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    August 18: 1987: Ember Kimberly Mars, 27, was raped and murdered in her Kearns, UT apartment by David Franklin Young.  He was convicted and sentenced to death.  His conviction and sentence was overturned. He was reconvicted and sentenced to LWOP.  He was also convicted of murders in Illinois and Indiana.  He is serving his sentences out of the State of Utah.

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Psycho For Love: Corey Dean Thomas strangled his girlfriend, Megan Sheree Neely, to death; Sentenced to 34 years in prison

Megan Neely

Megan S. Neely obituary
Police: 27-Year-Old Woman Found Dead In St. Paul
After 6 Months, Charges Come Down In St. Paul Woman’s Murder
Person Of Interest Found In St. Paul Woman’s Death
Boyfriend of St. Paul homicide victim Megan Neely arrested in Miami
Slain woman’s ex-boyfriend said he was ‘tired of Minnesota women,’ say charges in St. Paul
Man Pleads Guilty To 2011 Murder Of St. Paul Woman
St. Paul man admits he hid girlfriend’s body in crawlspace
Ex-con gets 34 years for strangling St. Paul woman
Man Gets 34 Years For Killing Girlfriend, Hiding Body
Corey Thomas gets 34 years for strangling girlfriend, stuffing her in St. Paul crawl space

Fatal Attraction: Behind Closed Doors


Demographic Information
MNDOC Offender ID: 229632
Name: Corey Dean Thomas
Birth Date: 08/27/1980
Current Status: Incarcerated as of 12/12/2012. Currently at MCF Stillwater.
Sentence Date: 12/11/2012
Anticipated Release Date: 05/16/2034
Expiration Date: 08/14/2045
Caseworker: Abby Domagalski (651) 779-2754

Current Offense Information
Highest Ranked Offense: Homicide
Court File Number(s): Ramsey – 62CR122630


Update: Jenny Gamez and Laura Simonson murders *Steven Mark Zelich pled guilty to each, sentenced to 35 years in prison on each, to be served consecutively*

Laura Simonson and Jenny Gamez

Laura Simonson, 37 [2013 Farmington, MN]
Jenny Gamez, 19 [2012 Cottage Grove, WI]

Ex-Wisconsin policeman pleads guilty to Minnesota killing
Ex-Officer Pleads Guilty In Suitcase Slaying
Fmr. cop pleads guilty to killing teen, ditching body in suitcase
35 years in prison for Steven Zelich, who pleaded guilty in death of Jenny Gamez
Zelich Gets 35 Years In Wisconsin Suitcase Murder, Minnesota Case Ahead
Ex-officer sentenced for killing woman, dumping body
“Laura and Mr. Zelich were not strangers:” Police in Rochester provide new details in death of Laura Simonson
Former Wisconsin police officer pleads guilty to murdering Minnesota woman
Ex-cop pleads guilty to 2nd murder in suitcase bodies killings
Ex-Cop Pleads Guilty In Death Of Minn. Woman Found In Suitcase


DOC #: 00641646
Birth Year: 1961
Age: 55
Height: 6′ 1″ Weight: 200
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: HAZEL

Institution: Dodge Correctional Institution
Region Unit Office: Unit 217
Region Unit Agent: 2 17 09
1212 60th ST
Kenosha, WI 53140
(262) 653-7150
Maximum Discharge Date: 06/16/2059
Mandatory Release/Extended Supervision Date: 06/16/2049
Parole Eligibility Date:

Haile Kifer and Nicholas Brady murders 11/22/2012 Little Falls, MN *Teens killed when they broke into Byron David Smith’s home; He convicted, sentenced to LWOP

Haile Kifer and Nicholas Brady

This is a controversial case. Byron Smith’s home had been broken into several times before this incident. Apparently he was waiting for the intruders and shot and killed them when they came in. The issue that comes into play here is whether it was self-defense or defending his home or murder. If he had just shot them to stop them there would not have been an issue. However, he shot each of them multiple times, especially Kifer, who he even admitted to giving a “finishing shot” and he knew that he shot them more than necessary. Another thing to remember is that Smith did not call the police right away. Far from it – it was several hours before he made a call and that was to a neighbor.

Minnesota Teens Killed While Burglarizing Home Laid to Rest
Remembering Haile Kifer
Two Minn. cousins fatally shot on Thanksgiving Day
Minnesota Man Who Shot Burglars Fired ‘More Shots Than I Needed’
Questions tear at those who knew two slain Little Falls teens
Little Falls teens were not fatally wounded initially, M.E. testifies
Recording of shooting, scene photos revealed in Little Falls murder trial
‘Stand your ground’ law tested in recent shootings
Graphic audio released by courts of Byron Smith as he guns down two teens in his Minnesota basement
Byron Smith guilty
Little Falls Man Found Guilty On All Four Counts Of Murder
Byron Smith gets life sentence for murdering two Little Falls teens
Byron Smith’s attorneys file appeal in Little Falls murder case
Wikipedia: Byron David Smith killings

Hear No Evil: Breakdown at Daylight
12 Minutes on Elm Street


Demographic Information
MNDOC Offender ID: 243835
Name: Byron David Smith
Birth Date: 06/11/1948
Current Status: Incarcerated as of 04/29/2014. Currently at MCF Oak Park Heights.
Sentence Date: 04/29/2014
Anticipated Release Date: Life without Parole
Expiration Date: Life
Caseworker: Nikki Fossey (651) 779-1366
Current Offense Information
Highest Ranked Offense: Homicide
Court File Number(s): Morrison – 49-CR-12-1882

Psycho For Love: Yevgeniy “Eugene” Savenok stabbed his pregnant wife, Lyuba Savenok, to death killing her and their child; Sentenced to 65 years in prison

dv awareness

Lyuba Savenok

Eden Prairie’s Lyuba Savenok remembered as compassionate friend, mother
Facebook: Remembering Lyuba Savenok
A life of mere ‘minutes’ for Eden Prairie homicide victim Ellis Eugene Savenok
Mother of 2 stabbed to death inside home
Eden Prairie woman stabbed to death was pregnant, family says
Minnesota man charged in stabbing death of pregnant wife
Family identifies Eden Prairie mom, victim of weekend stabbing
Lyuba Savenok reported abuse to family, church before murder
Charges Possible Tuesday Against Husband in Stabbing Death of Wife, Mother of 2
Man charged in pregnant wife’s murder
Paramedic Recalls Frantic Effort to Save Eden Prairie Mother and Infant after Stabbing
Plea agreement reached in Eden Prairie murder case
Savenok pleads guilty to brutal Eden Prairie domestic murder
Eden Prairie Man Will Get 65 Years after Guilty Plea in Stabbing Death of Pregnant Wife
Man pleads guilty in pregnant wife’s murder
gofundme: Lyuba Savenok: Funeral & Kids Fund

Yevgeniy “Eugene” Savenok

Psycho For Love: Zachery Otis Matthews killed his ex-girlfriend, Kristine Cathryn Larson, and left her in a burning car; Sentenced to LWOP

dv awareness

Kristine Cathryn Larson

Find-A-Grave: Kristine C Larson
Kristine C Larson obituary
Thursday, he grieved her death; Sunday, he was jailed
Man arrested in killing had child with victim
Ex-boyfriend charged in murder of St. Paul Park woman
Police make arrest in killing of St. Paul Park teen
Charged with murder, Zachery Matthews says he didn’t kill Kristine Larson but ditched her body
Violence preceded killing, say witnesses: St. Paul Park victim’s friends recount her past with murder suspect
St. Paul man sentenced to life for murder of ex-girlfriend
State of Minnesota v Zachery Otis Matthews 2010 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
MN – Kristine Larson, 19, found strangled in burning car, Minneapolis, 19 Dec 2007
Tilson family gets custody of deceased daughter’s son

The First 48: Ashes and Snow
Ice Cold Killers: Fire and Ice



Demographic Information**
MNDOC Offender ID: 209462
Name: Zachery Otis Matthews
Birth Date: 05/17/1986
Current Status: Incarcerated as of 10/31/2008. Currently at MCF Oak Park Heights.
Sentence Date: 10/29/2008
Anticipated Release Date: Life without Parole
Expiration Date: Life
Caseworker: Ricardo Lopez (651) 747-8869
Current Offense Information
Highest Ranked Offense: Homicide
Court File Number(s): Hennepin – CR-07-130273

Serial Killer: Paul Michael Stephani killed 3 women, tried to kill 2 others; Called the police to confess *The Weepy-Voiced Killer*


Karen Potack (survived)[12/31/1980]
Kimberley Compton, 18 [6/3/1981]
Kathleen Greening, 33 [7/21/1982]
Barbara Simons, 40 [8/5/1982]
Denise Williams, 21 [8/21/1982] (attempted, escaped)

The Remorseful Serial Killer
Murderpedia: Paul Michael Stephani
Paul Michael Stephani
Wikipedia: Paul Michael Stephani
Case questions use of voice analysis
Serial Killer Communiques: Helpful or hurtful? (about 1/2 way down)
State of Minnesota v Paul M. Stephani 1985 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
True Crime and Stuff: Paul Michael Stephani

Cold Case Files: Weepy-Voiced Killer
Murder Calls: Seeing Red

Paul Michael Stephani

Psycho For Love: T. Eugene Thompson had his wife, Carol, killed for the insurance money and for his mistress; Sentenced to life in prison

dv awareness

Carol Thompson

This is one of the cases that the movie Fargo was loosely based on.

Thompson’s Son Defends Him at Trial
For Love or Money?
Cold Case: T. Eugene Thompson
Thompson case unforgettable, even after 50 years
Murder of Carol Thompson
T. Eugene Thompson, mastermind of the murder that shocked St. Paul, dies at 88
T. Eugene Thompson Dies at 88; Crime Stunned St. Paul
T. Eugene Thompson, convicted in infamous murder case, dies
On Dick W. C. Anderson . . . And Me
On This Day in Minnesota History (has lots of links to articles)
Forgotten Duluthian Norman Mastrian

Dial M: The Murder of Carol Thompson
The Carol Thompson murder case

A Crime To Remember: Devil’s Advocate


Tilmer Eugene Thompson – convicted, sentenced to life in prison; paroled in 1983, after serving more than 19 years [died 8/7/2015]
Dick W.C. Anderson – pled guilty, sentenced to life in prison
Norman Mastrian – convicted, sentenced to life in prison, paroled in 1988 [died 7/11/2007]

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