Joel Schoenfeld murder 1/5/1991 *John Valverde was convicted in revenge murder; Released from prison 2008*

crime tape

Photographer Slain in Argument in Village
Murdered Photog a Sex Offender
Arrests in a Killing Police Say Was Revenge
Fotog’s Killer Gets Max
Matter of Valverde v Dennison
’91 Killer free soon
Once a killer, now a CEO: Ex-Con works to turn youths around

The Perfect Murder: A Shot in the Dark



Identifying and Location Information
As of 12/26/16
DIN (Department Identification Number) 92A5665
Date of Birth 11/06/1969
Race / Ethnicity HISPANIC
Custody Status RELEASED
Housing / Releasing Facility GREEN HAVEN
Date Received (Original) 07/07/1992
Date Received (Current) 07/07/1992
Admission Type
County of Commitment NEW YORK
Latest Release Date / Type (Released Inmates Only) 04/22/08 PAROLE DIV OF PAROLE

Crimes of Conviction
Class B

Class C

Sentence Terms and Release Dates
Under certain circumstances, an inmate may be released prior to serving his or her minimum term and before the earliest release date shown for the inmate.
As of 12/26/16
Aggregate Minimum Sentence 0010 Years, 00 Months, 00 Days
Aggregate Maximum Sentence 0030 Years, 00 Months, 00 Days
Earliest Release Date
Earliest Release Type
Parole Hearing Date 09/2008
Parole Eligibility Date 05/17/2002
Conditional Release Date 05/17/2012
Maximum Expiration Date 05/17/2022
Maximum Expiration Date for Parole Supervision
Post Release Supervision Maximum Expiration Date
Parole Board Discharge Date 05/05/2011


Mary Ellen Welsh murder 3/30/2008 New Britain, CT *Leslie Williams, a parolee, arrested for her murder*

                           Mary Ellen Welsh

Police Find Body of Woman Missing After Connecticut Home Invasion
Woman Wounded, Another Dead in Conn
Freed Inmate Held in Fatal Home Invasion
Arrest made in Connecticut home invasion
Home invasion suspect appears in court
Home Invasion Suspect Says He Had No Choice
Friends Remember Mary Ellen Welsh

                     Leslie Williams

Breaking News: Pregnant woman shot and killed in Grand Junction, CO; Lonnie Ray Herrera has been arrested*

Anna and Maria Macias
Anna and Maria Macias

Update: The victims names are Anna Macias and Maria Macias (the baby) 

Pregnant Woman Killed in Colorado, Baby Delivered; Suspect Sought
Pregnant Woman Shot and Killed In Grand Junction
Pregnant woman killed, baby born by C-section
Man held after woman killed, baby delivered by C-section
Update: Anna and Maria Macias murders *Lonnie Ray Herrera pleads guilty; Sentenced to 102 years in prison*

2601 Belford Ave Garden Village Apartments

Interesting article to read

Here is an interesting article on “The Doe Network”. I go to their site often and I am a member also, but have not done anything yet. I hope to!

‘Doe Network’ works to give names to the dead
The Doe Network

Breaking News: 4 people found dead in a Chester, PA apartment


Four bodies found inside Chester home
Police: Discovery Of Chester Bodies ‘Suspicious’
4 Dead In Chester Home
Autopsy Results Expected For 4 Found Dead In Chester Home

Breaking News: 3 children found murdered in Marriott Hotel in Baltimore, MD *allegedly killed by their father*


Father Kills 3 Young Children In Marriott Hotel
Three Children Found Dead at Hotel
Police investigating deaths of three children at Baltimore hotel

This Week on America’s Most Wanted

James Gonzalez: New York Cops are searching for a grocery store employee who they believe fatally stabbed his ex-girlfriend and slashed another employee inside the store, then fled the scene. The horrific scene was caught on tape inside the Key Food Grocery store in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. AMW speaks exclusively to the woman who police call a hero – for trying to save her friend’s life, and becoming a victim instead.

James Gonzalez

Frank Montoya: Australian tourist Robert Schneider left his native Adelaide in May 2007 to embark on an around-the-world adventure. The 26-year-old stopped off in sunny San Diego, Calif. to meet up with some friends for a surfing expedition to Mexico, but his trip turned tragic in the early morning hours of Feb. 27, 2008. Cops say that’s when Robert ran into two transient locals, Frank Montoya and Damian Maple, who were on drugs and had been drinking. Police tell AMW that Montoya and Maple savagely beat Robert with a skateboard before throwing him into a blazing fire pit. Luckily, Robert was pulled out of the pit and received medical attention but now San Diego investigators are on the lookout the two men charged in the senseless beating, Damian Maple and Frank Montoya.

Frank Montoya

Damian Maple: It’s the phone call no parent wants to get: a call saying that their child has been injured, thousands of miles from home. But it’s a call that the parents of Australian tourist Robert Schneider, received after their son was savagely beaten and burned on a San Diego beach last month. Now, cops need your help to catch the thugs responsible.

Damian Maple

Troy Bolin: Police say although fugitive Troy Lane Bolin might be a thin, scruffy looking guy, he’s as dangerous as child predators come. Bolin is wanted for molesting two young girls repeatedly over the course of several years.

Troy Bolin

Thomas Lollis: Andre Wood was 29 years old for just one hour before his life ended. As he left his own birthday celebration, cops say Andre ran into Thomas Lollis, who was packing heat, and never had a chance.

Thomas Lollis

Taizhi Cui: In October 2006, Los Angeles’ Korean community was shocked by a triple murder that happened in their own backyard. Cops say the deaths were the work of a jilted lover hell-bent on getting revenge on an ex-girlfriend and her new paramour. However, authorities are still looking for the man they say pulled the trigger … Taizhi Cui.

Taizhi Cui

Carey Price: Police have been searching for alleged drunk driver Carey Price after he didn’t show up for a court appearance. Price is one of two fugitives who still remain on the run from a February 2005 airing of AMW — the other 8 are all behind bars. It’s time all ten fugitives from this episode are put where they belong.

Carey Price

Jason Howard: Police found the bodies of Jewel and Mildred Cleveland buried in their own barn in June 2004. The couple had not been heard from for over a month. Also missing was Mildred’s 35-year-old son, Jason Howard. But police say the mentally ill man is probably responsible for his parents’ deaths and they are trying to track him down.

Jason Howard

James Roberts: Police say Toby Roberts had a mission, and he wasn’t going to stop until it was completed. Cops say he tried to kill his girlfriend, and he was so determined, he used three different tools to finish the job. But he might not have known his girlfriend as well as he thought, because she wasn’t going down without a major fight.

James Roberts

Erick Morales: Usually, when high school kids ditch classes for the day, it doesn’t end in murder. But on May 21, 2001, 15-year-old high school student Quetzalcoatl “Quetzal” Alba, decided to cut classes with one of his best pals, 16-year-old Erick Morales. The pair played hooky and went to their hangout, a converted storage closet in a Daly City, Calif. apartment complex. But police tell AMW that something went horribly wrong, and Morales stabbed his one-time friend to death before going on the run with his roommate, Reynaldo Maldanado.

Erick Morales

James Kelly: Michigan authorities are looking for an anesthesiologist who, they say, received child pornography on his computer. Now, they’re worried that this man with means could be up to his old tricks but in a whole new city.

James Kelly

Jelmo Kirkland: The Citgo gas station in Miami Gardens, Fla. was full of people on January 20, 2007, but police say that didn’t stop a man known as “Skeebo” from pulling out a gun and opening fire on a car. Now, cops have released surveillance footage that they hope will help catch a killer.

Jelmo Kirkland

All-Star Week 5 Winner: A police detective from Buffalo, N.Y. whose work helped clear a man wrongly-imprisoned on rape charges and a woman accused of killing her daughter –- and who is now in the midst of a controversy because of his work -– has been chosen as the latest weekly finalist in the 2008 America’s Most Wanted All-Star Contest.

All-Star Week 5 Winner

Update: Devin Owens murder *Trial scheduled for Gilbert Knowles on 4/25/08*

gerald-knowles.JPG julie-owens.JPG
        Gilbert A. Knowles                        Julie Owens

Lawyer: Autopsy records needed

On A&E tonight: Crime 360 *Episode 4: Blood on the Tracks*

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(March 27, 2008) Crime 360. Blood on the Tracks. In Cleveland, Detectives Tim Entenok and Joselito Sandoval are called to a crime scene where a missing person is found dead in a 4-foot-diameter sewage drain, in a remote section of a park. The body is found 300 feet deep in the pipe, which has been draining a constant flow of rainwater. When Entenok takes a closer look at the body, he notices that it is maggot-infested: an indication that the body has been in the pipe for over a week. The victim’s head seems to have bullet holes, but the detectives can’t be certain. Only an autopsy will determine the cause of death. Meanwhile Sandoval scours the nearby train tracks for additional evidence. A few rocks, stained with a blood-like substance, are collected. The investigation seems to go cold with no leads until a female witness gives them a much-needed break in the case. CC HD [TV14]

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Breaking News: Family Annihilator John List, dead at age 82 (Killed his wife, 3 kids and his mother)

dv awareness

List Family

Patricia, 16
Helen, 46
John F., 15
Frederick, 13
Alma, 85 (not in photo)

How family murder suspect fugitive List gave himself
Accused Killer remembered as quiet, kind, private man
John List Goes on Trial for Killing Family 19 Years Ago
Jury deliberating in John List case
John List convicted of killing his family
List sentenced to 5 life terms
Family Killer: John List Sentenced to life in jail
Murderpedia: John Emil List
Wikipedia: John List
John E. List, 82, Killer of 5 Family Members, Dies
Notorious AMW Fugitive John List Dead at 82
Body of killer John List remains unclaimed
The bogeyman of Westfield, a ghost story that won’t end
1971 Family Killer Breaks Silence
Body of killer John List remains unclaimed

Righteous Carnage: The List Murders
Thou Shalt Not Kill
Death Sentence

Your Worst Nightmare: Murder House
Biography: John List
Judgment Day: The John List Story

John List and bust
John Emil List and the bust from AMW

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