2007 June: Movies Based on True Crimes

This month, I will spotlight some movies that were based on true crimes. I will admit, I watch these! And I collect them. I like old ones, new ones, bad ones, good ones! OK, I have not liked all of them, especially if they stray so far from the truth that it is ridiculous (for me, one example was Nightstalker However, I believe everyone has a right to their own opinion. There are so many movies based on true crimes that I will not be able to cover all of them this month. So I will do it again. I will probably cover alot of the movies that I personally own or like. In fact, it was a movie based on a true crime that got me interested in crime in the first place:

 helter-skelter-1976.jpgHelter Skelter.

I watched it the night it premiered on tv (I was like13 at the time, and surprised that my dad actually let me watch it). I was hooked from there!

 The best place I have found to get the true story behind a movie, is the following website:

Movies Based on True Stories

Traciy has been working on her site for many years now and has put in alot of work. I “met up” with her when she had a Yahoo! group for this (which I really miss by the way!) and we could discuss them. She has continued to add to her database over the years. I am amazed at how many she has been able to dig up. Her site is great. Please visit it.














7 Responses

  1. When will these movies be playing and how do I subscribe


  2. when will these movies be playing


  3. Joan,

    They are not “playing”. I will be and have posted about the true stories behind the movies. However, Lifetime Channel and LMN show these movies.


  4. I found this company called movielead.com- they can give you a vhs or DVD copy of practically ANY TV movie produced in the US. I’ve gotten two movies that aren’t available anywhere for 50.00 each: The Legend of Lizzie Borden” starring Elizabeth Montgomery (probably inaccurate but still creepy) and “And the Sea Will Tell” a 1991 film based on the book about two hippies and two squares “vacationing” on a deserted Pacific atoll…the hippies are accused of murdering the two squares. Not entirely accurate in minute detail- but fairly accurate overall (the implied murderer won’t admit to the deed and this fella-Buck Walker has written a couple of books about it while imprisoned for life…any he’s selling his side of the story online!)


  5. Hi I live in Australia. I came across your Blog when I was trying to find out information about a poor woman that used to live in Virginia,until someone (her husband i think) decided that he no longer wished to be with herand Viciously Murdered her! I often wonder why No charges have been laid at the husband’s feet?
    John R. Thomas. Sydney, AUSTRALIA>


  6. I absolutely love Traciy’s website. She had obviously done an extraordinary amount of work on her research for each story and case. What I love the most is that she has posted pictures of the real people from these cases.

    What I find sad when I visit the links is that so many of these criminals have since been released from prison. I suppose when we watch these movies, the movie ends with the sentence pronounced, and we all feel better knowing that the perpetrator is going to prison. Then we go on with our lives.

    But so many of them are now free after serving so few years. That’s a little depressing I think.


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