Suspected Serial Killer: Johnny Joe Avalos charged with 4 counts of capital murder; Death penalty being sought


Natalie Chavez, 15 [12/28/2014]
Rosemary Perez, 28 [1/10/2015]
Celia Ann Lopez, 29 [4/2015]
Genevieve Ramirez, 45 [4/2015]

Natalie Chavez obituary
Justice for Natalie Chavez
Memorial for girl found murdered under bridge vandalized
Woman found clinging to life in alley dies
Vigil held for murdered woman
Person of interest in death of San Antonio teen found under bridge charged with murder
Man charged with 2 murders draws police interest in third
Suspected serial killer indicted in murders of four San Antonio women
Suspected serial killer indicted in 4 SA murders, sex assaults
Texas man charged in killings of 15-year-old girl, 3 women
Man, 29, indicted in deaths of four women
Natalie Chavez’s aunt:’ What kind of a sick person would do that?’
Mother follows daughter’s murder & accused killer’s upcoming trial from prison
TX – Celia Lopez, 29, San Antonio, 10 April 2015 *Arrest*
Death Penalty Sought for Johnny Joe Avalos in 2014 TX Murder of 15-Year-Old Natalie Chavez

Johnny Joe Avalos

Monsters Among Us: Milton Gobert killed Mel Kernena Cotton; Sentenced to death

Mel “Nina” Cotton with her son, Demetrius

Find-A-Grave: Mel Kernena Cotton
After years of delays, capital murder trial begins today
11-year-old testifies about night he and mom were attacked
Gobert convicted of capital murder
Victim’s mother heads to Austin
Jury instructions
Former Abilenian sentenced to death
Jury sentences murderer of Wichitan Mel Cotton to death
Defiant Gobert gets capital punishment
Court upholds death sentence in brutal Austin murder
Milton Dwayne Gobert – Texas Death Row

The Mind of a Murderer: Blind Rage



SID Number: 04496698
TDCJ Number: 00999554
Race: B
Gender: M
DOB: 1972-11-02
Maximum Sentence Date: DEATH ROW
Current Facility: POLUNSKY
Projected Release Date: DEATH ROW
Parole Eligibility Date: DEATH ROW


Deadly Wives: Wendi Mae Davidson killed her husband, Air Force Staff Sgt. Michael Leslie Severance; Sentenced to 25 years in prison

dv awareness

Michael Severance

Michael Severance, Wendi Mae Davidson (GREAT article)
Autopsy Finds Airman’s Body Was Stabbed 41 Times
Vet indicted for allegedly drugging husband to death
Wife accepts plea in Texas murder case; Davidson gets 25 years in death of Michael Severance of Lee
Wife accepts deal in Texas murder case
Veterinarian sentenced to 25 years for husband’s murder
DVM gets 25 years for husband’s murder
Wendi Mae Davidson v State of Texas 2008
Police Blotter: Murderer nabbed via tracking, Web search
Legally Speaking: Murder, She Googled
True-crime writer explores 2005 murder of Lee native
Dad of slain Mainer angered by insurance payout
Lee family hires PR firm to help in custody fight
A Poisoned Passion: A Young Mother, her War Hero Husband, and the Marriage that Ended in Murder

Nightmare Next Door: The Unwelcome Wagon



SID Number: 07472492
TDCJ Number: 01407817
Race: W
Gender: F
DOB: 1978-07-23
Maximum Sentence Date: 2031-10-15
Current Facility: MOUNTAIN VIEW
Projected Release Date: 2031-10-15
Parole Eligibility Date: 2019-04-15

Parole Review Information

Parole Review Status

The offender is currently not in the review process.

Last Parole Decision

This offender has not been reviewed for parole.

Next Parole Review Date


Fred Charles Moseley murder 7/25/1998 Canyon, TX *Mario Ballesteros Campos convicted of his murder; Sentenced to life in prison

Fred Moseley
Fred Charles Moseley

Canyon murder victim remembered
Charley Project: Fred Charles Moseley
Thirteen year cold case murder arrest
Officials seek second man in disappearance
Second suspect arrested in 1998 murder
Jury Selection for Fred Moseley Murder
Campos found guilty in Canyon teen’s death, sentenced to life
Mario Ballesteros Campos v State of Teas 2015
Websleuths: Deceased/Not Found TX – Fred Moseley, 17, Canyon, 25 July 1998 *Campos & Dooley guilty*
Canyon officers awarded for closing cold case

Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen: Forever Missing

Mario Ballesteros Campos – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
Gerald Ross Dooley – pled guilty, sentenced to 10 years in prison


Mario Bolestero Campos

SID Number: 05933771
TDCJ Number: 01873651
Race: H
Gender: M
DOB: 1977-12-01
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Current Facility: POLUNSKY
Projected Release Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Parole Eligibility Date: 2051-11-08

CamposM info


Gerald Dooley

SID Number: 05904856
TDCJ Number: 01881661
Race: W
Gender: M
DOB: 1977-07-05
Maximum Sentence Date: 2021-11-03
Current Facility: STEVENSON
Projected Release Date: 2021-11-03
Parole Eligibility Date: 2016-11-03

Offense History
Offense Date: 1998-07-25
Offense: MURDER
Sentence Date: 2013-08-15
Case No.: 22944A
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 10-00-00

Deadly Wives: Joyce Sturdivant killed her husband, Big Joe Sturdivant; Sentenced to 30 years in prison 1q2


Find-A-Grave: Joe Milton Sturdivant Jr.
Son accuses elderly mother of murdering her husband
Missing Brooch May Hold Key To Businessman’s Murder
Testimony: Sturdivant said ‘I’m so sorry’ over dead husband’s body at funeral home
Waco-Area Woman Accused in Husband’s 2008 Death
Robinson Woman Gets 30 Years Over Death Of Spouse
Sturdivant convicted of murder, faces up to life in prison
Convicted murderer Sturdivant still in county jail on charge
Joyce McMillin Sturdivant v State of Texas 2013
Appeals court affirms Sturdivant murder conviction
Robinson murder case makes national cable program airing Saturday

Deadly Women: Granny Gets A Gun


Joyce Sturdivant

SID Number: 03763484
TDCJ Number: 01783322
Race: W
Gender: F
DOB: 1945-08-15
Maximum Sentence Date: 2041-03-15
Current Facility: MURRAY
Projected Release Date: 2041-03-15
Parole Eligibility Date: 2026-03-15

SturdivantJ info

Psycho For Love: Davie Dauzat charged with killing his wife, Natasha Dauzat; Her head was found in the freezer

dv awareness

Natasha Dauzat
Natasha Dauzat

Man reportedly beheaded wife, put head in freezer in mobile home near Waco
Police: Man beheaded wife, placed head in refrigerator in home with two children
Bond set at $500,000 for man charged in death of beheaded wife
Woman beheaded in home, husband arrested
Texas Man Charged With Beheading Wife After Police Visit
Texas man charged after wife’s head found in freezer
Texas man charged with beheading wife after police visit


Davie Dauzat

Bi-Date: 8/25/2016
Offense: MURDER-1F
Arrest-Charges: BMPD16-00982
CID#: 174999
R/S: W/M
Bond Amt: 500,000
Bond-Type: SURETY

Monsters Among Us: Raymond Jackson charged with the brutal beating and decapitation of auto parts store owner, Enayatolah Khorsand

Mykawa Auto Parts

Employees find decapitated body inside Houston auto parts store
Police are searching for a man suspected of murder at an auto parts store near Hobby Airport.
Houston Police Seek Suspect After Man Decapitated at Garage
Suspect arrested in man’s decapitation in SE Houston
Suspect arrested after ‘brutal’ decapitation of worker inside auto parts store in SE Houston
HPD captures man wanted in beating, decapitation of auto-shop owner
Houston police arrest suspect in store owner’s decapitation

Raymond Jackson
Raymond Jackson

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