• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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2007 March: Cold Cases/Unsolved Cases

This month I will be concentrating on Cold Cases/Unsolved Cases.  Some will be very famous (Elizabeth Short and Zodiac) and others not so famous (many local ones).

The Zodiac Killer

Elizabeth Short

The Alphabet Killer

The Boy in the Box


121 Responses

  1. Do you know anything about the 1977 New Jersey murder of Donna Macco? Her body was found about 2 years ago and there have been zero postings on any sites about progress in solving the case.

  2. check these guys out

  3. my mother was killed when i was 6 years old iam now 18 years old and her murders still unsolved. If you could please give me any web sites that i can look up to find out whats going on with my moms case please let me know. Her names sherry marie driscoll… thank you, Amanda Nicole Eastep

  4. i am interested in info on a murder on saturday night 3-31-07 in dc. my friends grandmother was shot by her father.
    can u lead me to some good sites that update murders in dc.
    washington post is not helping…..

    concerned friend

  5. My family had a suffered a loss of a family member. We heard about a family in Florida who specilizes in unsolved cases. We ended up working with them.
    Our case was 15 years old, but, our entire family wanted closure. After 2 1/2 months they were able to seek out the responsible people involved.
    If anyone needs closure, have a look at them. The father is Jim Hannan and twin son’s Jamie and Jack. They have a website

  6. Anyone who needs help solving a murder or abduction case – check these guys out !

  7. AMANDA – Get in touch with these guys, Jim, James & Jack Hannon, they have a web site

  8. John, Dana, Marie,

    I sent you an email regarding your triple posts. I will be combining your comments, since it all says the same basically and is from the same person. No need to spam the page. I have no problem with you advertising the site, just a problem with you doing it under 3 different name, but same IP address and email address.

  9. My step-sister was murdered in Versailles, Ky on december 31, 1990. Her case, after 17 years is still unsolved. The police that responded – were in over their heads & contaminated the crime scene. Just recently I was told by an anonymous source that they were spending more time investigating. They have asked for DNA from every member of our family. Any leads – or direction would be extremely helpful. She left behind 2 sons – both have graduated high school & the oldest is married & in the service – serving in Iraq. Aby help would be great.

  10. Note to Sharon Barson:
    I lived in Hightstown when that happened. My husband and I lived with one of the suspects. When they let him off the hook he high-tailed it out to the desert. He wanted Donna and considered himself quite a ladies man. He was already dating someone close to her. Now, this is all rumor and stuff, but the rumor around Hightstown, NJ after that was that she’d had a homemade um, termination, shall we say to be polite. It went horribly wrong and she bled to death. That was the rumor. The other half of the rumor went that this guy? He was the one that “helped” her. Then he panicked and took her somewhere and dumped her. Oddly enough her car was clean and that was involved. Weirder still? I owned that car for a short period of time. So I’ve wondered what ever happened and what was true and what was not. I’m glad they found her so she can be at rest. It about killed Julie and the family when it happened and stunned the entire area, which was very different that many years ago.

  11. anyone interested in the murderer of a sixteen year old,male, a bad drug deal. occured somewhere between 1975-1979 in southern florida, the keys, Hollywood, Miami/Ft Lauderdale area. I have gotten all the info from murderer I can get. Victim was shot.

  12. Searching for any info regarding the Lorraine Kelly- Maryanne Pryor murders that occured in the summer of 1975. The girls vanished from Hudson County,New Jersey and were found a few weeks later in a remote area of Bergen County,New Jersey.Any info would be helpful in closing this cold case.

  13. darksearch,

    Those names sound familiar to me as well. I will see what I can find out and will post.

  14. Dear Mr. Walsh:

    The murders of Lorraine Kelly and MaryAnn Pryor happened in the summer of 1974. Lorraine was a friend of mine. I am 49 yrs old and I have always had a whole in my heart that their murders of never been solved. Lorrraine’s Mother had passed away from cancer 2 months before. Lorraine was going to move to Arizona with her brotheror sister. I saw her about a week before she disappeared gave her a hug and kiss. I never knew that that would be the last time I would ever see her. She was a beautiful dark headed girl with big beautifu green eyes, she had the beautiful Irish skin. I didn’t know MaryAnn. It was so sad attending the se girls wakes, the press all over the place . We wnt to North Bergen High School, North Bergen-Hudson county NJ. The girls I believe were found in Montvale NJ, Bergen County. These girls were rapped beaten and battered. Plese help to solve this murder. My prayer before I leave this worl is to finally have some peaceon this case. To know what really happened to these girls. Who Killed them.
    God Bless

  15. I was also a classmate of Lorraine Kelly and I will never forget seeing the girls faces on the front page of the Hudson Dispatch and hearing of the tragedy that befell them.I find it hard to believe that for 33 years this crime has gone unsolved and worse yet unquestioned.I will be investigating this injustice and will be reaching out to my contacts in Hudson and Bergen counties. Any help or leads no matter how small will be appreciated in solving this case. Darksearch

  16. Thank You darksearch.
    These murders have always bothered me as I said before. I have prayed that one day this will be solved. I wish John Walsh, from”America’s Most Wanted” would help with this case. I read that a psyhic had been asked years 33 years ago to help with this case. She gave inofrmation on where the girls were. I wish a psyhic would help in finding out who or whom did this horfic act. this person or persons robbed these girls of a life, graduating from high school, proms, wedding marriage, children grandparenting. May God bless you in your search.

  17. I was a friend of tommy Kelly, Lorraines brother. The murders was one of the most upsetting things from my youth. I mentioned the murders to a very politicaly astute friend. Who also thinks Joe Mocco had something to do with the murders. My friend claims there is a mysterious man who goes to the Flamingo diner in Jersey City (downtown M ontgomery street near Exchange Place) the man said he knows who killed the girls. this may just be a nut, maybe not. Idea: why not go to the familys and ask to do a DNA on the bodies and see if there is any evidence (there was no DNA testing in those days)I would love to see the killer(or killers bought to justice)

  18. ps failed to mention the mysterious man goes to the Flamingo diner late, late at night> again this may be just a nutjob. But I hope someone considers my DNA testing idea (there was no DNA testing in those days.

  19. Re: Lorraine Kelly and Mary Ann Pryor. I, too, knew those girls and there is seldom a week that goes by where I don’t think of them and wonder why. I realize we did not have DNa testing and advanced forensics back then, but it is so upsetting to know that someone has gotten away with this horrific act for 33 yrs. I read a story in the Record 10 yrs after the murders and the general belief back then was that they were probably the victims of a transient serial killer, since they were hitching a ride to a mall. Still, this guy at the diner may have some info. Let’s face it, unless you lived in the area or knew the girls, this murder has been long fogotten by most people. why would this guy be talking about it now, all these years later? I think you may be on to something. I hope it is solved soon. 33 yrs is a very long time. Who knows, the person or people who did it may be dead themselves for all anybody knows.

  20. If Gil Corby is talking about Joe Mocco who was township clerk, I went to school with him. When he was a senior and I was sophomore, he stalked me from class to class and really frightened me. About 5 years later, after I graduated, I ran into him at a social gathering. We were both adults then and he seemed ok. After a few calls, I finally consented to go to a party with him. It was a huge mistake. the party was private. I’m lucky I got away from him intact. Wisely, I had made the date a triple date with two of my girlfriends for two of his buddies, who weren’t much different than he was. One of the girls cracked his friend on the head with a crystal ashtray while I was struggling to get Joe off of me. We got out of the house, found a phone and called a cab. I dread to think what would have happened if I had gone alone.

  21. Dear Lindro;

    I am so glad that you and you’re friends were able to get away. Loraine was a great person. I didn’t know MaryAnn but this awful crimw should have never happened to these girls. Lorraine’s mother had died of cancer months before. Her siblings had gone through so much. there is never a day that goes by that I don’t think about Lorraine, the visions of these caskets are forever in my mind in Vaneri’s Funeral Home. My prayer is that before I close my eyes to this world that I pray someone reopens this case. We do have DNA and from what I heard there were ciggarettes , beer bottles all over the place. I know someone that was on the first aid squad that recovered the bodies. These girls wer brutally murdered. they were burned with ciggarettes, sexually assaulted with bear bottles and God know what else. I wish john Walsh would re-open this cold case. God Bless you all!

  22. Has anyone tried to contact John Walsh? How does one go about doing that? It would be a great thing to do. Someone out there Has to know Something. 33 yrs has already passed, way too long as far as I am concerned. Before too many of those who know something or who are respnsible die themselves, someone has to get the bottom of this despicable act that has gone unpunished all this time.

  23. There was so much rumor and speculation revolving around the Kelly-Pryor case at the time then all interest just seemed to fade very quickly. As it stands now the case is still an open homicide with no new leads or info and that would probably be because of the lack of interest of the police involved in this case.It would involve a lot of hard and demanding investigative work which would render the departments involved incapable of doing. It is much easier to pursue motor vehicle violations,minor drug infractions and worse yet political enemies. Hoping to hear more from the concerned public on this case , we have a much better chance at getting some answers than relying on some political hacks. Darksearch

  24. I do know that in 1966 when Joe was about 20-21, he still didn’t smoke. He was a wrestler (captain of the Weehawken team).

  25. To all concerned: The Kelly/Pryor case has not been forgotten about. In fact, the file presently sits on my desk. If anyone has viable information, I welcome your input. Please send a letter, outlining your information, and including your contact information, to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, attn: Homicide, Kelly/Pryor Cold Case, 100 Eisenhower Drive, Paramus, NJ 07652. If necessary, a meeting will be scheduled with you, regarding the investigation.

  26. Dear BCPO:

    As a classmate of Lorraine’s I am so glad to hear that Lorraine and MaryAnn have not been forgotten. Is there any way your office could get in touch with John Walsh. Maybe if Mr. Walsh airs this horrific crime on AMW maybe some one out there would have information to help this case that has gone cold. Please consider doing this. Lorriane was a sweet girl. In my heart of hearts I have always prayed that the murders of Lorraine and MaryAnn would be solved.


  27. all: I want to find more information on the Mocco’s Peter and Joseph and see who they are affiliated with. What they do, have done: Politically, real estate, biz eetc.. I am trying to find as much information on them and their associates.

    Can anyone help?



  28. My sister was murdered 12-25-80, in fort worth texas. I know who did it but the evidence on her case was “misplaced”

  29. This is so eery, i just left a long letter on the clews site in regards to this matter.This is very difficult so if you would like ot see my comments go on it it is the site above this one. I was Lorraine;s best friend! My life was also at risk at the time due to the information I had obtained. Mary ann’s best bud was Diane. Lorraine was getting ready to come up to Cape Cod with my sister and Dad at a clsoe family friends right on the water. the last 2weeks or so in
    August. I encourage anyone interested see my comments on that site to write it all again will be so hard as this is very emotional. I was very involved for over 7 years with this investigation with local county and FBI. Read the letter sent to cleeuws.Any serious responses my email and please address the email re:love4lori thanks so much! ld

  30. Re: Mocco info – I am NOT CERTAIN of this, but I vaguely remember that 2 of Joe Mocco’s young children were killed – struck by a car – while in the care of a babysitter. Again, I vaguely remember reading about this in the Hudson Dispatch many years ago.

    RE: Lorraine and Mary Ann – one thing that has always bothered me about this case – that still makes no sense to me – is that speculation was that the girls were killed in North Bergen and removed to Montvale, where they were found. However, the last time they were seen was when they were dropped off at a bus stop in Ridgefield (Bergen County). so, how did they get from Ridgefield, back to North Bergen, when they were on their way to the Garden State Plaza (Paramus)?

  31. they probably never made to the mall, and if they did, it would be no biggie to get bakc to nb- remember they did not die the night they were on the way to the mall- the deaths occurred several days later and then they were found several days after that- go on the other site Clews read my stuff and then if you would like to talk we will

  32. to ID, hi , Gil Corby here. I was a friend of Tommy, Lorraines brother. I emailed you my adress. if you have any info on the case ,write to me and let me know. PS you will notice the Bergen County Prosecuter has a message on this site saying the case is still open. If you have any info you really should contact him. He gives the adress to write. PS do you know where Tom Kelly is at, we lost touch years ago. Mail me that information, if you have it of course. Tommy or TK as we called him was my best friend in grammer school and high school, the murder was worst thing that ever happened to a friend of mine.

  33. It’s LD but that’s ok go to and read my long info letter there. It might help u, however if not i need your email spelled out , as with everything in this case , opositino always -or email me – mybe this year will be the one – it finaly will end. A murder is horrific enough, this one hwoever, had more components than most out there and it made it all the more eary and sick- email me again and note it love4lori so i know it is you. scams all over yiu know the times we are in- and i say this again if this hasppened 10 years later than it did or now, this would be finished an it probbly would have never happened. Tragic does not even describe what some of us have endured as a result of this! thanks LD

  34. Been giving this a lot of thought. Isn’t it odd that nearly 34 yrs later, here we are – friends, acquaintances, classmates, of Lorraine and Mary Ann, seeking answers to the same questions? My prayer is that LD is right, perhaps this is the year when all will finally come to a close.

    Perhaps there is a way we can create an organized effort and demand some answers, This is not 1974 anymore! The BCPO has the case listed on it’s website. What is Hudson County doing? Can we all get something going here and try putting the heat on Hudson/Bergen Counties? Perhaps letters, emails, phoning local newspapers to do follow up on the story, since anniversay coming soon. These girls deserve at least that much! So do the families and friends of Lorraine and Mary Ann. Not only did this horrific crime end the lives of two beautiful and innocent young women, but it devastated families and an entire community! Let’s face it, if it did not, we would not be here all these years later, still wondering, still seeking the truth, still hurting.
    If anyone has any suggestions as to how we can form a “united front” and demand that law enforcement get moving on this case, please help.

  35. ok anyone wanting to do this you must contact me at once so i can contact who i have to , papers, and police fbi ect. I have an idea that is going into my screenplay for this- here is the deal hudson couinty – even they lived and last seen in hudson- were ultimatly found in bergen county. Get that please jurisdiction dictates such things and after 7 yeras after working with agencies , that is the deal but we can form at least a memeorial wALK WITH PRESS NEAR THE HACKENSACK AREANA FOR A LIKE PUBLIC RALLY and let peope know that we care and bodies must be exumed for dna and any evidence that ca nbe reprocced with this technology today. there was just so much left on them as they were gang rapped along with other horrifc things which i will not disclose to hurt the case email me and then we can attn luv4lori thanks and please let anyone know about this so we can peacalbe meet but do it organized and in bergen coun ty,
    a voice we have- i m thinking friday/saturday – this week would be perfect as the anniversary is here- in fact tonght is the 9th and is probably tom. when i got the call from lorraines sister at 8am the morning she didnot return home, had not been killed yet , that was some days later – but she was already on her to being in the wrong place at the wrong time- had we had cell phones ect this wouldhave never happend and if it did the killers, would have already been caught. There was more than one who had a part in her violent, abusive and sick violations and ultimatly death and then the diplay that was left to try to deter and create a profile of killers that never existed but yet had to to make everything look the way they did once these bodies had been happend on in montvale, nj ok email me at once cool lisa

  36. Don’t know if we can get something organized at this late date, but I would be willing to do what I can to help. Too bad we did not think of this at least a month ago. Still, while I thought it would be more effective to do something to honor the anniversary, that does not mean we are tied to those dates. We can really do it at any time. Just need to get organized, that is main thing. Rally does sound like a good idea.

  37. I knew the Mocco family pretty well in the late 60’s. I clearly remember that Joey Mocco was married to a young woman, named Pierina(sp?). She was accidentally killed some years later. I am foggy on the details of how and when she was killed but I am certain that she was Joey’s first wife.

  38. Sorry. Pierina Mocco as it turns out is alive and living under the name Pierina Loffredo. At least that is what I am told. I dont want to be starting anymore urban legends about the Mocco’s.

  39. Just happened upon this site. Mary Ann and Lorraine are not forgotten – I am Mary Ann’s sister, Nancy. I appreciate all your thoughts and words here and I am touched by the fact that they are remembered. I am and have been in touch with the authorities for 34 years. I welcome any new information and thoughts/ideas you may have associated with my sister or Lori’s case. Please contact me at:

    I will look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you,

  40. Wish i was a psychic,so i could solve all these crimes.I just stumbled across this 1.Can`t imagine what these people are going through. I believe there are too many phony “psychics” .

  41. LD (Lisa)…. you seem to have information on this case that you would like to share, but you haven’t responded to any of my emails. I would appreciate hearing from you. Once again, my email address is:
    Contact me.


  42. Dear LD,
    I, like Mary Ann’s sister, Nancy, have tried to contact you several times, as per your blog request on both this and CLEWS, and I have not heard from you. Please, since you say you were Lorraine’s best friend and that you have information regarding the case, contact the BCPO or Nancy. For the sake of Lorraine, Mary Ann, and their families, please help if you can, to put this to rest so the families can have closure. After all, isn’t that what best friend’s do?

  43. For some odd reason I was thinking about this today. I lived up the block from the Kellys. She had no problem playing ball with the boys. Great kid. If you ask people from town, the whispers always went back to the Mocco’s. Especially Joe.
    August 14 was an awful day in town. We heard about the bodies being found when we were at the town pool. On the way home my buddy got hit by a car. After going to the hospital with him, to come home to all the TV cameras…it was depressing.
    I don’t know if this will ever be solved, but if it is, I bet many now old-timers would come back for the trial. You just don’t forget these things. Ever.

  44. To: old71stStreeter,
    I, too, lived in the neighborhood at the time, as you can read from my prior posts.
    Isn’t it great to see how many people remember Lorraine & Mary Ann?
    Though 34 yrs have passed, it is crucial that we raise & maintain public awareness so that those responsible for this awful crime realize we will never forget nor will we rest until justice has been done.
    SOMEONE out there must know SOMETHING! No matter how insignificant it may seem, it may be something the BCPO would be interested in hearing about. There is a post on this page, as well as a BCPO web site listing the girls case.
    I pray that one day, someone will come forward with info that will lead to this case being solved and families can have closure. In the meantime, my hope is that we can all see to it that the memories of Lorraine and Mary Ann will always remain alive in our hearts and we can continue to keep pubic interest from fading. No matter how long it takes.

  45. I was friends with Lorraine and Maryanne. We played with Barbie dolls on my porch only a few years before. I lived a few blocks away from them and knew them in grammer school. I too have been haunted by this till this day. I heard that they were outside the On-Tap bar that night. I knew many of the people they had brought in for questioning and lie detector tests for this horrific crime.
    I’m Buddhist and I couldn’t help thinking about the karmic aspect of this and the series of bad events that came to Joe Mocco. I believe three of his kids were killed in freak accidents. I know this crime will be solved someday, but if not in my lifetime I’m sure that that the persons resonsible are creating their own hell and will pay either way. My heart and prayers go out to everyone close to them.

    Peace Kim D

  46. To All,

    As the holiday season nears, I am again faced with yet another Christmas without my sister, Mary Ann. The loss of a loved one is always more profound on holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, etc., as we are all aware.

    Yet, I am encouraged to see how many people still think of her and Lori after all these years! Seems whenever I log on to this site, I see a new face. Know that this gives me encouragement and hope.

    Again, during this time of year when the main focus is on family, please remember – if anyone has ANY information, no matter how trivial or insignificant it may seem, PLEASE contact the BCPO or myself. I will gladly forward your information to the authorities, if you wish to remain annonymous. Or feel free to just write to me if you wish to share a story or two about Mary Ann. She is very much alive in my heart.

    Wouldn’t this be a very special holiday if new information on this case comes to light? I look forward to hearing from you.

  47. I will look to see if there are any other resources to help you solve this case. I was also from the area and remember. It was very sad, even though I didn’t know these girls personally, I knew of them from school.

    I hope that 2009 will be the year that you have answers and can find peace.

    Submitting Cases

    How do I submit a case to AMW?
    Cases to be profiled on AMW are carefully chosen from the hundreds of requests we receive every week. Due to the high volume of requests we often need to make tough decisions when it comes to choosing which cases to profile. We make every attempt to cover cases from all parts of the country and all type of crimes. Our ultimate goal is to give a voice to the maximum number of victims possible and help find Missing children and bring fugitives to justice.

    If you would like to have a case considered for the show, please send all facts to:

    America’s Most Wanted
    PO Box Crime TV
    Washington DC 20016

    Please make sure to note whether there is a known fugitive charged with the crime, or whether the perpetrator is yet to be identified. If charges have been filed, please note the police agency that filed the charges. It is also helpful to let us know what photos and/or video are available of the victim and the fugitive.

    NOTE: We are not able to return materials, so do not send original or irreplaceable photos, documents, etc.

  48. You Selected: Programming/Questions About Our Programming

    I have a story for COLD CASE FILES. How do I submit?

    If you know of a crime that has not been solved and could be a story for COLD CASE FILES, email

  49. I went to school with Lorraine Kelly’s sister, Maureen. I may have met Lorraine at her house once. Maureen was the sweetest person. I felt so badly for her. I went to the wake with my Mom. It was so sad. What a tragedy. Did anyone ever give the boyfriend a lie detector test? He was the last person to see them.

  50. I remember that Joe M’s best friend was investigated in regard to the murders. He supposedly was living in a shack off of Tonnelle Avenue. The rumor was that they found one of the girl’s blood in the shack. He was questioned but nothing ever became of it.

  51. Yes, I remember reading something about an abandoned shack in North Bergen being suspected as the site of the crime. I think a pair of bloodied women’s panties were found there, but it turned out that there was no connection to Lorraine or Mary Ann. Nothing further about it was mentinoed after that. I do find it hard to believe that Joe Mocco would have a best friend who lived in a shack, but I guess anything’s possible.

    As for Lorraine’s boyfriend, they did give him a lie detector test if I remember correctly, since he was the one who supposedly dropped them off at the bus stop.

  52. Regarding the murders of the murders of Lorraine Kelly and MaryAnn Pryor…

    I’m only 25 years old.. so therefore I wouldn’t know much about what happen.. but my mother knew of Lorraine Kelly real well… in fact she was suppose to be my mother’s Maid-of-honor at her wedding.

    I was just speaking to my mother about this, Elizabeth Grahl is her name btw, and she started crying when I read her the posts about people’s feelings towards Lorraine. She said even to this day she thinks about Lorraine.

    Regarding on who did it… a lot of people have mention Joe Macco.. aka the crazy guy from the diner.. but no-one has mentioned Harry Stull (or Stall, hopefully I’m saying the right)….. It was mention that the girls wouldn’t of gotten in the car unless they knew the person… they already knew on how Joe Macco was.. but Harry Stull was a friend.

    I don’t know.. hopefully this case goes doesn’t remain unsolved.. Good luck with everything

  53. Hi All, my brother came across this site. Our mother Elizabeth (Betsy) Grahl (now Barrett) went to school with Lorraine. She told us this horrible story of how she lost her good friend. My prayers are with the families of both these young ladies.

  54. I as most everyone else on this site also knew both girls, not as well as most and a little more than others. I used to run into them walking to school and we would walk and talk together. Oddly enough I never saw this site before but I just logged off the unsolved mysteries site, attempting to find out how to get them involved in this case. I was amazed when I read all the comments on this site. I remember one night walking on Broadway with my fiance and a guy walked over to him and called him aside, I thought it was strange but just waited for him to come back and asked what was up. He told me that he knew the other guy for quite a while (although he couldn’t remember his name) and that he just told him that he was leaving town because he had seen both of the girls leave “on tap” with Joe Mocco on the evening that they disappeared. He said he had told someone that he saw this and shortly afterwards he was advised that if he didn’t shut up and disappear he would be made to disappear permanently. I told my fiance that he should tell the police what he was told and he said that the guy already had done that. I have no idea if this is the person that they are referring to as the diner man as I left the area quite some time ago although I remembered seeing the man on broadway frequently before that and I don’t remember ever seeing him after that night. I was truly shocked to be reading things that I had been told so long ago and to be honest wasn’t sure if I believed them or not. I do know that I also saw the site Clews and an article on it suggesting that the murder may have been committed by Robert Zarnisky. I am still praying that somehow, some way they will find and convict the sick, horrible, brutal person or people responsible for taking their young lives and causing the anguish of a multitude of others. Know that I will be checking this site and following up on this as long as this remains unsolved. God bless all the family and friends of these young women.

  55. It’s now 35 years since this horrific crime took place Lorraine and Mary Ann were both friends and classmates to many people at NBHS. I think of them every year at this time and pray to God that this case would be solved so there would finally be closure. It was a horrible time for their family and their friends. This senseless crime left a permanent black mark on North Bergen. Lorraine and Mary Ann were both beautiful people who have never been forgotten. Happy anniversary in Heaven.

  56. Yes, we have just observed yet another anniversary of this yet unsolved horrific crime. 35 years. Seems like yesterday. Details still so vivid.

    For 35 years many of us have hoped and prayed that SOMEONE who knows SOMETHING about what happened to Lorraine Kelly and Mary Ann Pryor will have the courage, decency, and/or the good conscience to come forward and give the families, loved ones, and friends the answers they deserve and have sought for far too long.

    Please, if ANYONE reading this KNOWS ANYTHING that can help bring peace and closure to this horrfic crime, PLEASE HELP!!

    Of course, it won’t be easy. But, many times, doing the right thing is not easy. Still it must be done. Imagine if such an awful thing were to happen to someone you loved, would you not live with the hope that someone who knows something would have the courage to step forward?

    The BCPO has a post here with contact info, as well as info on their own site. 35 years is a long time to carry such a burden. Perhaps if anyone out there reading this knows anything, now is the time to put your conscience to rest.

  57. John,

    I think Harry Stahl was younger than them. I remember him being a little older than me in 1974 when I was 14.
    He went to jail a few years later for the murder of a girl named Corinne. I think that was her name , if anyone knows please correct me. I think she should be remembered. She was stabbed in Hudson County Park, supposedly near 85th St. I heard they weren’t alone, so I don’t know who else might have been charged.

  58. The other person with Harry Stahl was the then Fire Chief’s son. I can’t remember his name. If I am correct. Stahl was killed in an auto accident in his early twenties; his car went off a cliff when his brakes failed

  59. You are correct, her name was Corrine and I knew her. My neighbor found her body in Hudson County Park. She was only 11 or 12.

    • No Corinne passed away two days before her 16th birthday. I am her Mother and remember it very well. You have no idea how this family has suffered since with losing her.

  60. Grew up in NB, I recall the person that was said to be with Stahl the night of Corrine’s murder. It was one of the Linder boys. They grew up downtown on Kennedy Blvd near Coach House diner. I don’t recall his first name, but I ran into Mr. Linder a few times at Corky’s bar uptown in the 80’s. He was a strange, quiet guy. Never really knew if he was involved or just a bystander.

    • They were all involved. Stahl. Linder and Robert Emord. In my heart I know it was Stahl who killed her and the other two are just as responsible for not helping her.

  61. I remember that murder because I was still living in North Bergen at that time. How horrific. I was so grateful when they were caught. What year did that take place? I doubt there’s any connection, but curious as to how long after Lorraine and Mary Ann.

  62. Regarding Mary Ann and Lorraine.
    I just looked at a map and Montvale is straight up 80 from Paramus. Makes me think they did make it to the mall or whoever picked them up just kept going.
    What’s confusing is that someone posted that they were killed closer to the time they were found. Is that what the police are saying?

  63. The general theory is that they did not make it to the mall. They went missing on Friday and were not found until Wednesday. Police and medical examiners believe they died 36-40 hrs before they were found. That’s what was reported in the media at the time.

  64. These murders have always bothered me, i grew up in north bergen and i can’t believe they are still unsolved. I’ve often thought of these girls over the years even though i didn’t know them, i still remember the day it happened. In reading all these stories and theories the one that stands out the most is the physic reading, she says something about a red pick up truck , im pretty sure this person i am going to name drove a pick up truck and was good friends with joe mocco worked for the town of north bergen and also frequented the on tap bar. I am saying this because someone mentioned to me in conversation .that someone told him the girls were last seen with joe mocco and guy novembre when they dissapeared, don’t know how true it is but it is still something to check out.. Who know’s if the truck was his or the town’s .. I think he was also a smoker, not sure though. find out the name of the diner man in jc
    put out some type of warrant and get these guys in for dna testing.

  65. In today’s Jersey Journal, they ran an interview with Mary Ann Pryor’s sister.
    Glad to see that some in media are still interested in this case 35 yrs later.
    You never know what answers such exposure might bring. Let’s keep our hopes up!

  66. We are a production company that films documentaries. We are interested in doing a documentary about Prior/Kelly, and other unsolved cases for a TV Show on all old unsolved cases. We have private detectives on our staff that we will use for our documentary. We will be in touch with some people here soon.

  67. Was On-Tap on Kennedy or Broadway , then?Now?
    I’m remembering a bar on Kennedy between 84 and 85th st. Same side as the Meat Market( can’t remember the name, on the corner), Danny’s Sugar Bowl, Von Der Lindens had a little store on that block,too for a little while. I heard the girls hung out there.

  68. Grew up in NB, and stumbled upon this story about a week ago, never knew.. how sad. Someone who knew the girls should look through the photos of Dating Game serial killer Rodney Alcala just published:… there are a lot of girls pictured from that era of that age….long shot..but worth a look

  69. I also was friends with both girls playing softball together and just hanging around NB…..Just after the murders I was speaking to good friend of my family who happened to be a NB Detective at the time and he told me these girl had some unspeakable and horrific things done to them…..Being a forensic enthusiast and following serial killers I do believe these girls where abducted by a serial killer and tortured beyond belief with the information ective received from this Det.

    • I also had a friend whose father was a North Bergen police officer, we had heard the same thing. Police had to actually walk away because of the brutality these girls suffered at the hand’s of some evil person. I think of this case often and also am a fan of all the forensic shows and reading the case histories of other crimes. I pray that with all the modern ways now available to the police that one day that will be able to identify the person who took away these young girls lives. Someone has to know something and I wish if they did, they would come forward.

  70. My sisterMargie, was shot and killed on Nov 3 1979. It was never solved. We lived in Jersey City but she was killed in a parking lot in Little Ferry Nj. Her boyfriend was killed with her, his name was Billy. No one was ever charged with the murders. I called the BCPO, a few years ago spoke to the cold case dept. and no one ever got back to me. I really wish before I leave this earth the case gets solved.

  71. If anyone has any information that might help me find out who killed my sister please let me know. My Mom died 3 yrs ago and she never wanted me to pursuit it. But now that she is gone I would love to have closure. Please, please, any thing no matter how small may help. thanx

  72. We are working on this Kelly/Pryor case as of this date. I am in contact with a family member, and we are working on this now. Does anyone know a person who’s name was RED, or had RED HAIR that may have known the girls. if you do please contact our production company. Also THE LITTLE FERRY murder. Please contact our production company at our email address. We are interested in details of this case also.

  73. Gina contact our production company about the Little Ferry Murders.

  74. We are a film company that does documentaries on unsolved crimes and try to solve them with PIs and other ways. And yes they will end up on TV.

  75. Tim how do I contact your production company????

  76. btw, you can contact me, my email:

  77. you can call us at 201-391-6194 Gina

  78. We are a production company working on a TV show about unsolved crimes. (For question from MYLIFEOFCRIME) Old crimes from years ago. We have a group of Private Investigators, and we plan to try to solve crimes long forgotten about by authorities unless new information comes up.

  79. hi Tim, I tried to call the number a few times and I get an answering machine, but I don’t leave a message. Do you think you can help me solve my sister’s murder from 1979? I was told it might have been mafia related!!! Do u still want to get involved? Please let me know. thanx gina

  80. Gina,
    If you get the machine please do leave a message. This company is run by a retired police detective, and current private investigator’s. So their is you answer to your question about a crime being Mafia related.

  81. ok I guess I will. thanx

  82. Gina we got your message, we will call you back ASAP.

  83. Hi All….
    Several of you have offered your help here. I could use some help now. Does anyone from North Bergen remember someone fitting this description –
    skinny male – 5’8″-5’9″ – dark hair & eyes – small moustache – pinched nose & chin – possible receding hairline – would have been maybe 45-55 yrs of age & associated with younger male, around 20 yrs of age – heavy smoker – gambler – possibly had large black dog – could have been a reporter, photographer or possibly in law enforcement. This is most likely someone Lori knew. I received an image of a someone that could fit this description, but is NOT the person we are looking for. I was unable to post it, so here is a link:

    Thanks in advance… I appreciate any help on this case and never give up hope. Please contact me at:

    • Hi Nancy, do you remember me Lynn Kelly? I went to school with you. I remember the night you came up to the park by white castle looking for your sister cause she was missing. I know someone who dated one of the mocco brothers in the late 70’s but don’t know if she would know anything. Also, this harry guy they are talking about, is it Harry Solewedel? I know your sister and lorainne hung our with him a lot and rode around with him. He was very weird and the guys I hung out with always goofed on him.

    • Hi Nancy – I remember this so well and think about it often, still to this day. MaryAnn and Lorraine are definitely not forgotten, but until I went on this site, I had no idea how many people still think of them. I hope that is at least a small consolation to you and your family, that these two girls touched so many lives. All these years I always had the sense that the Mocco’s had something to do with it, particularly Joe. Obviously I don’t know that for a fact, however, I do know that he has suffered a lot of tragedy is his life. Not only did two of his kids get killed crossing Kennedy Blvd, but he struck and killed another one of his own kids across the street from Our Lady of Fatima. Sometimes God works in strange ways. I hope and pray for your sake and Lorraine’s family that this case is solved and you can finally get some closure. You are a good sister following this case all these years – MaryAnn would be proud of you!

      • Marylu…
        Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so touched that people, like yourself, remember my sister and Lori. And that they are not forgotten. Even after all this time, I still have hope that some new information will come and perhaps one day I will learn of whom was responsible for their deaths. Nothing can bring them back, but I will continue to pray for some sort of closure. There have been so many rumors and occasionally hints that someone may know something, but no-one has come forward with any information… are they afraid? It would mean so much to me if anyone knows anything about what happened to the girls if they would give their info to me or the BCPO. Anyway… thanks again! -Nancy

  84. Nancy, I will call you later. The best one to ask on this is the reporter from “The Herald” (Kevin) who was lead reporter on this case. We will be working with him soon.
    (I have his phone number)

  85. Does anyone know if Law enforcement thinks that Mary Ann and Lorraine were taken by a single person or a serial killer. I have discovered between 15-20 girls that disappeared between 1968-1976. ALl were teenagers and all had brown hair. I know they were at least 3 active serial killers in NJ at that time. Please let me know what you all think

  86. We do not think they were taken by a serial killer. That is all I have to say at this time.

  87. My uncle died in 1970, his death was questionable. Many of the family members think that he was murdered. I have contacted the police and pulled his medical records. The medical records sugest foul play, but the police refuse to do anything. I would like to find out the truth, but don’t know where to turn… if you or anyone can help, please e-mail me at

  88. His name was: Theodore Renigar Davis, he died June 29th, 1970 in Winston Salem, NC. His death certificate has his death listed as a questionalble accident. He supposedly fell about 6 feet out of a barn loft, the injuries listed on the death certificate are Respratory Paralyeis, Cervical Cord Contusion and Severe Injury also Fracture of T-5 and Quadriplegia

  89. Yet, another anniversary has passed and still no answers. Is there anyone out there who reads this blog and knows anything that will help the police find the answers they seek and the families the closure they deserve?
    PLEASE HELP the families of Lorraine Kelly and Mary Ann Pryor. They have suffered long enough, don’t you think?

  90. I was good friends with Corrine’s younger sisters before her death. She was about 14 I believe when she died. One of her sisters was my age (11 or 12) and the other was younger. They lived in the apt building on corner of 82nd Street and Kennedy with their dad. They were new to North Bergen I don’t remember where they moved from. I think their mom had passed away. The dad was quiet and worked a lot the girls were mostly on their own. I think they all moved away after her death. I think about her murder and those of Lorraine and Maryann a lot. I remember that summer so vividly because it was as if our innocence was lost. I remember seeing the photos in the Dispatch. At least with Corrine’s death those responsible were caught and one was punished. I hope and pray the truth comes out because anyone who lived in the neighborhood back then is still haunted by this tragedy.

  91. I remember Corrine too. Her family was poor and they lived above a bar, as I recall.
    Supposedly, rumor at the time was that, Harry Stahl was high on glue, as was the other boy that was there. I also heard that Corrine was going to report that she was raped. So sad, and yes JH, between the darkness of the other two girl’s murders (Pryor and Kelly) and Corrine’s murder, it was an incredible loss of innocence.

    I hope the families of the two girls get the answers that they need.

    • Corinne did not come from a poor family. I am her mother. She did not live over a bar in North Bergen. She lived in Rochester, N.Y. with me and her step father. She was in North Bergen only on a visit. My family has gone thru hell since this happened when she was 2 days away from her 16th birthday. I appreciate your caring for her and we will never forget her. She is with God now. Just remember her with love as that is the way Corinne was. corinne’s Mom

  92. I am familiar with the Pryor/ Corrine tragedy. Maryann was my friends babysitter that summer. We were nine years old at the time, we speak about what happened often. I guess being young and having to understand what happened left a scare that will stay with us forever. My friend has finally decided to search the web and found this web site. She has always wondered why noone questioned her. She thinks she my have some useful information. Nancy I can help you get in contact with her. Both of us would love to see both families get some closure.

  93. I was nine when this tragedy happened, Maryann was my friends baby sitter that summer. This event has left a scare on us , but also helped us make some wise decisions in our teenage years. My friend has always wondered to this day why she was never questioned. She thinks she my remember some things that can help. She has tried calling the BCPD, but has not gotten a response, if someone can give us some contact information I would appreciate it.

  94. Margaret,

    Please email us. We are working on this with Nancy when we get time to do a documentary on this. We would be interested to know what you have.



  95. Just found this about Corinne Wekwert:\NJ\NJ2\1979\19791011_0040119.NJ.htm/qx

    • In regard to Stahl, I knew his sister. He died when he was in his young 20’s the breaks on his car failed and he drove off a cliff.

  96. Can anyone advise when the documentary will be aired? What is going on with AMW. As far as J.E. Davis mentioning your father, keep hope and prayer. As for everyone I want to share this. From the Bible Luke 11:5-9 & Luke 18 :1-8.

  97. I grew up in North Bergen and remember the events mentioned here vividly. I was only 12 at the time of the Pryor/Kelly murders but I recall the heartache this caused at the time. Still cannot believe that these murders are unsolved. It is too bad that more was not done at the time of the murders to catch the killer. Seems unlikely that anything will be resolved now unless someone makes a death bed confession.

    Also, remember the Wekwert murder. I was friends with her sister. I believe they were from upstate NY and the family moved away right after the murder.

    As far as the Mocco kids who were killed along with their babysitter (Patty Modero). I lived off of Kennedy Blvd. and heard the whole thing happen. I can still hear the screams and seeing Patty’s body lying in Kennedy Blvd.

    Even with all these tragic events I still believe that North Bergen was a great place to grow up in the 70’s.

  98. Do you have information about the Mary Pryor/Lorraine Kelly case…perhaps you knew the victims? How about Joe Helt who went missing in New York in 1987 or Erik Stirling Cross who was brutally murdered in Michigan in 1983. Everyone knows who did it but still he’s free. Or how about Gail Palmgren who went missing after seeking a divorce only to be found 7 months later, the victim of a suspicious accident. If so, please come over to and check out the latest and above all, contribute!

  99. I was 13 yrs old when they went missing. A neighbor on our street 90th and 2nd ave was friends with them.My father was an ex NB cop and fireman at the time.What I remember was I heard everyone talking about the girls missing,and got my brothers to help write down license plate numbers coming down our street. Yes, back then, we were kids and didnt know any better that the suspect wouldn’t drive down our st. out of all the streets in NB.But I have never forgot about this.It has been a part of my life since then. I always wondered why I never saw the case closed.I also heard about the Moccos over the years. Peter Mocco was the principal of our elem school Horace Mann.He used to send me out to the deli up the street there to get him a hoagie for lunch every day. I ate catsup rolls every day.J Mocco was seen with one of my friends later on when I was 17 in a car with my friend Barbara and a huge deer tied to the roof of his car in the middle of the night.
    I am glad to see people still interested in solving this case. Its haunted me for years.

  100. Im sorry ..let me correct an error I made above.It wasn’t Peter Mocco.It was Nicholas Sacco at Horace Mann.

  101. Stahl died in his young 20’s when the breaks of his car failed. He apparently went over a cliff. His sister claimed to the day he died that he had nothing to do with Corrine’s death

    • I know the complete story and yes Harry Stahl is responsible for my daughters death…. His sister needs to get real and read the transcripts.

      • We all know that he was responsible and I believe, paid the ultimate price. I do remember Corrine very well as she used to sit on my porch and talk with my mom. I can’t imagine the grief you must carry continuously but at least you have some closure. Corrine was a very beautiful girl.

        • Thank you so much for your description of Corinne. She was a good hearted girl . We will never forget her and try to keep her memory live.

  102. The boy in the box case, breaks my heart. This little boy has never been named and i find that absolutely soul destroying. This poor little angel though was loved and still is by the detectives that investigated this case. I went onto the site of americas unknown child and there are photo’s of the police and detectives who investigated the case, at his new burial site and new rememberance bench. You can see one of the investigators on one knee with his head bowed and crying. People who didn.t know this sweet little angel, have shown more love for this little one than the people who were supposed to love and care for him. I would love to see whoever murdered this boy be found and punished for their despicable actions, and i do hope there is a hell, and the pigs that did this will end up or are there already, burn in hell evil scum.

  103. Regarding the Pryor/Kelly murders, I seem to remember a Hotel or Motel close by the area where they were found. Maybe a Marriott? Not sure. I wonder if the police ever checked all the people who registered in that hotel from the time the girls went missing. Just a thought. Thinking maybe the person who committed these horrific murders may have done what he did in the room and disposed of the bodies later. Don’t know if it’s still there or if they even have records that go back that far.

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