2008 March: Cold Cases/Unsolved Cases

This month I will be concentrating on Cold Cases/Unsolved Cases. Some will be very famous (like Elizabeth Short and Zodiac) and others not so famous (many local ones).

The Zodiac Killer

Elizabeth Short

The Alphabet Killer

The Boy in the Box


18 Responses

  1. My friend was shot to death in front of his little girl September 18, 2003 on a Street in Brooklyn N.Y. His name was Wilfredo Rivera Jr nick named Quest. I’ve tried for years to find information on the case can you give me some suggestions?


  2. hi im a 41 yearold m from northern va back when i was a child i remember 2 girls called the lyons twins were kidnapped and never found years later they had them with other kids who were missing on the cover of people mag.do you know what ever became of the case.


  3. It’s been over twenty years or so when a freind of mine went missing from Pueblo co or Colorado Springs, I’m not sure what year I was quite younger than her, but witnesses say she was abducted by two men in a truck. no body no evidence has been found I’m sure theres something that could been found About her, could you get me started on where I could begin? If this is’nt a really cold case.


  4. what about a lover or former lover dispute?


  5. I remember sometime in the 1970’s there was a little girl, waiting for a school bus who was murdered and found by a milkman, he was a suspect for awhile. I wonder what ever became of this case. I can’t find any info at all. It happened either in Highland Heights or Cold Spring KY.


  6. Well I think I may have information regarding the Geraldine Young murder case.. She was stabbed and left in her apartment it was in brooklyn in 2007.. If anyone has any information please help!!!!!


  7. I just happened to come across this site and the note from Judy dated Aug 24, 2008 caught my eye. The reason I was surfing the web is because my friend went missing and I believe it’s the same person. Her name is Patricia (Trish) Gutierrez and she is missing from Pueblo, CO, since the late 80’s, I think. Yes, it was reported by her boyfriend, who she had just left a bar with, that she was talking to men in a truck. Some think she left with the men and went away with them but she had a little girl with this boyfriend and would have never left voluntarily. I knew her from CO Springs and lived there at the time and I never heard anymore about it. Just curious as to your reply to Judy or if there was any more information found.


    • U find any information on patricia i would like to no thats my sisters best friend


      • look for answers in joe bachicha and mike gallegos


      • Tricia was an earthbound spirit who came to me for a few month’s in 2006. In October of that same year I asked her to go into the Light, and she did. The boyfriend was responsible for her death.

        I passed along information regarding what I believe to be her remains to a Pueblo police detective, Pueblo County sheriff’s office and The CBI. Nothing was ever done.


    • i grew up w/patricia guiterrez,her mom went to school w/my mom,i would like to find some answrs to patricias dissappearance,someone knows something its been too long and the cops r not even working this case to find her.if anyone wants to talk about this look me up onfacebook


  8. There was a conviciton on the murder of Geraldine Young on the Summer of 07. The trail occurred on 9/22/09. Does anyone knows the specifics?
    Here is a link of what the NYT published on her murder:


  9. in the school bus murder of the child, i believe it could have been in the 1960’s also.


  10. @judy torres please contact me on facebook tinisha espinoza


  11. I was watching a show on tv the case of marvin gabrion ? I think is the name he murdered a lady who accused him of rape and her baby is still missing. I cannot get it off my mind. I’m not sure why. Iam considering a. Changing my work and helping people is a big part of what I like doing. If I could even help one child I would feel like my life was worthwhile. I would even meet with this person anything to get him to tell what happened to this child. He seems to like to talk someone other than him must know where she is.


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