Celebrity Justice: Charles Barkley arrested for DUI

                Charles Barkley’s mugshot

I think the photo says it all. He has since commented that he was disappointed in himself and that the police were fantastic. As much as I hate DUI’s and such, I am glad to see someone start to take some responsibility for their actions, rather than blaming the police or someone else for their arrest.

Barkley ‘disappointed’ after DUI arrest
Charles Barkley arrested on suspicion of DUI


Deadly Duo: Christopher Alvey and Joshua Binkerd killed Ashley Sparks because they believed she was an informant about their gang activities; Both sentenced to prison

Ashley Sparks and her baby, Cooper

Find-A-Grave: Ashley Marie Sparks
Woman found shot near Jordanelle dies
2 held in Jordanelle shooting death
Mother spoke to suspect following daughter’s murder
Family of Murder Victim Speaks Out
Third suspect arrested in Jordanelle murder case
More arrests possible in Jordanelle slaying
Probable Cause Statement Jason Cowdell
Cops: Slay victim threatened
Ashley’s MySpace
Murder suspect takes plea deal
Man guilty of murder now linked to burglary
Jury finds Binkerd guilty of manslaughter
Man sentenced for shooting and killing woman
Ashley Sparks’ killer gets sentence of 20 years to life
Man sentenced for shooting and killing woman
Murder charge filed in shooting
Jury finds Joshua Binkerd guilty of manslaughter in Jordanelle case
Joshua Binkerd gets 2-to-20 prison term
State of Utah v Joshua Binkerd 2013 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Utah court affirms gang leader’s manslaughter conviction

Christopher Alvey – pled guilty, sentenced to 20 years to life in prison
Joshua Michael Binkerd – convicted, sentenced to 2-20 years in prison
Jason Cowdell – no charges ?

Jason Cowdell


Offender Number: 188247
Gender: MALE
DOB: April 28, 1989
Custody Status: IN CUSTODY
Housing Facility: CUCF BOULDER
Parole Hearing: 04/2023
Release Date/Type: N/A


Offender Number: 173012
Gender: MALE
DOB: AUG 07, 1986
Custody Status: IN CUSTODY
Housing Facility: USCF A
Parole Hearing: 01/2029
Release Date/Type: N/A

Parents Gone Wild! Robert Aragon, who let his children try to walk 10 miles in the snow while he got his truck unstuck

sage-jenks-aragon-rightThis is so sad. On Christmas Day, Robert Aragon got his truck stuck in the snow while taking his children to see their mother. While he and another adult stay to get the truck unstuck, he let or told the chilcren, Sage, 11 (on the right in the picture), and Bear, 12, try to walk the 10 miles to their mother’s home. OK, ten miles? For children? I don’t think so. I don’t know that I could do it myself. And, in the snow and cold. Bear was found barely alive, but was taken to the hospital and was treated & released. Now their father has been charged with second-degree murder and felony injury to a child. Personally, I don’t believe it was murder, but rather neglient homicide. I don’t know what he was thinking to allow these children to walk in the snow and cold like that. However, from reports of his court appearance, he is in a living hell over this. I believe he just was not really thinking when he let them start to walk, and was just thinking about getting the truck unstuck. And then he did not check to make sure that they arrived at their mother’s, he just went home. It is still not acceptable, but we all make rash decisions without thinking. He has and will pay a heavy price for not thinking of his children first and foremost.

Father of Hypothermia Victim, 11, Charged With Murder
Father of 11-year-old hypothermia victim charged
Aragon arraigned in Lincoln County for daughters death

Do you believe in Santa Claus? Then check out Bruce Jeffrey Pardo – The Santa Claus Slayer! *Killed most of the Ortega Family before turning the gun on himself*

Covina house and Sylvia Pardo
Covina house and Sylvia Pardo

Sylvia Ortega Pardo, 42 (ex-wife)
Alicia Ortega, 70 (Sylvia’s mother)
Joseph Ortega, 80 (Sylvia’s father)
Charles Ortega, 49 (Sylvia’s brother)
Cheri Ortega, 45 (Charles’ wife)
James Ortega, 51 (Sylvia’s brother)
Teresa Ortega, 52 (James’ wife)
Alicia Ortega Ortiz, 46 (Sylvia’s sister)
Michael Ortiz, 17 (Alicia’s son)

The details of this crime as just so scary. It started out with him shooting an 8-year-old girl in the face and then randomly shooting people in the home. Some people made it out alive, although a few were injured. So far, the death toll is up to 9, including this psycho, who could not accept his recent divorce. So, instead of just offing himself, he took as many as he could with him.

Find-A-Grave: Sylvia Ortega
Find-A-Grave: Alicia Ortega
Find-A-Grave: Joseph Santiago Ortega
Find-A-Grave: Charles Ortega
Find-A-Grave: Cheri Ortega
Find-A-Grave: James “Joe” Ortega
Find-A-Grave: Teresa Ortega
Find-A-Grave: Alicia Ortega Ortiz
Find-A-Grave: Michael Andre Ortiz
Santa Massacre
Remembering Sylvia
Eight Dead In Xmas Eve Rampage
‘Santa’ opens fire at Calif. party; 3 dead
Three dead at party after man in Santa suit opens fire, police say
Christmas Killing
Police: Suspect in Christmas shooting killed self
Suspect ID’d in Psycho Santa Christmas Party Murders
The cowardly ghost of Christmas Doom (from News of Doom)
Gunman Kills 8, Self in Los Angeles ‘Santa’ Massacre
Bomb explodes in car used by suspected ‘Santa’ shooter
Coroner: “Several” more bodies in ashes of house
Update: Santa Massacre *8 people shot to death; Pardo also had a bomb in his car that exploded*
People You’ll See In Hell: Bruce Jeffrey Pardo
Murderpedia: Bruce Jeffrey Pardo
Wikipedia: Covina massacre
Find-A-Grave: Bruce Jeffrey Pardop0
The Disturbing Case of ‘Santa Claus’ Killer who massacred 9 people at Christmas Eve party before burning down home

Silent Night
Homicide for the Holidays: A Christmas Massacre

Bruce Jeffrey Pardo

Update: Isiah Stroud murder *Montrel Williams arrested for his stabbing death*

                                Isiah Stroud

Movie Usher Charged For Fatally Stabbing Teen
Movie usher charged for fatally stabbing teen

Marian Cobb murder 12/24/2008 Indianapolis, IN *Grandson, Bryan Torrence, arrested for stabbing her to death*

                                Bryan Torrence

Police: domestic disputes led to killings
Police Investigating Two Christmas Eve Murders

Fugitive: Sarah Jo Pender arrested in Chicago after profile on AMW

Sarah Jo Pender

Chicago Cops Nab ‘America’s Most Wanted’ Fugitive
Escaped Murderer Caught After Being Profiled on ‘America’s Most Wanted’
Escaped double murderer captured in Chicago
Captured escapee returned to Indiana

Parents Gone Wild!: Cassandra Fessler let a child molester live in her home

 Cassandra Fessler

Now this is an example of fine parenting, huh?

Warrant: Woman let child molester live in home
NC Wanted: Cassandra Fessler

Update: Fugitive Manuel Benitez shot and killed by police after standoff with police, holding his son hostage as well


Man Killed in L.A. Hostage Standoff Was 2004 Murder Suspect
Fugitive: Manuel Benitez (aka Mark Everett) wanted for murder and child abduction in California
SoCal man killed by cops was 2004 murder suspect

Update: Texas freeway shootings *Police announce suspect: Brian Smith, former Utah State Trooper*

Dallas ShootingDallas Shootings
                         Jorge Lopez                                                 William Scott Miller

Standoff suspect, road shootings linked
Friends shocked at former UHP trooper’s involvement in Dallas shootings
Police: Dallas shooting suspect had troubled past
Former UHP Trooper linked to deadly Texas highway shootings

                 Brian Smith when he was a Utah State Trooper

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