Cold Case: Fred Bandy Jr and John Wayne Lehman charged with the 1975 murder of 17-year-old Laurel Jean Mitchell, whose body was found in the Elkhart River

Laurel Jean Mitchell

Find-A-Grave: Laurel Jean Mitchell
2 men arrested for 1975 cold case murder of 17-year-old girl
2 men arrested 47 years after northern Indiana woman’s death
Two men arrested in the 1975 cold case death investigation of Laurel Jean Mitchell
Goshen man arrested in connection with 1975 cold case
Arrests made in 1975 murder of teen found in Noble County
Two men charged in 1975 murder of 17-year-old girl in Indiana
Cold case murder apparently solved decades after teen was mysteriously drowned in river — and one suspect is a twice-convicted child molester

Beyond the Pillars: The Murder of Laurel Jean Mitchell: Part One
Beyond the Pillars: The Murder of Laurel Jean Mitchell: Part Two

Fred Bandy Jr.
John Wayne Lehman


Offender Name:BANDY, FRED
Custody Status:In Custody
Location:Noble County Jail
Contact Facility:
Offender ID:37422
Date of Birth:08/01/1955
Additional Information:


Custody Status:In Custody
Location:Noble County Jail
Contact Facility:
Offender ID:9429
Date of Birth:10/10/1955
Additional Information:


Cold Case: Willie McFarland raped and killed Fred and Greg Harris in their home in 1987, stabbing them with a horrific amount of violence but DNA proved him to be the killer, besides his confession letter; Sentenced to 120 years in prison

Fred Harris, 59
Greg Harris, 23

Find-A-Grave: Frederick A. Harris
Find-A-Grave: Gregory Harris
Suspect in 32-Year-Old Murder of Father and Son in Hamden Arrested
New Haven man arrested, charged in 1987 double murder case
Willie McFarland Sentenced to 120 years in Prison for the August 1987 Murders of Fred and Greg Harris in Hamden
New Haven man sentenced for 1987 murder of father, son
Man Sentenced to 60 Years in Prison After 1987 Murder of Father and Son in Hamden
Connecticut Man Sentenced For Perpetrating 1987 Double Murder With ‘Demonic Level Of Violence And Terror’
Man sentenced to 120 years in prison for “demonic” slaying of a father and son in their Connecticut home
Judge Sentences Connecticut Man to 120 Years for ‘Demonic Level of Terror’ in 1987 Slaying of a Father, Son
Conn. man gets 120 years for tying up father and son and slashing their throats in 1987
New Haven man gets 120 years in prison for 1987 killings of Hamden father and son


Cold Case: James William Grimsley charged with the 1994 murder of Terrie Ladwig, a transgender woman who was beaten and strangled in Concord, CA

Terrie Ladwig

Friend of Bay Area transgender woman killed in 1994 speaks out after arrest in cold case
Utah truck driver arrested for 1994 Concord cold case murder of transgender woman
Utah truck driver arrested in California killing from 1994
Utah trucker arrested on suspicion of Concord cold-case murder
Trucker arrested 28 years after slaying of trans woman with ‘whole life ahead of her’
Terrie Ladwig


Cold Case: Mike Anthony Clardy charged with the murder and dismemberment of Deanna Denise Howland from 2004

Deanna Denise Howland

A woman’s headless torso was found at a Missouri highway rest stop in 2004. DNA has led police to her alleged killer.
Photos: Police say DNA break in headless torso cold case led to murder confession
Maryland Heights man charged in case of headless torso found along I-70 in 2004
Daughter thanks law enforcement for helping catch man connected with woman’s 2004 death
Missouri Man Charged With 2004 Murder Of Woman Whose Torso Was Found At Rest Area
Nearly 20 Years After the Killing, Dismemberment of a Mother of 4, Police Believe They Found the Killer


Cold Case: Howard Jackson Bradberry Jr. abducted, raped, and killed Laney Lee McGadney in 1982; Sentenced to 25 years in prison

Laney Lee McGadney

“Whatever you do in the darkness will come to the light.” [Laney’s oldest daughter]

Find-Grave: Laney Lee McGadney
Laurel man charged with rape and murder in 40-year-old cold case
Howard County Police make arrest in 1982 rape and murder of a 28-year-old mother of four
Nearly 40 Years After a Chilling 911 Call Led Police to Her Corpse, Laney Lee McGadney’s Alleged Rapist and Killer Has Been Arrested
Howard County police solve 40-year-old murder cold case
Maryland man sentenced for murder of mother in 40-year-old cold case
After 40 years, Maryland man pleads guilty to murder of 28-year-old mother of 4
‘He is likely to perish in prison’: Man sentenced in 40-year-old cold case
Laurel man pleads guilty to murder in 40-year-old cold case in Oakland Mills in Columbia
Maryland Man Will Likely Die in Prison After Plea Deal for 1982 Cold Case Murder of Mother of 4 Whose Body Was Found in a Vacant Lot After Chilling 911 Call


SID 5321903
First Name HOWARD
Middle Name JACKSON
Date of Birth 08/26/1958
DOC ID 00490990
Holding Facility:
Jessup Correctional Institution
Address: P.O. Box 534
Jessup, MD 20794
Phone: 877-304-9755

Cold Case: Thomas Terry Johnson Jr. charged with the 1996 murder of Joseph Todd Jowers outside of the Classic’s Lounge

Joseph Todd Jowers

Find-A-Grave: Joseph Todd Jowers
25 years later, Tuscaloosa investigators seek cold case information
Tuscaloosa Cold Case Remains Unsolved 25 Years Later
Man Indicted For Murder In 1996 Tuscaloosa Cold Case
Suspect charged in 26-year-old cold case out of Tuscaloosa
Suspect indicted on murder charges in 1996 cold case ambush shooting death at Tuscaloosa lounge
Arrest made in 26-year-old cold case
Investigators Say They Solved Cold Case Murder of Popular Alabama Line Dance Instructor and Karaoke Singer


Custody Status:Out of Custody
Reason:General release
Contact Facility:
Date of Birth:12/18/1972
Additional Information:

Cold Case: Martin Motta robbed and killed 81-year-old WWI Veteran, George Clarence Seitz, then buried him under a concrete slab in Queens; Sentenced to 20 years in prison

George Clarence Seitz

Find-A-Grave: George Clarence Seitz
Bones in the Backyard: How Police Cracked a Grisly Cold Case
Queens Man Martin Motta Arrested In Connection To 1976 Murder Of World War I Veteran George Seitz
NYC Man Arrested For 1976 Killing Of WWI Veteran After Remains Are Found In Yard
New Yorker Charged with Murder for 1976 Killing of World War I Vet Who Was Found Buried Under Backyard
Mystery 1976 Cold Case Murder of WWI Veteran in NYC Finally Solved With New DNA Tech
New York City man pleads guilty to killing World War I veteran who went missing 46 years ago
NYC man pleads guilty in 1976 cold case killing of WWI vet
Barber, 75, pleads guilty in 1976 killing of WWI veteran
Queens man sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing WWI Vet
NYC Barber Sentenced to Prison for Robbing and Murdering 81-Year-Old WWI Veteran Before Burying Him Under Concrete in 1976
Wikipedia: Murder of George Seitz


Cold Case: Convicted sex offender Donald Mars charged with the beating death of 10-year-old Betty Lou Zukowski in 1966

Betty Lou Zukowski

Find-A-Grave: Betty Lou Zukowski
Sex offender arrested in 1966 death of 10-year-old Betty Lou Zukowski from Chicopee
Cold Case: Arrest made in 1966 slaying of 10-year-old Chicopee girl
Arrest Made in Connection to 1966 Death of 10-Year-Old Massachusetts Girl
Suspect charged in connection with 1966 homicide of Betty Lou Zukowski from Chicopee
Suspect arrested in connection with 1966 West Springfield homicide
Child rapist charged in slaying of 10-year-old Chicopee girl 56 years ago
Massachusetts Sex Offender, Now 73, Charged in 1966 Murder of Fifth Grade Girl Found Beaten and Drowned
73-year-old Massachusetts man accused of fatally beating 10-year-old girl 56 years ago


Update: Jonelle Renee Matthews murders *Steven Dana Pankey was retried, convicted of her murder; Sentenced to life in prison*

Jonelle Renee Matthews

News Archive: Jonelle Renee Matthews murder
Timeline: The Jonelle Matthews murder
Steven Pankey indictment
Steve Pankey trial: Prosecutors hone in on day of Jonelle Matthews’ disappearance
Ex-Idaho gubernatorial candidate found guilty in 1984 murder of Colorado girl
Jonelle Matthews Murder: Ex-Politician Steve Pankey’s Guilty Verdict, Innocence Claim
Jury finds Steve Pankey guilty of 1984 kidnapping, murder of Jonelle Matthews
Man sentenced to life in prison for Jonelle Matthews’ 1984 murder
Steve Pankey found guilty of kidnapping, felony murder in Jonelle Matthews case
Man sentenced for kidnapping and murder of 12-year-old Colorado girl
Retrial Ends with Former Gubernatorial Candidate Convicted in 12-Year-Old Jonelle Matthews’ 1984 Death

Criminology: Jonelle Matthews
Crime Junkie: WANTED: A Christmas Killer

48 Hours: The Kidnapping of Jonelle Matthews
Dateline NBC: Footprints in the Snow


PANKEY, STEVEN arrested:10/28/20 at 18:50
Booking Number: 20-11922
Offender ID: 168258
DOB: 06/24/51
Gender: Male
Check Custody Status
Arrested for: 183102 – MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE
Bail: $0.00
Arrested for: 183102 – MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE
Bail: $0.00
Arrested for: 183302 – KIDNAPPING SECOND DEGREE
Bail: $0.00

Delphi Monon High Bridge murders: Liberty Rose Lynn “Libby” German and Abigail Joyce “Abby” Williams German

Libby and Abby

According to the press conference, the probable cause statement is still sealed, so evidence cannot be released yet. Once they are unsealed, then I will post what I can. But they do not want to cause a problem with getting a conviction. Remember, there is only one bite at the apple and if he is guilty, we do not want that to be ruined.

Find-A-Grave: Abigail Joyce “Abby” Williams
Find-A-Grave: Liberty Rose Lynn “Libby” German
FBI: Seeking Information – Abigail Williams
FBI: Seeking Information – Liberty German
What we know so far about the Delphi Murders
Search warrant: Delphi killer took souvenir, may have ‘staged’ murder scene
Man booked into Carroll County Jail in connection with Delphi murders
Arrest made in Delphi murder investigation, sources say
Arrest made in Delphi, Indiana murders of 2 teens in 2017, sources say
Report: Suspect in custody in connection with 2017 murders of 2 girls in Delphi, Indiana
ISP gives update on investigation of Liberty German, Abigail Williams homicides
DEVELOPING: ARREST MADE in Connection with Delphi Murders Case That Took the Lives of Two Indiana Girls
Wikipedia: Murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German
Delphi murders live updates: Suspect arrested
Photo obtained of Richard Allen, arrested in connection with Delphi murders of Abby Williams and Libby German
New Photo Shows Man Reportedly Arrested in Connection with Delphi Murders as Neighbors React: ‘I Would Talk; He Wouldn’t Say Much’
Delphi suspect charged with 2 counts of murder
REVEALED: New Photo Shows Man Arrested in Connection with 2017 Delphi Murders of Libby German and Abby Williams
Delphi suspect charged with 2 counts of murder
Richard M. Allen charged in Delphi murders, pleads not guilty
Suspect Arrested in 2017 Delphi Killings of Indiana Teens Liberty German and Abigail Williams
‘A Major Step’: Our First Look at the Delphi Murder Suspect in Jail Orange After Authorities Confirm Arrest
Why the Case File of Delphi Murders Suspect Richard Allen Remains Sealed and What to Expect from Here
Delphi Suspect Richard Allen Faces Murder Charges with Underlying Offenses, New Court Records Indicate
Delphi murder suspect held with no bond
Delphi Murders Suspect’s Lawyers Want Case Moved More Than 100 Miles Away: Internet Searches by Locals, Intense Pre-Trial Publicity May Taint Jury Pool
Court docs: bullet found near Delphi girls tied back to Richard Allen
Read the redacted Richard Allen court documents tying him to the Delphi murders
Court docs: bullet found near Delphi girls tied back to Richard Allen

Press Conference


Richard Matthew Allen
pretrial conference 1/13/2023
trial 3/20/2023

(it is not known what facility he is actually in)
Custody Status:In Custody
Location:White County Jail
Contact Facility:
Offender ID:182509
Date of Birth:09/09/1972
Additional Information:
Custody Status:In Custody
Location:Carroll County Jail
Contact Facility:
Offender ID:22892
Date of Birth:09/09/1972
Additional Information:

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