LaGrange, the same street was called Gilbert Ave and it was the East West dividing line between LaGrange and Western Springs. The Hole was used on weekends, and during the week as a gathering place to smoke and drink, or hang out while ditching classes.

    There was a building next to the school called The Corral which was a social gathering spot owned by the school where students could go and see bands. There could be a few hundred kids there any Saturday night, with a small number across the street at The Hole, drinking and smoking.

    Alan’s body was found late Saturday, early Sunday if I recall correctly. Searchers saw a hand or foot sticking out of the ground. I went into the woods, as did a lot of us to find this “shallow grave” they were talking about. It was no more than a shovel blade deep and not nearly enough to contain a body.

    As others have said, the LaGrange police botched the investigation and search resulting in evidence that could not be used. I do recall that they recovered a shovel, bloody clothing, and gas cans.

    After the murder, the entire wooded area was leveled with no remaining plant life left standing more than six inches.

  246. Re: Janette Roberson murder in Reed City, Mi 1983.

    I remember her. She lived a couple of apartments down from me when I was 13. I played with her kids. She was a very nice lady. I knew a man that they suspected of the crime. The thing I have heard lately is that they know who did it, that it was covered up, and that Cold Case has tried to investigate, but they haven’t been allowed to by the city. Who knows what is true anymore. Hopefully it will get solved, she was very sweet and wonderful to those who knew her.

  247. RE: LaGrange Murder 1971

    This murder was definitely in the fall of 1971, shortly before Halloween. Parents throughout LaGrange were out sweeping their walks in the dark — nervous about letting kids go trick or treating.

    I recall the details that others have mentioned about Waiola Park and the “Hole”.

    Some other details…Alan Fredian (a freshman) was supposed to go study with a friend the night he was killed. He never showed. An hour later, the friend called his parents…who waited a few hours to call the police.

    Alan’s body was found by a group of volunteers searching the hole with the police. I believe members of the LTHS swim team were part of the search party and that one of his teammates found the shallow grave.

    I recall that the accused was tried as an adult. His lawyers’ strategy was that the rules of evidence are much more stringent in adult court then they are for juveniles. He was acquitted, and his family moved out of the area.

  248. Modesto Key,

    Question about Carl Lee Johnson – you say you don’t believe he killed Terri Wilson because he did not abuse your friend/his girlfriend. However, many men/women who kill people, are very good to their own families, girlfriends, friends, etc. They never are violent with them, but that does not mean that they cannot or do not kill. So, how can you be so positive that he did not do this murder? Do you have an alibi for him? Do you have any evidence to show that he did not do it? Don’t think about it emotionally. Sometimes, people can surprise you. How do you know he did not have fantasies about killing people in his head that he did not share? Maybe he snapped. Were you around him all of the time?

  249. Note from blog owner:

    The Alan Fredian murder was in Oct. 1971.

  250. Hello,

    I went to a grade school called Randal consolidated school. Back in the late 70’s graduated in 81. There was a boy by the name Karl Galbraith (Iam sure last name is spelt wrong.) that went there. It was Dec, 79′ or 80 He was Killed. his body was found on the side of the rode I believe in basset wisconsin. Not far from twin lakes wisconsin. The story as I remember is after school was let out for Xmas brake he and another friend where going to go shopping for Xmas gifts. the other boy did not go. karl hitched a ride that same night. I also think it was on Hwy P. Not far from the Ill. boarding town Of Richmond Ill.

    I went threw this site and noticed many stories of the same type. I have been trying to find out info for a long time. What do you think mylifeofcrime?

    Thank you.


  251. To: Kirk
    Re: Carl P. GALBRAITH


    It’s hard to find info on the internet for cases this old. Usually you have to go to the library (or subscribe to an online newspaper archive service) and search through newspaper archives.

    Fortunately, I was able to locate some info for you from the internet. Your classmate’s legal name is Carl P. GALBREATH. He was born in 1964 and died Dec. 17, 1977 in Kenosha County, Wisconsin in the city of Twin Lakes. He was 13 years old. Sadly, he had been stabbed 13 times and was sexually assaulted.

    One year after the murder, the case still unsolved, the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Dept. was interested in questing John Gacy about the crime as he was known to have been in the area at the time. (I found this info in the Sarasota Herald Tribune newspaper dated Jan. 2, 1979.) I can email you a copy of this article if you’d like.

    I was unable to determine whether this murder was attributed to Gacy or if it remained unsolved. You can telephone the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Dept. and ask for case information. In my experience, law enforcement officers will usually share info on cold cases and/or solved cases whenever they can.

    Sorry I could not find more info, but now that you have the correct spelling of the victim’s name, his year of birth, his date of death, and the county in which the death occurred, you’ve got the facts you need in order to research this further and/or to approach law enforcement asking for answers.

    Best of luck in your search.


  252. To: Kirk

    Sorry, I misspelled Carl’s name in one of the entries above. My goof!

    The correct spelling of his last name is:

    G A L B R A I T H



  255. This is in response to the murder of James Burton in Traverse City MI… Killers name was Gainsworth. He is currently serving a life sentence in a Max prison in Standish MI. You can find the archives of the last court hearings as early as 2008 from appeals that were denied.

  256. I was wondering if the murder of Sheryl Thornton & Mario Maniscachi (sp) (Nov. 1980, Redford, MI) is still a cold case or has it been solved? Does anyone know anything about the case? I went to school with Mario and was curious about whatever happened with it.

    • Did you every get an answer about this murder? My sister Cheryl was good friends with Sheryl and I was also wondering if the case ever got solved.

      • This case was not “solved” but I was told by a Redford police officer that the number one suspect is deceased. I wrote a couple entries earlier today. They can be found further down this page. Also, for privacy purposes “Marie” is not the name I went by during my school days.

  257. To: Tonia
    Re: January 2007 post about Kristen Gray

    The killer of 8-year old Kristen Gray, a child abducted from SW 82nd Street in Miami on February 3, 1990, has never been caught.

    On the twentieth anniversary of her death, her family’s plea for information about her disappearance and death was publicized at

  258. I would like to know more about Jonathon Keith
    Cole who was convicted in Arkansas for murder with no material evidence and also latter convicted of a brutal murder in Pocoala oklahoma..Can’t find anything on it. the girls names were Lisa Teague and Summer Wilkinson this all happened in 1998

    • Chrystal,

      Johnathan Keith Cole was convicted of first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the November 1996 murder of Summer Wilkinson. His conviction was based on DNA and other forensic testing. He was sentenced to 75 years in prison for the October 1997 murder of Lisa Teague.

  259. Kirk, I too went to Randall and remember Carl’s murder very well as I was friends with his sister. Gacy was a suspect, but was cleared. I believe his murder remains unsolved. His uncle was held and questioned, but never charged. Very sad.

  260. Looking for info on a murder in the 80s in Oak Creek WI – the wife hired her bro in law (whom she was sleeping with) to kill her husband, while she lay sleeping down the hall with their children.

    It was never investigated correctly NOR were the people involved charged because: the wife was sleeping with the police chief, and SO much was tossed out. I dont get how this slipped through so many hands, and to this day, justice still needs to be served.

  261. Glenda, Lancaster, Oh.- Stacy Fairchild (18yrs. old) was the name of the young woman abducted from the River Valley Mall in Lancaster, Ohio. The case remained unsolved until a couple of years ago. A man robbed Network Video and Tanning on W. Fair. The man was later arrested and put in jail where he was subjected to DNA testing, which in turn linked him to the murder of Stacy. They got him! Hope this helps!

  262. Re: Mandy’s post on 8/22/09

    I ran across the following info on the website and it may be of interest to you since you believe your brother’s death was homicide, not suicide:

    “The National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children, Inc. (POMC), offers a lot of resources, one of which is their SOS…their Second Opinion Services. The idea is that qualified people will take another look at the facts of the case. The operative word here is QUALIFIED…not families and not journalists. There are two volunteer medical examiners who will review records the families send, according to Bev Warnock, the SOS program coordinator. They are not investigators who are going to come to the site and try to collect new information, but they offer another and independent review.”

  263. To: Richard, Joe, Steve, MFC
    Re: Alan Fredian murder

    I’m a LT grad, same year as Alan and Karl. The murder took place on the night of the Homecoming dance at south campus. The murder took place at The Hole which was, for all practical purposes, across the street from the very building where the Homecoming dance was taking place. I lived quite close to south campus and can remember the wail of sirens Sunday morning which seemed to go on forever. Alan and Karl were on the swim team. I remember asking another member of the team, a guy named Steve who was in one of my classes, who he thought did it and he named Karl immediately. In ’73, the police came to north campus and arrested Karl. He said not a word and handed his attorney’s card to the police. Despite the huge size of the student body, I passed Karl many times in the hallways during our junior and senior years. He always seemed to be smirking, but then how does a person behave when everyone around him thinks he allegedly murdered someone? Karl was alleged to have used a concrete block and wooden post to bludgeon Alan and then allegedly buried him while Alan was still alive in a shallow grave. Karl was indicted, but the case was closed because the police served an improperly drawn search warrant. The school newspaper did a wonderful job of reporting on the murder. I remember it was reported that a shovel and bloody cloth were found in Karl’s garage. Even with today’s miracle forensics, the evidence seized probably is considered “fruit of the poisoned tree” and, if the blood was absolutely identified as blood coming from Alan Fredian only, I doubt it would be admissible. Among the senior photos in the 1974 LTHS yearbook a broadly smiling Karl is pictured. Sadly, Alan Fredian never got the chance to live long enough to make it into the ’74 yearbook. According to the white pages, a Karl R. currently resides in Grayslake, IL.

  264. I’m not sure how I came across this site but I’m thankful that I did. There is so much information here. I’ve been trying to find out about the murder if my Aunt Pamala Clearence and her new born daughter. I think this was in 1989 in Houston, Texas. She let the person into her home. The Houston Police said she fought feo her life. Her telephone cord was wrapped around her neck and the person took the hot clothes out of the dryer and put them on top of the baby. They even said there was DNA under her finger nails. This has been with me foe a long time and thr other family members seem like it it over and done with. I don’t remember the baby father name but I know that he was married at the time. I think you spell the babies name Tashnia Monique, I’m not sure if she had the fathers last name or not. If there is any way you could find out any information i would be so pleased. I can’t even find anything in old newspapers. Thanks for having a sight like this you are the best,

  265. I will try this again Thanks to anyone with info.A young man of 23 named Robert Wright was murderd in Phoenix, Arizona on Aug. 29, 1969. His killers name was (is) David Valdez. Valdez atteneded Alhambra High School and lived somewhere off of Indian School Rd. I know about this because the killing happened in my front yard. I did not know Valdez but often wonder what ever happened in the case and if the killer is free or what?

  266. I have been trying to find any information on a man named Paul Worsick, who was convicted of killing a tax assessor in Maryland in the mid to late 1980’s. How can I find this. I have searched the web, but nothing

  267. To: Monique (re: post dated 04/13/2010)

    Per the Texas Death Index, the info on your aunt and niece is as follows:

    Pamela Ann Clarence
    DOB 15 Mar 1961 and DOD 2 Aug 1984 (in Harris Co. Texas)

    Tashona Monique Clarence
    DOB 2 Jul 1984 and DOD 2 Aug 1984 (in Harris Co. Texas)

    The names of Pamela’s parents are James Clarence and Eula Evelyn Dominique.

    I was unable to find any info about the murders on the internet. Since the murders happened before the internet was in use like it is today, you may need to go to the library and research the newspaper archives in order to find any info. There are also some online newspaper archive companies, however you generally have to pay to use the site. If you decide to look for info on your own, be sure to spell their names as they are spelled above because this is the correct legal spelling.

  268. OMG Thank you so much for the information that you were able to find. I am so thankful. You gave me a place to start. I have been trying to do this for so long on my own. Once again thank you from the bottom oh my heart.

  269. To: Monique (re: post dated 4/13/2010)

    I found out some more info about your aunt, Pamela Clarence. Please contact me at and I’ll pass the info along.

    note from blog owner

    I have approved this comment and I am sorry for what happened. However, I have not read it as you are yelling at us (in ALL CAPS is yelling) and I have trouble reading it. If you post again, do not use ALL CAPS, please.

  271. i have been told about a murder for years the man is a drunk, but in 10 years the story NEVER changes.he and a man they called superbum had a prostitute in a moteland they had sex and beat her for two days until she moved no more, when they walked by the next day yellow tape was everywhere. this was in the st. louis maple wood area.a vey clos to 30 years ago.

  272. Can anyone update me on the David Camm case?

  273. Thats so crazy! Do you know where I can find out the specifics of whats going on with him? Thanks!

    • I am not in contact with him or his attorneys. Doing a google searching, there is a site for him, and I am sure someone there can help you. My blog is geared more towards the murder victims, not the person convicted/accused of murdering them. Not trying to be rude or anything, but I have my blog for the victims to be remembered.

  274. Did u get my address that I sent to you so you can get me the information?

  275. To: Monique Baker

    Yes, I did receive your email with your address . The info is going out in tomorrow’s mail and you should receive it in a few days.

    If anyone has information on the double homicide of
    Pamela Ann Clarence and her one-month old daughter
    Tashona Clarence on 02 AUG 1984 in Houston, TX, please contact the cold case detective, Connie Park, with the Houston Police Dept. at (713) 308-3600.

    Please keep these victims and their family members in your prayers. This case remains unsolved after 25 years and the family is haunted that the killer has not been caught.

  276. Once again Thank you. I’m going to call the person on her case once I get the mail from you.

  277. Somewhere around 1973, a family friend, Jim Story
    was killed at work by a co-worker who disappeared
    after the murder. Jim worked for the St. Louis bus company (Bi-State?). Rumors were that this killer
    was almost caught once in a womens public restroom in drag. I’ve wondered about this for years – did anyone ever get arrested &/or convicted?

  278. Have you ever noticed the inordinate number of murder mysteries featured on the likes of Dateline, 48 Hours Mystery, etc. that have occurred in Grand Junction Colorado? What’s up with that? Still another was featured this past weekend on Dateline.

    There are a lot of murders that occur every day. What’s with these network shows attraction to Grand Junction? Creepy.

    • David,

      I watch these shows all the time, and I don’t agree with you. In fact, I have only seen maybe one or two. Most have been in California, New York and Florida. Name the ones in Grand Junction that you have seen.

  279. My Life,

    OK, how about:

    48 Hours- “The Secret Life of Paige Birgfeld”, and “The Dark Side of the Mesa-The Michael Blagg Story”

    Dateline NBC-”
    the Miriam Helmick Story”

    20/20-The Bob Spangler murders.

    Gee, that’s 4 and there are 2 or 3 others that I can’t recall details. Not bad for a city of only 150,000 people.

    Like I said, creepy.

  280. Does anyone know anout the murder of a CA woman named Sherri Guess (her maiden name)? She was a friend of the family and I remember her as a little girl. I heard she was murdered several years ago but thats all I know.

  281. To: Charlene regarding post on May 31, 2010

    Sherri Guess Dally was murdered by her husband Michael Dally and Michael’s girlfriend Diana Haun in Ventura County, CA. Sherri, who was a homemaker and mother of two, disappeared from a Target parking lot on May 6, 1996.

    Prosecutors contend that Diana Haun – dressed as a police detective, complete with a badge and handcuffs – abducted Sherri Dally and then beat and stabbed her to death. Prosecutors contend that Michael Dally planned the murder with the help of Diana Haun.

    Diana Haun was convicted 9/26/97 of murder, kidnapping, conspiracy to commit murder, and the special circumstance of murder for financial gain was proven true. She was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

    Michael Dally was convicted in 1998 of murder, kidnapping and conspiracy, with the special circumstances of committing the murder for financial gain and lying in wait. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

    Perform an internet search on their names to obtain more info. There is a lot of info out there.

  282. RE: Carl Galbraith – he was my childhood summertime friend. It was an absolute life-shock when I’d heard he was murdered so viciously. We got into lots of fun trouble in the the couple of summers I hung around him. Sadly, I had heard that Gacy was the prime suspect. I recall walking along P with him to Dog N Suds in Richmond for pizzaburgers (same path he took to the bank the night he was murdered) on Hwy 12. I have often wondered what happened to his little sister Patty and his aunt/uncle. I never met his mom.

  283. I’m looking for more information on the murder of Melissa Osman in July of 1995 in Kankakee, IL. I have done simple google searching and have found information on one of the killers, Chris Connery, but not as much on the other, James Rogers.

    Using the inmate search on the Illinois Department of Corrections, I was able to find Connery, but again, not Rogers.

    Any information on this case would be of great personal value as the tragedy was of a rather personal nature to me.

    • Ruth,

      So far I found that James Rogers was supposed to get a 55-year sentence for murder for testifying against Connery. All other charges were to be dropped. Which tells me that if he is not in the IL prison system, he was moved out of State for protection. I am still checking.

    • Missy was my cousin. I, too, have found no information on Rogers. I was 15 when she was murdered.

  284. @Deb Walser on September 23, 2006

    Here’s something I found:,307137

    You have me interested in this case now & I’m going to do a bit more research!

  285. MEGAN from June 14, 2008. RE: I have a brother that went to school with your father. He told me that your father stole something from an old farmer and he left , car broke down and he went back to the farm he came from and the old man shot him . Sorry about your father and your mother is she still alive? she should have known , also. you need anything else let me know. 🙂

  286. i miss my cousin ericha she was like my big sister after she died my aunt cathy slowly died its hard for me to even look at this with out breaking down im still in shock…i miss you….

  287. i wonered about that case to my mom worked with his mother they found them on thanksgiving day.

  288. Hello!
    I am so thankful to have found your website. I am a high school senior at LTHS in IL. I believe I am looking for the same person as R White and Carrie were, back in January.

    See, our Reber center is terribly haunted, and I feel so terrible that we can’t let this ghost move on. I have been researching and researching just to find a name, and perhaps Rodge Meyers is the one haunting our auditorium.

    You said you had more information on this case, but I couldn’t find where you posted it. If you could post it again, I would be so grateful! I care very much about this ghost, and only wish to help them!

  289. FINALLY! Justice for Pamela Clarence and Tashona Clarence and the Clarence family/friends

    8/25/2010 Houston man charged in cold-case murders of girlfriend, infant daughter:

    Charles Leon Smith, 56, is charged with capital murder in the slayings of 23-year-old Pamela Clarence and 1-month-old Tashona Clarence. Twenty-six years have passed since the young mother and her baby were killed in their Houston home in August 1984.

  290. I married into the Clarence family 20 years ago and can not say how wonderful it is to finally see justice for such a caring family. Anyone who know the Clarence family knows how caring this family really is. There’s nothing this family wouldn’t do for you. I only wish Mr. & Mrs. Clarence would have lived long enough to finally see justice. Thanks Cold Case for not forgetting the victims.

  291. In 1974, my 3th grade teacher, in Lakewood, NJ, Miss Kolar or Kohlar was murdered along with her new husband while camping over summer break. The only thing found to be missing was their camera. If you can find anything on this case, it would help fill some gaps in my life.

  292. About Miss Kohlar… Her name was Ms.Levine, and her married name was Mrs.Sherman. Not sure where my memory got Kohlar from…
    Found this article: “Michael and Charlotte Sherman: Victims shot in the head and found behind Powell Memorial at Grand Canyon. Homicide.”

  293. Re Alan Fredian

    I was a Lagrange resident and 15 at the time. As I recall the search warrant covered the house but not the garage where the evidence was found. All the evidence was excluded.

    A friend remembered Karl swinging a baseball bat at another kid in Waiola Park.

    • Wrong. The search warrant covered the garage. Out of that they took a shovel and a can of gasoline. No evidence was excluded in the trial. It was all allowed. When the States Attorney was done, Judge Ryan threw it out. No defense was even needed.

      All you folks who are dredging this up have no clue what you are talking about. You spout hearsay, rumors, and vague memories of newspaper clippings from almost 30 years ago.

      The reality is, Karl was railroaded by dirty Chicago politicians. They promised they would get someone. They tried to pin it on him.

      There are two victims here. Alan is one. Karl is the other.

  294. I am looking ofr information on the murder of my dear friend Kimberly McFarland on September 15, 1991 or 1992 in Redford, Michigan. She was working the late night shift at a Shell gas station when she was stabbed to death. It was suspected that her boyfriend was involved but after the funeral I know the case went cold. Can anyone tell me if it was solved? This has been bothering me for years

  295. TO: Shelley
    RE: McFarland murder

    Sorry about the loss of your friend. From Michigan death records I was able to obtain the legal spelling of her name and her date of death. Info is as follows:

    Name: Kimberley S McFarland
    Birth Date: 3 Apr 1970
    Death Date: 15 Sep 1991
    Gender: Female
    Residence: Redford, Wayne, Michigan
    Place of Death: Redford, Wayne, Michigan

    I’ve not found any additional information, but I will post it here if I do. Because the murder was so long ago, you’ll likely have to research the case in the Redford (or surrounding area) newspaper archives for the first several years after the murder. I hope you find the answers you are looking for. Take care.

  296. TO: Shelley
    RE: McFarland

    Your friend, murder victim Kimberley McFarland, is listed (entry # 522) on the Michigan Wall of Remembrance link at the website for the National Institute for the Study of Violence (

    Not the info you are seeking, but I hope it brings you happiness to know that Kimberely is, indeed, remembered.

  297. inkrambles (jan 7th 2008)

    Martin Lee Sanders, a long-haul trucker from Spokane, was convicted of raping and killing two teenagers in Spokane in 1983. He also killed two teenage female hitchhikers in Grant County in 1980. Avoided prosecution in those murders by later pleading guilty to the Spokane homicides in 1990.

    Status: In prison in Washington.

  298. Re: Carl Galbraith

    Hello Kirk, Sam, MR. I’m sorry I can’t place any of you.

    I’ve been looking for news about Carl’s case. I have been contacted by Kenosha County detectives. They have reopened the case. They said they held a press conference trying to generate some interest to get some information. I was wondering what he reported. I have been unable to find anything in the past couple of weeks.

    If anyone has any information, they can contact the Kenosha County Sheriff @ 262-605-5102.

    Carl was not sexually assaulted. Gacy was eliminated as a suspect. My uncle was also eliminated.

    Christmas is really hard for Mom.
    There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him and how my life would be so different if this didn’t happen.

    It is nice to know he hasn’t been forgotten. Thanks.

  299. Hi,
    Thought I would give this a try. In short I lost a very dear friend to me name Lamecha Schlterbrandt in October of 2008. She was living with me in Orlando Fl, but went on a very sudden trip back home to Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands…two days later her uncle called me and said they found her body in a pond on a golf course…

    My issues with her death are…her sudden reason for wanting to go home..she just kept saying I need to go back home then bought a ticket and left. The fact they said she drowned which is crazy because I knew for a fact she could swim and it was a shallow pond from what I was told it was only filled more because of a recent storm. Her uncle and some family said she was acting very different when she arrived to the islands..(saying things were chasing her etc) They pretty much came up with the idea that it was suicide and that she was pretty much going crazy…is suicide by drowining even possible….so many questions……….

  300. Dear Bonnie;
    I am just devastated! I decided to look up a long lost Best Friend her Name as I knew her was Jennifer L. Craft. I now know it as Jennifer Nye. The real Shocker for me was her sister Tereasa French and her murder! She babysat for my newborn in 1985 when she was married to Tony. I am still shaking. I am trying to get in touch with Jennifer can you Help me? I would be so ever grateful especially now as I won’t be able to shake this feeling til I talk to her.

  301. Wondering if you could help.

    My friend was brutally murdered. Her name was Lori Harrison.
    Blonde hair – blue eyes.
    She was from Warren, MI. born around 1979 – 81 ish…

    From what Iv’e been told: This happened in the late 90’s / early 00’s
    She was found naked disguarded on the side of the road down a major
    interstate somewhere in the appalachias (Tenn. Kent. or W. Virginia).
    She was raped and slit from her groin to her throat.

    Can’t even find an obituarie online… nothing at all on her. I would like to know
    when, where, and what really happened to her. Also if they ever caught the guy
    and where he is now.

    Thank you, love your site 🙂

  302. Was reading through the comments posted about Miriam Rice who was murdered in South Bend, IN in the 1980’s. Does anyone have any further information to share? I still think of her often.

  303. Check this for “getting away with murder AND rape” John Berger in St. Louis date raped his 75th victim. Sadly, she died. Her name was Tressa Gross, a splendid young student about to graduate. He left the country and his lawyers were able to get a deal for a guilty plea. 5 years. Not bad.

  304. About Terri Lynn Wilson from Bangor ,Mi. Carl Johnson was convicted and given life in prison. He is still there. She had on her last night hosted a Gong Show at south haven HS and she had stopped with friends to have a drink at a local bar. Age for drinking was just a few weeks before that dropped to 18. She danced with carl and he took her from the parking lot of the bar. She WAS NOT giving him a ride home . He with a knife took her to a trailer house his kin was setting up to live in and did his dirty deeds. Put her in her car trunk, and sat the car along side of the road. On the witness of 3 high school boys they told the cops of a run in with Johnson who told them I think I just screwed up. They picked him from a high school class book and the cops went and found her car keys a his bloody t shirt and arested him at about 2 30 the 4th of july. He will and needs to die in prison as it is sad to go see her grave as I do at least once a week and did today. I will give any more info as those who ask.

  305. Todd Johnson was charged with the murder of his wife Brandy Johnson. He was acquitted by a jury that heard defense evidence that included the fact that a long black hair matching the hair of his mistress, Revonna Nutt, was found in Brandy’s hand. The civil trial is a bit of a sham verdict. At the time of the verdict it was reported that Johnson was excluded from introducing the evidence that led to him being acquitted at the criminal trial. I think it was because of discovery sanctions, I don’t really remember. I don’t know the Swopes and can’t imagine their loss. They obviously believe that Todd did it, but I don’t buy it for a second. Todd love Brandy. He was never going to leave her. He made that very clear to Revonna. I find it sort of frightening that the police apparently never took her seriously as a suspect despite her extremely odd behavior during the investigation. It was a horribly brutal murder.

  306. I think the Jessie Dotson trial was some bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you convict someone of murder and give them life and have no evidence. No Blood, No Semen, No Fingerprints, No DNA, PERIOD!!!! How can someone sit and decide this person should die just because. This is awful!!! NO EVIDENCE, MEANS NO EVIDENCE!!!! Jessie Dotson is a human being! WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

  307. for many years i have been told of a murder in the town of Lagrange illinois. i know it was in papers and publicized but as i do not know the victim or perps name i have found limited information. what i do know is that it took place in the early 1970’s, in the town of lagrange in denning park. both parties involved were students of lyons township high school (LTHS). the victim allegedly either had his head smashed in or he was buried alive head first or a combination of both. the prime suspect had admitted to openly killing student but the town blotched the case and could not bring charges against him. the location of denning park may also put it under western springs illinois juristiction. someone had posted to your blog several years ago asking for info but it was never replied to. as of now townspeople vaguely remember hearing of this case but nobody is willing to talk of it. though its true it has an urban legend status and i was wondering if you could help me find out more about this case?

  308. perhaps you emailed a reply to R. White in September , 2006 with info about this case already.

  309. I am looking for info on a murder that occured in South Bend IN sometime in the 1980s that occured on Widener Lane. Story is man murdered his elderly neighbor lady. I was told about the crime, after I purchased a house on this street, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me more about what happened. I have searched but come up empty handed. Thanks!

    • Beth,

      Do you have any more information than this? I am looking, but so far nothing.

    • The killer’s name was KEVIN FOX, a teenager with psychiatric problems.

    • Hello! I live across the street from this house where the murder took place and I, too, would like to know more.

    • This was a horrific murder,.people mostly probably don’t want to remember it. Yes,..the murderer was about 16-17 and was on the hockey team at Riley/Jackson,.His name I believe was Kevin Fox. He was I think her paperboy,.and the story goes that he went to her door to collect money (back when they still did that) and it is sketchy as to why he went back a 2nd time,.some say she was mad at him for coming over too late,.who knows,.how would anyone know,,but, nothing justifies the murder. of course. He went back and either forced his way in or broke in and again ,..he was in the house for who knows why. He chased her room to room,. mostly beat her with a hammer. He went back home and called a relative in Chicago (I think his Dad or older brother) and somehow the police got over there,.to find the poor woman dead. It shook everyone up as it was such a senseless and unexplainable murder. He clearly was totally whacked out, and perhaps he was on drugs(AGAIN NO EXCUSE.) I heard that he was doing drugs before this.. But, none the less,. the condition of the house inside I heard of first hand – as one of the people that re-painted the walls,.remarked, how much painting had to be done to get rid of the scenario. Won’t describe too awful. I went to Riley those years and heard lots of info on this and don’t proclaim anything to be 100% it was a long time ago but remember this well. A few years later,.ironically, I was at a friends house a few miles off Miami Rd. and found a woman and her daughter with a broken down car,.it was still sort of rural back then. I stopped and asked if they needed help. I gave them a ride – they instructed me to their address. I pulled in the drive and almost crapped – it was that house! I had the hair standing up on end and tried to not react and said , bye bye!! I can’t imagine living in that house. I heard it took a long time to sell it. I have no clue if the people knew. Yikes…

  310. To: Teddy
    Re: April 27, 2011 post

    The murder you are referring to was that of Alan Fredian, Jr. on 10/17/71. Karl, a 17 year old classmate of Fredian’s was charged with the murder. Karl was accused of beating Alan with a concrete block and a wooden post, then burying him alive. The case was closed apx. March 1973 when state’s attorney Edward Hanrahan decided the search warrant on the Karl’s home was improperly drawn.

    If you do a Google News Archive search, you will find many articles about this murder. Additionally, Fredian’s murder is discussed on this site many times.

    • You could not be more wrong. The defense in that case let everything the prosecution brought up be entered into evidence. After the prosecution made their entire case, Judge Ryan acquitted Karl. No defense was needed. The prosecution did not even have circumstantial evidence tying him to the event.

      The problem with all this is, all anyone remembers is that he was arrested for the murder. The media spun that up really big. When it was over, nobody focused on just how a kid was railroaded by Chicago politicians who had made some campaign promises.

      By the way, the SA was not Hanrahan. He was Bernard Carey.

  311. In response to Susan Fike-Schertz:

    I have not heard anything back at all about this case. I am still curious as to what happened.

    • To: Jeanne
      Re: Thornton and Maniscalchi murders

      A few years ago I located one newspaper article on the murder of Sheryl Thornton and Mariano (Mario) Maniscalchi dated January 26, 1981 in which the police were trying to locate a blonde female seen with Sheryl about 45 minutes before her death. Unfortunately, I’ve lost my copy of the article and haven’t been able to find it on the internet again.

      The date of the the murders was 27 Nov 1980. I don’t know whether this case was solved. I’ll keep looking for info and will post it if I find it.

      • Deb, Did you know Mario or Sheryl at all. Possibly go to school with them?

        • No, I did not know them. I’m just a researcher that assists crime victims and/or family members and friends by finding info for them free of charge.

  312. Mario Maniscalchi and Sheryl Thornton were murdered November 27, 1980, the case has not been solved. But I’m sure there are people out there that have information that can help us solve this cold case. If anyone has the slightest bit of truthful information you can tell me, please find it in your heart to help me put this to rest for my 84 year old father who’s last wish is to find out who murdered his only son. Your information will be kept anonymous. Please help us. It’s been over 30 years now, it’s ok to come forward.

    • Tina,

      My only feeling on that crime was that Ron Lewis, Sheryl’s previous boyfriend may have had something to do with it. I’m sure the police have questioned him, but I know from past experience that he has a violent side to him. Not saying he was involved, but I was just wondering what he told the police.

      • Jeanne,

        What makes you say that? Did you know my brother? Ron was definitely a suspect, but he did not do it alone. Someone out there knows something and I need to find that person. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. It’s been 30 years, they have no one to be afraid of anymore…

    • Tina Call me Please..517-250-8934

  313. Tina,

    I went to school with your brother, but I didn’t know him well. I also knew Sheryl’s brother. I had gone out with Ron once and he date-raped me back in 1979 or 80. At the time, I felt like if I didn’t cooperate that he would kill me. I feel bad that I didn’t say anything at the time, but all that is is a testament to his character. Because of that though, I always thought he had something to do with it. I thought the police had questioned him, but always wondered what his excuse was. I don’t even really remember the details of the murder except something about them being run over. Is that correct? I wish I could help more, but all I have is my experience with Ron.

    • I also went to school with Ron, and I am aware of another person who told me 30+ years ago that she was date raped by Ron. This was previous to the murders. When Sheryl and Mario were killed I provided the police with information I had. Frankly, they did not seem interested and never took a formal report. I was there when Ron threatened Sheryl. I saw bruises that Sheryl said Ron left on her body. I worked at a place Sheryl would visit, and Ron would come in and cause trouble. I also am not saying he had anything to do with the murders, but it sure causes one to look closely at him. Furthermore there was an article in the Redford Observer about a year after the murders. Various pieces of circumstantial evidence were discussed in the article. The article did not name any suspect, but being somewhat close to the situation I could pretty much surmise who it was in reference to. A police officer told me several years ago that Ron is deceased.

    • Jeanne, they were chased down Six Mile at a high rate of speed after leaving a bar at Telegraph and Six Mile. For some reason they apparently pulled off onto a side street (Centralia/Wakenden/Norborne?) and they were found beaten outside of the car. The details are a bit more graphic than there is a need to be here.

      • Thank you, Marie. I knew they had been at that bar, but wasn’t clear about the rest. Did you know the other person who was raped by Ron? I’m sorry he did that to someone else, too, but it does justify my feelings of how violent he can be. Tina had wrote earlier that they thought it was 2 people. Did the police mention that to you? Do you know how Ron died? If you would like to speak further you can email me at

  314. Hi,

    My name is Sherry and I have always been curious about my frien Amanda’s murder. She was killed by her step father in September of 2003. He also killed her mother then turned the gun on himself. I have been curious for 8 years now about this case. Anything would help and put my mind at ease. This happened in Lindenwold, NJ and her full name was Amanda Querns.

    Thank you,


  315. I am the granddaughter of Judy Adkins Gregory. Judy was kicked/stomped to death July 28, 1979 in Chicago, IL at 64 west ohio street in an alley. She was homeless at the time she was murdered. when they identified her, they initially called her Judy Burt. the man who admitted to killing her was convicted and I was told his name is John Wayne Webb. is there any place i can find more information on her case and what happened to her murderer?

  316. In 1971 two of my family memebers were brutally murdered in Kountez Tx. The little girl’s name was Leslie Bowman and her grandmother was Mable McComick. I cant find anything on the internet about the trial of the two killers who pushed Leslie’s head head in the toilet and drowned her before setting the house on fire

  317. God help me. Thank you Dave. How did you find this. There was a second guy involved with this. I cant believe this. Im going to be sick

    • Becky, Glad I could help. I read your request and typed “1971 two murdered in Kountze Tx” and followed the links to that page. I hope this helps you.
      My Pleasure,

  318. my grandmother was found murdered in a residential area in the castaic mountains in los angeles county in december 1980. she was found strangled, naked with bruising on her right side. she was last seen leaving a van nuys calif. bar 2 weeks prior to her body being found, but she was only dead for about 48hours before being discovered in a brushy area just of the edge of a ridge. she was in the fetal position and was sexually assaulted with all her jewelry gone.i I have some inforamation givin to me that I requested from the los angeles sheriff. but nothing of us. my mom was only 17 when it happened it was never a front page story I have the newspapers im close to giving up all hope I need information on this case. any serial killer active in los angeles county at this time? anything will help (william bradford has already been ruled out through DNA testing done in 2008)……. her name was EIleen levick

    • I am on your mom’s FB Friend’s list. She and I spoke about this at your mom’s 30th reunion in Woodland Hills. She seemed resigned there would be no outcome when we spoke. I will talk with you or ALG about our conversation if either of you want to pursue what she and I talked about. Randy

    • Hi Patricia. My parents were friends of your grandparents and my brother and I are about the same age as your mom and uncle. I have often thought of your grandmother over the years. It seemed to us her case was not given much attention and I have often wondered if it would ever be solved. She was a something special, your grandmother.

      • Hi Jacqueline,
        Wow what a surprise to see your post. Email me at I look forward to hearing from you. I can fill you in on a little bit more of what’s been going on with my mom’s case.

  319. louis william toth jr was murdered in 1976 [december] in cheboygan,mi does any one know who killed him?

  320. I am seeking information on a man with the last name of Long in the 70’s, He was murdered in Mississippi and was alledgedly murdered by his wife, Diana Long, and then decapitated. The story told has been told that one of her children helped her commit the murder and they repeatedly shot Mr. Long. I also remember hearing as a child that the daughter didn’t believe he was dead, so Diana decapitated him to prove it. She was supposedly caught with his head in the trunk of her vehicle, but she wasn’t convicted that I am aware of. I would like to find out any information on his murder. I don’t remember his first name. Will someone please help?

    • Teri, My fathers last name is Long. Their family is from Grand Bay Ala but lived in Pascagoula, MS. I will ask my aunts to see if they know anything. Im curious now.

      • Thanks Anita. I have heard about this story since I was a child. It haunts me to this day. I wonder what really happened and why?

  321. I am trying to locate information on the murder of Michael Joseph Esslinger. He was supposedly shot by Michael Doc Stanley July 25,1976 in Albion California. Michael Stanley was arrested on July 26,1976 I believe and was charged with the murder. I am wondering what ever came of this case and if anyone knows if he was convicted. Thanks

  322. I am looking for any information about the murder of [ LOUIS WILLIAM TOTH JR.] MURDERED IN Cheboygen, mi. December 1976 in his home.I think maybe his son killed him? If any one remembers any thing please reply.

  323. To: Paul
    Re: Louis W. Toth, Jr. murder

    This is the only article I was able to locate:

    The Argus Press – December 7, 1976
    A 15-year old youth was in custody today in the shooting death of a 38-year old rural Cheboygan resident. State Police said Louis Toth was shot during a family argument. Authorities would not release other details of the case.

  324. I am looking for information about a murder that occured in an alley between Seymore Ave. and Walnut St. in Lansing, Michigan in the summer of 1972. I don’t think the crime was ever solved. I don’t even know the name of the victim, a woman in her late 50’s.

  325. I am seeking information on a victim’s remains found on Bar X St. in East Dallas, Texas during the summer of 1981 or1982. I was in high school at the time, and I lived on Claremont Drive, which is the next street over. Her body was discovered after one of the residents on my street found his dog had dragged her skull into his yard. She was found not too far behind my house either under some brush or a mattress. It’s difficult to remember many of the details because I was 16-17 years old, and the incident was terribly frightening. She was a white female, but I’m not sure of her age or cause of death. I am also unsure if her murder was solved. I have thought about her many times over the years and wondered about her identity. If anyone remembers this incident or has any information, please reply.

  326. No, I did not know any of the family but Tracy is my half-sister. I did not know her that well. Unfortunately the opportunity was taken away from my brothers and I. Tracy, along with my brothers did spend time together on a few occasions. There is much I do not know about the relationship between Robert and Paul before the tragedy. I ask that you remember that it is my opinion when I surmise. My only reference are police reports and background reports. Having said that, jealousy comes in many forms. Some people never forget the past. We are talking about a man with no regard for human life as his past record shows. To me it is the old adage of ” a leopard never changes his spots.” His record proves this. I can have my opinion but the hard core fact is that we will never know why he decided to act upon whatever emotion or belief he had at that moment. There are an infinite numbers of tragedy with “why?” involved. I wish I knew myself for I cannot comprehend it. Sometimes I question my own opinions but for now it is my belief at this point in my life it was jealousy. The one factor that throws me is the alcohol. Drunk people do stupid things. How many people do we know who change when they drink? How many times when old friends get together and drink they sometimes fight or disagree on the present or the past. Just thinking out loud. I wonder sometimes why did he just sit there after the crime. Was he satisfied that he evened an old score or did he just not give a damn because of his past criminal behaviors. Once again you arrive at that question of why.

  327. Bonnie,
    I am trying to get some information on a Murder of a young girl who lived at 179 Steven Drive in Cheektowaga NY. She supposedly was beaten and strangled within the basement of that house? I do not have an exact date but am assuming between 1967 and 1997. I have been unable to get any information about this crime or the young girl and was hoping you could help me out or give me some form of direction on where I may be able to obtain the information myself.
    or from anyone else who may have any information on this case
    Thank you so much and look forward to hearing from you soon

  328. In March on 1991 my brother (Hiram Matos Jr.) he was 19 years old when he was killed in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. He laid on the street where this man in a pick up seen him and pick him up and drove him to the hospital. All the man can say was that he seen a car leave the scene. The car had cuban flags and stickers on it. Till this day its an open cold case and nothing has been resolved.

  329. Looking for information on the murder of Ron Taylor 1980’s Romeoville Illinois on Fenton Ave.

  330. thank you for remembering jonathan james..

  331. Unquestionably believe that which you said. Your favorite justification seemed to be on the internet the easiest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while people consider worries that they just don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  332. In eagle river ,alaska the organized crime is horrendous!Gangsters own the city of anchorage alaska police and they are in charge of the gangsters in eagleriver ,alaska!One gangstalker that i always see perpetrating crimes in eagle river and wears a truck racing team jacket he seems to be a kingpin for the older gangsters in eagleriver alaska.If i get on the internet like this to call attention tothese thugs then they (the gangsters attack without mercy)! Prevention of gangs is impossible they (the gangs) are here to stay,the gangsters of the old white nazis and the mexican gangsters are here to stay in eagleriver,alaska.It would do you almost as much good to hold back the tide as to stop these evil gangstalkers! Pray to God to rid us of these physical manifestations of evil!

  333. I had a former co-worker named Teresa whose last name I forgot. Teresa was raped, strangled and left naked on the side of a California road in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s. Her death is what got me interested in reading true crime books. Now that I’m trying to find info about Teresa, it’s like she never lived. With all the data bases and web sites, I can’t seem to find any evidence my particular Teresa ever lived. I know there was a small newspaper story about her but paper’s archives aren’t online for the time period. I will write Teresa’s story because she deserves to be remembered. But I might have to fabricate the ending if I don’t discover whether or not her murderer was ever caught.

  334. I used this site to follow-up on two murders that had an impact on me in 1984. This was the rape and murders of Kelly Cooper and Ermie Innunez in Mesa Arizona. I knew Kelly’s mother. Amazingly, I found on this site that 22 yr. old DNA was found and used to convict one of the killers. A blog set up here let me follow what happened and even see words from Kelly’s mom before she passed.

    One murderer however remains unidentified. I am attempting to keep an eye on papers and news and the internet for sexual predators that may have been in this area around the same time. Just in case.

    One predator/murderer that I’ve not found anything about on this site is Staff Sgt. Arthur Bennett. Bennett was stationed in Arizona in the early 90s. Would you have any information on his whereabouts in 1984, or know how I could find that information?

    I know these a crazy long-shots, but I have the time and would appreciate any input you could give me.

  335. Allen Chambers Agency Case Number: 1995-1070-353
    Mesa, Arizona
    I posted above but have already ruled out Sgt Bennett. I am now focusing on this man, Allen Chambers. Mr Chambers is suspected of murdering his wife (Mindi’s mother) 1967, convicted of sexual assault of another woman in NY in 1968. Got custody of daughter Mindi in 1972. Alleged to begin molesting Mindi in 1977. Mindi disappeared from Mesa/Tempe area (University and Price Rd.)1982 four days after telling police Dad was molesting her. Missing Persons report filed 13 years later, in 1995.

    Kelly Cooper and her friend Ermie were murdered in Aug 1984. Just a few miles from where Mindi disappeared.

    Mr Chambers was a long distance truck driver and was killed in an accident in 1994.

    I’m new at this, any hints on how I can find out where Chambers was in Aug 1984, and if he was considered in this other case, I would appreciate.

  336. Regarding post by Vicki on Feb. 12, 2012

    From the newspaper articles I’ve read about the double murder of
    Kelly Cooper and Ermalinda Ianuzzi in 1984, the person that found the girls’ body was Martha Michelle Scott. In 2006, Mark Stephen Merila (also known as Scott Junior Merila) was charged with the murders based upon a DNA match. At the time of the murders, Martha Michelle Scott was the girlfriend of Mark Stephen Merila.

    In 1984 Martha Michelle Scott told the sheriff’s office that she was driving in the area looking for a party when she spotted the bodies. However, in 2006 her story was that Mark Stephen Merila took her to the crime scene two days after the killings and directed her to the spot where the decomposing bodies were. In 2006, law enformcement indicated they are looking for a second unknown person believed to be involved in the slayings. It appears you are also looking for this second unknown person. Rather than focus your search on random sexual deviants in the area, shift your focus to associates of Martha Michelle Scott and Mark Stephen Merila at the time of the murders. Merila admitted to law enforcement that he was celebrating his 20th birthday on Aug. 25, 1984, in the area where the bodies were found. My recommendations are as follows:

    1. Find out whether Martha Michelle Scott has been cleared via DNA of any involvement in the murders. She was Merila’s girlfriend and she found the bodies. It is possible that she had more involvement in the murders as it is not uncommon for women to participate by helping to lure the victims and/or participating in the actual murder.

    2. Find out who Merila was with when he was celebrating his birthday in 1984. The girls were murdered by a pair of people working together, so the unknown second person is very likely someone that Merila was associating with at the time. Focus on these folks.

    Law enforcement may not answer the above questions for you since the case is still open and being investigated, but you can telephone them to see what (if any) information they will share. You may have to continue to dig for info on your own, but if you focus on 1 and 2 above, you will find the other person. Be careful. Good luck.

  337. Deb
    Thank you so VERY MUCH. That is helpful, and it will get me re-focused. I appreciate you spending the time you have on this. Although it was said there was a second DNA they did NOT say it was from semen, so you have a very good point.

    Thanks again for the direction.

  338. Angie was a friend of mine at SMU. We had been on a few dates and she invited me to some of her Sorority parties. She was beautiful, intelligent, and very nice to be around. When she died I was devastated. I was asked to speak at her service but just could not do it. I think I spoke with her friend Trish (who posted above) a few years ago. At that time we did not have a suspect on custody.

  339. Re: post by Viki on February 15, 2012


    Please contact me at

    I have some info that I wanted to share with you. It may help in your research.



  340. Regarding post by Vicki on Feb. 12, 2012


    I located official court documentation that indicates semen from Merila was located on Kelly Cooper and semen from an unknown male was located on Ermalinda.

    The murders occurred the night before Merila’s 20th birthday, and he told friends that he was going to party. The girls’ bodies appeared to have been dragged to the dump site from the roadway. It stands to reason that Merila’s accomplice that night — who undoubtedly was a family member, friend, or new pal to party with — was hanging out with Merila and they rode in a car together.

    Also, I ran across an article that described Martha Scott as being 18 years old and pregnant with Merila’s child at the time he led her to the bodies. Perhaps this was an exercise in intimidation on Merila’s part and Martha Scott was a victim of his control and cruelty? Or perhaps Martha Scott helped lure the victims, was present when the murders occurred, or even participated in the murders? We may never know. She did go on to later marry Merila, although the marriage ultimately ended in divorce.

    See my earlier entry for my email address and contact me if you’d like the documents I’ve gathered.


  341. does anyone know about a murder back in the late 70’s early 80’s in madison heights michigan involving a girl named polly who lived on barret st. she was found under a car on the next street which was rowland st. i lived on that street and was young don’t remember much but there were alot of rumors that someone in her family did it.

  342. Just ran across this site and wondered if anyone remembers or knows anything about the murder of a girl named Diane Taylor in Chicago in August of 1963, I believe. It happened when I was eight, and I think it was the first time I’d ever heard about a child murder. For some reason, it struck me anyway, as I kept the newspaper articles for quite a while after it happened. Her memory never really left me, and I often wonder if anyone was ever able to solve the case. Sometimes I think that’s the reason I’ve always been interested in true crime cases.

    • Jan,

      It looks like it is still unsolved, unfortunately. I have not found much since right after it happened, but I believe if there had been someone arrested, it would have been publicized.

      • Thanks! I had already found the information listed below, but that’s all I could find online. Seems as if the case was never solved, but I wondered if anyone else had found different information.

  343. To: Jan
    Re: Diane Taylor murder

    Go to and type in the following:

    How do you find information about the murder of a little girl named Diane Taylor in the mid-1960’s in Chicago

    A whole lot of info will come up about the Diane Taylor murder. Many of the responses are from people that were classmates of Diane and knew her well.

  344. my brother was murdered in 74, in Dayton, he was known as boy x for 35 years until i had DNA tested and he was finally identified, his name is Jimmy Dean Johnson, some called him James, he was thirteen years old when he was killed, the police have told me that they will probably never find out who killed him but if anyone knows anything or remembers anything please let me know or the Dayton police department, i barely know any details because they say its still an active case and they won’t tell me anything other than what they released to the papers, we shouldn’t have to solve these crimes ourselfs, or hunt down children that were never reported missing, it was real messed up how the state of Ohio did my little brother and how they forced me to sign papers saying i wouldn’t sue them before they even considered helping me even a little, he was a ward of the state,and they were responsible for him, period. so if anyone knows anything feel free to share i am listening thanks

  345. I am looking for information on a murder years ago… His name was Clyde Eric Radabaugh but he went by Gator… I never got the whole story and cannot find any info on it. Can you help?

    • Bobbie,

      Was Clyde (Gator) the victim or killer? And where did this happen? The ones I found are different names, with a Mark “Gator” Rogowski as a killer (high profile case out of CA), a Roy Radabaugh who was murdered in FL and a Brent Radabaugh who was indicted for murder in WV.

  346. When I was in 7th grade in Galesburg, Illinois (1973?), a classmate’s 21-year old older sister was murdered in Iowa, where she had move from Illinois after getting married. Her name was Mary Kamp Senne, and she was the daughter of a local surgeon.

    I never forgot that – it was the first real life “horror” I’d ever heard of, at age 12, I guess. I googled it, and there is an Iowa Cold Case file online, but really no information about it beyond that she was found lying dead and fully dressed on the floor of her apartment, the phone lines had been cut, and there were no signs of any struggle. The police were quoted as suspecting robbery as a motive. Why would someone cut phone lines for a mere robbery? She was a beautiful 21-year old newlywed — surprised the case was never solved with current forensics/DNA. Just curious…if anybody knows anything about it, post…thanks

  347. To: Richard, Joe, MFC, Lynn, DavidJK Teddy, Ella, Dave
    Re: Alan Fredian

    Too bad we’re so old that we don’t know how to run a string. I don’t really know why I keep checking out this sit every year or so. I guess there’s just some things that stick with you. Regarding some of the newer comments I’ve read and my views:

    Ella, you are 100% right on the “fruit of the poisoned tree” regarding the shovel. gas cans, and cloth?[never heard that before]. However, Karl had blood, sputum and hair pulled [after initially declining.] Could be something there.

    Dave, I don’t think drugs had anything to do with it. Alan gave me grief about having a beer. And I doubt it was about a girl; I don’t think either one ever had a girlfriend. As to Uncle Joe – he wasn’t weird, just wimpy. I don’t recall Karl in the advisory group. “why did he do it?” I don’t know. My theory? The Hole was kind of spooky. Alan was a prankster. Did he jump out and surprise Karl and get hit by the 2×4? [Karl liked to “arm” himself.] Did he then freak out and go home and get his brothers to help him out? I don’t know, but they were best friends. While I know Karl is guilty, I can’t see it as premeditated.

    I inferred from some comments that the search group was made up of swim team members. One of the items on the search warrant was LT swim team T shirts. The cops wanted to check the records of purchase for Karl’s family as one of the burnt items found in the trash can at Waiola Park was one. Frankly, I don’t recall if Karl was a swim team member, but his brother was.

    Here are the facts of the search; On the Sunday morning there was a gathering of family and friends at the house of one of the other kids who was with Alan that night. I was told that someone said “we should check out the Hole.” [I was at work but knew everyone there.] They went there and a friend of mine [on the swim team] found the shoe sticking out of the ground. I was also told that Karl was at the furthest end of the search line. Ella, I’m not the Steve on the swim team.

    Twice since that time I have run into Karl. Once was while hitching down Brainard Ave. after school and he pulled over to give me a ride. The other time was on the Burlington and he was sitting across the aisle. I’m just glad he didn’t come over to talk.

    • Steve Dunne, you could not be more wrong. Yes they took a gas can, and a shovel. What garage in LaGrange did not have both of those?

      Every posting above makes the statement that the evidence was suppressed. That, too, is totally incorrect. No evidence was suppressed. The can of gas and the shovel were admitted. Turns out they were unrelated to the crime. The clothing that was found, the swim team tshirt you mentioned, was way too small to fit Karl, who as you know was 6′ at the time. It actually fit the other two boys.

      Blood evidence was found at the scene. Guess what. That did not match either.

      You know how a dirty lawyer gets an indictment? He pulls together a special grand jury made up of the least educated folks he can find. Then he stands up in front of them and asks questions of the mother like, “What would you say if I told you that we found type A blood at the scene and that your son is type AB, but is so light on the B that it appears to be type A?” The mother knows nothing about blood science and cannot answer. The grand jury hears this very damning concept and is just ready to indict. The reality is, what he said is a scientific impossibility. Blood types simply do not act that way. But if you look at how he said it, he did not really make that claim. He said, “What would you say if I told you…” Neat trick. He can lie up and down in front of the grand jury. He gets his indictment. He cannot be pursued legally for actually lying.

      Your comment suggests that Karl went home and got his brothers to help him out. Where in the world does that come from? The oldest brother was off at college. The middle brother was laid up with an injured knee. He could not even walk.

      That injury is what should have saved Karl from this entire travesty. That evening Karl was home watching TV. The middle brother had a knee swollen to the size of a 16′ softball and was laying in bed. The mom was laying across the room on the oldest brother’s bed. Karl was on the floor. The entire evening was spent that way. Too bad his mother’s testimony about this was ignored.

      Steve Dunne, you should know better. You were also on the short list of suspects. How you can come back 30 years later and spout this garbage, I will never know.

      Folks, there were two victims here. Alan was a good kid, and Karl’s best friend. He was the first victim. Karl was the second victim. The Chicago politicians had promised to deliver the killer. In reality, they did not care who they delivered. Karl was the guy they went after.

      With a site like this you really need to be careful what you write and who you slander. Before you write something with names, addresses, etc. be sure you know what you are talking about. Just spouting rumors and hearsay, even repeating incorrect media reports, can be very damaging to an innocent person.

      Where do I get my facts? I know because I was there. I am the middle brother who was injured at the time.

      Steve Dunne, you should be ashamed.

      • Wow, this forum and the threads about Alan Fredian is turning interesting. I never knew Alan but I do know the Fredians. I was practically a member of the family and was best friends with Marty and Justin, I was at my sisters house last Thanksgiving and Colleen Burke ( lived four doors down from Fredians) was a guest. For some reason she brought up that someone stated to her that Karl was killed in a car crash. Hence, being curious I journeyed here to find out the truth. One thing I am discovering is the “urban myth” status the subject matter has become and that in this mix I smell a big fat hairy rat. Having worked and interfaced with Cook County politicians in the 80’s I know they are absolutely corrupted. I am sure nothing has changed. Hanrahan was the worst.

        With that said I am shocked but not surprised that this alibi was not a well known “top of mind” fact amongst the public. Also, that their were other “candidates” in the case. Maybe its time to bring the case up again and just skip all the rumors and innuendos, The lack of professionalism by the authorities is appalling and reeks of politics. I know the LaGrange cops were completely incompetent. Time to apply new investigative techniques and technologies to the case starting with the lie detector. If Karl is innocent we’ll find that out fast. I am intrigued by other candidates involvement and why they were dismissed. Of course, any reopening would have to come from the Fredians themselves. I’ll talk with Marty and see what he thinks about all this.

        • I was in college when this happened but I know this….it really changed things. This just did not happen in LaGrange and Western Springs. Thankfully it was the end of the HOLE which had been problem for over a decade. It seems odd that no one has come foreward given that it was high school kids involved. It leads me to believe that only one person living knows the truth and the best you can hope for is a death bed confession.

        • There are a few problems with what you suggest. Probably most important is the fact that, when all this was going on, they had no evidence at all that pointed to any individual. They had nobody with a motive, nobody with opportunity, and nothing to put anyone at the scene of the crime. That is why they had to fabricate a case with the hopes that evidence would be kept out, at which point they could say that they tried but the killer got away on a technicality. There simply was no evidence to begin with.

          The “blood evidence” they had (semen from Alan’s shorts) only came up during the grand jury phase when they were manipulating the people sitting on the jury. It was not mentioned in the actual trial. If it actually existed, it is most likely a match to Alan. That line of questioning never had the chance to be pursued.

          Regarding polygraph tests, are you aware that they are not admissible in court? The reason is that they do not actually indicate truths or lies. Their output is interpreted by an analyst. Two different analysts can come up with two different interpretations. Beyond that, those involved in this 30 years ago saw the witch hunt that was under way. I am pretty sure nobody would cooperate. After all, they would not be looking to find someone innocent. Talking to them could only bring you trouble. The only answer an investigator might get would be “I do not remember.” After 30 years that is a valid response to any question they could ask.

          Finally, any actual evidence that might remain is now tainted. They would have the same problem now that they had after the original trial. That is, they took all their evidence and said it pointed to one person. After that they could not turn around and then say it pointed to another.

          I see no way that this could be reopened.

      • Dave, I know nothing about the murder of your brothers friend so many years ago. I am saddened when I read about unsolved crimes where people’s lives were taken. I have a very dear friend who suffers to this day because her daughters murderer has never been found since 1985. I have been intrigued with this story and the indictment and acquittal of your brother Karl. I hope you can find peace in your heart to forgive those who wrongly accused your brother of a crime he obviously did not commit. Peace be with you and your family and the family of Alan.

  348. To: Bobbie
    Re: Clyde Eric “Gator” Radabaugh

    Is the murder you are referring to that of Clyde Eric “Gator” Radabaugh (b. 25 Sep 1979 and d. 29 Mar 1998) and lived in Ohio? His parents were Clyde and Mary. He was the oldest of six children: Clyde “Gator”, Desiree, Nathan, Katherine, Ashley, and Athena.

    If this is the person you are seeking info about, I will be glad to do some research and see what info I can find. Just wanted to make sure I had the correct individual before starting.

  349. To: Bonnie
    Re: Murders at 7429/7431 Third Road in Bartlett, TN

    I am seeking information on two unsolved murders, which happened in the early 70’s, possibly 1971-1972, at 7429/7431 Third Road in Bartlett, TN. The victim’s names were Hershall and Helen Holman. I’m not sure if the last name is spelled correctly. It could be Hallman, but I cannot locate any information on the internet. Helen was married to J. T. and Hershal was her brother. He was murdered in the house, and her body was found around Hawkins Mill Road in Memphis, TN. The house is also a duplex, so I’m not sure how it would be listed. The husband was a suspect in the murders, but he was never charged and was killed years later in a bus accident. Please help me!

    • Correction, the husband’s name was J. L., but I’m not sure what the initials stand for. Thank you.

  350. I grew up in Lapeer county Mi. My mother used to tell us about a guy who murdered 5 brothers in november 1949 or so. The murders occured during hunting season .The 5 brothers went hunting in the forest on the corner of M21 and Mitchell Lake rd. With the guy who shot them. He then went home and ate his dinner with his parents.He was arrested that night and confessed. He was sentenced to life in prison. I can not find anything on line about this case.A couple years before that Oliver Terpenning murdered 4 children with a 22 rifle. In the spring of 1947. Does anyone have any info about this case?

  351. I am looking for information on a case that I believe is still unsolved. It happened a number of years ago (10?) on Long Island. Three sisters were brutally attacked. Two died – I believe beaten to death – and the third either escaped or was left for dead but survived. She suffered some brain damage and was unable to recall details of the attacker to assist in the investigation. Their father’s name was John. Their mother had passed away from cancer and he had been raising the 3 girls as a single parent.
    Thank you.

  352. Confused… I am from PC and my cousin used to date Alan Myers, the one who died at 19 in a car accident, and when we were all hanging out one day he was talking about how the PC police had killed his father but considering that I was only 18 at the time it’s cloudy what he actually said but I could almost sware that he told me his father was killed when police broke down a door and shot him and his friends because of drugs and I remember he said it was out on Fudge road, I remember this because we all used to talk about fudge road a lot and go out there trying to find out about the midget house etc… Now that I have been reading a lot of what you have written about the trip hom I’m confused if he was talking about that or if there is another story like it that happened on Fudge road. I have tried looking it up and can’t find anything like that, that happened on Fudge Rd…can anyone clarify this for me? It’s driving me crazy!

  353. I’m confused… My cousin used to date Alan Myers, the one who died at 18 in a car accident, and I remember he said one time that his dad had been killed by PC Police because of drugs along with his friends in a farmhouse on FUDGE RD… It’s kinda foggy remembering exactly what he said since I was only 18 at the time and am now 32 but I specifically remember he said Fudge Rd, now was he referring to the trip hom or is this something completely different and another thing like it happened on Fudge Rd? I have been reading your posts and it brought back what he had told me years ago and now it’s driving me crazy because I can’t find anything about any murders on fudge rd…

  354. Was the murder of David Gariepy ever solved? He was murdered in I think the early to mid 80’s in Redford or Detroit. I think it had something to do with drugs, but I think he was shot and they had found his body left in an alley behind the house it happened in (if I remember correctly). Thanks for any info you may have.

    • Jeanne,

      I could not find anything on this at all. Is the last name spelled correctly? There is a detective in Indiana with that name, but that is all I could find.

  355. Unfortunately I have had two murders, one in my family one a friend. The first one is joseph white, he was 24 years old and my friend. He wasn’t a tough guy but took the easy way to make money by drugs. He was living with his gf and maybe his kids when he and his wife (and maybe his kids) were stabbed and murdered in there house in a drug deal gone wrong. This is before the 2000s for sure I think maybe mid 80s

    Secondly my cousin Kimberly (Kim) Halliman was relatively young (twenties I think) was murdered by her boyfriend who put her body in the trunk, drove around for a while then he hung himself (successfully)

    I can’t find much on either of these cases. Could you please tell me who killed them and what happened to the murderer

  356. On March 21, 1973, it was my 22 birthday. My next door neighbor Helmet Mueller was to take me to a local Chicago bar to celebrate my birthday. He drove me to the bar but first he drove in the alley behind a home in the 2500 block of North Burling Street, just north of Fullerton Ave to check out a house. He then dropped me off at the bar & then said he would be back to pick me up. He never came back to get me. I celebrated my birthday alone. The next day I get a weird telephone call from his friend Wayne Springer, calling from jail stating he was arrested for a murder the night before of two drug dealers who lived on Burling Street. I then got a call from Wayne’s lawyer asking me to testify to Wayne’s whereabouts from the night before. I had heard them plotting this killing months before it happened, however they were always drunk, stoned or hallucinating on so many drugs that I thought they were full of crap. I was subpoenaed to go to court to testify on Wayne’s behalf. Helmet Mueller took these two drug dealers out to the suburbs, along with a woman I think & strung them up & murdered them. He used me as his alibi that he was at the bar all night with me. I haven’t seen this guy since that day in court before he was deported back to Germany. He had a girlfriend who was a stripper, named Eileen. I’d like to know if Helmet ever served time for this crime; what happened to Wayne & Eileen. I moved out of that apartment complex on Southport right after this happened. I’m curious to know all of the details of what happened & who was actually charged with the murder, if anyone was. The Lawyer at the time for Wayne is now or was a Chicago judge.

  357. thank you for your site…it makes looking up the cases on ID much easier.

  358. Hello,I would like to find out what website I can search on my grandmothers murder.This happened in the 70’s early 80’s.Bourborville Kentucky.My grandmother was babysitting a neighbors child,and had her nephew with her.She lived near a coal mine,in a riggity shack, is what i was told.Someone set her home on fire.I can not get any more information on her.Her name was Mae McCulley.Thank you in advance.

  359. When I was Youner I lived in Lapeer County Mi. My Mother and other people would tell us about 5 brothers who were murdered during deer hunting around November of 1945 or so. The guy who killed them was convicted and sentenced to Life without parole.Cant find anything on line about this case.

  360. I was wondering if you could help me find out what happened to a young man in the early 80’s behind Arbor Hill Elemetary School Albany New York. His name was Edward Crowely. I went to school with him but due to behavorial problems I was sent downstate. Please help me find out what happened to him cause I’ve heard several stories and searching the web I’ve came up with nothing. Thank you.

  361. Back in 1985/86 there was a murder in Charleston WV. My cousin Doug Jones was charged with being involved in the killing. I would like to find out what happened in this case because I know Doug has been walking the streets of Charleston for years! Any info would be GREAT!!!

    Thank you in advance

  362. What happened to this site?

  363. This may sound silly but, although I have never had any interest in being an actress, I have always wanted to be a reinactment “actress”. Mostly in historical reinactments but true crime ones would be interesting as well. Does anyone know how you would go about that? Thank you.

  364. Hi I am curious if you can find out anything about a murder that took place I believe occurred in 1983-1985 in the San Fernando Valley, California. I have the names of the convicted teenage boys that were convicted of this murder but I can not find anything at all about the crime. I knew both of these boys growing up and I just want to know what actually took place if there is anyway you can find out will you please email me with the information? My email address is idbphoto, The names of the boys convicted of the crime are as follows: James Jade Olson, from Canoga Park , CA currently incarcerated in a California prison his prison # is D11191 The other boy’s name is Chris Bednar from Chatsworth, CA he was sent to the CYA (California Youth Authority) and was released when he turned either `18 or 21 years of age and I even saw him quite soon after his release, only I didn’t recognize him as he approached me and sort of blew him off, it was only years later that I realized who he was and that he had involvement in that crime. I used to go out with Jimmy, well he took me to a school dance actually and he had written to me for a while after his conviction but he would never discuss what happened other than there was some sort of marijuana deal that went wrong and the man got shot, I don’t know what really happened or if he was telling me the truth about that or not, i know that he blamed Chris and Chris blamed him, I believe in court but they were both ultimately convicted and that is all I know, well other than someone who;s house they went to said something about either seeing them in bloody clothes or they left bloody clothing there at that person’s house and I think that is how they ended up getting in trouble because from what I understand that person notified the authorities about the bloody clothes. Anything you can tell me would be really appreciated I often think of that poor man being killed over something as petty as an ounce of weed! Supposedly one of the boys said they thought the man was going for a gun so they shot him first but there ended up he didn’t even have a gun, but as I stated above I am not even certain if this story was even what really happened or if it was something else entirely. I haven’t been able to find out one thing from the internet whatsoever I think I have looked everywhere there is to look and I can not find that this even took place. Could this be due to the fact they were juveniles at the time of their convictions? This is discouraging because I am afraid you won’t be able to help me if that is the case. Anyway anything you can tell me will be appreciated. I thank you for you time and consideration in advance.

  365. I would first like to say that this site is incredible. So much info and the site owner and so many people are willing to devote their time to help others in their search for answers. There have been no new posts for a while but on the off chance that someone may see this and know something it’s worth a try. I am interested in finding out what happened to a woman named Pauline who disappeared in Toronto, Canada over 40 years ago. My family knew her for a few years in the mid 60s. She was a good friend of my mother’s, although she was much younger, and she visited often. One day after we hadn’t seen her for a while she called my mother and said she would be coming over and that she had something tell her. She never showed up and we never heard from her again. We never saw anything in the newspapers or heard anything about her. She seems to have just disappeared. I was only about 13 at the time. I always thought something bad happened to her. I can’t remember too many details after all these years. I have tried searching the web but it was so long ago and she had a very common name. I couldn’t find anything. I no longer live in Ontario. This is all I can remember about her:

    Her name was Pauline Sheehan. She would have been born in 1941 or maybe late 1940. She was part Native and Irish. She had short dark hair and I think her eyes were brown. She was a nice, fun person and laughed a lot. We met her in 1965 when she babysat for my aunt. Pauline was pregnant at the time (out of wedlock, which was somewhat scandalous back then) and 24 yrs old. She had the baby in late ’65 or early ’66 and gave it up for adoption. I don’t know if it was a boy or a girl. She had a brother maybe 4 or 5 years younger – I can’t remember his name and don’t know if she had any other siblings. I don’t know if she was from Toronto, I seem to think she may have been from a smaller town. She disappeared probably in ’67 or could have been ’68.

    I know it’s a long shot but if anyone knows anything about her please post.

  366. Hi I’m doing a search on my family to find out about our past. So happens you have my great grandfather on your site. Not in a good way, come to find out he killed someone. I was looking at the news paper clippings to see if it had his middle name and it did but I can’t read it. Is there any way you could tell me? His name was Orville Warren. I’m now trying to find out about his case and when he died. Any help would be helpful. Thank you so much.

  367. Re: September 6: 1982: In Craig, AK Mark Coulthurst, wife Irene (pregnant), their 2 children and 4 teenagers were shot to death on their boat, and then the boat was set on fire. It remains unsolved.

    Just wanted to let you know the case WAS solved 2 years after it occurred.,,20088849,00.html

  368. I see you are from Chicago. Do you write about unsolved cases? DOB 12/01/89 – DOD 12/7/09 Lacey Claire Gaines Murder Case #09-06670 Justice, IL
    Her case has gone cold.

  369. The story of Sheila Marie Evans breaks my heart. She was beautiful and I’m so very sorry about what happened to her. Does anyone know if there are any more pictures online of this precious little girl? Whatever happened to her younger siblings and are they doing well these days? I can’t believe anyone would do this to a baby. And the evil, disgusting thing that did it is still alive today! Good that her poor excuse of a mother is no longer on this earth. How could she have allowed that to happen to her child? Why did she stay with a monster who I’m sure she knew was sexually abusing and torturing her child. Hopefully she’s still paying the price in the after-life….and he will too one day.

  370. On August 2, 1985 in Lincoln Park, Michigan Donna (Potas) Gomez was murdered in her home. Her mother is a friend of mine and she is still distraught over her daughter’s murder to this day. The case is still unsolved. Here is a link to the information about the case

    If anyone has any information about this case, please respond here or call the numbers listed on the website. There is a cash reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the murder of Donna (Potas) Gomez.

  371. My uncle was murdered in 1975 in Orogrande, NM. His name was Billie Preusser. He was shot in the head. My uncles and mother never had any clear details of this case and I want to know what happened.
    Who would I contact to find out. Where would I start?

  372. Looking for Rick, sue belotes boyfriend. Lost contact after her murder if you get this message, please reply

  373. I am looking for information about a murder in Elko NV in 1980.
    Her name was Kim Simpson. I came across this on an archived site for the cemetery and now I am really curious about it.

    • Susan, I lived next door to Kim. She was like a sister to me. I was a witness at her murder trial. What exactly would you like to know, I can try to help.

  374. I am a product of rape. In October of 1978 my birth mother was allegedly raped and left for dead, she not only survived but she also got pregnant that day.

    Through DNA I have confirmed exactly who my birth father is. After doing a paper trail on this man he went to prison 3 months later for another rape of a woman in front of her husband. His record stretches from Galveston, Houston and Brazoria country.

    My mother was raped by multiple men that day. It is my belief that this group did this to many women. I guess you could say I’m walking evidence.

  375. In 1987, my uncle Jimmy Yount went to Nevada with another person to play at the casinos. He had been in a wheelchair due to a stroke, and was paralyzed on his left side, so he was dependent (to a degree) on the man that went there with him. He never came home. The man that escorted him did, but I can’t find out anything else since then. He always called my grandmother every Friday night to let her know that he was okay. His last call to her was to ask her to send him some money, so I suspect he either needed the money to get home, or he owed someone some money. Normally he would win money when there, and would come home with much more then he would take with him. That is all I remember. How can I find out what happened to my uncle? He was a good man, and he is deeply missed. The man that escorted my uncle there had stated that they had gotten separated, but how does that happen? Your being paid to be a mans guide…a man in a wheelchair, and you get separated from him?? That man has since died, and other then to say they were separated, he wasn’t talking. I am lost as to what to do next. Any suggestions?

  376. you should look up the Colton Turner case, i think it will be of interest to you!

  377. Is very interesting your site, specialy now that I can to watch the ID channel here in my country (Chile).
    Congratulations for your site.

  378. I am trying to reaserch the Murder, suicide, of my Father Charles Dennis King. That Killed his wife Trina King in 1971. My name is Susan King.I am 64 years old and can FINALLY deal with this. 2 children LIVED. 1 was my 1/2 sister. My Father killed my step mother Trina. By shooting her 14 times. He had to reload his gun to do so. He called the police and said”I killed my wife and now Im killing myself. The police heard his shot, to the head. Id like to know the TRUE story now. Thank You Susan King. This happened in 1971.

  379. Does anyone know or have any information about a male prostitute that went on a multi state killing spree from Louisiana to Texas in a stolen red sports car back in the 80s? He was caught around midland and Odessa Texas in 1984. I heard that his name was Michael Michelob but not sure.

  380. Hello.
    I don’t know if this site is still active or not, but I am looking for any information on a murder in Detroit, MI on September 03, 2003, her name is Sabrina Bannasch, aged 21 years.. She was beaten to death and lit on fire in an abandoned building at the address 4441 35th street. She needed to be identified with her dental records, and she was found with a male who was also burned to death. I am almost curious if he was never identified because a list of all detroit murders in 2003 only lists her being at that spot.
    The list says her name is spelled Bannash, but it’s actually Bannasch. Her cousin is my best friend, and her mother is now deceased so we cannot get any more information.
    I am told there is also a Datelinr, True Crime, or 20/20 episode out there about this murder. I am wondering if anyone remembers it, or has seen it? Please help if you can. It would mean a Lot to my best friend.
    You can email me at

  381. brookes shumway has a parole hearing date February 16 2016 you done an article 1 4 07 he murder christopher ray

  382. Hi…on the Joseph White blog it’s Milwaukee WI. There is a Milwaukie but not in Wisconsin.

  383. is this site still active?

  384. Hi, This blog is about the real life, people pictures are real? I know a person from here and if is a murder why is not in the prission? Please I need to know.

    • Yes, my posts are about real people. A person has to be convicted of murder to be in prison, not just suspected. Look at Casey Anthony. Millions believe she is guilty but she was acquitted at trial and is free. Can you tell me who the person is and I can try to find out why that person is not in prison? If you don’t want to publicly post the name, my email address is mylifeofcrime @

  385. Hi I’m writing from Newcastle in the UK just want to say love the page and would like to receive notification on new story’s will deffo be coming on here often now I’ve found it!!

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