Fathers From Hell: Michael Valva charged with the murder of his 8-year-old son, Thomas, who was made to sleep in the garage in 19 degree weather and died of hypothermia

Thomas Justin Valva

Find-A-Grave: Thomas Justin Valva
Thomas Valva’s mom: No one believed my warnings about NYPD cop dad Michael Valva
Ex-Nanny Of Boy Who Died After Allegedly Being Forced To Sleep In Frigid Garage Says Dad Wanted Appearance Of ‘Brady Bunch’
‘This can’t ever happen again’: Funeral held for 8-year-old boy, father accused of murder
Ignored pleas for help and closed cases: How the system failed Thomas Valva
‘House of horror’ murder case: Ex-NYPD cop, former fiancee fight for separate trials in boy’s hypothermia death
Ex-NYPD cop Michael Valva ‘had no emotion’ as 8-year-old son lay dying: paramedic
Thomas Valva case: Father Michael Valva’s murder trial begins on Long Island
Murder trial begins of ex-cop accused of forcing son to sleep in unheated garage
Lawyers for Ex-NYPD Cop Charged in 8-Year-Old Son’s Death Point to ‘Demanding’ Fiancée
Officer found guilty of murder after 8-year-old son with autism froze to death
Former New York Police Officer Convicted in Freezing Death of Son
Ex-NYPD Cop Guilty of Murder in Death of Son, 8, Forced to Sleep in Freezing Garage
NYPD Officer Found Guilty of Killing Son, 8, with Autism After Making Him Sleep in Freezing Garage
Ex-NYPD Cop Convicted of Murdering 8-Year-Old Son Who Froze to Death After Being Forced to Sleep in Garage
Ex-NYPD cop Michael Valva found guilty of murdering autistic son
Lawyer For Valva’s Ex-Fiancee On Verdict: ‘She Did Not Commit The Act’
Former NYPD Officer Michael Valva sentenced to 25 years to life for murder of 8-year-old son
‘Nothing Short of Evil’: Ex-NYPD Cop Gets 25 to Life in 8-Year-Old Son’s Freezing Death
‘I Was So Wrong’: Ex-NYPD Cop Sentenced to Prison After Leaving 8-Year-Old Son with Special Needs to Freeze to Death in Garage
Michael Valva sentenced to 25 years to life in murder of son Thomas Valva
‘Evil’ stepmom guilty of murder in freezing garage ‘torture’ death of 8-year-old boy with autism
‘You tortured those boys’: Judge berates ‘evil’ stepmom in freezing garage murder of 8-year-old boy

Michael Valva – convicted, sentenced to 25 years to life in prison
Angela Pollina – convicted, sentenced to 25 years to life in prison


Mothers From Hell: Stephanie Jimenez charged with the death of her 6-year-old daughter Samantha, who died of malnutrition, after her mother would constantly lock herself in her bedroom and leave her kids to do whatever they wanted

I cannot even state how much I dislike what this “mother” has done to her beautiful child. I am sure her other children are also abused in the same way. I hope they get the help they need and grow up healthy in every way. It’s too late for Samantha, but it is not too late for the others. While Samantha was suffering, I bet Stephanie was not. I just hope that she will suffer for the rest of her life for the suffering she has caused.

San Antonio mother arrested after daughter, 6, dies of malnutrition and neglect, records show
Mother arrested after allegedly starving her 6-year-old daughter to death, report says
Mother arrested after allegedly starving her 6-year-old daughter to death, report says
Texas Mom Who Starved 6-Year-Old to Death Said She ‘Would Lock Herself in Her Bedroom’ and Let Kids ‘Do Whatever They Wanted’: Police
Mother arrested after allegedly starving her 6-year-old daughter to death, report says


Age 38
Gender Female
Race White

Ethnicity Unknown
Date of Birth Dec 03, 1983
ID Number 0314602
Custody Status Date Jul 27, 2022 02:43 AM CDT
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Bexar County Jail
Book Date Jul 27, 2022 02:06 AM CDT

Bexar County Jail
100 Dolorosa
San Antonio, TX 78205
(210) 335-2011

Parents From Hell: Zachary and Jodi Woirhaye charged with the malnutrition death of their 46-day-old son, Michael Loyd Woirhaye

Michael Loyd Woirhaye

Michael Loyd Woirhaye obituary
Press Release: Aggravated Murder Arrests
Logan couple arrested for allegedly starving baby boy to death
Couple charged with murder of infant child in Logan
Two charged with aggravated murder after infant dies from malnutrition
Logan parents charged with aggravated murder in death of infant
Logan couple charged with murder in malnutrition death of baby
Facebook: Zachary Woirhaye
Facebook: Jodi Lee Woirhaye
Logan father pleads guilty in malnutrition death of 46-day-old baby
Logan father pleads guilty to starving baby to death

Jodi Lee Anderson Woirhaye
Zachary Michael Woirhaye – pled guilty,



Parents From Hell: Regis Johnson and Arhonda Tillman charged with the starvation and neglect murder of their 3-year-old daughter

Davenport couple arrested for negligent child abuse resulting in death of 34-month-old toddler
Parents arrested for ‘long-term starvation’ of 2-year-old child in Davenport, Judd says
Polk County couple charged after death of toddler
Regis Johnson and Arhonda Tillman: Couple accused of starving 2-year-old daughter to death
‘Such a heartbreaking sight’: Unanswered questions after child found starved to death in Davenport
Parents, uncle arrested after death of Florida toddler allegedly weighing 10 pounds
Parents, uncle arrested after death of Florida toddler allegedly weighing 10 pounds

Regis Gregg Johnson
Arhonda Sherly Tillman
Frank Robinson




Parents From Hell: Jakob Scott and Caylin Opal Marie Monroe charged with starving their 2-month-old son, Silas, to death

Silas Chance-Kent Scott

Silas Chance-Kent Scott obituary
Find-A-Grave: Silas Chance Kent Scott
Police: Child dies of starvation, parents charged with murder
Sheriff: Warrick County infant died of starvation; parents charged with murder
Affidavit shows more details in baby’s starvation death
Indiana Parents Accused of Murdering Baby Son Who Died of Starvation
Parents Charged With Murder For Allegedly Starving 3-Month Old Baby To Death
Ind. Infant Was Allegedly Starved to Death by Parents Who Said They Forgot to Feed Him

Jakob Chance Scott –
Caylin Opal Marie Monroe –


Custody Status:In Custody
Location:Warrick County Jail
Contact Facility:
Offender ID:164614
Date of Birth:03/22/2000
Additional Information:


Custody Status:In Custody
Location:Warrick County Jail
Contact Facility:
Offender ID:117749
Date of Birth:11/03/1998
Additional Information:

Parents From Hell: Echo Butler and Marie Snyder charged with the beating and starving deaths of Marie’s daughters, Nicole and Jasmine

Nicole Elizabeth Snyder, 6 [2016]
Jasmine Jean Snyder, 4 [2017]

Girlfriend of missing sisters’ mother admits knowing about their deaths: police
Two women could face the death penalty in the starvation deaths of girls, ages 6 and 4
Two now charged with homicide for death of children in Lycoming County
DA calls for death penalty in case of two young girls killed, buried in Hepburn Twp.
Two young sisters starved to death are remembered in the wake of Friday’s arraignments
History of intense abuse and starvation: Marie Snyder, Michele Butler confess details in case
Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty for Pa. Women Accused of Torturing and Starving Young Girls to Death in ‘Conditions Beyond Comprehension’
Young Girls Secretly Buried in Backyard Were Starved, Choked, Restrained Before Their Deaths: Report
Third woman arrested in child homicide investigation
Pa. Mom Admits She and Her Partner Intentionally Starved Daughters to Death, Buried Them in Rural Backyard

Marie S. Snyder
Echo L. Butler
Michele Butler


Custody Status:In Custody
Location:Lycoming County Prison
Contact Facility:
Offender ID:0010015
Date of Birth:04/14/1989
Additional Information:


Custody Status:In Custody
Location:Centre County Correctional Facility
Contact Facility:
Offender ID:210355
Date of Birth:07/25/1995


Custody Status:Transferred
Contact Facility:
Offender ID:0010019
Date of Birth:01/02/1973
Additional Information:

Parents From Hell: Isaac and Lehua Kalua charged with starving their 6-year-old daughter, Isabella “Ariel” Kalua, and locking her in a dog cage with duct tape binding and gagging her

Isabella “Ariel” Kalua

I cannot even fathom the horrors this child went through. How could anyone think it is okay to put a human being in a cage, especially a child? Deliberately starving your child? A child you chose – you adopted? They did not deserve any child. These two are psychopaths and I hope they spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Police continue search of property for 6-year-old’s remains after arrests of adoptive parents
Adoptive parents of Isabella Kalua arrested for murder in connection with her disappearance
Court documents reveal horrific allegations against adoptive parents charged with murdering girl
Hawaii couple accused of keeping missing adopted daughter in cage
Isabella Kalua’s adoptive parents Isaac and Lehua Kalua expected in court
Disturbing Allegations Surface in Court Documents Involving Disappearance of Isabella “Ariel” Kalua
Isabella Ariel Kalua suffered extreme cruelty at home, court documents show
Missing Hawaii Girl Believed Dead Was Found Inside Dog Cage Not Breathing Months Ago, Sister Tells Police
Isabella Kalua was kept in dog cage with duct tape over mouth, court documents allege
Sister told police that parents accused of murdering daughter, 6, kept girl in cage
Hawaii Couple Starved 6-Year-Old Daughter to Death, Kept Girl Locked in Dog Cage with ‘Duct Tape on Her Mouth and Nose’: Police
Parents of Missing 6-Year-Old Who Disappeared in September Arrested and Charged with Her Murder
Details Emerge In Case Of Hawaiian Girl Allegedly Murdered By Adoptive Parents

Isaac Kalua
Lehua Kalua


Offender Name: KALUA, ISAAC K
Custody Status: In Custody
Location: Oahu Community Correctional Center
Contact Facility:
Offender ID: A1042226
Gender: Male
Sentence Status:
Additional Information:


Offender Name: KALUA, LEHUA
Custody Status: In Custody
Location: Oahu Community Correctional Center
Contact Facility:
Offender ID: A6129220
Gender: Female
Sentence Status:
Additional Information:

Parents From Hell: Jordan and Lindsay Piper charged with the torture and murder of their 11-year-old son Roman Anthony Lopez and putting his body in a storage bin in the basement

Roman Anthony Lopez

Find-A-Grave: Roman Anthony Lopez
Police Find Boy, 11, That Was Missing Out Of Placerville
Placerville Boy Roman Lopez’s Disappearance And Death Still A Mystery After 6 Months
One year later: Community awaits answers in young boy’s death
Timeline Of Events In Death Investigation Of Placerville Boy Roman Lopez
Roman Lopez’s Father, Stepmother Arrested In Connection With 11-Year-Old’s Death
Update: Father, stepmother say police refuse to tell then how son died as investigators probe little boy’s ‘suspicious’ death
Roman Lopez’s father, stepmother plead ‘not guilty’ for his death in first court appearance
Horrific details emerge in death of 11-year-old Roman Lopez
Biological mother of Roman Lopez dies
Case against parents of Roman Lopez continued to August
Father, Stepmother Of Roman Lopez Now Facing Murder Charges In Boy’s Death
Parents accused of child abuse in Placerville boy’s death now each face a murder charge
Dad, Stepmother Slapped With Murder Charges Over a Year After Slain Boy is Found Poisoned & Starved: Reports
Father and Stepmother Charged with Murdering 11-Year-Old Boy Found Dead in Basement Storage Bin
Father and Stepmother Charged with Murder After Calif. Boy, 11, Was Found Poisoned and Starved
Charges Upgraded, Family Awaits Arraignment In Roman Lopez Murder Case

Jordan Thomas Piper
Lindsay Marie Piper



Parents From Hell: Gloria W. Williams and her boyfriend, Brian W. Coulter charged with the horrific child abuse of her children, along with the murder of her 8-year-old son, Kendrick Lee

Kendrick Lee

Children left alone in apartment for months with sibling’s remains, deputies say
Abandoned children case: Social media accounts give inside look into mother, her boyfriend
Mother and boyfriend charged in boy’s death and siblings’ apparent abandonment in Houston-area apartment
Mom And Her Boyfriend Arrested After 3 Kids Found Abandoned And Living With Skeletal Remains Of Brother
$1M bond set for man accused of killing girlfriend’s 8-year-old son; suspect in custody at mental health facility
Woman and Her Boyfriend Arrested for Allegedly Abandoning Child’s Skeletal Remains and 3 Survivors in Houston Apartment
Heartbroken Houston horror house grandma speaks out after child’s death
Kendrick Lee: Texas boy whose body was found in home was ‘beaten to death’ by Brian Coulter in 2020
Houston Mother Lived with Boy’s Remains for Months After Murder, Then Abandoned Children: Prosecutors
Kendrick Lee’s Abandoned Brothers Say They Were Locked in a Room With Murdered Brother’s Remains While Mom, Accused Killer Boyfriend Still Lived with Them
Judge Increases ‘Insufficient’ Bond for Woman Who Allegedly Abandoned Son’s Skeletal Remains and 3 Survivors in Houston Apartment

Gloria W. Williams
Brian W. Coulter



Parents From Hell: Christian Bishop-Torrence and Sage Wright charged with capital murder for the death of their 1-year-old daughter, Grace, who weighed just under 10 pounds when she died

Parents indicted in death of one-year-old
Parents arrested in connection with child’s death
Wichita Falls parents charged with capital murder in death of child who weighed 8 pounds
Parents now charged with capital murder for death of one-year-old
Who are Sage Wright and Christian Bishop? Couple arrested after baby died covered in sores
Facebook: Sage Wright
Facebook: Christian Torrence
Texas Parents Must Now Face a Possible Death Penalty Trial for Allegedly Starving 1-Year-Old Daughter to Death
Parents of 1-year-old girl indicted for capital murder

Sage Angel Rose Wright
Christian Miguel Bishop-Torrence



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