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Roger McCray: Less than 48 hours after we told you about accused killer-arsonist Roger McCray, your tips led cops right to him in Seattle, Wash. McCray was wanted for setting his roommate on fire and leaving him to burn to death.

Roger McCray

Unknown Kenneth Harris, Sr. Killer: After nearly two months, Baltimore City police caught up with 19-year-old Charles McGaney and 20-year-old Gary Collins — two men they say murdered beloved former Baltimore city councilman Kenneth Harris, Sr. But no one in the police department is celebrating yet, because a third suspect is still out there, and the manhunt is far from finished. Cops need help identifying the third man responsible for Ken’s senseless murder.

Unknown Kenneth Harris, Sr. Killer

Eddie Hicks: Former Chicago cop Sgt. Eddie C. Hicks swore to uphold the law throughout his 30 years on the force. But for nearly ten of those years, police say Hicks was part of a racketeering scheme in which he and his crew stole drugs from area dealers, only to sell the loot back to a local peddler. Now this disgraced ex-cop is on the run, and police need your help to bring him down.

Eddie Hicks

Lorrie Trites: For 10 years, investigators in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the FBI have been on the hunt for alleged child predator Lorrie Trites. For many years, AMW and investigators knew him only as Loren. The FBI says they’ve learned his actual name is Lorrie, and chances are he can’t stay away from pools, he loves to swim — and worse, the FBI says he loves to coach children.

Lorrie Trites

George Navarro: Melesio Martinez was known simply as “Daddy” to his two small children. His wife describes him as a hard-working construction worker who worked ten-hour days, and still had time to play and entertain his kids. That all changed one night in September 2001, when cops say the Martinez family went into a Granada Hills, Calif. liquor store and ran into George Navarro.

George Navarro

Ronald Young: On Friday, Oct. 17, 2008, the Brea Police Department arrested Robert Young, who had been arrested before after an AMW tipster recognized him. He has been charged with First Degree Murder, as well as Conspiracy to Commit Murder, in the 1996 car bombing death of Gary Triano in Tucson, Ariz. Police are also looking for Pamela Phillips, Triano’s widow, who they say may have been involved in the bombing.

Ronald Young

Pamela Phillips: Pamela Phillips, the ex-wife of the late Gary Triano, is wanted for Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder in the First Degree. Police say Phillips and her accomplice Ronald Young — who has been apprehended with the help of AMW viewers — worked together to orchestrate Gary’s murder.

Pamela Phillips

Garrison Colby: In February 2008, Garrison Colby divulged to his wife a horrifying secret: he had been sexually abusing their son for six years. Colby was arrested and released with a ankle monitor, but he cut it off, and now he’s on the run.

Garrison Colby

Richard Torres: A 13-year-old’s nightmarish ordeal began during the 2005 Thanksgiving holiday when cops say her mother’s ex-boyfriend, 39-year-old Richard “Craig” Torres, molested and raped her at a Southern California hotel. Now, Sacramento Sheriff’s detectives are determined to capture this accused sexual predator.

Richard Torres

A.T.F. Mongol Raid Update: The notorious Mongols biker gang have been described as a “criminal syndicate on wheels.” But this month, the gang was dealt a serious blow when federal agents infiltrated the organization’s highest levels, and AMW was there as the bust went down.

A.T.F. Mongol Raid Update

Rachel Walsh: Cops say 48-year-old Rachael Walsh was camping alone at her Falls Creek, Idaho campsite on the weekend of August 16, 2008. However, the U.S. Postal worker’s family became alarmed when they didn’t hear from Rachael after she was supposed to return and went to her campsite looking for her. What they discovered was a mystery — all of Rachael’s belongings were untouched, her car was gone, and there were no signs of the missing mother of four.

Rachel Walsh

Robert Bowman: Since 1967, Ohio cops say Robert Bowman has literally gotten away with murder, but science — and now the police — finally caught up to the accused killer. Cops say DNA irrefutably ties him to the abduction, rape and murder of 14-year-old Eileen Adams in Toledo, Ohio some 40 years ago, and his time on the lam has come to an end, thousands of miles from the scene of the crime.

Robert Bowman

Jesus Munguia: Jesus Roberto Munguia’s rap sheet shows that the 32-year-old gang member is no stranger to the law. Authorities say he started stealing cars in California when he was just 15 years old, but Munguia soon fled to Nevada with his girlfriend and their kids. When Munguia’s girlfriend had enough and left him, the FBI says he lured her back to his home and killed her, now adding murder to his long list of charges.

Jesus Munguia

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Breaking News: 2 people shot dead at Toys ‘R Us in Palm Desert, CA *Juvenile in custody*


Shots Fired at California Toys R Us; 2 People Reported Dead
Shots fired at Toys R Us in Palm Desert; 2 dead
2 dead at Palm Desert Toys R Us
Gunfire Erupts in Toys ‘R’ Us, 2 Dead
2 killed inside Toys R Us in Palm Desert

Yup – another cheesy “What are you thankful for” post

mommy-and-baby-in-hospitalI usually don’t post these, but what the hell! It has been a crazy year for me all around and has yet to end. But after all of this, I know that my life is not as bad as some. So, what are all of you thankful for? Me, it would be my beautiful daughter and the brand-new grandson that arrived this year. Yup, that is them to the left! No matter what I have had to deal with, what stupid decisions I have made or how crazy my life has been, they have been there for me. I talk to her all the time and I am so happy that we do have this loving relationship that we have. I am so proud of her (and yes, she has made mistakes, but have we ALL?). They are the shining light in my life that I never ever want to lose. No matter what. And she thought she would never make my blog! I have now proven her wrong!!!!

Monsters Among Us: Curtis Lavelle Vance killed KATV anchorwoman Anne Pressly to death with a garden tool after raping her; Sentenced to LWOP

Anne Pressly

Find-A-Grave: Anne Sparkman Pressly
Police: Suspect In TV Anchor’s Murder Arrested
Man Arrested in Gruesome Killing of Arkansas TV Anchorwoman
Police nab suspect in anchor’s death, seek answers
Suspect Apprehended in Anchorwoman Killing
Police: Anchorwoman beaten with wood-handled tool
Judge to Rule on Evidence in Pressly Slaying
Detective: Murdered TV Anchorwoman Was Beaten With Garden Tool
Anchorwoman Anne Pressly Beaten to Death with Garden Tool by Curtis Lavelle Vance, Says Detective
Jury finds Curtis Vance guilty in death of Anne Pressly
Curtis Vance Convicted in Murder of Anchorwoman Anne Pressly
Jury chooses life sentence in TV anchor killing
Man gets life without parole in Arkansas TV anchor’s murder

Strictly Homicide: Anne Pressly – Horror in the Heights
The Murder of Anne Pressly
United States of Murder: Arkansas: Anne Pressly & Rebekah Gould

Making Memories: A Celebration of the Life of Anne Pressly


Update: Giovanni Gonzalez *Father, Ernesto Gonzalez confesses to killing Giovanni*

     Ernesto and Giovannie Gonzalez

Ernesto Gonzalez confesses to killing Giovanni
Ernesto Gonzalez wants charges dismissed
Father of missing Lynn boy offers no clues
Lynn man confesses to killing son, 5
Police had hit a wall in search for boy

Breaking News: Fired employee goes on shooting spree at Central Peninsula General Hospital in Soldotna, AK, killing 1, critically injuring 1

                  Central Peninsula General Hospital

Well, well, well. Another person who thought that it is okay to go and shoot a bunch of people because of being fired. Yeah lets go into a hospital and just start randomly shooting. That is reasonable isn’t it? Well, NO! It is not. But Joseph Marchetti did just that. And now, the police shot him dead, too. Was it worth it? I don’t think so. One innocent life has been lost and one is in critical condition. I hope that she pulls through. I just don’t understand this mentality of needing to go back to a job you were fired from and kill people. Yes, it is embarassing to be fired. Hell, it can cause alot of anger, but deal with it. Don’t go and try to hurt people. They are humans too and don’t deserve your way of dealing with your anger.

Mike Webb, 55
Margaret Stroup, 57 [in critical condition]

Joseph Marchetti, 48 – shooter [also died after police shot him]

Fired Alaska Hospital Worker Shot Dead After Shooting Ex-Bosses
Gunman, 1 victim die after Soldotna hospital shooting
Official: Ex-hospital employee killed supervisor

Breaking News: Arrest in the Brianna Denison murder

Brianna Denison

James Biela has been arrested on murder, kidnapping and sexual assault charges today, although it was not yet announced who the victim was in this case(s). There is to be a press conference today, and hopefully these questions will be answered. However, the Police Department did say that they made an arrest in the Brianna Dennison case

I will update this post as more information becomes available

Police confirmed that James Biela was arrested and charged with the murder of Brianna Denison. Since DNA linked at least a couple other rapes to the same suspect, I expect more charges will be forthcoming for him. And I am betting that they will be seeking the death penalty on this one, as well they should!

News Archive: Brianna Denison murder
Police Arrest Man Believed to Be Linked to Sex Assault Slaying of Reno Teen Brianna Denison
Reno Police make arrest in Denison murder case
Ten Months After Murder, Police to Announce Arrest
Reno cops identify suspect in student killing case

James Biela

Open Thread!

OK, I thought it might be nice to have an open thread today, for you to post about any crime issue you choose, whether it is a case I have posted or not. Just have some fun!

Pervert Alley: Kimberly Arigot, 40, has sex with teens

kimberleearigotHere we have another adult that had inappropriate relationships with teenage boys. And she is old enough to know better. She sent texts and picture texts to 3 teenage boys which escalated to sexual encounters. With alot of these incidents in the media over the last year, it surprises me that people are still so stupid to send these kinds of texts, knowing that they can be traced. I don’t know how she was caught, but I suspect that a parent was looking at one of the teen’s cell phone. And what teenage boy would erase those kinds of messages? Well, I hope she is proud of herself now. And I bet she is looking for a deal! Or she will say that the boys started it. But is is twice their ages and KNEW it was a crime. I hope she gets some kind of jail time. Or federal prison, since it was on a cell phone. But that is my opinion.

Davis County woman arrested for having sex with teenagers
Woman arrested for sex with teens
Utah Mother Allegedly Texts Nude Photos to Teen Boys, Follows Up With Sex

Fugitive: Randy Mark ‘Mad’ Yager *Wanted for murder, arson, and more*

           Randy Mark ‘Mad’ Yager

America’s Most Wanted: Randy Mark Yager
WANTED: Randy Mark ‘Mad’ Yager for Murder, Arson, Robbery and More
“Outlaws” Motorcycle Gang member rides onto U.S. Marshals 15 MOST WANTED list
US Marshall’s Wanted Poster

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