Update: Serial Killer Billy Chemirmir convicted of the capital murder of 87-year-old Mary Brooks; Sentenced to LWOP

Phyllis Payne, 91 [5/14/2016]
Phoebe Perry, 94 [6/5/2016]
Norma French, 85 [10/8/2016]
Doris Gleason, 92 [10/29/2016]
Minnie Campbell, 84, [11/1/2017]
Carolyn MacPhee, 81 [12/31/2017]
Rosemary Curtis, 75 [1/19/2018]
Mary Sue Brooks, 88 [1/31/2018]
Martha Williams, 80 [3/7/2018]
Miriam Nelson, 81 [3/9/2018]
Ann Conklin, 82 [3/18/2018]
Lu Thi Harris, 81 [3/20/2018]
Mary Bartel, 91 (survived)

News Archive: Serial Killer Billy Chemirmir
Trial to begin Monday for man accused of killing 22 elderly Texans
Man accused of killing 22 older women goes on trial again
Elderly woman’s slaying part of pattern for serial killer suspect, Dallas prosecutors say
Billy Chemirmir Trial: Alleged serial killer opts not to testify in own defense
Billy Chemirmir guilty of Mary Brooks murder – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
Man charged with killing 22 women in Texas gets 2nd conviction
Suspected Texas Serial Killer Of Elderly Women Convicted Of Second Murder
Jurors Took Less Than a Half-Hour to Convict Accused Serial Killer of Murdering Second Elderly Woman



Serial Murders: Gypsy Hill killings and The San Mateo Slasher – Rodney Halbower

Veronica “Ronnie” Cascio, 18 [1/8/1976 San Mateo County, CA]
Tatiana Marie “Tanya” Blackwell, 14 [6/6/1976 [Pacific, CA]
Paula Louise Baxter, 17 [2/4/1976 Millbrae, CA]
Carol Lee Booth, 26 [3/15/1976 Colma, CA]
Denise Lampe, 19 [4/1/1976 Daly City, CA]
Michelle Mitchell,

Find-A-Grave: Veronica Ann “Ronnie” Cascio
Find-A-Grave: Tatiana Marie “Tanya” Blackwell
Find-A-Grave: Paula Louise Baxter
Find-A-Grave: Carol Lee “Beedy” Chapin Booth
Find-A-Grave: Denise Lynn Lampe
Wikipedia: Gypsy Hill killings
FBI links Peninsula cold case murders to Reno killing in 1976
Suspect, 71, charged in ‘Gypsy Hill’ cold-case killing of Denise Lampe
Alleged Gypsy Hill Killer gets two life sentences in raucous hearing
Man Convicted In ‘Gypsy Hill’ Killings Sentenced To Life In Prison
‘Gypsy Hill Killer’ convicted of murdering, raping two teens in 1976
Wikipedia: Gypsy Hill killings
Wikipedia: Rodney Halbower
Where Is Rodney Halbower Now?
10 Disturbing Facts Of The Gypsy Hill Murders

Rodney Halbower: The Gypsy Hill Killer

On the Case with Paula Zahn: Crime and Injustice



Serial Killer: Robert Wayne Danielson killed at least 7 people; Sentenced to death – committed suicide on death row

Thomas Elroy Davis, 21 [6/23/1970 Marcola, OR]
Harold David Pratt, 60 [12/9/1981 AZ]
Betty Ann Pratt, 55 [12/9/1981 AZ]
Arthur Edwin Gray Jr., 62 [6/25/1982 Eugene, OR]
Benjamin Frederic Shaffer, 69 [7/1982 Manchester, CA]
Edith Elouise Shaffer, 61 [7/1982 Manchester, CA]
Ernest Corral, 38 [11/1982 Apache Junction, AZ]

Find-A-Grave: Thomas Elroy Davis Jr.
Find-A-Grave: Harold David “Hal” Pratt
Find-A-Grave: Elizabeth Ann “Betty” Jirsa Pratt
Find-A-Grave: Arthur Edwin Gray Jr.
Find-A-Grave: Benjamin Frederic Shaffer
Find-A-Grave: Edith Elouise Shaffer
Find-A-Grave: Ernest T. Corral
Accused killer to stand trial
The People of the State of California v Robert Wayne Danielson 1992 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Murderpedia: Robert Wayne Danielson Jr.
Wikipedia: Robert Wayne Danielson
Death row inmate hangs self
Find-A-Grave: Robert Wayne Danielson Jr.

Hunting Humans: An Encyclopedia of Modern Serial Killers

Robert Wayne Danielson

Serial Killer: Robert Zarinsky killed at least 3 people, probably closer to 10

Police Officer Charles Bernoskie, [11/28/1958] (acquitted at trial)
Mary Ann Klinsky, 18 [9/16/1965] DNA linked him
Jane Katherine Durrua, 13 [11/5/1968] died before trial
Rosemary Calandriello, 17 [8/25/1969] life in prison
Linda Balabanow, 17 [3/27/1969] prime suspect
Joanne Delardo, 15 [12/13/1974] prime suspect
Doreen Ann Carlucci, 14 [12/13/1974] prime suspect

Find-A-Grave: Charles D. Bernoskie
Find-A-Grave: Mary Ann Klinsky
Find-A-Grave: Jane Katherine Durrua
Find-A-Grave: Rosemary K. Calandriello
Find-A-Grave: Joanne Delardo
Find-A-Grave: Doreen Ann Carlucci
New Jersey Girl Murders 1960-1980
Linden Man Held in Slaying of Girl, 16
DNA links suspected serial killer to teen’s 1965 murder in New Jersey
Suspected serial killer tied to 50-year-old homicide
Suspected serial killer investigated in teen’s cold case homicide
A pleasant, not perfect, hometown
Killer’s House Is Searched for Clues in Other Slayings
Suspected serial killer investigated in teen’s cold case homicide
State of New Jersey v Robert Zarinsky 1976 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Suspected serial killer Robert Zarinsky dies in prison
Robert Zarinsky: Why he’s 1 of N.J.’s most notorious killers
Serial Killers: Robert Zarinsky
Murderpedia: Robert Zarinsky
Wikipedia: Robert Zarinsky
Find-A-Grave: Robert Zarinsky

Robert Zarinsky

Cold Case: Serial Killer: Steven Alexander Hobbs killed 2 women horrifically and dumped them near each other; Sentenced to 2 life sentences to be served consecutively

Patricia Pyatt, 38 [11/19/2002]
Sarah Sanford, 48 [2010]

Find-A-Grave” Patricia Ann Pyatt
Find-A-Grave: Sarah Annette Sanford
Guard may be linked to killings of 15 prostitutes
Steven Alexander Hobbs charged with 2 murders in the deaths of Sarah Sanford and Patricia Pyatt
Suspected serial killer to stand trial after 10 years in jail
Houston man sentenced to life in murders of two women
Steven Hobbs, longest current serving Harris Co. inmate, sentenced to life for 2 murders
Steven Hobbs pleads guilty to murders of two women in Harris County
Former security guard sentenced to life in prison for deaths of 2 women in east Harris County, eligible for parole at 101 years old: DA
‘He Will Not Get Out’: Suspected Serial Killer Who Preyed on Sex Workers Pleads Guilty to Two Murders, Will Be Eligible for Parole at the Age of 101

The First 48: Predator


Suspected Serial Killer: Terryl Brooks charged with the murders of 3 women, Tyra Whitaker, Star Rainbow Dancer and Elizabeth Dillard

Star Rainbow Dancer, 62 [4/3/2022 Tulsa, OK]
Elizabeth Dillard, 27 [3/25/2022 Turley, OK]
Tyra Whitaker, 24 [1/19/2022 Tulsa, OK]

Facebook: Elizabeth Dillard
Tulsa police investigating ‘possible homicide’ in Turley
Tulsa police identify homicide victim found in Turley
Young woman murdered in Turley was mother whose children were nearby as she was shot
Man arrested in connection to 2 Tulsa County murders
Tulsa Man Arrested, Accused Of 2 Different Homicides
Tulsa police arrest man suspected in killings of two women
Tulsa police arrest man for two homicides, believe he was looking for next victim
Suspect is the only connection between two women who were murdered, TPD says
Tulsa man accused of killing missing girlfriend found in shallow grave and 2 other women
Missing woman ID’d as body in shallow grave; last seen with suspect in 2 other murders


Suspected Serial Killer: John Mark Richardson charged with killing 3 men, maybe more…

Michael Antown Hemphill, 46 [1/31/2022]
Mark Anthony Gilbert Jr., 40 [3/10/2022]
James Devin Goolsby, 38 [3/25/2022]

Michael “Smoove” Antwon Hemphill obituary
Mark Anthony Gilbert, Jr. obituary
Serial murder: Greensboro man charged in 3 killings after missing man found dead in Virginia
John Richardson: Serial Murder Suspect
Suspect charged with murder after ‘disorder’ on Terrell Street leaves man dead, Greensboro police say
Greensboro police make 2nd arrest in January homicide
Missing NC man found murdered in Henry County; suspect arrested
Body found in Henry County tied to possible serial killer
Greensboro police charge suspect in West Terrell Street homicide
Serial killer: NC man charged with 3 murders after missing man found dead in Henry Co
Serial Killer Suspect In North Carolina Charged With Three Men’s Murders
N.C. Man Is Charged in Connection with Murders of 3 People in Just 2 Months, Officials Say
Greensboro may have a serial killer, but he wouldn’t be the city’s first


Serial Killer: Michael Darnell Harris liked to kill elderly ladies

Marjorie Upson

Florence Bell, 91 [1/8/1982]
Marjorie Upson, 85 [9/29/1982]
Louise Koebnick, 84 [10/1/1982]
Denise Swanson, 78 [1983]
Ula Curdy, 77 [1981]

Find-A-Grave: Florence Emma Crippen Bell
Find-A-Grave: Marjorie E. Snyder Upson
Find-A-Grave: Louise Catherine “Louise Faber” Schmid Koebnick
Find-A-Grave: Ula R. Curdy
Police probe links in murder of women
Widow, 91, meets death in second attack 3rd one down all all of the rest
Elderly Woman Murdered
Several articles about the investigation
Michael D. Harris, Petitioner-appellant, v. Gene Borgert, Respondent-appellee 1993
Michael Darnell Harris v Hugh Wolfenbarger habeas corpus 2005
New DNA test reopens case of convicted Michigan serial killer


Serial Killer: Khalil Wheeler-Weaver – killed at least 4 young women; Sentenced to 160+ years in prison

Robin Daphne Michele West, 19 [9/13/2016 Orange, NJ]
Joanne Brown, 33 [10/2016 Orange, NJ]
Tiffany Taylor (survived) (no picture)
Sarah Butler, 20 [11/23/2016 West Orange, NJ]
Mawa Doumbia, 15 [10/7/2016 Newark, NJ]

Find-A-Grave: Robin West
Find-A-Grave: Joanna Brown
Missing Montclair, N.J. Woman Found Dead At Eagle Rock Reservation
Suspect Charged In Montclair Woman’s Death Accused Of Killing 2nd Woman
NJ Man Accused Of Killing Two Women Charged With Additional Murder, Assault
Slain Montclair college student mourned at funeral
Death Of Missing Montclair Woman Sarah Butler Ruled Homicide
New Jersey Serial Killer Khalil Wheeler-Weaver Convicted Of Murdering 3 Women, Attempting To Kill 4th Victim
Convicted serial killer, rapist says cops got the wrong guy before judge sentences him to 160 years in prison
Serial killer who murdered Montclair 20-year-old sentenced to 160 years
Serial killer lured on social media by a friend of a victim gets 160 years
Judge sentences serial killer who lured women on dating app to 160 years in prison: ‘Absolutely lacks remorse’
N.J. Serial Killer Gets 160 Years in Prison for Using Social Media to Target Victims of 2016 Rapes and Murders
Orange Man Charged with Murder of Missing 15 year old girl
Convicted NJ serial killer who murdered three now charged in killing of fourth, a teenager
Convicted New Jersey Serial Killer Charged In Murder Of Teen Who Disappeared In 2016
New Jersey Serial Killer Charged in Teenager’s 2016 Murder
Convicted Serial Killer Facing New Charges in Strangling Death of New Jersey Teen
Convicted serial killer Khalil Wheeler-Weaver charged in murder of missing Newark teenager Mawa Doumbia
Wikipedia: Khalil Wheeler-Weaver


Daytona Beach Serial Killer: Robert Tyrone Hayes killed at least 3 women; Sentenced to 3 consecutive life sentences

Laquetta Mae Gunther, 45 [12/26/2005]
Julie Ann Green, 34 [1/14/2006]
Iwana Patton, 35 [2/24/2006]
Stacey Charlene Gage, 30 [12/11/2007]
Rachel Elizabeth Bey, 32 [2016][awaiting trial for this murder]

Find-A-Grave: Julie Ann Thompson Green
Homicide Tracker: Rachel Bey
Daytona Beach serial killer identified with help of DNA, ballistic evidence, officials say
Fla. man suspected in serial slayings of 4 women arrested
Man accused in Daytona Beach serial killings appears in court
Suspected serial killer from West Palm indicted for 3 murders in Florida
Suspected serial killer indicted in deaths of Daytona Beach women
Trial for accused Daytona Beach serial killer starts Friday
Trial begins for accused Daytona Beach serial killer
Suspected serial killer charged in 2016 Palm Beach murder
Trial continues for man accused of killing 3 women in Daytona Beach
Ex-cheerleader guilty of killing 3 Florida prostitutes, jury says
Daytona Beach Serial Killer Found Guilty On 3 Counts Of First-Degree Murder
Verdict returned in suspected Daytona Beach serial killer trial
Robert Hayes Found Guilty of Being Daytona Beach Serial Killer
Former Cheerleader Found Guilty Of Being Daytona Beach Serial Killer, Who Murdered At Least 3 Women
Florida jury convicts serial killer Robert Hayes of three slayings while in college
Wikipedia: Daytona Beach killer
Doctor claims convicted Daytona Beach serial killer has brain damage
Family members remember mother, aunt killed by Daytona Beach man during penalty phase
Daytona Beach serial killer spared death sentence by jury, sentenced to life in prison
Convicted Daytona Beach serial killer sentenced to life in prison without parole
Convicted Daytona Beach Serial Killer to Serve Three Consecutive Life Sentences Behind Bars: Judge

The Killing Season: Different Seasons


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