Mothers From Hell: Julie Schenecker killed her 2 teens, Calyx Powers and Beau Powers Schenecker, teens because they “were mouthy” murders 1/28/2011 Tampa, FL *Mother, Julie Schenecker, killed both

Calyx Powers Schenecker, 16
Beau Powers Schenecker, 13

Find-A-Grave: Calyx Powers Schenecker
Find-A-Grave: Powers Beau Schenecker
Facebook: Official Calyx & Beau Schenecker Memorial
Tampa Palms teen siblings memorialized
Mother Shoots Her Two Teens To Death Because They Were Too Mouthy (GREAT post – a lot of information)
Bond denied for Florida mom charged in kids’ deaths
Julie Powers Schenecker Weeps in Court, Bail Denied in Murders of Daughter Calyx and Son Beau
Judge denies bail for Julie Powers Schenecker, accused of killing her children
Father of teens returns home
Tampa Mom Julie Schenecker Was Probed for Child Abuse in Fall, But Not Charged
Teen told Tampa police in November that her mother abused her
Schenecker emails show woman who had lost control
Jury: Julie Schenecker guilty of first-degree murder
Jurors say Julie Schenecker’s murder journal sealed her fate
Wikipedia: Schenecker double homicide
Convicted killer Julie Schenecker speaks for first time since murder convictions
Child killer Julie Schenecker reveals secret that destroyed her family
‘I saved them’: Military mom breaks her silence to say she has no regrets about shooting dead her two teen children in 2011
Kids Allegedly Killed by Mom ‘Knew They Were Loved’
Murderpedia: Julie Powers Schenecker

Sleep My Darlings: The true story of a mother who killed her children in cold blood



Jayme Biendl murder 1/29/2011 Monroe, WA *Sex offender inmate, Byron Scherf, strangled Corrections Officer Jayme Biendl with microphone cord*

Jayme Biendl

Guard Found Strangled at Washington State Prison
Correctional officer in Washington prison is found dead
Guard Strangled at Washington State Prison
Correctional Officer Found at Monroe Correctional Complex
Guard’s boyfriend upset about delay in search
Monroe guard complained about working solo before inmate killed her
Suspect in Washington guard’s death a prison lifer

Byron Scherf

John Wheeler III murder 12/30/2010 Newark, DE *Former Pentagon Official died of blunt force trauma; no suspects announced yet*

John Wheeler III

Let the conspiracy theories fly!

Times and locations in John P. Wheeler III case
Man Who Helped Get Vietnam Wall Built Found Dead
New Video Evidence Shows Dead Ex-Presidential Appointee Disoriented
“We May Never Know” How John Wheeler Died
John Wheeler’s Cell Phone Found in House Being Built
Focus briefly returns to smoke bombs as Wheeler family continues to refrain from commenting on murder case
Medical examiner: Pentagon official died after assault
Officials say defense consultant died from assault
Medical examiner: Homicide victim John Wheeler died of ‘blunt force trauma’

Mark Lane “Joe” Bedwell murder 1/20/2011 Vernal, UT *Roommate, William Robert Feldmiller, charged with his murder*

Mark Bedwell

Vernal man killed in roommate fight
Vernal man killed in roommate dispute, police say
Vernal police jail roommate in stabbing death
Vernal man charged with murder
Vernal man charged with murder in roommate’s stabbing
Vernal man charged with murder said he acted in self-defense

William Feldmiller

Amy Sue Henslee and Tonya Ashley Howarth murders 1/24/2011 Bangor Township, MI *Junior Lee Beebe convicted of their murders, sentenced to LWOP*

Henslee and Howarth

Amy Sue Henslee, 30
Tonya Ashley Howarth, 36

Amy Sue Henslee obituary
Find-A-Grave: Amy Sue Miston Henslee
Facebook: In Loving Memory of Amy Henslee
Tonya Howarth obituary
Find-A-Grave: Tonya Ashley Nelson
Facebook: In Loving Memory of Tonya Howarth
Amy Henslee, Tonya Howarth are dead; Junior Lee Beebe charged with murder
Amy Henslee and friend Tonya Howarth found dead in Van Buren County
Junior Lee Beebe expected to be arraigned on murder charges this morning in deaths of Amy Henslee, Tonya Howarth
Police: Missing Mich. Mom’s Body Found
Henslee, Second Victim Shot, Killed by Cousin
Beebe charged in double homicide
Family: Beebe has ‘anger issues’
Tonya Howarth was ‘a great person’
Facebook Memorial Page: Tonya Howarth
Facebook Memorial Page: Amy Henslee
Beebe murder trial: Beebe claimed to be Henslee’s drug supplier
Junior Beebe Jr. found guilty of murder of Amy Henslee, Tonya Howarth
Amy Henslee’s husband to Junior Beebe Jr.: ‘I hope the rest of your life is a living hell’
Junior Beebe Jr. sentenced to life in prison for murders of Amy Henslee, Tonya Howarth
Junior Beebe Jr.’s convictions in murders of Amy Henslee, Tonya Howarth, upheld by court of appeals


Robert “Bob” Crane 6/29/1978 Scottsdale, AZ *Friend, John Carpenter, acquitted of his murder; No other suspects in the case*

Bob Crane

Find-A-Grave: Bob Crane
The Death of Bob Crane
The Bob Crane Murder Case, Part 1
The Bob Crane Murder Case, Part 2
The Bob Crane Murder Case, Part 3
Popular actor Bob Crane found beaten to death (part 1)
Crane (part 2)
Doctor: Crane killing planned
No leads in actor’s death
Bob Crane’s murder remains unsolved, four decades later
Porn may be clue to the Bob Crane murder
IMDb: Bob Crane
‘Hogan’s Heroes’ star Bob Crane was murdered 40 years ago. Why does it still fascinate us?
Wikipedia: Bob Crane
The tragic, unsolved murder of Hogan’s Heroes star Bob Crane

The Murder of Bob Crane: Who Killed the Star of Hogan’s Heroes?
Who Killed Bob Crane?: The Final Close-Up
Crane: Sex, Celebrity, and My Father’s Unsolved Murder
Bob Crane : Hollywood’s Unsolved Murder

Auto Focus
Cold Case Files: Case #3 Bob Crane Murder

Missing: Kyla Porter from Holiday, FL since 2/15/2008

Kyla Porter

Find Kyla Porter
Young Florida Woman Still Missing after Nearly 3 Years
Teen called from party, then vanished
Pasco mother clings to hope in search for daughter missing since 2008
Charley Projects: Kyla Porter

Missing: Amy Sue Henslee from Hartford Township, MI since 1/24/2011

Amy Sue Henslee

Police Search for Missing Michigan Mother
Search on for missing woman in Van Buren County
Search continues for missing mother
Missing Hartford Township woman is a stay-at-home mother with two sons

Elizabeth Ennen murder 1/5/2011 Lubbock, TX *Her remains found and identified; Humberto Salinas Jr. arrested*

Elizabeth Ennen

Searchers for missing Lubbock teen find body
Lubbock body ID’ed as that of missing 15-year-old
Body identified as Texas baby sitter, 15
Missing Texas Girl Elizabeth Ennen Strangled
Medical Examiner: Elizabeth Ennen strangled to death
Murdered teen was asphyxiated, police & M.E. say.
Man arrested in disappearance of Lubbock teen
ME says 15-year-old Lubbock girl was strangled
Security video captures abduction of Elizabeth Ennen by boyfriend’s father
Update: Elizabeth Ennen murder *Humberto Salinas Jr pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP*

Humberto Salinas Jr.

Parents Gone Wild! Damaira Roman gets 12 years in prison for burning her baby’s feet

I do not understand this act that seems to becoming more popular lately, scalding an infant or child. It is appalling to see a parent do this to their child. And then they wonder why the child won’t stop crying. And to scald an infants feet, which are already very sensitive, is just plain mean. I wonder how much enjoyment she got out of this. It makes me sick.

Mother Gets 12 Years For Burning Son’s Feet
12-year sentence for mom who scalded baby’s feet in hot water


Jail I.D. # Inmate Full Name Date of Birth
2008-0045009 ROMAN, DAMAIRA 11/04/1983
Booked Date Housing Location Visiting Day / Time Bail Amount
06/26/2008 04-L-1-3-2 Call for Visit Info *NO BOND*
Next Court Date Court House Location
Criminal C
2600 South California Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60608

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