Sara Bragdon murder 8/22/2008 Guildhall, VT *Boyrfirend, Christopher Chase pled guilty; sentenced to 20 years to life in prison*

Sara Bragdon with daughter Kayshia

Woman Shot Dead In Her Guildhall Home
Sara E. Bragdon Obituary
Guildhall Man Arrested in Girlfriend’s Murder
Guildhall’s Accused Bragdon Killer Threatened Suicide
Gruesome New Details About Guildhall Murder
Chase Affidavit
Man admits killing girlfriend
Vermont man gets 20-to-life for killing girlfriend
Chase sentenced for murdering girlfriend


Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 36
Location: an out-of-state facility
Race: White
Contact Facility: Vermont Department of Corrections
Min Release: 09/04/2028
Max Release: 07/23/2208


Robert Diltz Jr. murder 3/27/2010 Newaygo County, MI *Body found in wooded area near White Cloud; 2 people arrested*

The names of those arrested have not been released yet, but will be after their arraignment. As soon as I find them, I will post them.

Body found in woods, 2 arrested
Arrests made in White Cloud murder, family struggles to bury dad
Two Arrested in Newaygo County Homicide
Police arrest two on suspicion of Newaygo County murder

Update: Christine McGee murder *Husband Jeffrey McGee convicted*

He will be sentenced March 30, 2010 and will receive a mandatory life in prison sentence. And I hope it is without the possibility of parole, just for what he did to his son, who was only 3 years old at the time. Jeffrey McGee strangled and stabbed to death his estranged wife in front of their son, due to jealousy and anger. He believed they were reconciling, but she had not planned to. I do understand being hurt by this, however, if he really loved his son, he would have taken a step back and thought about what he was doing. Now, he has ruined several lives and that can’t be taken back. And then he forced his son to have to relive it by having to testify in court about watching his mother being stabbed to death. In my opinion, this shows that he does not care about the well being of his son, only his own life matters to him. He should have known that this would backfire. Gavin is only 6 years old now, and it would break anyone’s heart watching him relive this. My heart really goes out to him and I hope he will find peace and happiness in his life.

Chelmsford Man Arraigned In Connection With Murder of Estranged Wife
Mass. man going to trial in wife’s fatal stabbing
Witness: Boy knew mom wasn’t coming
‘My mom was getting killed’
Defense: He ‘snapped’; prosecution: It’s murder
Jurors to resume deliberations in McGee murder case
McGee guilty of killing his wife
Chelmsford man gets life behind bars in wife’s killing (technically inaccurate headline – he has not been sentenced yet and won’t be until 3/30/2010)

Kendall Berry murder 3/25/2010 Miami, FL *Florida International University Football Player stabbed to death on campus; former teammate, Quentin Wyche, arrested*

Kendall Berry

FIU football player Kendall Berry stabbed to death on campus
FIU Running-Back Kendall Berry Stabbed To Death
Police Arrest Former Teammate in FIU RB Kendall Berry’s Murder
Police make arrest in FIU football player’s death
Arrest Made in Murder of Florida International University Football Player
FIU football teammates share stories about slain RB Kendall Berry
Arrest Report

Quentin Wyche

Parents Gone Wild! Jorge Galvez thew his 3-week-old daughter at her crib

Yes, you heard me. A 3-week-old baby girl was thrown at her crib. Why you ask? Because she was crying. Imagine a baby crying. The wonder of it all. She died of blunt force trauma. After he threw her, he went to bed for 6 hours. Then got up and called police. And mind you, the mother, Sabrina Banda, was there and also did not call police. What kind of mother, no matter her age, just sits by and lets her child die? She did nothing. At this point, she is not facing charges. I hope that is changed. She is just as responsible. Oh, and did I forget to mention that the father, Jorge Galvez, is a member of a violent gang who has been arrested a few times. Yes, model father figure huh? And for those who want to sympathize with the parents because they are young, don’t. Being young does not mean you can be stupid or irresponsible. If he did not know that killing a baby is illegal and immoral, then he should not have become a father (yes, being in a gang does usually make you lose common sense). Did his parents throw their children when they cried? Maybe that would explain his stupidity.

Death of 3-week-old ruled homicide, police investigating
Newborn’s death ruled homicide
Man Charged With Murder Of 3-Week-Old Daughter
Officials: Dad threw 3-week-old daughter against crib.
Cicero dad, 19, held in his newborn’s killing

Can anyone help with these true crime movies?

I am looking for the basis of these movies based on true crimes:

Moment of Truth: Abduction of Innocence
With a Vengeance
The Toolbox Murders (1978)
5 Dark Souls
Final Appeal
In the Shadow of a Killer
In My Daughter’s Name
Two Faces of Evil
Last House on the Left
A Kiss So Deadly

If you can help me, please email me! Thanks! Also, if you know of any other true crime movies that are not on this list and that I have not covered, give me a holler! I know I am missing a lot! (But not the very popular ones that Lifetime shows a lot – I know of those and am working on them).

Serial Killer Sundays on Crime & Investigation Network

The Krays by Fred Dinenage
UK Premiere only on Crime & Investigation Network
(Sky channel 533 / Sky HD channel 555 / Virgin channel 237)

Premier: Monday 15th March at 9pm
What kind of men were Ronnie and Reggie?
Brutal murdering gangsters or charitable gentlemen who helped the needy?

Legendary TV presenter Fred Dinenage is the official biographer to the most renowned gangsters in British history – the Kray Twins. In this extraordinary documentary Fred, for the first time, reveals the truth about his time with the Twins and their famously brutal lives.

News anchorman, nice guy and TV presenter Fred Dinenage shares his experiences while writing about the infamous Kray Twins and he meets the people who helped, supported and feared them. He even meets the one person they feared more than anyone, ‘Mad’ Frankie Fraser.

Fred met with the Krays during their sentences in Parkhurst and Broadmoor. He agreed to write the autobiography as truthfully as he could. For someone who had never experienced London gangster life, this was difficult.

Fred wrote the book with a unique and un-paralleled perspective of the gruesome and fearless twins that covers their childhood, their heyday and their demise.

Throughout the documentary, Fred gives his personal account of the Twins and how they felt about each stage of their lives. His anecdotes of his time with Ronnie and Reggie in prison are as fascinating as they are chilling. Fred explores the paradox that is the Twins: the brutal, murdering gangsters who regularly gave to charity and helped the needy when they asked for it.

Fred reveals the process of the biography when the Twins spoke of their feelings, their ideals and sometimes their regrets. We hear Fred read passages from the book he wrote with the gangsters… their story… in their own words.

“They were the best years of our lives. They called them the swinging sixties. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were rulers of pop music, Carnaby Street ruled the fashion world… and me and my brother ruled London. We were f**king untouchable.”

They Krays by Fred Dinenage premiers on 14th March exclusively on Crime & Investigation Network.

Corneisha Shanaye Miller murder 3/18/2010 Miami, FL *19 year old mother shot and killed in front of her 2 young children; Boyfriend, Rodgrick Girtman, arrested, has confessed*

Rodgrick Girtman

Miami mom shot dead in front of her children
Miami mother, 19, fatally shot in front of young children
Rodgrick Girtman Confesses to Killing Corneshia Miller In Front of Their Children
Police: Suspect Confesses To Murdering Teenage Mom
Man arrested in murder of mother

Danny Perez murder 3/12/2010 Miami, FL *Award winner Special Olympian shot dead while riding his bike home*

Danny Perez being honored by Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina

Bicyclist Danny Perez Shot Dead in Miami
Police search for athlete’s killer
Special Olympics star’s death probed

Serial Killer Sundays on Crime & Investigation Network

Serial Killer Sundays

UK Premiere only on Crime & Investigation Network

(Sky channel 533 / Sky HD channel 555 / Virgin channel 237)

Premier: Sunday, 14th March, 2010 at 10pm (25x 60min)

Spend Sunday Night with a Serial Killer – get into the minds and lives of some of the most notorious murderers.

Every Sunday night for four weeks starting on 14th March and ending on 25th March, Crime & Investigation Network provides an insight into the most dramatic and notorious killers from around the world.

The Serial Killer Sundays series starts with the story of Robert Pickton: The Pig Farm Killer (pictured above) who ruthlessly slaughtered over 20 women in Canada disposing of them in a truly gruesome way.

Following this at 11pm is the story of one of Britain’s’ most notorious killers, Peter Sutcliffe: The Yorkshire Ripper followed by the story of Jack The Ripper, one of the world’s most talked about and first documented killers.

Every following Sunday and every Sunday, Serial Killer Sundays will explore the lives of 22 of the most terrifying and infamous serial killers uncovering what it takes to drive someone to murder not only once but many, many times.

Serial Killer Sundays start on 14th March exclusively on Crime & Investigation. Sky channel 533 / Sky HD channel 555 / Virgin channel 237

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Crime & Investigation Network investigates the darker corners of human life. It offers viewers real life crime stories that are the inspiration behind their favourite TV dramas – and often more incredible. CI’s programmes open the door to real crime labs, police archives and courtrooms, allowing viewers to join detectives as they examine evidence and piece together clues. It journeys to the heart of the criminal underworld, and uncovers the truth behind the headlines of some of the world’s most infamous crimes. CI is dedicated to true crime stories, because fact is darker than fiction.

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