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Carnival of the True Crime Blogs LXIX


Cold Case: Christopher Pineda murder 3/23/2007 Chicago, IL *Still unsolved, no suspects yet*

Christopher Pineda

Find-A-Grave: Christopher “Chris” Pineda
Update: Chris Pineda, age 17
Final farewell to slain teen

Missing: Theresa Parker since 3/22/2007 from Lafayette, GA

Theresa Parker

Georgia Police Hunt for Missing 911 Dispatcher
Northwest Georgia dispatcher still missing
Police Seek Missing 911 Dispatcher
Dispatcher Still Missing
News Archive: Theresa Parker murder

This Day in History: Steven Vance Brown murder 3/23/1981 Falkner, MS

Miskelley v. State, 480 So.2d 1104 (Miss., 1985)
Parole may only be weeks off
Tammy Glissen Nance geneology – shows she has been married twice and has 2 children
Thomas Glissen (father’s obituary – almost bottom of the page) shows Tammy now lives in Columbus, OH

Desperate For Love

Update: Christopher Barrios Jr. murder *Capital Murder charges filed – death penalty being sought*

christopher-barrios-jr.jpgFirst off, I just want to tell Christopher’s friends and family how sorry I am for the loss of such a beautiful little boy. I cannot imagine how you are feeling during this time. But, my thoughts are with you everyday. This tragedy has truly saddened me and I can’t shake it. This story is so horrific, so heinous, that I can barely hold my disgust and anger for what these “people” did to this child. This child who did nothing to them. But they did everything to him.

On Wednesday, George Edenfield, a convicted sex offender, along with his parents, Peggy and David Edenfield, were indicted for the murder and sexual molestation of Christopher. There are several charges filed against each defendant. And, not surprisingly, they are seeking the death penalty for all three. This is Georgia, where they DO sentence people to death, and they DO use the death penalty. So this is a good thing. If this crime does not call for the death penalty, what does? I cannot think of a crime that has been more horrifying as what happened to this child.The indictment contains grim details about the case that police and prosecutors had not previously revealed. It says Christopher died from asphyxiation March 8 — the day he was reported missing — after the suspects choked him while “ignoring his complaints that they were hurting him.” The indictment does not say which of the three caused the boy’s death.It also claims George Edenfield and his 58-year-old father sodomized the boy and forced him to perform oral sex while Peggy Edenfield watched and masturbated.

I am sickened and disgusted by what these “people” did to Christopher. It is unfathomable to me to believe that anyone could actually do these things to a child. They all knew what they were doing, knew it was wrong and that they should not do it. But they did anyway.

George Edenfield        Peggy Edenfield      David Edenfield           Donald Dale

Also charged in the crime is a family friend (of the Edenfield’s), Donald Dale.

A friend of the Edenfield family, Donald Dale, was indicted on charges of concealing a death and tampering with evidence. Kelley said Dale did not become involved until after Christopher had been killed.

And what makes all of this so bad, is that this is not the first time that George or David Edenfield have committed sex crimes. George is a convicted sex offender with crimes against children.

Ironically, the Edenfields moved into the trailer park where Christopher lived last year because of a Georgia law intended to keep child molesters away from children. Sheriffs’ deputies told George Edenfield in September that he had to leave his home near downtown Brunswick because it was too close to a playground. Georgia law prohibits registered sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of schools and other places that draw children.His family went to live in the trailer park in October after George Edenfield was arrested for failing to move as ordered. He pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced to probation March 5, three days before Christopher disappeared.George Edenfield was required to register as a sex offender after he pleaded guilty in 1997 to molesting two boys, ages 7 and 9. Prosecutors said he rubbed his clothed body “in a sexual manner” against the boys, who also were fully dressed. He was sentenced then to 10 years on probation.His father, David Edenfield, pleaded guilty to incest in 1994. He was accused of having sex with an adult relative who was not his son.

They should not have even been there. None of the families around there even knew that George was there. This sex offender was just put on probation earlier this month, before Christopher was murdered. Maybe if the Judge had put George in prison, this would not have happened.

Hundreds pack funeral of 6-year-old victim of sex-abuse slaying
Child Molester Got Probation Days Before Slain Boy Vanished
Molester, His Parents Charged In Christopher’s ‘Horrific’ Slaying
As Slain Boy’s Viewing Begins, 3 Charged With Murder
Hundreds Mourn, Attend Christopher Barrios’ Viewings
Prosecutor: Slain Ga. boy was first molested
Indictment: Molester, dad abused boy while mom watched
Hundreds pack funeral of 6-year-old victim of sex-abuse slaying
Young sex-abuse victim’s funeral is crowded

This Week’s Carnival of the True Crime Blogs


Carnival of the True Crime Blogs LXVIII (the best one ever!)

Update: Raechale Elton murder *Robert Cameron Houston pled guilty, sentencing trial beginning*

Raechale Elton
Raechale Elton

News Archive: Raechale Elton murder
Youth Bound Over For Trial In Slaying Of Counselor
Teen Pleads Not Guilty to Rape, Murder
Hearing Held for Teen Accused of Brutal Rape, Murder
Young Man Pleads Guilty In Counselor’s Murder
Teen Charged With Murder Changes Plea to ‘Guilty’
Houston pleads guilty to murder
Sentencing Begins Today for Teen Charged With Killing Counselor
Investigator Testifies at Sentencing of Group Home Murderer
Day Three of Sentencing Hearing in Murder Case
Houston’s attorney says group home was mismanaged

Robert Cameron Houston

Kelly Sellers murder 4/22/2005 Sevierville, TN*John Wayne Blair convicted of her murder; sentenced to LWOP*


Murder trial: Suspect’s account relayed
Suspect pins murder on friend
Inmate Testifies in Sevier Murder Trial
Juror sickened by pictures of victim in Blair’s murder trial
Prosecution says DNA evidence disproves murder suspect’s claim
Jury seated in John Wayne Blair’s murder trial
Sellers Family Reaction On Guilty Verdict
FULL VERDICT: John Wayne Blair Receives Life in Prison Without Parole
TN – Kelly Sellers, 23, tortured & murdered, Sevier County, 22 April 2005



TOMIS ID: 00419089
Birth Date: 08/15/1955
Race: W
Sex: M
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: SPND
Sentence Begin: 04/28/2005
Sentence End:
Parole Eligibility :
Parole Hearing:
Hearing Result:

Sean Powell murder 3/10/2007 North Knoxville, TN *Teenager shot and killed outside teacher’s home*

Sean Powell
Sean Powell

Affair Between Student and Married Teacher Leads to Teen’s Murder in Tennessee
Students in Shock Over Alleged Love Triangle Murder
Details Emerge From Saturday Murder
Local murder gets national attention
Affair With Teacher Leads To Slaying
Murder suspect’s wife put on leave from teaching internship

Jason Eric McLean
Jason Eric McLean


Since so many of you decided to post comments blaming the victim and cheering on the accused, comments are closed.

Update: Teresa Halbach murder *Verdict alert* Steven Avery found guilty, sentenced to LWOP*

Teresa Halbach
Teresa Halbach

News Archive: Teresa Halbach murder
Avery’s Attorneys File Paperwork For Witnesses
Avery’s Lawyer Says Blood Sample Was Mishandled
Test On Blood Sample May Delay Avery’s Trial
Judge Will Not Delay Avery Trial To Test Blood
Judge reserves seating in Avery trial for families
Steven Avery Trial Coverage
Timeline of Trial
Courtroom Blog
Cleared of rape after 18 years, now convicted of murder
BREAKING NEWS: Steven Avery Guilty of Murder
Jury Finds Avery Guilty Of Halloween ’05 Murder
Steven Avery – Guilty of Murder
Wikipedia – The Steven Avery Trial
Steven Avery Found Guilty Of Killing Teresa Halbach
Defense: Brendan Dassey was under pressure to recant confession that he helped uncle Steven Avery kill Teresa Halbach
Court rejects Brendan Dassey’s request for new trial
Murderpedia: Steven Avery

Murder Made Me Famous: Steve Avery
Making a Murderer

Steven Avery – convicted, sentenced to LWOP
Brendan Dassey – convicted, sentenced to life in prison, not eligible for parole for at least 41 years


StevenAvery prison mug

DOC #: 00122987
Birth Year: 1962
Age: 51
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 211
Hair Color: GRAY
Eye Color: BLUE
PhotoDate: 06/05/2007

Institution: Wisconsin Secure Program Facility
Region Unit: 4 09
940 Maritime Dr
Manitowoc, WI 54220-2921

State of Wisconsin vs. Steven A. AVERY

Manitowoc County Case Number 2005CF000381

The defendant Steven A. AVERY was found guilty of the following charge(s) in this case. One or more other charges were dismissed. The dismissed charges were not proven and have no legal effect. Steven A. AVERY is presumed innocent of the dismissed charges. On one or more other charges, Steven A. AVERY was found not guilty. These charges were not proven and have no legal effect. Steven A. AVERY is presumed innocent of the not guilty charges.
Steven A. AVERY was found guilty of PTC 1st-Degree Intentional Homicide, a class A felony, Wisconsin Statutes 940.01(1)(a).
Steven A. AVERY was found guilty of Felon Possess Firearm, a class G felony, Wisconsin Statutes 941.29(2)(a).


BrendanDassey prison mug

DOC #: 00516985
Birth Year: 1989
Age: 24
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 250
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BLUE
PhotoDate: 10/11/2011

Institution: Green Bay Correctional Institution
Region Unit: 4 09
940 Maritime Dr
Manitowoc, WI 54220-2921

Registered Sex Offender

Registration Begin: 04/25/2007
Compliance Status: COMPLIANT
Criminal code: 940.225(2): Second-Degree Sexual Assault

State of Wisconsin vs. Brendan R. DASSEY

Manitowoc County Case Number 2006CF000088

The defendant Brendan R. DASSEY was found guilty of the following charge(s) in this case.
PTC 1st-Degree Intentional Homicide, a class A felony, Wisconsin Statutes 940.01(1)(a).
PTC Mutilating a Corpse, a class F felony, Wisconsin Statutes 940.11(1).

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