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Monsters Among Us: Danny Heinrich has confessed to abducting and killing Jacob Wetterling; He has been charged with federal child porn charges

Jacob Wetterling

Jacob Wetterling Resource Center
Missing: Jacob Wetterling
The Jacob Wetterling Abduction: A Timeline Of Events
Patty Wetterling: ‘Jacob was alive until we found him’
Authorities confirm: Jacob found
Sheriff’s Office: Jacob Wetterling’s Remains Have Been Found
Remains found are those of 11-year-old Minn. boy missing since 1989
Jacob Wetterling: Remains of missing Minnesota boy found, authorities say
Remains of boy abducted nearly 27 years ago have been found, his mother says
Minnesota cold case cracked open by sad discovery
Filing Reveals Why Feds Named Heinrich POI In Wetterling Case
Another Person Of Interest In Wetterling Case Speaks Out
Wikipedia: Jacob Wetterling
Minnesota Reacts To Jacob Wetterling Developments
Authorities Will Give More Details In Wetterling Case
Danny Heinrich to appear in court Wednesday
An In-Depth Look Into Heinrich’s Life Before, After Wetterling Abduction
Danny Heinrich confesses to abducting and killing Jacob Wetterling
Minnesota man confesses to killing of Jacob Wetterling
Heinrich admits killing Jacob Wetterling
After murderer’s confession in court, tearful mother of Jacob Wetterling speaks
Minnesota man confesses to 1989 assault, murder of boy
Why Jacob Wetterling’s confessed killer isn’t charged with murder
Jacob Wetterling’s killer given 20 years for child porn
Jacob Wetterling’s killer Danny Heinrich sentenced for ‘one of the most truly horrible crimes’
‘Truly sorry for my evil acts’: Jacob Wetterling’s killer gets 20 years

Danny Heinrich

Pervert Alley: Sterling Robert Stewart charged with physically and sexually assaulting a 21-month-old child

Sterling Robert Stewart
Sterling Robert Stewart

This pervert not only sexually assaulted this toddler, but he apparently beat the crap out of her as well. I only have hope that this “man” finds out how all of this feels, and then some.

Lino Lakes Man Charged with Physically, Sexually Assaulting Toddler
Lino Lakes man charged with physically, sexually abusing toddler
Lino Lakes man charged with sexually assaulting toddler
Minnesota man, 29, charged with sexually assaulting toddler
Lino Lakes man charged for sexually assaulting toddler girl
Charges: Lino Lakes man assaulted toddler

Monsters Among Us: Zachary Todd Anderson chaerged with kidnapping, raping and killing 5-year-old Alayna Jeanne Ertl

Alayna Jeanne Ertl
Alayna Jeanne Ertl

Timeline of events in Alayna Ertl abduction, murder
‘Everybody just wants to know why’: Watkins residents grieve death of Alayna Ertl, 5
Body of 5-Year-Old Girl Abducted in Meeker County Found in Cass County
Man Charged with Kidnapping, Sexual Conduct, Murder in Death of Watkins Girl
Charges Filed in Death of Alayna Ertl
Missing 5-year-old Minnesota girl found dead; suspect in custody
Father’s co-worker charged with killing, sexually assaulting girl, 5
Alayna Jeanne Ertl Found Dead in Minnesota, Dad’s Co-Worker Arrested
Family friend charged with sexually assaulting, murdering Meeker County 5-year-old
Murder, criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping charges in Alayna Ertl case
gofundme: Alayna Ertl Memorial Fund
Community Rattled after Body of 5-Year-Old Girl Abducted from Meeker County Recovered



MNI: 1359562
Sex: M
Age: 25
Booking#: 35149
Intake Date: 08-20-2016 22:01
F – BOARDER – 609.185.(a)(1)
Murder -1st Degree – Premeditated
F – BOARDER – 609.25.1
Kidnapping-Confine/Remove Any Person-No Conse

Parents Gone Wild! Cory Clifford Morris charged with killing his 4-month-old daughter, Emersyn, to quiet her “baby talk” by punching her 22 time in the face and chest

stand up for children

Emersyn Morris

Emersyn Jeanne Morris obituary
Murder charge: Mpls. father punched his 4-month-old girl 22 times in head, chest
Murder charges: Minneapolis dad punched baby girl 22 times
Family of Young Father Facing Murder Charge in Infant’s Death says He Suffered Mental Illness
Murder charges say young Minneapolis father hit baby 22 times
Charges: 4-month-old dies after father repeatedly punches her
Man kills infant daughter, punches her 22 times to quiet ‘baby talk’


Cory Clifford Morris

MorrisC jail info

Todd Stevens murder 5/5/2014 New Brighton, MN *Neal Zumberge convicted, sentenced to life in prison*

Todd Stevens
Todd Stevens

Neal Zumberge charged with murder for shooting neighbor over deer feeding dispute
Trial To Begin For New Brighton Man Accused Of Killing Neighbor
Jurors find New Brighton man guilty of murder in May 2014 shooting of neighbor
Neal Zumberge guilty of murdering New Brighton neighbor
Zumberge family speaks out about New Brighton neighbors’ murder, shooting
Neal Zumberge guilty in New Brighton neighbor’s murder
Photos, Video From Zumberge Murder Trial Released
Neal Zumberge speaks out about neighbor’s murder on eve of sentencing
Neal Zumberge says he lied, gets life in prison for New Brighton killing
Zumberge Gets Life In Prison, Says Neighbor ‘Didn’t Deserve To Die’
New trial sought in New Brighton murder case

Fear Thy Neighbor: Deer Neighbor


NealZumberge prison mug

Demographic Information
MNDOC Offender ID: 247982
Name: Neal Curtis Zumberge
Birth Date: 01/20/1957
Current Status: Incarcerated as of 09/16/2015. Currently at MCF Oak Park Heights.
Sentence Date: 09/16/2015
Anticipated Release Date: Life without Parole
Expiration Date: Life
Caseworker: John Kelly (651) 779-1367

Current Offense Information
Highest Ranked Offense: Homicide (Attempt to Commit)
Court File Number(s): Ramsey – 62-CR-14-3170

Monsters Among Us: Randy Pool murder July 18 – 20, 1999 *Beaten, then forced into a duffel bag where he suffocated to death*

remembering the victimsFrom Salem Mathew Bernhardt’s appeal 2004: On July 18 and until July 20, Pool was bound with duct tape and repeatedly beaten.   Another acquaintance of appellant, Isaac Engstrom, testified that McCollum called him on July 19 and asked him to come to the Pool residence because he found out who had “snitched” on appellant and Caldwell.   When Engstrom arrived, Ecklund, McCollum, Toby Johnson, and Pool were present.   When Scott Bernhardt, appellant’s brother, arrived, the group began to beat and question Pool again.   Pool was punched, kicked, and beaten with a closet rod.   After each questioning and beating, Pool was duct-taped to a chair and placed in a small cellar that could only be accessed through a trap door in a closet floor.   Other witnesses-including Brian Amundsen, David Oliva, Jessica Fank, Tina Artmann, and Chad Moehring-also testified to being present at the Pool residence over the three-day period and seeing Pool taped-up, beaten, or placed beneath the floor in the cellar.

On the evening of July 20, Pool was forced into a duffel bag by McCollum, and the duffel bag was zipped up.   Ecklund sprayed aerosol into the bag, and McCollum stood on Pool’s neck until his breathing could no longer be heard.   McCollum and Engstrom carried the duffel bag containing Pool’s body to a car and loaded the bag into the trunk.   Ecklund then drove McCollum and Engstrom to a train trestle over the Clearwater River.   Engstrom tied a concrete block to the duffel bag and, with McCollum’s assistance, threw the duffel bag over the edge of the train trestle into the river below.

A citizen discovered the duffel bag floating in the river on July 28, 1999.   The body had duct tape around the hands and feet, and a ligature around the neck.   Doctor Janis Amatuzio, a medical doctor and forensics pathologist, testified that Pool died approximately five to seven days prior to being found.   She also testified that the cause of death was lack of oxygen, but not by drowning, because there was no water in Pool’s lungs.   The body was not identified until August 3.

Two more charged in Pool murder case
Bernhardt granted change of venue
Last defendant in Pool murder sentenced
Artmann not guilty in Pool case
Toby Earl Johnson v State of Minnesota 2002 (conviction and sentenced affirmed)
Shawn Allen McCollum 2002 (conviction and appeal affirmed)
Salem Mathew Bernhardt v State of Minnesota 2004
State of Minnesota v Toby Earl Johnson 2014
In Re Contempt of Ecklund 2001

Main Street Mysteries: The Wrong Man

Shawn Allen McCollum – pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP
Heather Lynn Ecklund – pled guilty, sentenced to 36 years in prison; conviction overturned
Isaac Leroy Engstrom – pled guilty, sentenced to 30 years in prison
Tanya Ann Caldwell – pled guilty to kidnapping, sentenced to 4 years in prison
Richard Patrick Ligenza – pled guilty to kidnapping, sentenced to 3 years in prison
Toby Earl Johnson – pled guilty, sentenced to life in prison
Mary Alice Artmann – acquitted at trial
Salem Mathew Bernhardt – convicted, sentenced to LWOP; conviction overturned
Scott Randolf Bernhardt – ?



Demographic Information**
MNDOC Offender ID: 167754
Name: Shawn Allen Mccollum
Birth Date: 05/13/1973
Current Status: Incarcerated as of 04/07/2000. Currently at MCF Oak Park Heights.
Sentence Date: 04/07/2000
Anticipated Release Date: Life without Parole
Expiration Date: Life
Caseworker: Ricardo Lopez (651) 747-8869

Current Offense Information
Highest Ranked Offense: Homicide (Liability for)
Court File Number(s): McLeod – 43K699000280



Demographic Information**
MNDOC Offender ID: 205171
Name: Isaac Leroy Engstrom
Birth Date: 08/17/1977
Current Status: Incarcerated as of 06/14/2000. Currently at MCF Lino Lakes.
Sentence Date: 06/09/2000
Anticipated Release Date: 08/01/2019
Expiration Date: 07/30/2029
Caseworker: Keith Halseth (651) 717-6148

Current Offense Information
Highest Ranked Offense: Homicide
Court File Number(s): McLeod – 43-K899281



Demographic Information**
MNDOC Offender ID: 205064
Name: Toby Earl Johnson
Birth Date: 11/14/1980
Current Status: Incarcerated as of 05/30/2000. Currently at MCF Rush City.
Sentence Date: 05/26/2000
Anticipated Release Date: Life – Contact co-records.doc@state.mn.us for release information.
Expiration Date: Life
Caseworker: Jodi Gibis 320-358-0511
Current Offense Information
Highest Ranked Offense: Homicide (Aid/Abet)
Court File Number(s): McLeod – 43KX99279

Monsters Among Us: Ming Sen Shiue beat to death 8-year-old Jason Wilkman after he witnessed the abduction of Mary Stauffer and her daughter Beth

Shiue victims

Jason Wilkman, 6 [5/16/1980]
Mary Stauffer, [5/16/1980]
Beth Stauffer, 8 [5/16/1980]

Stalking Mary
Search for young boy
Kidnapping laid to bad grade 15 years ago
Murder defendant stabs witness in court (part 1)
How defendant smuggled knife in court leaves officials baffled (part 2)
Defendant cuts witness as she testified at trial
Man accused of holding teacher for 7 weeks
Judge: No freedom for Shiue
Court denies appeal by Anoka County killer, rapist
Murderpedia: Ming Sen Shiue
Wikipedia: Ming Sen Shiue

Stalking Mary

Your Worst Nightmare: High School Revenge
20/20: Mind Games


Ming Sen Shiue

Register Number: 00499-041
Age: 65
Race: Asian
Sex: Male
Located at: Marion USP
Release Date: LIFE

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