Monsters Among Us: Serial Killer Joseph Kondro killed 8-year-old Rima Traxler and 12-year-old Kara Rudd; Sentenced to life in prison

Kondro victims

Rima Traxler, 8
Kara Rudd, 12
Chila Silvernails, 8

Find-A-Grave: Rima Danette Traxler
Find-A-Grave: Kara Patricia Rudd
Find-A-Grave: Chila M Silvernails
Justice For Murdered Children: Chila M. Silvernails
Human remains found, could be those of missing girl
Searchers find human remains
Body of missing girl found in ravine
Man pleads innocent to witness tampering
Murder Suspect Convicted Of Rape
Kondro pleads guilty to killing
Doe Network: Rima Danette Traxler
Charley Project: Rima Danette Traxler
Isolation hard on jailed abuser
‘Sociopath’ amazed he’s not on death row
In their own words: The twisted art of murder
Deceased/Not Found WA – Rima Traxler, 8, Longview, 15 May 1985 *J. Kondro guilty*
Child killer Joseph Kondro dies at state prison
Most Notorious: Joseph Kondro was a smooth-talking killer
California author examines life of Joseph Kondro
Transcripts: Cold Case Files – The Widow and the Wolf; Unicorns and Alligators

KONDRO: The Untold Story of the Longview Serial Killer

Cold Case Files: The Widow and the Wolf/Unicorns and Alligators
On the Case with Paula Zahn: Broken Trust

Joseph Kondro
Joseph Robert Kondro

Serial Killer: Joseph Daniel “Joey” Miller killed at least 5 women

Kelly Ann Ward
Kelly Ann Ward

Kelly Ann Ward, 25 [1986]
Selina Franklin, 18 [5/16/1987]
Stephanie McDuffey, 23 [11/6/1989]
Kathi Novena Shenck, [2/271990]
Jeanette Thomas, 25 [1/11/1990]

Lives cut short: The victims of serial killer Joseph D. Miller
‘We just hope she gets the justice she deserves,’ says cousin of murdered woman
Selfless nature led Kelly Ward to cross paths with a serial killer
The grisly history of serial killer Joseph Miller’s crimes
Pa. court favors life for mentally disabled killer
Background on serial killer Joseph Miller, including 1992 arrest
Man who murdered woman is notorious serial killer Joseph Miller, police say
New homicide charge filed against convicted serial killer Joseph Miller
Convicted serial killer Joseph Miller charged in 1997 cold case murder
Serial killer Joseph Miller returns to court to face murder charge in decades-ago death
Convicted serial killer Joe Miller pleads guilty to ’86, ’90 murders
Serial killer Joseph Miller pleads guilty, gets life terms for 2 more murders
‘Most prolific killer’ in Pa. confesses to 1986 and 1990 murders
Compulsion to rape and kill: Inside Steelton serial killer Joseph Miller’s mind
Inside Killer’s mind: Why did he rape, murder?
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v Joseph Daniel Miller 1995 (affirmed)
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v Joseph Daniel Miller 2000 (affirmed)
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v Joseph Daniel Miller 2005 (vacated death sentence)

The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead: Speaking for the Dead


Joseph Miller

Inmate Number: CB2362
Name Name Type
JOE COOL Also Known As
Age: 51
Date of Birth: 09/02/1964
Height (in): 5′ 09″
Gender: MALE
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: LIGHT
Current Location: SMITHFIELD
Permanent Location: CAMP HILL
Committing County: DAUPHIN
Last Updated Time: 8/8/2016 4:00:16 AM

Cold Cases Unsolved Serial Homicide: The Original Night Stalker aka Golden State Killer and East Area Rapist

Original Night Stalker victims

Murder Victims
Brian Maggiore [2/2/1978] (pictured)
Katie Maggiore [2/2/1978] (pictured)
Dr. Robert Offerman, 44 [12/30/1979] (pictured)
Debra Alexandra Manning, 35 [12/30/1979] (pictured)
Charlene Smith, 33 [[3/13/1980]
Lyman Smith, 43 [3/13/1980]
Keith Harrington, 24 [8/19/1980]
Patrice Harrington, 27 [8/19/1980]
Manuela Witthuhn, 28 [2/6/1981] (pictured)
Cheri Domingo, 35 [7/27/1981]
Gregory Sanchez, 27 [7/27/1981]
Janelle Lisa Cruz, 18 [5/4/1986] (pictured)

Find-A-Grave: Brian Keith Maggiore
Find-A-Grave: Katie Lee Smith Maggiore
Find-A-Grave: Dr Robert John Offerman
Find-A-Grave: Debra Alexandria Manning
Find-A-Grave: Manuela Eleanore Rohrbeck Witthuhn
Find-A-Grave: Janelle Lisa Cruz
Victims’ Relatives Urge Public to Help Solve Serial Killings
Original Night Stalker / East Area Rapist
Cold Case Killer – Help Us Catch the East Area Rapist
Gonna Kill You: The Original Night Stalker
Original Night Stalker: Could O.C. clues lead to killer?
Technology Reopens ’80s Murder
Wikipedia: Original Night Stalker
DNA testing sheds new light on Original Night Stalker case
Detectives Seek “Original Night Stalker”
$50,000 reward offered in California serial killer cold case
A new push to find an elusive serial killer who terrorized California
FBI renews 40-year-old manhunt for California’s ‘most prolific’ serial killer
Los Angeles Magazine: Original Night Stalker
The Night Predator
Excerpt from “The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes

Hunting a Psychopath: The East Area Rapist / Original Night Stalker Investigation – The Original Investigator Speaks Out

Cold Case Files: The Original Night Stalker
Dark Minds: The Original Night Stalker (you can watch it here)

fbi sketches
Sketches of suspect

The Missing Women of Chillicothe, OH *Is there a serial killer at work here?*

Ladies of Chillicothe

Charlotte Trego, 27 [missing 5/3/2014]
Wanda Lemons, 37 [missing 11/4/2014]
Shasta Himelrick, 20 [12/26/2014]
Tameka Lynch, 30 [5/2015]
Tiffany Sayre, 26 [5/11/2015]
Timberly Claytor, 38 [5/2015]

The Vanishing Women
Missing Chillicothe women: Who or what is killing women in small central Ohio city?
As women keep washing up dead, Ohio town fears a serial killer is on the loose
Series of missing Ohio women stirs fears of serial killer
Family Of Tameka Lynch Believes Missing Women Cases Are Connected
Connections Between Missing Women Key to FBI Investigation, Former Agent Says
Tameka Lynch obituary
Facebook: RIP Tameka Lynch
1 of 2 missing southern Ohio women found dead in creek
OH – Tameka Lynch, 30, Chillicothe, 16 May 2014
Facebook: Find Charlotte Trego
Family Members Say Body Of Shasta Himelrick Found In Ross County
Missing Ross County woman Shasta Himelrick drowned
Who was Shasta Himelrick?
Timberly D. Claytor obituary
Ross County Murder Victim Struggled With Her Own Demons
Indictment in slaying in Ohio city troubled by disappearances
McCrary indicted on murder charge
Girlfriend Describes Person Of Interest In Chillicothe Murder
Grandmother Of Missing Chillicothe Woman Makes Emotional Plea For Help
A message from Tiffany Sayre before she was murdered
Facebook: Find Tiffany Sayre
Body ID’d as one of three women missing near Ohio town
Facebook: Missing Wanda Lemons
OH – Wanda Jackson-Lemons, 37, Chillicothe, 3 Nov 2014
Serial Killings Not Ruled Out After Four Women Found Dead, Two Missing in Ohio
‘Vanishing Women’ documentary series examines Chillicothe-area tragedies
“The Vanishing Women” to air Monday

The Vanishing Women


Update: Serial Killer Michael Madison killings *He was convicted and sentenced to death*

Madison victims

Angela Deskins
Shirellda Terry
Shetisha Sheeley

News Archive: Serial Killer Michael Madison killings
Trial for Ohio man charged with killing 3 women set to begin
Trial starts for accused serial killer, Michael Madison
Opening statements begin in Michael Madison trial
Prosecutors open Michael Madison trial with details of mutilated bodies
Michael Madison’s ex says the accused serial killer ‘can’t stand the female species’
East Cleveland serial killer Michael Madison convicted on 13 counts: ‘He will never do this again’
Michael Madison found guilty of murdering three women in East Cleveland
Verdict Reached in Michael Madison Trial
Serial killer Michael Madison’s childhood abuse used as defense to avoid death penalty
Jury to consider if Michael Madison should be executed
Michael Madison jury deciding whether to recommend death penalty for the East Cleveland serial killer
Jury recommends death penalty for Michael Madison
Man lunges at daughter’s killer at sentencing
Victim’s dad rushes Michael Madison after sentencing
Wikipedia: Michael Madison

Michael Madison
Michael Madison

Serial Killer: Sebastian Alexander Shaw – killed 3+ victims

remembering the victims

Jay Rickbeil, 40
Donna Ferguson, 18
Todd Rudiger, 29
Jenny Lin, 14 (possible victim)

This Day in History: Jenny Lin murder 5/27/1994 *Sebastian Alexander Shaw named as suspect*
Murderpedia: Sebastian Alexander Shaw
SHAW Sebastian Alexander
How man convicted in Oregon became suspect in girl’s killing
Sebastian Shaw profile

Lust to Kill

On the Case With Paula Zahn: Courage and Conviction


SebastianShaw prison mug

Offender Name: Shaw, Sebastian Alexander
Age: 48
Gender: Male
Height: 5′ 05”
Weight: 190 lbs
DOB: 11/1967
Race: Asian Or Pacific Islander
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Hudgins, Emily
Location: Oregon State Penitentiary
Status: Inmate
Institution Admission Date 02/22/2000
Earliest Release Date: No Parole

Shaw info

Serial Killer: Roger Reece Kibbe *I-5 Killer*

Kibbe victims

Lou Ellen Burleigh, 21 [Sept. 11, 1977]
Lora Heedrick, 20 [April 21, 1986]
Barbara Ann Scott, 29 [July 3, 1986]
Stephanie Brown of Sacramento, 19 [July 15, 1986]
Charmaine Sabrah, 26 [Aug. 17, 1986]
Katherine Kelly Quinones, 25 [Nov. 5, 1986]
Darcie Frackenpohl, 17 [1987]

Justice is served: The confessions of Roger Reece Kibbe
Deputy tracks down remains of woman slain in 1977 by the ‘I-5 Strangler’
I-5 Strangler victim remains found after 34 years
Roger Reece Kibbe Is the I-5 Strangler
Murderpedia: Roger Reece Kibbe
Wikipedia: Roger Kibbe
Two killers leave a trail of bodies along Interstate 5 in California in the 1980s
Roger Reece Kibbe: The I-5 Strangler
Roger Kibbe Serving Life in Cali Receives 6 Additional Life Sentences

Trace Evidence

Forensic Files: Knot For Everyone
On the Case with Paula Zahn: Deadly Offer
Profiling Evil



CDCR#: E99227
Age: 76
Admission Date: 06/07/1991
Current Location: Mule Creek
Main Phone: (209) 274-4911
Physical Address:
4001 Highway 104, Ione, CA 95640

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