Cold Case: Lee Ann Guerrette Daigle charged with the abandonment and death of newborn Baby Jane Doe in 1985

Find-A-Grave: Jane “Aroostook County Jane Doe” Doe
Mother accused of abandoning baby in subzero temperatures in far northern New England in 1985
Woman charged in murder of newborn who was found by dog in Maine gravel pit in 1985
In 1985, a dog in Maine found the body of a baby girl and carried her back to its home. Police just made an arrest.
Lowell, Massachusetts, woman accused of letting newborn baby die in Maine woods in 1985
36 years later, mother arrested for murder of ‘Baby Jane Doe’
Maine cold case of ‘Baby Jane Doe’ cracked 36 years later
A baby died outside in the cold in 1985. Now police say her mother’s to blame
Woman Charged with Murder 36 Years After Newborn ‘Baby Jane Doe’ Was ‘Abandoned in Below Zero Temperatures’ in Gravel Pit

Lee Ann Guerrette Daigle

Serial Killer: Robert Zarinsky killed at least 3 people, probably closer to 10

Police Officer Charles Bernoskie, [11/28/1958] (acquitted at trial)
Mary Ann Klinsky, 18 [9/16/1965] DNA linked him
Jane Katherine Durrua, 13 [11/5/1968] died before trial
Rosemary Calandriello, 17 [8/25/1969] life in prison
Linda Balabanow, 17 [3/27/1969] prime suspect
Joanne Delardo, 15 [12/13/1974] prime suspect
Doreen Ann Carlucci, 14 [12/13/1974] prime suspect

Find-A-Grave: Charles D. Bernoskie
Find-A-Grave: Mary Ann Klinsky
Find-A-Grave: Jane Katherine Durrua
Find-A-Grave: Rosemary K. Calandriello
Find-A-Grave: Joanne Delardo
Find-A-Grave: Doreen Ann Carlucci
New Jersey Girl Murders 1960-1980
Linden Man Held in Slaying of Girl, 16
DNA links suspected serial killer to teen’s 1965 murder in New Jersey
Suspected serial killer tied to 50-year-old homicide
Suspected serial killer investigated in teen’s cold case homicide
A pleasant, not perfect, hometown
Killer’s House Is Searched for Clues in Other Slayings
Suspected serial killer investigated in teen’s cold case homicide
State of New Jersey v Robert Zarinsky 1976 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Suspected serial killer Robert Zarinsky dies in prison
Robert Zarinsky: Why he’s 1 of N.J.’s most notorious killers
Serial Killers: Robert Zarinsky
Murderpedia: Robert Zarinsky
Wikipedia: Robert Zarinsky
Find-A-Grave: Robert Zarinsky

Robert Zarinsky

Cold Case: Valaine Briggs

Valaine Briggs

Find-A-Grave: Valaine Briggs
Valaine Briggs obituary
Officers pursue several leads in coed’s death
Deputies quiz man in S.L. coed slaying
Families are still waiting for an answer to what happened to loved ones
Utah BCI: Unsolved Homicide: Valaine Briggs
Websleuths: UT – Valaine Briggs, 18, Salt Lake City, 5 May 1977

Valaine Briggs

Cold Case: Glenn Edward Williams killed Fernando Calleros and left him in the back of a truck; Sentenced to 10 years in prison

Fernando Calleros

Find-A-Grave: Fernando F Calleros
Man arrested in 1979 homicide, sexual assault cold case in Phoenix
Arrest Made in 42 Year Old Cold Case
Suspect arrested in 1978 beating death and sexual assault
Phoenix cold case solved 40 years after murder and assault
Evidence Preservation Key to Arrest Made in 42-Year-Old Murder Case
Case & Reward Info


Cold Case: Deadly Duo: Richard David Gill and Clyde Dudley robbed the Apothecary Shoppe where Buddy Charles Conti was a pharmacist and killed him; Both died before being charged

Buddy Conti

Buddy C. Conti obituary
Find-A-Grave: Buddy Charles Conti
Robbery victim killed
Search continues for druggist’s killer
Forgotten murder: Police close ’81 cold case, apologize to victims’ families
Suspect in ’81 slaying of Kearns pharmacist serving time in Missouri
Bittersweet Victory: Unified Police Solve A Three Decade Old Cold Case Homicide
1981 murder of Kearns pharmacist solved, police say
Utah police solve 1981 cold-case robbery/murder
Cold case murder solved, police apologize

Richard David Gill (died 6/2013)
Clyde Dudley (suicide) no picture

Cold Case: George B. Toone confessed to killing James Vincent Bednarik behind his apartment building in 1974

James Vincent Bednarik

Find-A-Grave: James Vincent Bednarik
S.L. man shot to death
Man named in 1976 murder in Summit County now linked to 1974 murder in Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City police solve cold case murder 48 years later
Salt Lake City Police announce the closure of a 48-year-old cold case
Utah Department of Public Safety: James Vincent BEDNARIK
Lunch Between Retired Detectives Leads to Break in 1974 Cold Case Homicide
Salt Lake City Cold Case Murder Linked to Stolen Gas Dispute Was Solved After 48 Years Because Two Retired Detectives Had Lunch

I don’t have a picture of George Toone yet, but I will have a picture of the apartment building next week.

Cold Case: Terry Eugene Rouse was killed by his cousin, Craig Lester Thrift, over an affair with his wife; Sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole

Terry Eugene Rouse

Find-A-Grave: Terry Eugene Rouse
Ware authorities file murder charges in 21-year-old disappearance case
Ware authorities file murder charges in 21-year-old disappearance case
Ware County names suspect in 1991 killing
205DMGA – Terry Eugene Rouse
Charley Project: Terry Eugene Rouse
Murder of Terry Rouse by Craig Lester Thrift investigated on Evil Lives Here
Craig Lester Thrift v State of Georgia 2020 (conviction and sentence affirmed)

Evil Lives Here: He Fed Them to Gators


Cold Case: Steven Downs raped and killed University of Alaska Fairbanks student Sophie Sergie; Sentencing will be 9/2022

Sophie Sergie

Find-A-Grave: Sophie Sergie
Case of the Month: Sophie Sergie
Sophie Sergie Murder Original Story
25 years after Sophie Sergie was found dead in a UAF bathtub, Maine man charged with murder
Suspect in Sophie Sergie killing arraigned in Fairbanks on Wednesday
Maine man seeks dismissal of DNA evidence in Alaska rape and murder case
Aunt’s DNA Helped Track Down An Accused In 25-Year Old Murder Case
The jury finds Steven Harris Downs guilty of the murder and sexual assault of Sophie Sergie
Man found guilty 29 years after woman found dead in Alaska college dorm bathtub
Sophie Sergie cold case murder trial ends and goes to jur
Steven Downs found guilty in 29-year-old murder case
Fairbanks jury finds Steven Downs guilty in Sophie Sergie’s 1993 murder, sexual assault at UAF dorm


Age 47
Gender Male
Race White

ID Number 749177
Custody Status Date Aug 10, 2019 02:59 PM AKDT
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Fairbanks Correctional Center

Fairbanks Correctional Center
1931 Eagan St.
Fairbanks, AK 99701
(907) 458-6700

Cold Case: Joe Tucker raped and killed Jana Marie Reynolds in her home; Sentenced to LWOP

Jana Marie Reynolds

Jana Reynolds obituary
Find-A-Grave: Jana Marie Wellmaker Reynolds
Killing Stuns Illinois Community
The People of the State of Illinois v Joe C. Tucker, Jr 2011 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
People of the State of Ill v Joe C. Tucker 2017 (remanded for evidentiary hearing)
Cold Case Closed: The Murder of Jana Reynolds

Cold Case Closed: The Murder of Jana Reynolds

Cold Case Files: Eyes at the Window


Cold Case: Courtney Brooke Atlas confessed to the 1968 murder of Pamela Ann Dorrington; Already in prison for the murder of his wife, Donna, sentenced to 120 years with no parole

Donna Jean Else, 40 [7/17/1983]
Pamela Ann Dorrington, 19 [2/17/1968]

Atlas was also designated a dangerous offender on 8/10/1985

Find-A-Grave: Donna Jean Else
Find-A-Grave: Pamela Ann Dorrington
Montana prison inmate confesses to 1968 slaying
Cold Case: killer confesses to 1968 Montana murder
Man Serving 100-Year-Sentence For Killing Wife Confesses to Additional 1968 Murder of Teen
Convicted Killer, 79, Confesses To Assaulting, Dismembering 19-Year-Old Girl In 1968
Montana inmate confesses to 1968 slaying, dismemberment
Montana inmate confesses to 1968 slaying, dismemberment
State of Montana v Courtney Brooke Atlas 1986 (convictions and sentences affirmed)


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