Deadly Husbands: Carl Earl Andre Wiggins charged in the murder of his wife Kiara Rene Wiggins

Kiara Rene Wiggins

Kiara Renee (Williams) Wiggins obituary
Find-A-Grave: Kiara Renee “Boo-Boo” Wiggins
Family says body found in Clinton is of Kiara Wiggins, reported missing in June
Body found in Sampson County belongs to missing woman Kiara Wiggins, sheriff says
Husband of missing Sampson County woman Kiara Wiggins charged with murder
Husband of missing North Carolina woman Kiara Wiggins charged with murder week after her body was discovered in Sampson County
Husband of North Carolina woman found dead on road now charged with murder, records show
Husband charged with murder in case of missing Kiara Wiggins
Sampson County man not cooperating with investigation after wife’s disappearance
Husband of missing North Carolina woman Kiara Wiggins charged with murder week after her body was discovered in Sampson County
Husband Charged in Murder Of North Carolina Woman Missing Since June
Husband of Missing N.C. Woman Charged with Murder After Police Discovered Her Body in a Wooded Area
Kiara Williams Wiggins Funeral Expenses


Cold Case: Deadly Husbands: Gregory J. Houser killed his wife, Sheryl; Sentenced to 55 years in prison

Sheryl Fehr Houser

Find-A-Grave: Sheryl A Fehr Houser
Illinois Man Faces Charges In Wife’s 1990 Death
Mansfield man to plead not guilty to murder charges
Judge rules probable cause in Houser case
Evidence in Question for the Trial of Gregory Houser
Monticello man found guilty in wife’s murder
Man found guilty of murder in 1990 death of wife
Gregory Houser Found Guilty in the 1990 Murder & Sexual Assault of His Wife
Gregory Houser sentenced to 55 years in prison
Appeals court upholds Houser murder conviction

Not Your Normal Murder: The Murder of Sheryl Houser

THE WHEELS OF JUSTICE: The True Story Of A 27-Year Battle To Convict My Sister’s Killer


Deadly Husbands: Ronald Carpenter charged with killing his 82-year-old wife, Mollie Snyder, whose body was found in Box Canyon

Suspicious death investigation underway in Green Valley
Body of Green Valley woman found in Box Canyon, husband charged with murder
Husband arrested in suspicious death of 82-year-old woman in Green Valley
Police records say Green Valley man admitted to killing wife
Green Valley man suspected of killing wife after she was reported missing
83-year-old Arizona man arrested after missing wife is found dead in canyon


Deadly Husbands: Donald Lee Bocephus “Bo” Wilson killed his wife, Jody Rilee-Wilson and left her body on a mountain; Sentenced to 5 years in prison through a plea bargain *Is this really justice???*

Jody Rilee-Wilson

Find-A-Grave: Jody Nicole Rilee Rilee-Wilson
Arrest made in 2009 LeFlore Co. murder case
Husband, Mother-In-Law Arrested In 2009 Murder Of LeFlore County Woman
Jody Rilee-Wilson murder: Father-in-law informs on son, wife years later
Jody Rilee-Wilson’s husband and mother-in-law move closer to trial for her alleged killing
Oklahoma man accused of smothering wife in 2009 cold case faces trial
Man accused of smothering wife in 2009 cold case faces trial
On eve of trial, man admits killing wife in Oklahoma in 2009
Man Faces Sentencing In Death Of Wife Found On Oklahoma Mountaintop
Jody Rilee-Wilson’s husband pleads to second-degree murder, will serve 5 years

Donald Lee Bocephus “Bo” Wilson – pled no contest, sentenced to 5 years in prison, 15 years probation
Edith Kathryn Wilson – pled no contest, sentenced to 1 year in prison (accessory)

Edith Kathryn Wilson


Deadly Husbands: Edward Stenberg killed his wife, Laura Ann, after serving a year in jail for beating her; Sentenced to life in prison

Laura Ann Stenberg

Laura Ann Stenberg obituary
Find-A-Grave: Laura Ann Stenberg
Husband sought in shooting
Michigan man accused of killing wife arrested in Fort Pierce
Missing slaying suspect arrested in Florida
People of the State of Michigan v Edward Albert Stenberg 2010 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Crimes ranged from gruesome to bizarre (about 1/2 way down)
2007 Domestic Violence Homicides in Michigan (about 2/3 down)


Deadly Husbands: James Kauffman arranged, through Pagan’s member Ferdinand Augello, to kill his wife, April; Killed himself in jail, Augello sentenced to life in prison + 30 years

April Kauffman

Find-A-Grave: April Christine Fovozzo Kauffman
Police search for clues in shooting death of New Jersey radio host April Kauffman
April Kauffman, former radio host, found fatally shot in her New Jersey home
April Kauffman fought hard for veterans
April Kauffman Homicide Investigation
Arrest appears likely in NJ radio host’s killing
Prosecutor: Murdered radio host April Kauffman’s husband hired hitman, ran drug ring
James Kauffman found dead in ‘carefully planned’ apparent suicide, sources say
Jersey Shore doctor charged in murder-for-hire plot left behind a message before killing himself
Officials: Gunman Who Fatally Shot New Jersey Radio Host Died Of Heroin Overdose
Kauffman hitman Francis Mulholland remembered as troubled neighbor
Ferdinand Augello sentenced to life in prison, +30 years for the murder of April Kauffman
Biker convicted in murder-for-hire by husband of N.J. radio host gets life sentence
‘I am no John Gotti,’ Pagan biker says as he’s sentenced to life plus 30 years for plotting radio host April Kauffman’s murder
A look back at the trial of Ferdinand Augello
Augello transferred to state prison in Trenton
April Kauffman murder case
‘I’m Not Going To Jail For This!’ Doctor Yells While Brandishing Gun After Being Accused Of Medical Fraud
Wrapping Up The Kauffman Killing

The Doctor, the Hitman, and the Motorcycle Gang: The True Story of One of New Jersey’s Most Notorious Murder for Hire Plots

Killer Motive: Motorcycles, Murder and Mystery

James Kauffman – murder for hire – committed suicide in jail
Francis Mulholland – shooter, died before being charged
Ferdinand Augello – convicted, sentenced to life plus 30 years in prison


Deadly Husbands: Robert Fratta hired 2 men, Howard Guidry and Joseph Prystash to kill his wife, Farah, due to a custody issue; All three sentenced to death

Farah Baquer Fratta

Find-A-Grave: Farah Fahmida Baquer
Farah Baquer
Former cop’s murder retrial gets underway
Disturbing testimony in former cop’s trial
Jury hears from detectives in ex-cop’s trial
Robert Fratta’s gym buddies testify
Accused killer comes face to face with son
Killer’s girlfriend testifies in murder retrial
Next for Missouri City officer: trial’s death-penalty phase
Man sentenced to die by injection for the second time
Robert Fratta Resentenced to Death in 1994 TX Murder for Hire of Wife
Robert Alan Fratta v Nathaniel Quarterman 2008 (habeas corpus denied)
Death row inmate behind murder-for-hire killing of police officer’s wife loses in Supreme Court
Former Missouri City cop on death row denied federal appeal
Supreme Court rejects appeal from former Missouri City cop on death row
Appeals court rules in favor of death row inmate
Death Row Inmate Information: Robert Fratta
Death Row Inmate Information: Joseph Prystash
Death Row Inmate Information: Howard Paul Guidry
Texas Court of Appeals denies relief for death row inmate in wife’s murder for hire
Murderpedia: Robert Alan Fratta
Murderpedia: Joseph Andrew Prystash

No Safe Place

Murder Calls: Deadlift
American Justice: The Brit and the Bodybuilder
48 Hours Mystery: Thou Shalt Not Kill
On Death Row: Robert Fratta
Killer Cops: Robert Fratta

Robert Alan Fratta – convicted, sentenced to death
Joseph Andrew Prystash – convicted, sentenced to death
Howard Paul Guidry – convicted, sentenced to death




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