Psycho For Love: Christopher Dean Snow charged with the murder of Casey Lynn Mae Allen

Casey Lynn Allen

Woman stabbed to death, suspect captured and arrested after crash on I-85, police say
‘She really was the best mom’: Mother of 4 allegedly stabbed to death by husband day after first wedding anniversary
Georgia mom Casey Allen stabbed to death by husband after celebrating first anniversary: cops
Mother of four stabbed to death one day after 1-year wedding anniversary. Her husband is charged with murder.
Georgia mother of 4 murdered by husband 1 day after wedding anniversary: police
gofundme: Casey Allen Family Expenses


Deadly Boyfriends: David McCoy charged with killing his pregnant girlfriend Courtney Spraggins, because he did not want the responsibility

Courtney Spraggins

Slain pregnant girlfriend of Huntsville police officer was ‘a beacon of light,’ parents say
Former Huntsville police officer David McCoy indicted on 3 capital murder charges
Alabama police officer accused of fatally shooting pregnant girlfriend in the head
Fired police officer indicted for murder of pregnant, long-distance girlfriend he met on Tinder
State to seek death penalty, more charges for David McCoy in murder of Courtney Spraggins
Former Ala. cop indicted on capital murder charges for allegedly shooting, killing pregnant girlfriend
Alabama cop fatally shot pregnant girlfriend in head, lied that she committed suicide: authorities
Former HPD officer indicted for capital murder in shooting death of pregnant girlfriend
gofundme: Courtney Spraggins Funeral Fund


Serial Killer: Robert Anthony Buell

Krista Lea Harrison, 11 [7/17/1982]
Tina Marie Harmon, 12 [10/29/1981]
Deborah Kaye Smith, 10 [6/6/1983]

Find-A-Grave: Krista Lea Harrison
Find-A-Grave: Tina Marie Harmon
Find-A-Grave: Deborah Kaye “Debbie” Smith
Robert Buell: A City Planner Goes off the Rails (GREAT write-up)
Killer claims `secret’ before his execution
Robert Anthony Buell #52
Wikiwand: Robert Anthony Buell
With Eyes Closed, Convicted Killer Is Executed
Find-A-Grave: Robert Anthony Buell

Forensic Files: Material Evidence


Monsters Among Us: Steven Lorenzo killed Jason Galehouse and Michael Wachholtz

Jason Galehouse, 26
Michael Wachholtz, 26

OK, Steven Lorenzo has had his days in court and been convicted all around. He received the death penalty that he asked for and deserved. So, I believe his death warrant should be signed shortly AND CARRIED OUT. He is anxious and I am sure that the victims loved ones are too. Let justice prevail.

Find-A-Grave: Jason Rodney Galehouse
Find-A-Grave: Michael Wayne Wachholtz
In 2003, 2 men vanished in Tampa. 18 years later, a murder case still lingers
Tampa man pleads guilty to murder and dismemberment of two men in December 2003
Surviving victims of a double murder ‘monster’ expected to testify at sentencing hearing
Accused murderer back in court; co-defendant complains about pandemic-related delays
Man gets 40 years in rape case
19 years later, Steven Lorenzo admits to 2 Tampa murders
Despite heated hearing, trial for accused double-murderer Steven Lorenzo set for April
Sentencing begins for confessed murderer Steven Lorenzo
Tampa Nightclub Killer Who Date Raped, Tortured Two Gay Men In 2003 Asks For Death Sentence
Steven Lorenzo requests death penalty in double murder case
Confessed double murderer Steven Lorenzo asks for death penalty
Victims’ mothers chew out ‘scumbag of the Earth’ double murderer who killed their sons
Steven Lorenzo’s letter admitting details of 2003 murders released ahead of sentencing
Steven Lorenzo
Steven Lorenzo sentenced to death for murders of Jason Galehouse and Michael Waccholtz in 2003
Steven Lorenzo, charged in 2003 double murder, sentenced to death
Judge sentences Steven Lorenzo to death for raping and killing 2 men in 2003
Admitted murderer bizarrely thanks trial judge for death penalty, says he has ‘better things to do’ with his time and insists his ‘soul is fine’

Beyond the Rainbow: S3 Ep 3 Florida’s deadly duo

Steven Lorenzo – convicted in federal court, sentenced to 200 years in federal prison; convicted in state court,
Scott Schweickert – pled guilty, sentenced to 40 years in federal prison



Register Number: 42413-018
Age: 64
Race: White
Sex: Male
Release Date: 04/03/2175
Location: Not in BOP custody



Register Number: 42916-018
Age: 57
Race: White
Sex: Male
Release Date: 06/20/2038
Located At: USP Marion

Monsters Among Us: Thomas Lee Bean murdered and decapitated Olympic skier Sonja McCaskie; Originally sentenced to death, later it was overturned and sentenced to life in prison; He is still in prison today

Sonja McCaskie
Sonja McCaskie

Seek motive in sadistic murder of Olympic skier
Find-A-Grave: Sonja Yvonne McCaskie
The 1963 Murder of Olympic Skier Sonja McCaskie by Thomas Lee Bean
Sonja McCaskie Olympian murder still is one of most horrific after 50 years
April 5, 1963: Olympic skier found murdered in Reno
Wikipedia: Sonja McCaskie
Thomas Lee Bean v State of Nevada 1965 (conviction and sentence is affirmed)


Waterman Village murders: Vickie Lynn Williams charged with the murders of Darryl and Sharon Getman murders in their home; State seeking the death penalty

Darryl Getman, 83
Sharon Getman, 80

Family remembers Mount Dora couple killed in ‘random’ attack inside their home
Police identify person of interest in Mount Dora couple’s murder at senior living community
Couple found slain in Florida retirement community; woman who asked to shower at neighbor’s home is arrested
Couple killed at their Florida senior living community, person of interest in custody
Former Queensbury couple found dead by homicide in Central Florida
Police identify person of interest in Mount Dora couple’s murder at senior living community
Florida Police Detain Person of Interest in ‘Random’ Double Homicide of Elderly Couple Found on New Year’s Eve
Woman faces murder charges in deaths of retired couple
Woman in Custody After ‘Ruthless’ Alleged Murders of Elderly Couple at Fla. Retirement Community
Mount Dora murders: Woman facing murder charges in deaths of Florida couple at retirement community
‘Person of Interest’ Now Booked into Florida Jail for Allegedly Murdering Elderly Couple at Retirement Community
Affidavit: Older Mount Dora couple was stabbed to death in home; palm print at scene matched suspect
Court Documents Reveal Grisly Details in Butcher-Knife Slaying of Couple in Florida Retirement Home
Florida seeks death penalty for woman accused of killing elderly couple
Prosecutors will seek death penalty after retired elderly couple butchered in ‘especially heinous’ New Year’s Eve crime


Next court appearance: January 30, 2023

Dayton OH Christmas Massacre 1992 – 6 people murdered, at least 2 hurt over 3 day weekend

Joseph Wayne Wilkerson, 34 (no picture)
Danita Danielle Gullette, 18
Richmond “Ricky” Thornton Maddox, 19
Sarah Abraham, 38
Jones Pettus, (survived)
Jimmy Thompson, 71 (survived)
Wendy Renee Cottrill, 16
Marvin Lee Washington, 18

Find-A-Grave: Joseph Wayne Wilkerson
Find-A-Grave: Danita Danielle Gullette
Find-A-Grave: Richmond Thornton “Ricky” Maddox
Find-A-Grave: Sara Abraham
Find-A-Grave: Wendy Renée Cottrill
find-A-Grave: Marvin Lee Washington
2 adults, 2 juveniles charged in spree that claimed 5 lives
The Christmas Killings of 1992
The Christmas Killings: Dayton’s worst crime spree
Weekend of ‘Joy Killing’ in Ohio Leaves 5 Dead, 4 Hurt and 4 Held
27 years after Christmas murder spree: ‘It will never be forgotten’
Murderpedia: Marvallous Keene
Parole hearing possible for woman convicted in Dayton Christmas killings
A ‘Joy Killing’ Spree Terrorizes An Ohio Community Throughout The Christmas Holidays
The Devils of Dayton: Killed just for the fun of it
Marvallous Keene #35
Find-A-Grave: Marvallous Matthew Keene

Truce Crime All The Time: Marvallous Keene

The Christmas Killings: 40 Hours to Justice

Homicide for the Holidays: Six Slays of Christmas

Marvallous Matthew Keen – convicted, sentenced to death, executed 7/21/2009
Laura Jeanne Taylor – convicted, sentenced to life in prison, parole hearing 10/2026
DeMarcus “Maurice” Smith – pled guilty, sentenced to life in prison, parole hearing 11/2025
Heather Nichole Matthews – pled guilty, sentenced to life in prison, parole hearing 4/2131


Final Words:
“I have no words.”



Family Annihilator: Michael Jones, Jr. killed his wife and 4 children, whose bodies were found in the family van after a month; Jury recommended the death penalty

Casei Jones, 32
Cameron Christopher James Bowers, 10
Preston James Bowers, 5
Mercalli Jones, 2
Aiyana Jones, 1

Find-A-Grave: Casei Gilbert Jones
Find-A-Grave: Cameron Christopher James Bowers
Find-A-Grave: Preston James Bowers
Find-A-Grave: Mercalli Jones
Find-A-Grave: Aiyana Jones
Sister remembers Elkhart native mom, 4 children found dead in Georgia
Remains found in Georgia believed to be 4 missing Florida kids
Deputies: Murdered family’s bodies stored in van for 2 weeks
4 Children Who Were Missing for 6 Weeks Found Dead Hours After Mom’s Body Was Discovered
Man accused of killing wife, kids complained of constant ‘nagging, poking, prodding’
Husband arrested after missing woman and her 4 kids found dead
Report details gruesome murders of Florida mother, four children
Murdered Florida mother of 4 died of blunt force trauma
Suspect explains how he covered his tracks after allegedly killing family
Summerfield man pleads guilty to killing wife, 4 children, may face death penalty
Jury to sentence man who pleaded guilty to Marion County murder of wife, 4 children
Man Faces Death Penalty for Killing Wife, Her 4 Kids, then Driving with Bodies in Van for Weeks
Death Penalty Possible For Family Annihilator Who Drove For Weeks With Remains In Tow
Jury recommends death for Marion County man who killed wife, four children
Jury recommends death for Michael Wayne Jones accused of murdering his wife, four children in Marion County
Jurors Recommend Death for Man Convicted of Killing Wife and Strangling and Drowning His Kids


Deadly Husbands: Zarbab Ali charged with his estranged wife, Rachel Lynn Castillo murder, after she disappeared frome their Simi Valley home, leaving a significant amount of blood

Rachel Lynn Castillo

Murder Suspect Arrested
Zarbab Ali: Man Arrested After Missing Wife Rachel Castillo Found Dead
Man suspected of killing ex-wife from Simi Valley arrested in Victorville
Rachel Castillo Simi Valley: Missing woman’s ex-husband arrested after remains found
Missing Calif. Mom Found Dead in Remote Area, Ex-Husband Who’d ‘Expressed His Concerns’ Is Arrested
Missing mother of 2 found dead, ex-husband named primary suspect: Police
Missing California Mom Of Two Found Dead In Desert After Sister Finds ‘Significant Amount Of Blood’ In Home
Mother-of-Two Reported Missing After ‘Significant Amount of Blood’ Found at Home: Cops
Body of missing Calif. mom Rachel Castillo found in ‘remote’ area
Ex-husband of Simi Valley woman killed talked to her mom before his arrest
Simi homicide arraignment continued
gofundme: Support for Rachel Castillo’s Family


Deadly Duo: Amber and Jamie Waterman charged both state and federally with kidnapping, crossing state lines, and the murder of pregnant Ashley Bush, killing both her and her unborn child and leaving them in 2 locations

Ashley Bush

Ashley Bush, 31
Valkyrie Grace Willis, unborn child

Fiancé of missing pregnant woman in Benton Co. pleads for her safe return
Missing Arkansas woman, baby found dead in Missouri
Arkansas pregnant woman found dead after going for job interview; baby found separately
Couple charged in death of woman, baby found dead in southwest Missouri
Missouri woman accused in fatal kidnapping planned to claim pregnant woman’s baby as her own, authorities say
‘There Is Evil in the World’: Missouri Husband and Wife Under Arrest After Remains of Pregnant Woman and Unborn Child Found in Separate Locations
Deputies: Couple charged with murder of pregnant Arkansas woman planned to claim child as their own
Pineville Couple Charged in Kidnapping, Murder of Pregnant Arkansas Woman
Missouri Husband and Wife Now Face Federal Charges in Alleged Kidnapping and Murder of Pregnant Arkansas Woman
‘There Is Evil In This World’: Couple Arrested After Pregnant Mom, Baby Are Killed During Supposed Job Interview
Woman Accused of Kidnapping Ashley Bush Allegedly Wanted to Keep the Woman’s Unborn Baby as Her Own
‘She wanted to claim unborn as her own’: new details released in kidnapping murder
Former FBI agent gives perspective into Ashley Bush case
Missing pregnant Arkansas woman and unborn baby found dead in separate locations in Missouri
Missouri Woman Accused of Luring Pregnant Woman for Job Interview and Murdering Her to Steal Unborn Child
Benton County prosecutor seeking death penalty against Amber Waterman

Amber Waterman
Jamie Waterman



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