Hot Car Death: Valarie Rena Patterson charged with the hot car death of 5-year-old Kamden Johnson

Kamden Johnson

Mobile neighborhood in shock after little boy’s body found
Family “Devastated” Over Death Of 5-Year-Old Boy, Mobile Police Arrest Daycare Worker
‘He had wings and a halo’: Daycare worker charged after 5-year-old found dead in driveway
Kamden Johnson laid to rest; legislators discuss unlicensed day cares
After death of 5-year-old, a look at the Alabama laws that left his day care unlicensed
Funeral, vigil to be held for Kamden Johnson
Timeline Of Kamden Johnson Case
Body Of A Young Boy Found In Woods Off Of Demetropolis
5-year-old found dead in Mobile identified; daycare worker charged with corpse abuse
Kamden Johnson Died In Daycare Van, Court Documents Show
Charges Upgraded For Primary Suspect In Death Of 5-Year-Old Kamden Johnson
Documents show Patterson left 5-year-old in van causing his death
Son Of Suspect In 5-Year-Old’s Death Sparks Altercation In Court, Wrestled To Ground
Mother of 5-year-old Kamden Johnson files lawsuit in his death

Valarie Rena Patterson


Parents Gone Wild! Westmoreland Mayor’s daughter, Jade Elizabeth Phillips and her husband, Anthony Dyllan Phillips, charged with leaving their 2-year-old son, Kipp

Charges possible in death of 2-year-old left in Gatlinburg car
2-year-old left in vehicle found dead at Westmoreland mayor’s Gatlinburg home
Parents charged with murder in death of 2-year-old left in vehicle overnight
Parents of 2-year-old Gatlinburg boy left in car overnight charged with murder
Parents in Gatlinburg hot car toddler death charged with felony murder
Parents charged with murder after toddler left in car overnight dies
Parents accused of murder in 2-year-old’s hot car death arraigned
Mayor’s daughter, son-in-law arraigned in death of toddler son in Gatlinburg
TN – Kipp Phillips, 2, dies in hot car, Gatlinburg, 14 July 2017 *Arrests*

Jade and Anthony Phillips

Parents Gone Wild! Triniti and Shawn Campbell murders 7/30/2007 Hanahan, SC *Left in hot car while mother, Sametta Heyward, was at work, found in garbage bags at home; Sentenced to 9 years in prison*

Shawn and Triniti Campbell

Shawn & Triniti Campbell obituary
Family, friends celebrate 2 young lives
Stolen Lives: Shawn Jr and Triniti Campbell
Two South Carolina Toddlers Found Dead in Trash Bags Under Sink
S.C. Children Found Dead Under Sink
Two Children Found Dead In Trash Bags
2 S.C. Kids Left in Car Later Found Dead
Berkeley County officials identify children found dead in trash
2 Children Found Dead in Trash Bags Under Sink
Berkeley County officials identify children found dead in trash bags
Toddlers Dead: Names Released
Autopsy: Two children left alone in car died in trunk after passing out
Mother describes path to children’s deaths
Mother on trial in deaths of her kids
Mom found guilty
People You’ll See In Hell: Sametta Heyward
SC – Shawn, 4, & Triniti Campbell, 1, die in hot car, Hanahan, 29 July 2007


Probationer/Parolee Name: HEYWARD, SAMETTA
Status: Probation
Age: 39
Race: African American
Date of Birth: 08/15/1979
Supervision End Date: 10/31/2023

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