Serial Killer: Anthony Kirkland killed at least 5 women; Sentenced to death

Leola Douglas, 28 [May 20, 1987]
Casonya Sharee Crawford, 14 [May 4, 2006]
Mary Jo Newton, 45 [June 14, 2006]
Kimya Rolison, 25 [December 22, 2006]
Esme Kenney, 13 [March 7, 2009]

Find-A-Grave: Leola Douglas
Find-A-Grave: Casonya Sharee Crawford
Find-A-Grave: Mary Jo Schillinger Newton
Find-A-Grave: Kimya B. Rolison
Find-A-Grave: Esme Louise Kenney
Anthony Kirkland: A Serial Killer in Ohio
Kirkland indicted in 3 deaths
Esme Kenney’s mother describes shock, fear, search for missing daughter
Anthony Kirkland’s reason for killing Esme Kenney: She reminded him of his son’s mother
Jury Recommends Death for Cincinnati Serial Killer Anthony Kirkland
Judge sentences serial killer Anthony Kirkland to death
Serial killer Anthony Kirkland sentenced to death by Hamilton County judge
As Kirkland resentencing continues, brother of first victim wants her to be remembered
Anthony Kirkland jurors hear him describe murders in police interview
Judge sentences Anthony Kirkland to death for a second time for murders of two teens
Serial Killer Says He Won’t Give Excuses, Then Gives Excuses For Killing Spree
Ohio Supreme Court upholds serial killer Anthony Kirkland’s death sentence
Supreme Court affirms death sentence imposed for serial killer Anthony Kirkland
The State of Ohio v Anthony Kirkland 2020 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Murderpedia: Anthony Kirkland
Wikipedia: Anthony Kirkland


Deadly Duo: William Andrews and Dale Pierre Selby tortured and killed 3 people and wounded 2 in the Hi-Fi Murders; Both have been executed

Sherry Michelle Ansley, 18
Byron Cortney Naisbitt, 16 (survived, but died in 2002)
Carol Elaine Naisbitt, 52
Orren William Walker, 43 (survived, but died in 2000)
Stanley Orren Walker, 20

Find-A-Grave: Sherry Michelle Ansley
Find-A-Grave: Byron Cortney Naisbitt
Find-A-Grave: Carol Elaine Peterson Naisbitt
Find-A-Grave: Orren William Walker Jr.
Find-A-Grave: Stanley Orren Walker
Find-A-Grave: Byron Cortney Naisbitt
Dozens of Utahns volunteer to do away with the Hi Fil killers (part 1)
Hi-Fi (part 2)
Hi Fi defender wants rehearing of appeal
Utah Supreme Court closes another door on Andrews (part 1)
Andrews (part 2)
Hi-Fi Murders: Victim Reads Like In Cold Blood for the 1974 Slayings
Murderpedia: Pierre Dale Selby
Last day in the life of William Andrews
Andrews executed by lethal injection (part 1)
Andrews (part 2)
Killers planned the Hi Fi robbery well, officers who handled case say
Find-A-Grave: Pierre Dale Selby
Find-A-Grave: William Andrews
Find-A-Grave: Keith Leon Roberts

True Crime Garage: The Hi-Fi Murders
INFAMOUS: Hi-Fi Murders
True Crime All The Time: The Hi-Fi Murders
Military Murder: HILL AFB: The Hi-Fi Murders

Victim: The Other Side of Murder

Aftermath: A Test of Love

Dale Pierre Selby – convicted, sentenced to death, executed 8/28/1987
William Andrews – convicted, sentenced to death, executed 7/30/1992
Keith Leon Roberts – convicted, sentenced to 5 years to life in prison, died 8/8/1992

Monsters Among Us: David Neal Cox killed his wife, Kim Kirk Cox – at his execution he confessed to killing his sister-in-law, Felicia Cox

Kim Kirk Cox, 40 [5/15/2010]
Felicia Cox , 40 [7/2/2007]

Find-A-Grave: Kim Everette Kirk Cox
Find-A-Grave: Felicia Cox
Mississippi man kills wife, holds children hostage for hours
‘He’s evil’: Victims’ family prepares for killer’s execution
Victim’s family speaks out about David Cox, that fateful night, upcoming execution
Father of Kim Cox, killed by estranged husband David Cox, says execution will give closure
Mississippi completes execution of David Cox. Here’s how it happened.
Mississippi Man Executed For Killing Wife, Sexually Assaulting 12-Year-Old Daughter
David Neal Cox admits to another killing before execution, which could resolve cold case
Before Execution for Wife’s Murder, ‘Evil’ Man Drew a Map That Led Investigators to Sister-in-Law’s Presumed Remains: DA
Man executed for wife’s murder confessed to 2007 murder of missing sister-in-law
Man recently executed for killing his wife confessed to killing his sister-in-law as well
Woman’s remains found in Mississippi after tip from man who confessed to killing her just before his execution

David Neal Cox

Serial Killer: David Leonard Wood *Desert Killer*

Ivy Susanna Williams, 23 [5/30/1987]
Desiree Autumn Wheatley, 15 [6/2/1987]
Karen Baker, 20 [6/5/1987]
Angelica Frausto, 17 [8/8/1987] (no picture)
Rosa Maria Casio, 24 [8/12/1987] (no picture)
Dawn Marie Smith, 14 [8/28/1987] (no picture)

Find-A-Grave: Ivy Susanna Williams
Find-A-Grave: Desiree Autumn Wheatley
Find-A-Grave: Angelica Frausto
Find-A-Grave: Dawn Marie Smith
David Wood indicted in desert deaths
Death in the Desert: The David Leonard Wood murders 30 years later
33 years later, El Paso’s “Desert Killer” still awaits execution
Murdered, missing women tied to serial killer David Leonard Wood
Legal saga of ‘Desert Killer’ David Leonard Wood remains tied up in court system
David Leonard Wood v State of Texas 2018
Murderpedia: David Leonard Wood
‘Bodies Will Talk To You’: Texas Serial Killed Buried His Victims In The Desert, Dead Or Alive

The Mark of a Serial Killer: Deaths in the Desert
On the Case with Paula Zahn: Buried Dreams


Monsters Among Us: Markeith Loyd killed 2 women, including his pregnant ex-girlfriend; Jury recommended the death penalty

Sade’ LaSha Dixon, 24 [12/13/2016]
Lt. Debra Clayton, 42 [1/9/2017]

Find-A-Grave: Sade’ LaSha Dixon
Find-A-Grave: MSGT Debra Lucinda Thomas Clayton
Officer Down Memorial Page: Lieutenant Debra Lucinda Clayton
Who was Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton?
Sade Dixon, pregnant ex of Markeith Loyd, was shot eight times, new report shows
Jury finds Markeith Loyd guilty of first-degree murder in deaths of ex-girlfriend, unborn baby
‘I love my daughter’: Sade’s mother speaks after jury recommends life in prison for Markeith Loyd
A timeline of the Markeith Loyd cases
Accused cop-killer Markeith Loyd takes stand in murder trial of Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton
Verdict to be read in Markeith Loyd murder trial
Jury finds Markeith Loyd guilty of murdering Lt. Debra Clayton
Markeith Loyd Convicted of Murdering Police Lt. Debra Clayton
Jury finds Markeith Loyd guilty in death of Orlando police officer
Markeith Loyd found guilty in the 2017 murder of an Orlando police officer while on the run
Jury to decide if Markeith Loyd will be sentenced to death for killing Orlando police officer
Markeith Loyd’s sentencing for murder of Orlando officer delayed
Markeith Loyd faces death penalty as sentencing hearing begins
Loyd’s daughter testifies; officer explains why he kicked Loyd in the face
Markeith Loyd’s mother testifies in his defense during murder trial’s penalty phase
Testimony concludes in penalty phase of Markeith Loyd trial
Jurors deliberating life or death for Markeith Loyd
Jury recommends the death sentence for Markeith Loyd
Markeith Loyd sentencing: Jury recommends death penalty for convicted cop killer
Jury recommends death penalty for Markeith Loyd
Jury recommends death penalty for convicted murderer Markeith Loyd
Jurors Recommend Death Penalty for Markeith Loyd in Murder of Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton
‘We can move forward’: Officials react to death penalty recommendation for Markeith Loyd


Spree Killer: Raymond Lee Stewart robbed and killed 6 people on a crime spree; Executed 9/18/1996

Donald Rains

Willie Fredd, 54 [1/27/1981 Rockford, IL]
Albert Pearson, 20 [1/27/1981 Rockford, IL]
Kevin Allan Kaiser, 17 [1/28/1981 Rockford, IL]
Kenney Foust, 35 [1/29/1981 Rockford, IL]
Richard Boeck, 21 [2/2/1981 Beloit, WI]
Donald Rains, 26 [2/2/1981 Beloit, WI]

Murderpedia: Willie Kirk Fredd
Find-A-Grave: Albert Pearson
Find-A-Grave: Kevin Allan Kaiser
Find-A-Grave: Kenney Lee Foust Jr.
Find-A-Grave: Richard Walter “Rick” Boeck
Find-A-Grave: Donald Lee Rains
Stewart captured, found hidden in oilcan
People of the State of Illinois v Raymond Lee Stewart 1985 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Murderpedia: Raymond Lee Stewart
Infamous Illinois Murderers: Raymond Lee Stewart (about 1/3 way down)

Killer on the Loose, The True Story of Serial Killer Raymond Lee Stewart
Journey Into Darkness (great book, not just about this case but several)

Raymond Lee Stewart

Murder In The Family: Charles Albanese killed his father and 2 other relatives to get his inheritance; Executed 9/20/1995

Marion Mueller, 69 [8/18/1980]
Mary Lambert, 87 [8/6/1980]
Michael Joseph Albanese, 69 [5/16/1981]

Find-A-Grave: Marion K. Lambert Mueller
Find-A-Grave: Mary M. Sausmann Lambert
Find-A-Grave: Michael Joseph Albanese Sr.
A jury today sentenced Charles Albanese to die
People of the State of Illinois v Charles M. Albanese 1984 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
People of the State of Illinois v Charles Albanese 1988 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Charles Albanese v Kenneth McGinnis 1993 (habeas corpus denied)
Greed and power was a poisonous mix to Albanese
Albanese dies swiftly, unlike victims
Execution goes as planned; Albanese note claims
Murderpedia: Charles Albanese
Find-A-Grave: Charles Michael Albanese

Charles Michael Albanese

Fort Smith Murder Spree: Thomas Simmons convicted of killing 4 people; Sentenced to death

Detective William Ray Tate

Larry Price, 21
Jawana Price, 21
Holly Gentry, 28
Detective William Ray Tate, 34

Find-A-Grave: Larry A. Price
Find-A-Grave: Jawana Claudette Parker Price
Find-A-Grave: Holly Kim Gentry
Find-A-Grave: William Ray Tate
Officer Down Memorial Page: Detective William Ray Tate
In the Line of Duty: Detective Ray Tate
Police hunt man believed abducted by killer of three
Police angry over second cop shot
Thomas Winford Simmons v State of Arkansas 1983 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Thomas Simmons v A.I. Lockart, et. al 1987 habeas corpus denied
Thomas Simmons v State of Arkansas 1983 (stay denied)
Friend Says Murderer’s Suicide Was Spurred by Family Concern

Thomas Winford Simmons committed suicide 1/1/1991

Cold Blooded: A chilling, true tale of terror, rape, and murder in the Arkansas River bottoms (good book)

Halloween Murder: William Michael Dennis killed his pregnant ex-wife, Doreen Erbert because he blamed her for their child’s death; Sentenced to death

Doreen Erbert

Find-A-Grave: Doreen Rae Hitchens Erbert
Girl recounts grisly Halloween murders
Halloween killer found guilty in slaying of wife, unborn child
San Jose Halloween murders: Doreen Erbert
State of California v William Michael Dennis 1998 [conviction and sentence affirmed]
William Michael Dennis – California Death Row
Condemned inmates, victims’ families speak out
The Halloween Murder of Doreen Erbert
Man In Wolf Mask Hacks Pregnant Ex-Wife To Death With Machete On Halloween Night

Unmasked: The Big Bad Wolf
My Neighbor’s Keeper
Snapped: William Dennis


CDCR Number D95701
Age 69
Admission Date 09/07/1988
Current Location San Quentin State Prison
Parole Eligible Date (Month/Year) CONDEMNED
Parole Eligible Date Information The inmate shown above is serving a death sentence and is, therefore, not eligible for parole consideration.

Parents From Hell: Christian Bishop-Torrence and Sage Wright charged with capital murder for the death of their 1-year-old daughter, Grace, who weighed just under 10 pounds when she died

Parents indicted in death of one-year-old
Parents arrested in connection with child’s death
Wichita Falls parents charged with capital murder in death of child who weighed 8 pounds
Parents now charged with capital murder for death of one-year-old
Who are Sage Wright and Christian Bishop? Couple arrested after baby died covered in sores
Facebook: Sage Wright
Facebook: Christian Torrence
Texas Parents Must Now Face a Possible Death Penalty Trial for Allegedly Starving 1-Year-Old Daughter to Death
Parents of 1-year-old girl indicted for capital murder

Sage Angel Rose Wright
Christian Miguel Bishop-Torrence



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