Monsters Among Us: Convicted killer Clifford Eugene Cox charged with molesting an 8-year-old girl; And get this…he blames the victim

Cathryn Lynne Hutchins Kessinger, 22 [5/6/1984]
female child, 8

Find-A-Grave: Cathryn Lynne Hutchins Kessinger
Clifford Cox v State of Kansas 1991 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Convicted murderer arrested in child rape
Convicted killer accused of raping 8-year-old Wichita girl
Convicted killer accused of raping 8-year-old Wichita girl
Kansas killer-turned-babysitter sentenced for sex crimes against child in his care
Clifford Cox, convicted in 1984 murder, sentenced for child sex crimes
Killer let out of prison for 1984 strangulation murder is back behind bars after molesting 8-year-old girl he babysat, claiming she ‘took advantage of him’

Clifford Eugene Cox – (murder – pled guilty, sentenced to life, paroled 10/2/2006) pled guilty, sentenced to 21+ years in prison
William Paul Kessinger – pled guilty, sentenced to life, paroled 8/30/2013




Serial Killer Couple: Alvin and Judith Neelley killed at least 2 people, probably more

Lisa Ann Millican, 13 [9/28/1982 DeKalb County, AL]
Janice Kay Chatman, 22 [10/4/1982 Rome, GA]
John Hancock, [10/4/1982 Rome, GA] survived

Find-A-Grave: Lisa Ann Millican
Find-A-Grave: Janice Kay Morrow Chapman (misspelling)
Murderpedia: Alvin Howard Neelley Jr
Murderpedia: Judith Ann Neelley
Find-A-Grave: Alvin Howard “Al” Neelley Jr.
Wikipedia: Alvin and Judith Neelley
TN woman previously on death row wants parole hearing cancelled
Judith Ann Neelley denied parole in 1982 slaying of 13-year-old girl: ‘She is pure evil’
Judith Ann Neelley’s parole denied: Woman convicted in ’80s of murdering Georgia girl
Killer who kidnapped 13-year-old, raped her for days with her husband, injected Drano into her body, and shot her to death denied parole

Crimes and Consequences: EP185: Killer Couple–Alvin and Judith Neelley

Early Graves

Wicked Attraction: Hearts of Darkness
Most Evil: Women
Deadly Women: Twisted Thrills

Alvin Neelley – pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP, committed suicide in prison
Judith Neelley – convicted, sentenced to death, Governor commuted her sentence to life, parole denied 5/29/2023, next hearing 5/2028

Alvin Neelley


Pervert Alley: Joshua Rivers has been charged with having approximate 1,211 images of child porn saved on 15 electronic devices

Flowery Branch man charged with 1.2K counts of sexual exploitation of a minor
Flowery Branch man facing 1.2K counts of sexual exploitation of minor
Hall County Deputies arrest man, charged with over 1,000 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor
Flowery Branch man arrested on 1,211 child pornography-related charges


Age 40
Gender Male
Race White

Ethnicity Non-Hispanic
Date of Birth Mar 22, 1983
ID Number 684386
Custody Status Date Apr 26, 2023 01:34 PM EDT
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Hall County Jail
Book Date Apr 26, 2023 01:38 PM EDT

Hall County Jail
1700 Barber Road
Gainesville, GA 30507
(770) 531-6904

Pervert Alley: Jose Manuel Rodriguez-Aguirre sentenced to 65 years in prison with NO PAROLE for continuous child rape of an 11-year-old girl who became pregnant

This disgusting creature will probably never walk in the free world again to hurt another child again. He is 28 now and he was sentenced to 65 years with no parole, so he has to serve every day of that sentence, so he will be approximately 93 when he leaves prison, if he lives that long. Meanwhile, his victim has to live with the damage he did to her. But she has started to heal. She testified against him during the trial and did a great job. That is hard for adults to do and she did a wonderful job just what I read. I think she will heal and show what an amazing girl she is!

Girl, 11, Impregnated, Wylie Man Sentenced for Sexual Assault
North Texas man sentenced to 65 years for sexually abusing 11-year-old girl, getting her pregnant, officials say
Child rapist gets 65 years in prison after impregnating 11-year-old
Wylie man who impregnated 11-year-old sentenced to 65 years in prison
North Texas man impregnates 11 year old child, gets 65 years in prison
Decades in prison, no parole for man who repeatedly raped and impregnated 11-year-old girl
Texas man sentenced to 65 years for sexually assaulting, impregnating 11-year-old girl


Serial Killer: Robert Anthony Buell

Krista Lea Harrison, 11 [7/17/1982]
Tina Marie Harmon, 12 [10/29/1981]
Deborah Kaye Smith, 10 [6/6/1983]

Find-A-Grave: Krista Lea Harrison
Find-A-Grave: Tina Marie Harmon
Find-A-Grave: Deborah Kaye “Debbie” Smith
Robert Buell: A City Planner Goes off the Rails (GREAT write-up)
Killer claims `secret’ before his execution
Robert Anthony Buell #52
Wikiwand: Robert Anthony Buell
With Eyes Closed, Convicted Killer Is Executed
Find-A-Grave: Robert Anthony Buell

Forensic Files: Material Evidence


Serial Killer: Harvey Louis Carignan *Harv the Hammer* and *The Want-Ad Killer*

Laura Showalter, 57 [7/31/1949 Anchorage, AK] no picture
Dorcas Callen, survived
Virginia Piper, [7/27/1972 kidnapped]
Laura Leslie Brock, 19 [9/13/1972 Bellingham, WA]
Kathy Sue Miller, 15 [5/1/1973 Seattle, WA] picture above
Mary Townsend, 47 (survived)
Jerri Billings, 13 (survived)
Eileen Marie Hunley, 29 [8/10/1974 Shelbourn County, MN] picture above
June Lynch, 17 (survived) [9/8/1974 MN]
Lisa King, 16 (survived) [9/8/1974 MN]
Gwen Burton, (survived) [9/14/1974]
Sally Versoi, (survived) [9/18/1974]
Diane Flynn, (survived) [9/18/1974]
Kathy Schultz, 18 [9/20/1974 Isanti County, MN] picture above

*Note* Harvey Carignan died March 14, 2023 (yesterday)

Find-A-Grave: Laura Showalter
Find-A-Grave: Laura Leslie Brock
Find-A-Grave: Kathy Sue Miller
Find-A-Grave: Eileen Marie Fischer Hunley
Find-A-Grave: Katherine J “Kathy” Schultz
Harvey Carignan v United States 1950 (conviction affirmed, sentenced overturned)
Radford University profile: Harvey Louis Carignan
Murderpedia: Harvey Louis Carignan
Wikipedia: Harvey Carignan
Harvey Carignan – Famous Serial Killers
Tales of True Crime, episode 3: The Murderer Who Escaped Execution to Become a Serial Killer
Serial Killers: Harvey Carignan
Harvey Carignan – The Want-Ad Killer
Harvey Carignan
A look back at Harvey “The Hammer” Carignan, “The Want Ad Killer”
Harvey Carignan: Serial killer ‘Harvey the Hammer’ who lured women with ‘help wanted’ ads dies at 95

Tales of True Crime, episode 3: The Murderer Who Escaped Execution to Become a Serial Killer
The Serial Killer Podcast: Harvey Louis Carignan | Harv the Hammer

The Want-Ad Killer
True Crime: American Monsters Vol. 4: 12 Horrific American Serial Killers (Serial Killers US)
Hunting Humans: An Encyclopedia of Modern Serial Killers
Alcatraz: The last survivors

The Serial Killers: Harvey Carignan: Harv the Hammer
The Serial Killers


Pervert Alley: Convicted sex offender Paul Stephen Zittel charged with having more than 2,600 pounds of child pornography that was printed out

There are no words to describe the outrage I feel at such an offense. This is NOT a victimless crime. Those pictures, over a TON of pictures, are of real life children that were not wearing clothing. Please remember, children ARE NOT sexual beings! The are not to be looked that sexually in any way. They cannot give consent for any form of sexual activity.

72-year-old man arrested on child porn charges after 220,000 printed images found in Ocala home
Florida man busted with over 2,000 pounds of child porn images, deputies say
220K child porn images found in 72-year-old’s house, Florida authorities say
Florida Department of Law Enforcement – Sexual Offender / Predator Flyer
Elderly Florida man caught with ‘over one ton’ of printed child porn images in home: Sheriff
Ocala, Florida’s Paul Zittel at Marion County Jail on $250,000 bond
Florida man found with over “one ton” worth of child pornography


Monsters Among Us: Steven Lorenzo killed Jason Galehouse and Michael Wachholtz

Jason Galehouse, 26
Michael Wachholtz, 26

OK, Steven Lorenzo has had his days in court and been convicted all around. He received the death penalty that he asked for and deserved. So, I believe his death warrant should be signed shortly AND CARRIED OUT. He is anxious and I am sure that the victims loved ones are too. Let justice prevail.

Find-A-Grave: Jason Rodney Galehouse
Find-A-Grave: Michael Wayne Wachholtz
In 2003, 2 men vanished in Tampa. 18 years later, a murder case still lingers
Tampa man pleads guilty to murder and dismemberment of two men in December 2003
Surviving victims of a double murder ‘monster’ expected to testify at sentencing hearing
Accused murderer back in court; co-defendant complains about pandemic-related delays
Man gets 40 years in rape case
19 years later, Steven Lorenzo admits to 2 Tampa murders
Despite heated hearing, trial for accused double-murderer Steven Lorenzo set for April
Sentencing begins for confessed murderer Steven Lorenzo
Tampa Nightclub Killer Who Date Raped, Tortured Two Gay Men In 2003 Asks For Death Sentence
Steven Lorenzo requests death penalty in double murder case
Confessed double murderer Steven Lorenzo asks for death penalty
Victims’ mothers chew out ‘scumbag of the Earth’ double murderer who killed their sons
Steven Lorenzo’s letter admitting details of 2003 murders released ahead of sentencing
Steven Lorenzo
Steven Lorenzo sentenced to death for murders of Jason Galehouse and Michael Waccholtz in 2003
Steven Lorenzo, charged in 2003 double murder, sentenced to death
Judge sentences Steven Lorenzo to death for raping and killing 2 men in 2003
Admitted murderer bizarrely thanks trial judge for death penalty, says he has ‘better things to do’ with his time and insists his ‘soul is fine’

Beyond the Rainbow: S3 Ep 3 Florida’s deadly duo

Steven Lorenzo – convicted in federal court, sentenced to 200 years in federal prison; convicted in state court,
Scott Schweickert – pled guilty, sentenced to 40 years in federal prison



Register Number: 42413-018
Age: 64
Race: White
Sex: Male
Release Date: 04/03/2175
Location: Not in BOP custody



Register Number: 42916-018
Age: 57
Race: White
Sex: Male
Release Date: 06/20/2038
Located At: USP Marion

Cold Case: DNA proved that William DeRoos raped and killed his neighbor, Rita Patricia Curran, in 1971

Rita Curran

Find-A-Grave: Rita Patricia Curran
Mystery in the Mountains: Rita Curran’s murder is Burlington’s oldest cold case
Case closed: Cigarette butt leads police to killer in 1971 Burlington murder
Cigarette butt leads police to suspected killer in 1971 murder
Burlington police say neighbor killed Rita Curran, solving a more than 50-year-old cold case
Police say Burlington’s oldest cold case has been solved
Cigarette butt left at 1971 crime scene solves cold case murder of Vermont woman: Police
DNA on Discarded Cigarette Butt Reveals Killer of Vt. Teacher 52 Years Later
Find-A-Grave: William Richard DeRoos

News Archive: Shad Thyrion murder

Shad Thyrion

Monsters Among Us: Taylor Schabusiness charged with the sexual assault, murder and dismemberment of Shad Thyrion; Head found in a bucket
Update: Shad Thyrion murder *Taylor Schabusiness attacked her attorney in a court hearing about her competency*


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