Valentine’s Day Murder: Danielle Bewley shot and killed her husband, Mitchell, multiple times, telling people “he got what he deserved”; Now she got what she deserved and will spend the rest of her life in prison

Mitch Bewley

Mitchell Chayce Bewley, 27 obituary
Facebook: Mitch Bewley Memorial
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The trial of a Pennsylvania woman accused of killing her husband begins
Homicide trial starts for Lancaster County woman accused of killing husband
Lancaster County judge convicts woman accused of killing estranged husband in 2021 Valentine’s Day shooting
Quarryville woman convicted of first-degree murder for 2021 killing at Strasburg PNC
Pa. woman convicted of ‘luring’ estranged husband to bank and killing him on Valentine’s Day
Woman gets life sentence for killing husband: ‘He got what he deserved’
Quarryville woman sentenced to mandatory life imprisonment for 2021 killing at Strasburg PNC
Quarryville woman sentenced to life in prison for shooting, killing her estranged husband on Valentines Day 2021
Woman Who Murdered Husband On Valentine’s Day And Said He ‘Got What He Deserved’ Gets Life
‘He Got What He Deserved’: Woman Convicted of Murdering Husband on Valentine’s Day Gets Life Sentence
Woman sentenced to life for ‘luring’ estranged husband to bank, fatally shooting him on Valentine’s Day


PIN: 2021-0000096
Name: Bewley, Danielle Elizabeth
Birth Date: 1/29/1992
Race: White
Sex: Female
Commit Date: 2/17/2021 11:45 AM
Commit Age: 30

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