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Virginia Police Officer is First 2009 AMW All-Star Finalist

February 25, 2009 – A Roanoke, Virginia police officer who was seriously injured while attempting to apprehend an assault suspect has become the first weekly finalist in the 2009 America’s Most Wanted All-Star Contest, sponsored by Sprint.

On May 10, 2008, Officer Bryan Lawrence was working off-duty to provide security on a Saturday night when he heard on his radio that a woman had been assaulted at a gas station not far from where he was. Officer Lawrence spotted the two suspects and chased them. He was in the process of apprehending one suspect when the other assaulted him, kicking him so hard in the head that a shoe print was still imprinted on him a day later. The attack left him paralyzed from the shoulders down. He is currently in intensive physical therapy.

Officer Lawrence is as well known in his community for his good deeds as he is for his police work. For example, every year on Mother’s Day he would buy roses and bring them to a local nursing home. He also organized and ran an annual motorcycle fundraiser for Alzheimer’s patients.

Officer Lawrence is the first of eight weekly finalists to be chosen by the public in the AMW All-Star Contest. Any first responder, such as police, firefighter or EMT, is eligible for the contest, and any member of the public can nominate and vote for their favorite first responder online at The nomination process is simple; all people have to do is fill out a short online form naming their favorite first responder and explaining what makes them an All-Star.

Each weekly finalist will be profiled on America’s Most Wanted (Saturdays, 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT on FOX). Through their online votes, the public will choose the grand-prize winner. In May, AMW Host John Walsh will present the 2009 AMW All-Star winner with a check for $10,000 at the NASCAR SPRINT Cup Series™ All-Star Challenge at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Nominations are open at until noon (ET) on April 4, 2009. Members of the public may vote for their favorite first responder once a day, every day. Finalist voting runs through April 12, and the grand-prize winner voting will run April 16-May 5.


This Week On America’s Most Wanted


Devon Russell: Smuggling drugs, weapons and illegal aliens is big business along U.S. shores. In South Florida, federal, state and local law enforcement are taking on smugglers; since 2005, more than 30 innocent men and women have died at sea near Florida’s coastline as a result of smuggling. Cops are now searching for a key player in the ring, Devon Russell.

Devon Russell

Henry Pierre: Just days after an AMW tipster led the Royal Bahamian Police to suspected smuggler Henry Pierre, reports from the Bahamas say that the accused killer and alien smuggler was set free, but rearrested a short time later. The fugitive’s initial release came as a complete surprise to cops in Florida, as U.S. officials were working vigorously to extradite Pierre to face charges on American soil.

Henry Pierre

Rosa’s Story: Rosa is a composite of several real women, just a few of the 50,000 people a year who are smuggled into the U.S. and treated as slaves. These victims of human trafficking are forced into a variety of exploitative situations including prostitution and hard labor. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 was designed to protect these victims as well as to prosecute human traffickers.

Rosa’s Story

Patricio Sosa: Human trafficking is an awful crime, but for some it’s big business — and the FBI says when the Cadena-Sosa family saw there was money to be made, they jumped right in. Patricio Sosa was one of the ringleaders of an operation that imported women and children from Mexico and forced them into prostitution in Florida, according to agents — and now law enforcement wants to put the brakes on this alleged trafficker.

Patricio Sosa

Craig Oliver: When AMW last told you about scammer Craig Oliver, nearly a dozen tipsters recognized him as Danny Sullivan, a construction foreman in Phoenix, Ariz. But police say Oliver was able to slip away before the law enforcement dragnet scooped him up, and they need your help to track him down.

Craig Oliver

Rafael Cadena-Sosa: Like many young men, FBI agents say Rafael Cadena-Sosa went into the family business. Unfortunately, in his case that business was human trafficking and prostitution, reports the FBI. Sosa-Cadena and his brothers were allegedly part of a ring that imported women and children from Mexico and forced them into prostitution.

Rafael Cadena-Sosa

James Reimer: Cops in Oklahoma are looking for 40-year-old James Joseph Reimer, who they say took off with 14-year-old Deborah Kalai Fourzan; detectives believe Deborah is in danger because before they disappeared, Reimer sent text messages to Deborah soliciting sex.

James Reimer

Carmela Cadena: Imagine being kidnapped from your home country, held captive in the U.S., and forced to work as a prostitute. This is the fate of thousands of women and children who are smuggled into the U.S. every year — and the FBI says they’re kept in line by women like Carmen Cadena, member of a family that’s alleged to run a major human trafficking and prostitution enterprise.

Carmela Cadena

Deborah Fourzan: Cops in Tecumseh, Okla. are desperately looking for leads that will help them find 14-year-old Deborah Kalai Fourzan, an Oklahoma teenager who went missing on Feb. 2, 2009 and may be in danger.

Deborah Fourzan

Haleigh Cummings: Police in Florida have announced that they do have a sexual predator in custody who lived just a mile from missing 5-year-old Haleigh Cummings. But, investigators say the man had nothing to do with the disappearance.

Haleigh Cummings

Adji Desir: Adji Desir, a 6-year-old developmentally disabled Florida boy, has been missing since Saturday, Jan. 10, 2009. Police need your help to bring him home to his family.

Adji Desir

Tangena Hussain: On October 2, 2008, 24-year-old Jamrul Hussein was driving to the local mall to pick his girlfriend up. He had her daughter, Tangena Hussain, in the car at the time. On the way to the mall, Jamrul made a quick pit stop at a nearby gas station, but what happened next is a parent’s worst nightmare.

Tangena Hussain

Marlon Lopez: Officials say that Marlon Iverzander Lopez has been evading the law for years. With a criminal history involving charges of drug trafficking, fraud, sexual abuse, and molestation, the FBI is looking to put Lopez where he belongs — behind bars.

Marlon Lopez

Pedro Fajardo: Cops say Pedro Ulloa Fajardo visited his common-law wife on the evening of October 15, 2008 to hash out some differences that had been complicating their relationship. What cops know now is that Fajardo had no intention of mending their relationship — he intended to end it forever. Now, Fajardo is on the run and police are hot on his trail, but could use your help tracking him down.

Pedro Fajardo

Erica Smith Killer: It’s been six long years since 14-year-old Erica Smith was murdered in Northern Virginia — but questions still plague Erica’s family. Who is responsible for tearing their family apart, and why? And most importantly, when will they be brought to justice? Cops continue to work Erica’s case, hoping a key clue and some old-fashioned detective work may finally bring this case to an end and help Erica’s family find peace.

Erica Smith Killer

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Barbara Ann Bandy murder 2/24/2009 Goldsboro, NC *Anthony Dwayne Jackson and John Oscar Mumford wanted for her murder*

Anthony Jackson and John Mumford

Shooting in car becomes murder
Men sought for murder after Goldsboro woman dies
Men wanted for murder after victim dies

Jose Sucuzhanay murder 12/07/2008 Bushwick, NY *’So I killed a man, does that make me a bad guy?”*

*Dec 08 - 00:05*
                      Jose Sucuzhanay

keith-phoenix hakim-scott-arrest
Keith Phoenx
Hakim Scott

I will not classify this as a ‘hate crime’ as I believe most crimes are hate crimes, especially violent crimes. Think of it this way, many serial killers murder women or prostitutes because they hate women, but those crimes are not classified as hate crimes. To me, it just makes it appear that some crimes are more important to some law enforcement or prosecutors than others and put a label on them to make it appear justified. Murder is murder and one victim is not more important than another.

Brooklyn victim of bias attack Jose Sucuzhanay taken off life support
Victim in hate assault Jose Sucuzhanay has died, family says
Man charged with hate crime in Ecuadorian immigrant’s death
NYPD: Arrest in killing of Ecuadorean immigrant
Sucuzhanay hate crime suspect Keith Phoenix nabbed in Yonkers
Video Shows Suspect Laughing 19 Minutes After Fatal Beating

Pablo Josue Amador kills wife and daughters, then himself in Florida home; son escapes and calls police *daughter allegedly sexually molested by Pablo Josue Amador for years*

                                                    Amador Family

Maria Amador
Rosa Amador
Priscilla Amador
Pablo Josue Amador (shooter)

Police: Miami piano teacher kills kids, wife, self
Report: Weeks Before Florida Family Murder-Suicide, Daughter Spoke of Molestation by Father
DCF: Alleged Sex Abuse Should Have Been Reported

Update: Triple Homicide of 3 teens in Chicago *Martin Ybarra arrested and charged with their murders*

                         Martin Ybarra

Man Charged In Shooting Deaths Of 3 Teens
Man Charged In Murder Of 3 Teens Had Prior Charges
No bond for man charged in Chicago triple slayings
Bond denied for man charged in triple homicide of teens

Parents Gone Wild! Sarah Elizabeth Tatum puts her baby in a plastic bag

Say NO to Child AbuseSarah Tatum is a student at the University of Arizona who started to gain a lot of weight. She told people that it was a thyroid problem. Guess what, she LIED. She was pregnant. She gave birth in a dorm shower room this week and then put the newborn in a plastic bag and tied it very tight. If not for some quick thinking students, this newborn could have died. Thank God they paid attention and called the police. Sarah told police that the baby was born dead, but the baby was alive in the bag: sarah-tatum

Doctors said the baby was suffering from hypoxia, a lack of oxygen, and believe he was in the bag for at least two hours

And of course, Arizona DOES have a safe haven law, which she could have surrendered the baby anonymously!! And she is old enough to know better. At 19 years of age, she knows that putting a newborn in a bag and closing it tight so that the newborn can’t breathe is WRONG and of course, a CRIME.

Arizona Student Arrested After Giving Birth in Shower and Placing Baby in Plastic Bag
Woman gave birth in shower, put baby in a bag, police say
Baby born in dorm found in plastic bag ‘gasping for breath’
“Newborn John” TATUM – Born 2/2009 – Metro Tucson AZ
Former UA student accused of putting newborn in bag accepts plea deal
Ex-UA coed gets 5-year sentence


SarahTatum prison mug

Inmate 257908
Last Name: TATUM
First Name: SARAH
Middle Initial: E
Birth Date: 08/19/1989
Gender: FEMALE
Height (inches): 66
Weight: 141
Hair Color: RED
Eye Color: HAZEL
Ethnic Origin: CAUCASIAN
Sentence: 5 years
Admission: 10/28/2010
Max End Date: 09/05/2015
Most Recent Location; ASPC Perryville

Commitment Information 1 record(s)

Commit# A01
Sentence 0050000
Sentence County PIMA
Court Cause# 20090999001
Offense Date 02/23/2009
Sentence Status IMPOSED
Crime Info ND/R1
Felony Class CL3
Ruling Y
Verified YES

Sentence Information 1 record(s)

Commit# A01
Sentence yyymmdd: 005/00/00
Admit Date: 10/15/2010
Consec/ Concur
Release Date(s) Supervised:12/05/2014
Supervision End 08/22/2015
Sentence Expiration 12/21/2014
Flat Maximum 09/05/2015

Larry Davis killed in prison – accused of killing drug dealers in early 80’s

ldavis in court
                  Larry Davis in court

His case was very notorious in the Bronx. He was only convicted of one murder: Raymond Vizcaino, a drug dealer, on 8/5/1986. There seems to be a lot of speculation that he was wrongly convicted. However, he was the suspect in several murders. The inmate who is accused of Larry Davis’ murder is Luis Rosado. He has been charged and moved to a different prison.

Man in 1986 shootout with police killed in prison
Notorious NYC criminal murdered in prison
The Death of Larry Davis
Wikipedia: Larry Davis

Kenzie Marie Houk murder 2/20/2009 Wampum, PA *11 year old Jordan Brown, son of her boyfriend, arrested for the murder of Kenzie Houk, who was 8 months pregnant*

                                 Kenzie Marie Houk

Child Finds Murdered Pregnant Woman In Lawrence Co
Girl, 4, Finds Pregnant Mom Dead, Tells Tree Workers
Pa. boy, 11, charged with killing pregnant woman
11-Year-Old Boy Charged In Murder Of Pregnant Woman
11-Year-Old Charged With Killing Pregnant Woman
Boy Shoots Dad’s Pregnant Fiancee Before School, Police Say

                                    Jordan Brown

3 Teens shot dead with assault rifle in Chicago *Probably gang related*

johnnyedwards raheemwashington1

Kendrick Pitts, 17
Johnny Edwards, 13
Raheem Washington, 15

3 Teens Dead In Assault Weapon Shooting
Assault Rifle Used to Kill 3 Teens On SE Side
Family, friends mourn shooting victims

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