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Monsters Among Us: Convicted Sex Offender Brian Horn pretended to be a teenage girl and lured 12-year-old Justin Bloxom for sex; Sentenced to death

Justim Bloxom
Justin Bloxom

Facebook: Celebrating the life of Justin Bloxom
Facebook: Justice for Justin Bloxom
Taking a look back at the murder of Justin Bloxom
Man indicted in death of Justin Bloxom
Sheriff To Outline Theory Of How Justin Bloxom Met His Killer
Trial coverage: Brian Horn accused in death of Justin Bloxom
Cab Owner Raked Over Coals on Murdered Child
Horn guilty of capital murder in death of Justin Bloxom
Prosecutors pleased with Brian Horn death sentence
Horn sentenced to death after tearful statement from victim’s mom
Memorial garden dedicated to Justin Bloxom
‘Web of Lies’ features Stonewall boy’s murder

Web of Lies: The Justin Bloxom Story


Brian Horn

Offender Name: BRIAN D HORN
Offender ID:340281
Date of Birth:02/15/1976
Age: 39
Race: White
Gender: Male
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Louisiana Department of Corrections

Monsters Among Us: Travis Trevino Runnels killed Stanley A. Wiley, a prison employee

Stanley A WileyFrom Runnels appeal: Appellant did not enjoy working as a janitor at the prison boot factory. On the morning of the day of the murder, he expressed anger at the fact that he had not been transferred to being a barber as he had requested. He told fellow inmate Bud Williams that he was going to be “shipped one way or another” and that “he was going to kill someone.” Appellant said that he would kill Wiley if Wiley said anything to him that morning. Appellant told another inmate, William Gilchrist, that he planned to hold the boot-factory plant manager hostage in the office after the other correctional officers had left. Finally, after appellant had arrived at the boot factory, he told fellow inmate Phillip Yow that he was going to do something.

During the first shift at the boot factory, appellant approached Wiley, raised a knife, tilted Wiley’s head back, and cut his throat. Appellant then wiped the knife with a white rag and walked back toward the trimming tables. When Yow later asked appellant why he had attacked Wiley, appellant said, “It could have been any offender or inmate, you know, as long as they was white.” In response to Yow’s explanation that appellant could get the death penalty if Wiley died, appellant responded, “A dead man can’t talk.”

Wiley did die from the injury. It was later determined that the cut was a twenty-three centimeter long neck wound that transected the external carotid artery and the internal jugular vein and extended in depth to the spine. A medical examiner found that the force required to inflict the wound was “moderate to severe.” Appellant was twenty-six years old when he committed the offense.

Stanley A. Wiley obituary
Officer Down: Supervisor Stanley A. Wiley
Local prisons honor state’s fallen officers in ceremony
Clements fatal attack first since unit opened in 1990, official says
Texas Prison Supervisor Killed in Inmate Attack
Amarillo inmate charged with murder after attack on prison factory supervisor
Capital murder trial moves to punishment phase
Travis Trevino Runnels – Texas Death Row
Death Row Offender Information: Travis Trevino Runnels

The Mind of a Murderer: Cut Throat Criminal


Runnels, Travis Trevino - TDCJ inmatePic Loc: NR2/ EA/ Local News

SID Number: 05134562
TDCJ Number: 00999505
Race: B
Gender: M
DOB: 1972-12-17
Maximum Sentence Date: DEATH ROW
Current Facility: POLUNSKY
Projected Release Date: DEATH ROW
Parole Eligibility Date: DEATH ROW

Runnels history

Monsters Among Us: Tracy Beatty killed his mother, Carolyn “Callie” Click; Sentenced to death

dvawareness3From Tracy Beatty’s appeal: Appellant and Click had a volatile and combative relationship. Appellant moved into Click’s house in early October 2003. Although Click told her next-door neighbor and close friend, Betty McCarty, that appellant had assaulted her several times in the past, Click said that she was excited about appellant’s arrival. Click’s excitement, however, vanished shortly after appellant moved in. McCarty testified that Click told her that she asked appellant to leave sometime in October and a second time on November 25, 2003–two days before Thanksgiving and the last day Click was seen alive. Around 4:00 p.m. on November 25th, Click went to McCarty’s house. Click was “stressed out and crying.” Click told McCarty that she was unhappy about the way things were going with appellant and that she had asked appellant to leave:

[Prosecutor:] What did [Click] tell you?

[McCarty:] That she had asked him to leave that day, and that – she said, “I put up with all I’m going to put up with, and I had asked him to leave,” and she was upset about it. And that’s the last time I saw her.

[Prosecutor:] Did she tell you what time that day she had told [appellant] to leave?

[McCarty:] No, sir.

Although McCarty initially testified that Click said that she “asked” appellant to leave, she later clarified that Click said, “I told [appellant] to leave today.” McCarty did not know exactly when the conversation with appellant had occurred that day or when appellant was supposed to leave:

[Defense counsel:] Did [Click] say specifically when . . . she had that conversation with [appellant] or when he was supposed to leave by?

[McCarty:] No, sir. I saw her at 4:00, and I didn’t know anything about it until that time. So I don’t know what time she told him.

Appellant’s cousin, Stacey Killough, testified that appellant arrived at her house later that day between 5:00 and 5:30 p.m. driving Click’s car. Killough testified that the drive from Click’s house to her house takes approximately forty-five minutes. Appellant smelled of alcohol but was not intoxicated. Noting Click’s absence, Killough became suspicious because Click was “very protective” of her car and never let anyone else drive it. In fact, Killough had previously seen Click refuse to let appellant drive the car. When Killough asked appellant where Click was, appellant told her that Click was out of town with a friend and would not be back for a few weeks. Because Killough was busy, appellant stayed at Killough’s house for only five to ten minutes.

Lieanna Wilkerson testified that she lived across the road from Click and that they had become close friends. Click told Wilkerson that appellant had assaulted her on several occasions in the past. Once appellant had “beaten her so severely that he had left her for dead.” Click was nevertheless excited that appellant was coming to live with her and hoped that she and appellant could mend their relationship. After appellant moved in with Click, Wilkerson hired him to do odd jobs around her house because he was unemployed. The two became friends, and Wilkerson referred to appellant as “Trey.” Appellant went to her house when he and Click would argue, which was daily. Toward the end of October and the first part of November, appellant house-sat for Wilkerson while she was out of town for several days. Wilkerson extended the offer to appellant because she was concerned about appellant and Click fighting, and she thought it would give them an opportunity to separate from each other. When Wilkerson returned home, appellant’s suitcase was sitting in the living room. Appellant told Wilkerson that Click had packed his things and brought them over. Wilkerson understood this to mean that Click had packed appellant’s suitcase in an effort to kick him out. Appellant, however, returned to Click’s house and continued to live with her. According to Wilkerson, appellant and Click fought daily in November.

Wilkerson described a conversation that she had with appellant in the middle of November in which he expressed his anger with Click. Appellant told Wilkerson about missing a job interview with an electric company that he had been very excited about. Click refused to drive him to the interview, saying that “she just didn’t feel like it.” Wilkerson knew that appellant could not drive himself because Click refused to let appellant, who did not have a driver’s license, borrow her car. Around the same time, appellant told Wilkerson that he thought about harming Click:

[Wilkerson:] I know [appellant] had said they were underpinning her house, and he had gotten upset . . . . And they had gotten into a huge fight, and she was yelling at him, and he just made an offhand comment, “I can’t believe she handed me that hammer.” He said, “Because all I could think about was hitting her in the head with it.” And I said, “Trey,” and he goes, “Well, I couldn’t do it.” He said, “If I shoved her under there, she would have just started stinking.”

Tracy Beatty v State of Texas 2009 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Man on Death Row for Mother’s Slaying Loses Appeal
Tracy Lane Beatty v William Stephens 2014 denied COA (certificate of appealability)
Murderpedia: Tracy Lane Beatty
Tracy Lane Beatty – Texas Death Row
Pen Pal request

The Mind of a Murderer: Bad to the Bone



SID Number: 02579594
TDCJ Number: 00999484
Race: W
Gender: M
DOB: 1961-01-23
Maximum Sentence Date: DEATH ROW
Current Facility: POLUNSKY
Projected Release Date: DEATH ROW
Parole Eligibility Date: DEATH ROW

Offense History:
Offense Date: 2003-11-25
Sentence Date: 2004-08-10
County: SMITH
Case No.: 241-0978-04
Sentence (YY-MM-DD) death

Update: Petit Family murders *Both defendants convicted and sentenced to death*

Petit Family

William Petit, (survived)
Jennifer Hawke-Petit, 48
Hayley Petit, 17
Michaela Petit, 11

News Archive: Petit Family murders
Petit Family Murders: “I just snapped,” says Stephen Hayes, convicted in deadly Conn. home invasion
Confession: Read the transcript of what Joshua Komisarjevsky said to police
Petit: Komisarjevsky Conviction ‘A Relief’
Joshua Komisarjevsky Gets Death
Joshua Komisarjevsky, Cheshire home invasion killer, asks for new trial
Joshua Komisarjevsky’s Death Sentence Gives Massacre Survivor Peace
Murderpedia: Steven Joseph Hayes
Wikipedia: Cheshire, Connecticut, home invasion murders

Murder in Connecticut: The Shocking Crime That Destroyed A Family And United A Community

Dateline: The Family on Sorghum Mill Drive
The Cheshire Murders



Inmate Number: 97425
Date of Birth: 5/30/1963
Latest Admission Date: 5/5/2003
Current Location: NORTHERN CI
Bond Amount: 0
Controlling Offense*: CAPITAL FELONY F
Date of Sentence: 12/2/2010
Maximum Sentence: 999 Year(s) 99 Month(s) 999 Day(s)
Maximum Release Date: Not Applicable
Estimated Release Date: Not Applicable
Special Parole End Date: Not Applicable
Detainer: NONE


Joshua Komisarjevsky

nmate Number: 299047
Date of Birth: 8/10/1980
Latest Admission Date: 3/11/2002
Current Location: NORTHERN CI
Bond Amount: 0
Controlling Offense*: CAPITAL FELONY F
Date of Sentence: 1/27/2012
Maximum Sentence: 999 Year(s) 99 Month(s) 999 Day(s)
Maximum Release Date: Not Applicable
Estimated Release Date: Not Applicable
Special Parole End Date: 10/5/2017
Detainer: NONE

Execution Alert: Manuel Vasquez to be executed for killing Juanita Ybarra, who refuse to pay the Mexican Mafia a 10% street tax

remembering the victimsFrom Manuel Vasquez appeal: According to Cruz, appellant was a member of the Mexican Mafia. Two days before the incident giving rise to the present prosecution, Oligario Lujan and appellant told Cruz that Juanita Ybarra “had to go down” because she failed to pay the “dime,” a ten percent tax on the sale of illegal drugs collected by the Mexican Mafia. The “hit” had been ordered by Rene Munoz, a ranking member of the Mexican Mafia. Cruz testified that “had to go down” were “street words” that meant that Ybarra had to be killed. Cruz also testified that the plan included robbing Ybarra as a means of collecting the ten percent owed.

Appellant had rented room 20 of the New Laredo Motel. On the evening of March 18, 1998, Cruz and many others in room 20 were partying, smoking marijuana, drinking beer, injecting heroin, and snorting cocaine. At around 5:30 to 6:30 the next morning appellant asked Michelle Rodriguez for her car keys. Appellant, Cruz, and Lujan then headed toward room 15, where Ybarra was staying. They carried bandannas to cover their faces and socks to cover their hands to prevent fingerprints. Lujan knocked on the door to room 15 while appellant and Cruz ducked into adjacent room 16, the door to which was open, and began putting on socks and bandannas.

Moses Bazan, Ybarra’s boyfriend, opened the door to room 15, leaving the chain locked. The three conspirators forced their way through the door and the chain broke loose. Cruz and Lujan wrestled Bazan to the floor while appellant held Ybarra to the ground. During this struggle, Bazan broke a window, but he soon lost consciousness. Appellant then asked for a telephone cord, and Lujan gave him one. Using the cord, appellant strangled Ybarra. Bazan regained consciousness and resumed struggling. Lujan fought with Bazan while Cruz began gathering valuables, including cameras and jewelry, and stuffing them into a pillowcase. Appellant threw Lujan a kitchen knife, and Lujan moved to stab Bazan but missed and hit the floor, bending the knife. During the struggle, Bazan kicked a hole in the wall to adjacent room 16. At that point, appellant joined the fight against Bazan and hit Bazan on the head with a gun. Bazan lost consciousness again, and appellant and Lujan began gathering valuables into pillowcases. Soon they heard police sirens, and they left the room and drove Rodriguez’s car to George Martinez’s house.

Because the three were covered in blood, they changed clothes at Martinez’s house. Appellant had been wearing blue warmups during the crime. The three men then went to the Mayfield Motel, where they watched the news and used some drugs. After a couple of hours, they returned to Martinez’s house. A little while later, Cruz left in Rodriguez’s car without his companions but with several other people. Cruz picked up some food at the store and then went to his mother’s house.

Update: Manuel Vasquez was executed this evening.

Murderpedia: Manuel Vasquez
Manuel Vasquez v The State of Texas 2002 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Manuel Vasquez v Rick Thaler (denied habeas corpus and Certificate of Appealability)
Appeal of Gangbanger on Death Row Is Shot Down
Texas to execute gang hit man for killing SA woman over drug tax
Gang Enforcer to Be Executed for Killing Woman Over Drug Tax
Texas to Execute Gang Hit Man for Killing Over Drug Tax
San Antonio Gang Member’s Execution Set for Tonight

Defendants in this case:
Manuel Vasquez – convicted, sentenced to death
Johnny Joe Cruz – pled guilty, sentenced to 7 years in prison, testified
Oligario “Bebe” Lujan -convicted, sentenced to 35 years in prison


Manuel Vasquez

Name Vasquez, Manuel
TDCJ Number 999336
Date of Birth 06/16/1968
Date Received 11/30/1999
Age (when Received) 31
Education Level (Highest Grade Completed) 8
Date of Offense 03/19/1998
Age (at the time of Offense) 29
County Bexar
Race Hispanic
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Height 5′ 8″
Weight 195
Eye Color Brown
Native County Jerome
Native State Idaho
Prior Occupation
welder, carpenter, laborer

Prior Prison Record
TDCJ-ID #465603, 10-year sentence for 1 count of Aggravated Assault With Bodily Injury (involves the subject and 3 codefendants beating an adult white male and setting fire to his body, causing his death); 07/12/91 released on Mandatory Supervision; 06/15/93 returned Mandatory Supervision; 12/13/95 released Mandatory Supervision

Summary of Incident
On 03/19/98, in San Antonio, Texas, Vasquez and co-defendants strangled to death and robbed a 51-year old Hispanic female as an ordered hit from the Mexican Mafia because she was not paying 10 percent to the Mafia. The victim’s partner was severely beaten but survived.

Lujan, Oligario
Cruz, Johnny Joe

Race and Gender of Victim
Hispanic female


SID Number: 04131685
TDCJ Number: 00902322
Race: H
Gender: M
DOB: 1970-09-25
Maximum Sentence Date: 2033-03-26
Current Facility: TELFORD
Projected Release Date: 2033-03-26
Parole Eligibility Date: 2015-09-25
Next Parole Review Date: 09/25/2015

Offense History
Offense Date: 1998-03-26
Sentence Date: 1999-11-29
County: BEXAR
Case No.: 1998CR3116B
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 35-00-00

Parents Gone Wild! Amanda Nichole Guidry and her boyfriend, Jason Wade Delacerda, are charged with the murder of her 4-year-old daughter, Breonna Nichole Loftin

Say NO to Child Abuse

Breonna Nichole Loftin
Breonna Nichole Loftin

Find-A-Grave: Breonna Nichole “Bree” Loftin
In the Arms of the Angels: Breonna Nichole Loftin
Facebook: Blue Soldiers for Breonna Loftin
Couple indicted on capital murder charges in 4-year-old’s death; death penalty an option
TX – Breonna Loftin, 4, beaten, burned, raped, starved, murdered by mom’s boyfriend
Death Penalty Sought For Jason Delacerda in 2011 TX Slaying of Breonna Loftin
Trial date reset for Hardin Co. man accused of beating child to death
Case of 4-year-old’s death stuck in limbo

Delacerda and Guidry
Jason Wade Delacerda and Amanda Nichole Guidry

Monsters Among Us: Alfonso Ignacio Morales stabbed to death the Ruiz-Trejo Family, leaving blood all over the house; Now he lives on death row

Jasmine L Ruiz
Jasmine Ruiz

Ana Martinez, 75
Miguel A “Mike” Ruiz, Jr, 38
Maritza L Trejo, 41
Jasmine Ruiz, 8

Find-A-Grave: Ana Martinez
Find-A-Grave: Miguel A “Mike” Ruiz, Jr
Find-A-Grave: Maritza L Trejo
Find-A-Grave: Jasmine L Ruiz
Unsolved Homicide Case: Ruiz Family
Neighbor arrested for stabbing deaths of family of four
Arrest made in California stabbing deaths
Neighbor Convicted of Murdering Whittier Family of Four
Neighbor Is Convicted of 4 Slayings
Jury convicts Whittier man of murdering four family members
Jury recommends death in quadruple murder
Investigators: LA Homicide
Alfonso Ignacio Morales – California Death Row
Ruiz-Trejo Family murders – Alfonso Ignacio Morales convicted multiple murderer


CDCR#: V93910
Admission Date: 08/29/2005
Current Location: San Quentin
San Quentin, CA 94964
(415) 454-1460


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