2007 December: Missing People and Fugitives: Utah

This month I will concentrate on missing people and fugitives from the state I live in: Utah.

Utah’s Missing Persons

Christopher Robin Coan

Christopher Robin Coan and an update

Theresa Greaves

Theresa Graves

Bobbi Ann Campbell
Bobbi Ann Campbell
Bobbi Ann Campbell

Jack Jason Simmons
Jack Jason Simmons

Robert Marvin

Robert G. Marvin

Jennifer Klein

Jennifer (Jenny) Klein

                                     Jan Stavros

Jan Stavros

debra.jpg debra-ap34.jpg
Debra Lee Frost age progressed to age 34

Debra Lee Frost


4 Responses

  1. Hello Sir,
    I am looking for info on a murder that supposedly happened to a little girl that lived in the home where I now live..Hopefully it is not true but from what I hear it is a 99% chance that it did happen..I have just moved to vernal and live @ 148 w 100s.. this giel is still at my home in spirit.. I do not really beleve in this kind of thing till 2 days ago when I saw here for myself.. supposedly this little girl was killed by a nieghbor back 20 or so years ago.. a boy who I think was just a teenager who may have taken here somewhere elese and killed here by torchering here or something..I will tell you this I am 6’3″ and wiegh 255 lbs..and I’m a Biker type of guy ..self proclaimed tough guy..but man there is something going on in my house..
    y 10 yr old nephew has been playing with this little girl for a while now and I thought he was a little off his rocker till monday night when this little girl came to me and asked me not to put out cigg butts on the new stairs.. please if poss give me some insight on this case .. did it happen or am I going nuts… Thanks for any help possable… atleast let me know where I can find out more info..
    BIG MIKE JOHNSON .. 435-789-2618..


    • Hi Mike it did happen my little sister was in her yard playing when the neighbor boy came over and took her to get “ice cream” he baby sat her often a few days later she was found in trash bags by a tree boy finally confessed after he helped “search” for her it is something that always stuck in my mind because of the anger the adults had I heard police from out of state had to come get him


    • Did you ever find anything out on the history of the home?


  2. Go look at the new paper or library for information. Yes
    a little girl was murdered in a whilte house on 100 south next to appartments. it was the neighbor boy and she was killed in his house. My friend lived in the same house for years but nothing happened with them.


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