Mothers From Hell: Amy Grace Carr strangled her newborn, Lily, then buried her in a shallow grave; Sentenced to 55 years in prison

Mother Arrested in Death of Newborn
Young Yoder mom accused of strangling newborn appears in court
Yoder mom allegedly strangled newborn before burying her in backyard
Yoder woman pleads guilty to killing newborn, burying child in shallow grave
Mom who murdered newborn was shocked by ‘how long I had to strangle it’ before burying baby in parents’ yard
Colorado woman who strangled, buried newborn sentenced



Mothers From Hell: Santos Asucena Caseres Cruz charged in the murder of her newborn son, who was found in a cardboard box in a field

Whitewater woman charged in death of baby boy
Charges filed, bond set for mother of baby found in Whitewater field
Complaint: Mother charged after leaving dead newborn in box in Whitewater field
Records: Whitewater mother accused of watching baby die before leaving him in a field
Wisconsin mom charged after dead newborn found stuffed inside cardboard box in abandoned field

Santos Asucena Caseres Cruz

Deadly Mothers: Jennifer Lynn Matter abandoned her newborn son on Methodist Beach, and previously abandoned a baby girl also; Sentencing will be 4/28/2023

Minnesota woman pleads guilty to leaving newborn to die
Red Wing woman pleads guilty to murdering her baby in 2003
Mother admits to leaving newborn near Mississippi River in 2003
Minnesota woman pleads guilty to leaving newborn to die
CRIME Jennifer Matter pleads guilty in death of baby boy found near Lake Pepin in 2003
Woman Pleads Guilty to Abandoning Newborn Son to Die on Minnesota Beach

Jennifer Lynn Matter

Cold Case: Lee Ann Guerrette Daigle abandoned and killed her newborn Baby Jane Doe in 1985

Find-A-Grave: Jane “Aroostook County Jane Doe” Doe
Mother accused of abandoning baby in subzero temperatures in far northern New England in 1985
Woman charged in murder of newborn who was found by dog in Maine gravel pit in 1985
In 1985, a dog in Maine found the body of a baby girl and carried her back to its home. Police just made an arrest.
Lowell, Massachusetts, woman accused of letting newborn baby die in Maine woods in 1985
36 years later, mother arrested for murder of ‘Baby Jane Doe’
Maine cold case of ‘Baby Jane Doe’ cracked 36 years later
A baby died outside in the cold in 1985. Now police say her mother’s to blame
Woman Charged with Murder 36 Years After Newborn ‘Baby Jane Doe’ Was ‘Abandoned in Below Zero Temperatures’ in Gravel Pit
Lee Ann Daigle of Lowell pleads guilty in Maine cold case of abandoned infant daughter
Mother pleads guilty in 1985 cold case death of baby girl who was found and taken home by Siberian Husky
Mother pleads guilty to manslaughter in 1985 death of Baby Jane Doe in Maine

Lee Ann Guerrette Daigle

Mothers From Hell: Moira Akers killed her newborn, who was found in a zipped plastic bag; Faces life in prison at sentencing 7/29/2022

Mother charged with second-degree murder after newborn was found in zipped plastic bag
Columbia mother charged in death of newborn
Columbia Woman Found Guilty Of Murder In 2018 Death Of Newborn Boy
Md. mom guilty of murder after newborn in plastic bag found hidden in closet
Columbia woman found guilty in newborn child’s death
Howard County mother faces life in prison over newborn death
Maryland Mom Convicted of Murdering Newborn Son Who Was Found Dead in Zipped Plastic Bag
Maryland woman found guilty of suffocating newborn in zipped plastic bag after home birth


Age 41
Gender Female
Race White

Ethnicity Non-Hispanic
Date of Birth Mar 17, 1981
ID Number 40362
Custody Status Date Apr 27, 2022 08:01 PM EDT
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Howard County Department of Corrections
Book Date Apr 27, 2022 07:53 PM EDT

Howard County Department of Corrections
7301 Waterloo Road
Jessup, MD 20794
(410) 313-5200

Mothers From Hell: Maya Caston charged with smothering her twin newborns right after birth

Deaths of newborns in St. Louis County investigated as suspicious, mother taken into custody
Missouri Mother Charged With Smothering Deaths of Newborn Twins
St. Louis County Mom Maya Caston Charged With Murdering Twin Babies
Mother charged with murder of newborn twins in St. Louis County
Mother charged with killing her infant twins
Missouri mother charged with killing her infant twins
Missouri mom convicted of killing her infant twins
St. Louis County mother guilty in death of newborn twins testifies she hid pregnancy


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