Parents Gone Wild! Sloane Briles throws his 7-year-old son overboard from cruise ship because he would not stop crying

Sloane Briles

I am guessing that all of the witnesses, including his children, all had it in for him, huh? They all made up the same story of him hitting his son and throwing the boy overboard when he was crying.

Man Charged After Throwing Son Off Cruise Boat
Dad: It Was `Horse Play’ Before Boy Went Overboard
Father accused of throwing son off boat says he was joking
Man accused of tossing son, 7, off tour boat
Father throws son, 7, overboard on cruise, authorities say
Dad on Tossing Son Overboard: ‘I Did Nothing Wrong’


Missing: Elizabeth Freeman since 8/15/2011 from Cincinnati, OH

Elizabeth Freeman

Police Seek Missing Avondale Woman

Missing: Katelyn Markham since 8/13/2011 from Fairfield, OH

Katelyn Markham

What happened to Katelyn Markham?
Katelyn Markham Still Missing From Fairfield, Ohio
Missing Ohio Woman’s Fiance Has ‘Gut Feeling’ She’s Alive
National Search Group Joins Hunt for Missing Ohio Woman Katelyn Markham
Fiance: Items Found Don’t Belong To Missing Woman

Julian Jones murder 8/19/2011 Atlanta, GA *Former NBA player, Javaris Crittenton

Julian Jones

Drive-by shooting kills Atlanta mother
Family mourns as NBA player Crittenton still sought in murder
Former NBA player wanted in killing
Former player Crittenton sought on murder charge
FBI issues new warrant for former NBA player
Crittenton arrested at California airport

Javaris Crittenton

**note from blog owner**
Please remember that this is a place to remember the victim, not to discuss the accused NBA career. Remember Julian and her life and loved ones and hope for justice!!!

FBI Most Wanted: Alexis Flores #487 (Wanted for the rape & murder of 5-year-old Iriana DeJesus)

Iriana Dejesus

Find-A-Grave: Iriana Morales “Nena” DeJesus
FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive: Alexis Flores
Facebook: Justice for Iriana DeJesus
Iriana DeJesus, slay victim, remembered, for a ninth year
Young Child’s Murder Rocks Philadelphia
Loved Ones Honor Girl Who Was Raped, Murdered 15 Years Ago
AMW Fugitive: Alexis Flores
Victims of Illegal Alien Crime Memorial
Wikipedia: Alexis Flores

Pervert Alley: Pediatrician Earl Bradley sentenced to 14 life sentences + 164 years for raping and molesting patients

Earl Bradley

This is one sick puppy. He was originally charged with over 500 sex crimes against children. Yes, he was a pediatrician, an authority figure for children. There were 104 victims, only one was male, and some of them were as young as 2. However, his defense team did not put on a defense, which was good, so no excuses were made. As a pediatrician, he should already know that children ARE NOT sexual beings yet. They should not be looked at with lust in any way. This just disgusts me.

Earl Bradley, Predator Pediatrician? Doctor Hit with 471 Counts of Child Sex Abuse
Earl Bradley trial begins and ends in one day
Earl Bradley found guilty on all counts stemming from child rapes
x-Delaware Pediatrician Guilty of Child Sex Abuse
Pediatrician ordered to spend life in prison for molesting patients
Earl Bradley sentenced to life in prison for child rapes
Bradley gets 14 life terms
Wikipedia: Earl Bradley

Parents Gone Wild! Briana Shelton charged with the murder of her 2-month-old son, Darrick, due to multiple blunt force trauma injuries

Briana Shelton

Death of Infant Ruled Homicide
Indianapolis Mom Charged with Infant’s Death
Police: Mother Arrested In 2-Month-Old Son’s Death
Mother arrested in death of infant
Mother arrested for death of baby boy

Stacey Jo Lawson murder 8/20/2011 Greene County, IN *Randy Knapp charged with her murder*

Stacey Jo Lawson

Woman’s body identified following autopsy
Foul Play Suspected In Valley Woman’s Death
Victim will be honored with “Last Ride Home” after funeral
Man Charged With Killing Woman Found In Woods
Man Charged With Killing Valley Woman
Arrest made in Greene Co. murder
Police arrest Bloomington man in Greene County slaying

Randy L. Knapp

Parents Gone Wild! Michael Ray James and Tina Alberson denied 10-year-old Johnathan James water for 5 days as punishment; child died of dehydration

Johnathan James

PYSIH: Michael James and Tina Alberson
Dallas police say boy dies after water denied
Texas 10-Year-Old Victim’s Twin Wanted to Help But Afraid of Punishment
Johnathan James dies from dehydration punishment


Address: DALLAS, TX
Citizenship: NONE
Race: White
Sex: Male
DOB: 1969-03-26
Attorney Name: MARY JO EARLE
Jail Location: West Tower
Tank Location: 3MSC02
Bookin Number: 11060860
Bookin Date: 2011-08-25 02:26 PM
Bond Amount: 250,000.00
Warrant Number: F1159106
Case Number: F1159106
Magistrate: Autry, Steven
Bond Forfeiture: N
Bond Held
Bond Remark
Total Bond Amount: 250,000.00 as of 2011-08-27 20:22:37.339


Citizenship: NONE
Race: Hispanic
Sex: Female
DOB: 1969-01-15
Attorney Name: WILLIAM J. (BILL) FAY
Jail Location: West Tower
Tank Location: 08P 10
Bookin Number: 11060857
Bookin Date: 2011-08-25 02:24 PM
Bond Amount: 250,000.00
Warrant Number: f1159105
Case Number: f1159105
Magistrate: Autry, Steven
Bond Forfeiture: N
Bond Held
Bond Remark
Total Bond Amount: 250,000.00 as of 2011-08-27 20:27:10.116

Personal Update – yeah, boring!

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I just thought I would pop in and let everyone know what has been going on. Many of you know that I was the target of a driver not paying attention to pedestrians about a year ago. Unfortunately, my injuries are bad enough that the effects will stay with my for the rest of my life. Fun, huh? Yeah, I like walking like Igor! And of course, who does not love having pain 24/7. Sometimes it is all I can think about. Well, a little over a month ago, I also had to have an emergency appendectomy. Now that was tons of fun!!!! I had lots of complications as well. I never like anything to just be simple! And my sister got the doctors and nurses to label me a troublemaker! But they were all great to me! The doctor did say it would take 2-3 months to fully recover and I think he was right! I am feeling a bit better than when I came home, but not great yet!

What I have discovered is that now, it takes me a lot longer to make a post and that is depressing me. Sometimes it takes 2-3 days. I am working on this. But this is why I have not posted as much as usual in the last month. And no, I have not approved all pending comments. Sometimes, those are more than I can deal with. Especially after having one person tell me it was more important for me to remove her comments than for me to rest. And this was 4 days after surgery. So, not only did I take 2 hours to find and remove her comments, I have banned Martha from commenting. Sometimes it would be nice to see people show some compassion rather than just worry about themselves. And others, like Michael P., who think that if they email me multiple times that I will do it faster, need to be patient. I will get to it. Right now I am doing the best that my situation will allow me to do. But these people have given me plenty of material for “We’ve Got Mail”. Yeah, it does not really pay to push and irritate the blog owner! However, it does do my heart a lot of good to have seen and felt the best wishes that most of you have sent me, be it on Facebook or thru email. It has meant a lot to me and kept me going! So, THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!! Hopefully I will be back up to speed soon!!!!

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