Serial Killer: Shawn Grate killed at least 5 women – Sentenced to death

Stacey Stanley aka Stacey Hicks, 43 [9/8/2016]
Elizabeth Ann Griffith, 29 [8/16/2016]
Candice Marie Cunningham, 29 [6/12/2016]
Rebekah Lynn Leicy, 31 [3/16/2015]
Dana Nicole Lowrey, 23 [5/2007]
Jane Doe, [2005 or 2006]

Stacey J. Stanley obituary
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Elizabeth Ann Griffith obituary
Find-A-Grave: Elizabeth Ann Griffith
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Find-A-Grave: Candice Marie Cunningham
Rebekah Leicy obituary
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Grate trial: Victim’s son recalls last time he talked to his mother
Jury finds Shawn Grate guilty on all counts of aggravated murder and kidnapping
Jury finds Shawn Grate guilty on all counts of aggravated murder and kidnapping
Judge accepts jury’s recommendation to sentence Shawn Grate to death
Marion County ‘Jane Doe’ identified; convicted killer Shawn Grate confessed to her murder
Already in prison for life, Ohio serial killer Shawn Grate admits to first murder
Death-row’s Grate gets prison term for Marion murder, his first
Man gets death penalty for strangling 2 women in vacant home
Convicted killer Shawn Grate pleads guilty to the murders of 2 women in Richland County
Ex of Suspected Serial Killer Shawn Grate Recounts Harrowing Moment: I’d ‘Never Felt Fear Like That Before’
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