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Psycho For Love: Donnie Rudd charged with the cold case murder of his wife of 1 month, Noreen Kumeta Rudd

Noreen Kumeta Rudd

Disbarred Lawyer Arrested For 1973 Murder Of His Wife
Ex-Chicago attorney charged in wife’s 1973 murder
No bail for former attorney charged with wife’s 1973 murder in Barrington
Ex-Chicago attorney charged in wife’s murder free after posting huge bail
Medical treatments ordered for disbarred attorney charged in 1973 murder
Man charged in wife’s 1973 death can use portion of bond money for expert witness at trial, judge rules
Life insurance details to be allowed at trial of man accused in 1973 death of wife
Insurance policies motive for former condo attorney to murder wife, says prosecutor
Living With The Devil
Barrington woman co-writes memoir about life with stepfather facing murder charges
Man charged with wife’s 1973 Barrington Township murder focus of TV special

Living With The Devil

Keith Morrison Investigates: Who is Donnie Rudd?

Donnie Rudd


Teresa Beaty and Thomas Morris murders 10/27/1973 Kanab, UT *Kenneth Lee Standrod convicted, sentenced to life in prison*

From Standrod’s appeal: The appellant and his fiancee owned a mountain cabin in the process of construction. There were seven people occupying the various finished portions of the cabin, three men engaged in helping the appellant build the cabin and two transient hitchhikers who had been picked up the day before the killing and invited to spend the night at the cabin.

After breakfast all except the two hitchhikers ingested some drugs. (T.H.C. Tetrahydrocannabinol and cocaine were available to them.)

About 1:00 p.m. the three workmen were working. One of them entered the room where the two hitchhikers were lying on a foam mattress apparently asleep. While he was searching for a tape measure, he heard loud shots behind him. He turned around and saw the appellant standing in front of the two hitchhikers. He saw shots fired and also saw a hole in the temple of the female hitchhiker and numerous gunshot wounds in the midsection of the male hitchhiker.

Another worker, hearing shots, armed himself with a shotgun and entered the cabin. He testified that the appellant had a strange look on his face and said, “So what? You’ve got a little blood on you,” and that the appellant was looking at the bodies of the hitchhikers when he spoke.

The third worker testified that he heard shots, approached the appellant, and asked him why he shot the two people. The appellan replied, “Oh, it just had to be done.” He also testified that appellant’s fiancee was questioning the appellant as to why he had shot the people and that appellant only answered, “They will wake up.”

Two of the workmen testified that appellant ordered them back to work and picked up a rifle. The two men ran and hid in the woods for a period of time. They later left the state. One went to Washington, the other to Nevada where he notified the police of the killings.

The third workman dug a hole and buried the bodies. He testified that he removed the bloody mattress from the cabin and that appellant washed the blood from the floor.

The police arrived at the cabin the day after the killing, and according to the testimony of the remaining workman the appellant then became agitated and upset and attempted to hide the mattress by covering it with plywood.

The workman, the appellant and his fiancee were all three arrested and charged with murder. Later the workman and the fiancee were granted immunity from prosecution.

My daughter is dead and I don’t know why (part 1)
Teresa part 2)
Section petition filed
Boca girl murderer convicted
State of Utah v Kenneth Lee Standrod 1976 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Killer pleads not guilty to aggravated assault

Monsters Among Us: Stanley Barton Hoss Jr.

Patrolman Joseph Paul Zanella, 25 [9/19/1969 Verona, PA]
Karen Malgott (survived)no picture
Linda Peugeot, 21 (admitted to killing her – body never found) [9/22/1969 LeVale, MD]
Lori Mae Peugeot, 2 (admitted to killing her – body never found) [9/22/1969 LeVale, MD]
Capt. Walter Lee Peterson (guard at prison) [12/10/1973 Pittsburg, PA]

Find-A-Grave: Joseph P. Zanella
Officer Down Memorial Page: Police Officer Joseph Paul Zanella
Find-A-Grave: Capt Walter L Peterson
Officer Down Memorial Page: Captain Walter Lee Peterson
The Doe Network: Linda and Lori Peugeot
The Charley Project: Linda Peugeot
Cold Case Investigations group
Websleuths: Linda Peugeot, 21 and baby Lori Missing 22 Sept 1969 from LaVale, MD
Linda And Lori Peugeot, Kidnapped 1969 by Stanley Hoss
Stanley Hoss’ evil still haunts Valley
Stanley Hoss: A most wanted man
Find-A-Grave: Stanley Barton Hoss, Jr.
Book that details Stanley Hoss killing spree garners awards

Born to Lose: Stanley B. Hoss & the Crime Spree That Gripped a Nation

 Stanley Barton Hoss Jr.

Monsters Among Us: Larry Don Patterson and William Lloyd Harbour killed Valerie Janice Lane and Doris Karen Derryberry; Both sentenced to 5 years to life in prison

Valerie Janice Lane and Doris Karin Derryberry

Find-A-Grave: Valerie Janice Lane
Find-A-Grave: Doris Karin Derryberry
For four decades, the slayings of two girls was a mystery. Now, police have arrested two men in the cold case
Arrests Made In Cold Case Killings Of 2 Northern California Girls
Suspect pleads not guilty in death of Yuba County girls
Men sentenced to prison in 1973 shotgun slayings of 2 Yuba Co. girls
Man says he saw Yuba County girls with 2 men day they were killed in 1973
Cousins get life terms in 1973 shotgun slayings of 2 girls
CA – Doris Derryberry, 13, & Valerie Lane, 12, Yuba County, 11 Nov 1973

Larry Don Patterson – convicted, sentenced to 5 years to life in prison
William Lloyd Harbour – convicted, sentenced to 5 years to life in prison



CDCR#: BC1066
Age: 66
Admission Date: 01/31/2017
Current Location: Deuel



CDCR#: BC1064
Age: 65
Admission Date: 01/31/2017
Current Location: Deuel

Monsters Among Us: Major Morris Jr. killed at least 2 young girls (probably more); Sentenced to 100-200 years in prison

Roberta Jean “Bobbi” Anderson, 15 [9/27/1973]
Margaret Stirn, 18 [9/15/1978]

Find-A-Grave: Roberta Jean “Bobbi” Anderson
Key Suspect Confesses In `73 Slaying
Time An Ally In `73 Murder Case
Morris Convicted Of Rape, Murder Of Teen In 1973
Teen Girl’s Killer Gets 100-year Sentence
Convicted Killer Indicted In Woman’s ’78 Slaying
Convicted Killer Denies ’78 Slaying
Convicted Killer Gets 20 Years In 2nd Slaying
Murderpedia: Major Morris Jr.


MajorMorris prison mug

Offender Status: IN CUSTODY
Sex Offender Registry Required

Date of Birth: 08/02/1954
Weight: 178 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Sex: Male
Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
Race: White
Eyes: Green


Admission Date: 01/02/1997
Projected Parole Date: 03/05/2088
Last Paroled Date:
Projected Discharge Date: 03/06/2088

MorrisM info

Monsters Among Us: Michael Boucher beat Debra Dill with a hammer and then strangled her to death; Sentenced to life in prison; Parole denied so far

Debra Dill
Debra Dill

Parents’ pain continues 15 years after Maine murder (part 1)
Murder (part 20 [scroll up and to the left]
Inmate sent back to Maine faces murder charge
Indictment sought in 15-year-old murder case
Search under way for murder evidence in 15-year-old case
Ex-wife: Boucher came home with blood on clothes (part 1)
Boucher (part 2)
Boucher found guilty of 1973 murder
Supreme Court upholds murder conviction
Conviction stands in 1973 murder
Litchfield murderer returned to Warren
Stop the release of prisoner Michael Boucher
Murder victim’s family wants convicted killer kept behind bars
Parole denied for man convicted of 1973 Litchfield murder

Motives & Murders: A Never Ending Nightmare



Individual Profile
Status: Incarcerated
MDOC Number: 2762
Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial: BOUCHER, MICHAEL M
Alias or Aliases: Michael Morris Dumond,Michael Maurice Boucher
Location(s) and location phone number(s): Facility – Maine State Prison
Earliest Custody Release Date: Life
Date of Birth: 10/27/1950
Age (Years): 65
Weight (Pounds): 152
Height: 6 Feet 1 Inches
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Race/Ethnicity: White
Gender: M
Scars, Marks, Tattoos: Tattoo, Arm, left,Tattoo, Arm, left upper ,Tattoo, Arm, right,Tattoo, Arm, right upper,Tattoo, Chest

NOTE: Please be aware that the information provided through this service is not a complete criminal history. To request a complete criminal record for this individual, please visit the Criminal History Record Request service.

Offense (Class): MURDER (M) Changed to Class [A]
Sentence: Life
Docket Number: CR 88 444
Count: 1
Sentence Date: 7/16/1991

Rosemary Matteucci murder 12/31/1973 Ogden, UT *Boyfriend Harry Maestas convicted of manslaughter, sentenced to 5 years to life in prison*


Find-A-Grave: Rosemary Matteucci Cologna
Sentenced to five years to life
Suspects in girl’s slaying are children of convicted killer
Father of murder suspects killed 2
Court rejects inmate’s appeal

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