2007 December: Serial Killers

This month I am concentrating on serial killers. What is a serial killer? For those who don’t know, a serial killer is someone who murders three or more people with a ‘cooling off’ period between each murder. It has been estimated that there are at least 35 active serial killers roaming our Country at any time. Pretty scary, huh? Here are some sites about serial killers: (disclaimer: I am not promoting any of the sites, as I do not know all of them-they are just sites I found dealing with serial killers

Wikipedia: Serial Killers
The aetiology of serial murder: towards an integrated model
Crime Magazine
All Serial Killers
Internet Crime Archives
Serial Killer Central
Seize the Night
Frances Farmers Revenge
Serial Killer Database

Posts I have done on different serial killers:

Matthew Emmanuel Macon
Matthew Emmanuel Macon and an update and the most recent update

Chester Turner
Chester Turner, an update, another update and the latest update

Edmund Emil Kemper

David Maust

Dennis Rader

John Wayne Gacy

Richard Ramirez

Ted Bundy


5 Responses

  1. Was looking for a girl that was found by my hometown. I was never good at keeping names and faces together but I can still see her face when the police asked my mother and I if we knew her.Days later we found out who she was.Just never heard if they found out who had done it.How can one find this out?


  2. Before you read my post, please Google: Gary Michael Hilton and Albert Fish, victims: Levi Frady, and Patrice Endres, Compare sketches by Marla : GBI.

    Seems,that they are waiting and hoping that he may die naturally, so that the truth about the corruption from top to bottom can be swept under the rug. Seems that the “Family”, in IL, is in a Crisis. CYA, Just like in the Gary M. Hilton Case. How many innocent people are sitting in prison, because Law Enforcement did not know he existed. Even if the missing person spouse, friend lover or roomate, beats the rap, they loose everything; money, family, friends, profession and reputation. All they have kleft is their memories, and they are tragic….

    Trust me this is an enormous body count and an indictment on the Justice System and I am not just talking GA, this is all across the Eastern US, and could spread further west.
    Go to http://WWW.wessidestory and check out the map of victim. Please start at the beginning and read Glenn Adams and Sleddog’s comments to bring you up to date. My blog which has a few pictures of my journey tracking Hilton. This story is so Huge that John Walsh, want touch it. Hilton is a evil demonic cannibalistic serial killer: The Hannibal Lectur of the 20th & 21st Centuries. IMO he has gone undectected for decades and will exceed the top 3 most serial killers: total body count, and is a result of HGH. He is not the first, the last, or the “Only”. May they rest in peace…

    The “My Cousin Vinny”, sequel continues………


  3. A personal message:
    In Memory of Meredith Emerson

    Meredith had a great love for animals. She adopted her beloved Ella, who is now 1 year old, as a puppy from a rescue organization. Everyone has fallen in love with Ella, and she will go home with Meredith’s family to live.

    Because of Meredith’s deep connection to animals, her family suggests that those wanting to make a donation in her memory give to Longmont Humane Society through this page.

    Thank you so much for remembering Meredith this way.

    Please go this site and read how this kiindred spirit has affected complete strangers with her love for animals and humanity.. :http://www.firstgiving.com/meredithemerson

    This horrible tragedy can never defeat Meredith’s radiant, inspiring spirit and courage.
    Frances 4/2/2008 I am a hiker, martial arts trained, & have a dog that resembles Ella, so my empathy is beyond words.
    Diane, Dave, Sampson & Katie 3/29/2008 I am very sorry for you loss, our thoughts and prayers are with you!
    Dave, Marshon & Trevor 3/27/2008 Meredith’s light will shine on forever! All our love and prayers…
    deborah m 3/27/2008 Peace to Meredith’s family
    Betty & Richard Britt 3/27/2008 May the precious memories of Meredith & the enduring love of Ella bring peace to your hearts.
    The Morelli Family 3/24/2008 Meredith embodied the true meaning of human kindness. May peace be with your family.
    Anonymous 3/24/2008 In memory of Meredith. I will always admire her bravery.
    Sarah 3/24/2008
    Ken & Kelly Brunnemer 3/24/2008 God Bless
    KEVIN BLANKENSHIP 3/23/2008 So sorry for your loss
    Lisa Mayo 3/13/2008
    anonymous 3/12/2008 Meredith is not forgotten! God’s blessings

    Wolfscratch; She was a kindred spirit and a Fighter, she still is, may she rest in peace high up on that mountain…



  4. You totally forgot about Jeffrey Dahmer. I suggest you include Dahmer.


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