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Pervert Alley: Angela Elizabeth Montgomery raped her own children for years (no one believed them); Sentenced to 40 years in prison

sexual assault awareness

Angela Elizabeth Montgomery
Angela Elizabeth Montgomery

Mother faces decade-old rape charges
Man’s claims of rape, abuse ignored for years
Mother found guilty of raping her own son, sentenced to 90 years
Murfreesboro mom sentenced to 40 years for raping own children
Angela Montgomery – “Mommy Molester”
Angela Elizabeth Montgomery Registered Sex Offender

Monsters Among Us: Jorge Jovany Acevedo charged with killing 6-month-old Jaden Jovany Acevedo Banegas

stand up for children

Jaden Jovany Acevedo Banegas
Jaden Jovany Acevedo Banegas

Jaden Acevedo-Banegas obituary
Find-A-Grave: Jaden Jovany Acevedo Banegas
Baby dies after fall at Raleigh home
Baby dies after apparent fall at Raleigh home
Man charged with murder of 6-month-old baby
Man returned to Raleigh to face charge in baby’s death
Man charged with murder in Raleigh death of 6-month-old in 2013


Jorge Jovany Acevedo

Race / Sex: WHITE / MALE
Arrest Date: 2/12/2015
Release Date:
Next Court Date:
Location: Wake County Sheriff’s Office
Charge: MURDER
Docket #: 15CR202699
Bond Amount: NO BOND

Parents Gone Wild! James Travis Green killed his stepson, Graydon Neal Morgan, and severely beat Ezekiel Morgan as well; Sentenced to life in prison

stand up for children

Graydon Morgan
Graydon Neal Morgan

Find-A-Grave: Graydon Neal “Gradybird” Morgan
Arrest Warrant for James Travis Green
Suspects in Baby’s Death Appear in Court
James Green pleaded guilty to murder and more in shaken baby case
Fairdale man to be sentenced for murder of stepson
James Green sentenced for murder, abuse of 2 year old twins
Green to serve at least 17 years for killing stepson, injuring other twin
Green sentenced to life and some
Brandy Smallwood pleads guilty in shaken baby case
Fairdale woman pleads guilty to child neglect
Fairdale woman sentenced to two to 13 years in husband’s killing of one son, injuries to other

Brandy Smallwood
Brandy Smallwood

Brandy Smallwood – pled guilty, sentenced to 2-13 years in prison; can no longer be around any children EVER, must register as an abusive parent
James Travis Green – pled guilty, sentenced to life in prison, parole eligibility after 17 years


GreenJames prison mug

Offender ID (OID) Number: 3535109
Name: Green, James Travis
Sex: Male
Birth Date: 4/15/1989
Height: 6′ 1″
Weight: 211 lbs.
Race: White
Location: MOCC
Intake Date: 5/29/2014 10:03:00 AM
Next Parole Hearing: 2/9/2030
Maximum Parole Discharge Date: Not Available
Projected Release Date: Not Available

GreenJ info

Boyfriends From Hell: Convicted sex offender Marc Allen Palmer charged with smothering his girlfriend’s 5-month-old baby, Brayden Beal

stand up for children

Convicted child rapist held on $500,000 bond on charges he smothered an infant in Missoula
25-year-old Missoula man charged with killing infant
Missoula man charged with homicide in baby’s suffocation
Missoula man charged with homicide in baby’s suffocation
Missoula Man Charged With Deliberate Homicide For Allegedly Smothering Infant – Held on $500,000 Bond

Marc Allen Palmer
Marc Allen Palmer

Dunce’s Corner: Brandy Teague killed her 3-year-old daughter, Carlee Ramirez, while driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol; Sentenced to 13 years in prison

stand up for children

Carlee Ramirez
Carlee Ramirez

Heartbroken Father Mourns Toddler Killed in Crash: “She Was Everything”
Carlee Ramirez killed, DUI mother arrested
Child dies in El Cajon crash; mom suspected of DUI
Mother to stand trial in DUI death of 3-year-old
Mother convicted in DUI crash that killed daughter, 3
Mom Convicted in DUI Death of Daughter, 3, Could Face 16 Years
Mom convicted in DUI crash that killed 3-year-old daughter
Mom Whose Drugged Driving Killed Her 3-Year-Old Girl in El Cajon Crash Gets 13 Years in Prison
Prison for mom whose drugged driving killed 3-yr-old


Brandy Lee Teague

CDCR#: WF5210
Age: 32
Admission Date: 07/06/2016
Current Location: Womens Facility

Parents Gone Wild! Cody Allen Gossage killed his 5-month-old son, Jordan Big Man-Gossage, by violently shaking him

stand up for children

Jordan Benedict Big Man-Gossage
Jordan Benedict Big Man-Gossage

Jordan Big Man-Gossage obituary
Lewiston man arrested and charged in death of infant
N. Idaho Father Arrested in Infant Son’s Death
Lewiston man charged with first degree murder; preliminary hearing date set
Lewiston father could face death penalty for infant’s death
N. Idaho man pleads not guilty to killing infant son
Idaho man pleads guilty to killing infant son
N. Idaho man pleads guilty to killing infant son
Northern Idaho man pleads guilty to killing infant son


Cody Gossage

Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 21
Location: Nez Perce County Sheriff’s Office
Race: White
Contact Facility: Nez Perce County Sheriff’s Office

Pervert Alley: “Pastor” Michael Orten blames victim in defense of hiring convicted sex offender Thomas Hopper at their church, Truth Apostolic Church

Orten and HopperI cannot believe what I have read! This “man of God” is blaming the victim of a sex crime for the rape and sodomy committed against her. Seriously, can this be real? I don’t care what age the victim is – RAPE IS RAPE. You absolutely do not blame the victim. However, in this case and multitudes of others, age is a factor. She is a minor, a child. She legally and morally CANNOT give consent. The comments by Mr. Orten makes me wonder if he is also a pedophile. In my opinion, that this the only other kind of person that can condone this kind of crime. He is being portrayed in the media as pro-rape, and I am quickly starting to believe that as well. Now, if Mr. Orten were to be raped (and I do not condone that in anyway), wouldn’t he be a victim to his own statement “It takes two to tango”?

As for this convicted sex offender, he spent 10 years in prison for this crime. Then he reoffended and was convicted of trespassing and criminal confinement. Then he was arrested for stalking a young girl. He is on the sex offender registry for life. This is not a man who made a mistake and wants to make amends. I do not care how long ago the rape and sodomy happened. It still happened. For the victim, it is a life sentence. For Mr. Hopper, maybe it is over and done with, but for her it is forever. But obviously Mr. Orten does not care about the victims of sex crimes. After all, they are to blame for the crime. Give me a break! If he was really a “man of God”, he would learn about compassion towards these victims and learn how to help them, as he is NOT helping them now, especially the victims of Mr. Hopper. Remember Mr. Orten, the victim should always come first and NEVER be forgotten.

[photo: Michael Orten and Thomas Hopper]

“She’s just as guilty as he is,” Pastor defends hiring sex offender convicted of rape, sodomy
Victim-blaming pastor isn’t concerned about hiring convicted rapist: ‘It takes two to tango’
Pro-rape pastor defends church’s hiring of child rapist
Kentucky pastor defends hiring of convicted sex offender: ‘It takes two to tango’
Kentucky Sex Offender Registry: Thomas E Hopper


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