Prison Escape: Arcade Joseph Comeaux Jr. – convicted child rapist escapes during prison transfer in Houston, TX

Arcade Joseph Comeaux Jr.

Violent Houston child molester escapes
‘Armed and Dangerous’ Texas Inmate on The Loose
Texas inmate pulls gun on guards, takes off
Texas inmate escapes van during transfer


Breaking News: Missing Child (since 1991) – Jaycee Lee Dugard found alive! *Phillip and Nancy Garrido arrested and charged*`

Jaycee Lee Dugard
Jaycee Lee Dugard, as she looked like when abducted and age-progressed

Girl missing since 1991 found alive; two arrested
Kidnapped California Girl Comes Forward 18 Years Later, Sex Offender and Wife in Custody
18 Years Later: Has Jaycee Lee Dugard Returned?
Meet Phillip Craig Garrido (Great Post by Steve Huff)
Jaycee Dugard, Abducted in 1991, Has Been Found Alive And Well?
Kidnapped California girl resurfaces 18 years later
Sex offender’s neighborhood searched as woman kidnapped 18 years ago emerges [updated]
Woman abducted 18 years ago had two girls with one of her alleged captors, authorities say
Police: Sex offender, wife arrested in kidnap
Jaycee Lee Dugard Abduction: Phillip & Nancy Garrido Arrested
Suspect in Jaycee Dugard Abduction has a Blog
Phillip Garrido’s blog

Phillip Garrido Nancy Garrido

Breaking News: Infant remains of several infants found in a yard in Tarrant County, TX

mobile home skeletal remains
6000 block of Tranquility Circle

Infants’ remains found under Texas mobile home
Infant Skeletal Remains Found In Tarrant County
Tarrant County authorities investigate discovery of skeletal remains
Skeletal remains of two infants found under mobile home’s porch
ME studying infants’ remains found at trailer park

Breaking News: At least 41 people taken hostage at Immigration Center in Binghamton, NY *several victims shot, 4 dead at this time*


Source: 4 killed, up to 40 held hostage in central N.Y.
Several Shot, Dozens of Hostages Taken at Immigration Center in Upstate New York
Reports: 4 shot, hostages taken in Binghamton, NY
At Least 4 Shot, Hostages Taken In Binghamton, NY
Shooting at American Civic Association/Hostages Taken
Shooting In Binghamton
4 Shot at Immigration Center; At Least 40 Held Hostage

Breaking News: Schoool Shooting at Dillard High School in Fort Lauderdale, FL *at least 1 girl shot dead*

Amanda Collette

Girl Found Unconscious at Florida High School Dies in Possible Shooting, Another Girl in Custody
Student dies after shooting at Fla. high school
Student Killed In Shooting At Dillard HS
Student fatally shot at Dillard High
Girl dies after possible shooting at Dillard High School
Update: Amanda Collette murder *Teah Wimberly convicted of her murder, sentenced to 25 years in prison*

Dillard High School

Breaking News: Serial Killer Arthur Shawcross has died in prison

Jack Owen Blake, 10 [May 1972] (top)
Karen Ann Hill, 8 [September 1972] (top)
Dorothy “Dotsie” Blackburn, 27 [3/15/1988] (top)
Anna Marie Steffen, 28 [7/8/1988] (top)
Dorothy Keeler, 59 [7/29/1989] (top)
Patricia “Patty” Ives, 25 [9/29/199] (top)
June Stotts, 30 [10/23/1989] (bottom)
Marie Welch, 22 [11/5/1989] (bottom)
Frances “Franny” Brown, 22 [11/11/1989] (bottom)
Kimberly Logan, 30 [11/5/1989] (no photo)
Elizabeth “Liz” Gibson, 29 [11/25/1989] (bottom)
Darlene Trippi, 32 [12/15/1989] (bottom)
June Cicero, 34 [12/17/1989] (bottom)
Felicia Stephens, 20 [12/28/1989] (no photo)

Serial KiIler: Arthur John Shawcross *The Genesee River Killer*
NY serial killer Arthur Shawcross dead at 63
Serial Killer Arthur Shawcross Dead
Arthur Shawcross Dead at 63
Serial Killer Arthur Shawcross Dead
Wikipedia: Arthur Shawcross
Shawcross Jail Interview

Misbegotten Son, A Serial Killer and His Victims: The True Story of Arthur J. Shawcross
Arthur Shawcross: The Genesee River Killer : The Grisly True Crime Account of the Rochester Prostitute Murders!
Guilty by Reason of Insanity: A Psychiatrist Explores the Minds of Killers

Serial Killer Arthur Shawcross

Breaking News: Cole Puffinburger found alive *Grandfather, Clemons Fred Tinnemeyer arrested on Friday; Jesus Gastelum named as a suspect in the kidnapping*

            Cole Puffinburger

Kidnapped Las Vegas Boy Found Alive
AP Top News at 8:25 a.m. EDT
Breaking News: Cole Puffinburger Found Alive and Safe
Police focusing on 3 in Las Vegas boy’s abduction
Grandfather of Boy Kidnapped by Police Impostors Allegedly Involved in Mexican Drug Cartel

 Clemons Fred Tinnemeyer Jesus Gastelum

Update: Caylee Anthony disappearance *Indictment handed down for murder; Casey Anthony in custody*

                                  Caylee Anthony

Florida Grand Jury Indicts Mother of Missing Florida Toddler on Murder Charges
Grand jury has handed up indictment
Grand jury returns capital indictment in Caylee case
Casey Anthony Indictment
Casey Anthony in custody
Murder Indictment in Caylee Anthony Case
Murder indictment issued in missing Fla. girl case

Breaking News: Utah County man, Cameron Nielsen, admits to beating and shaking his 6 week old son Jason, blinding him

            Cameron Reid Nielsen

Utah County Man Accused Of Beating His Baby Son
Man accused of abusing his infant son


Arrested: 06/12/2008
Booked: 6/12/2008 5:36:52 PM
Booking No: 215520

Status: A
Arrest Agency: PROVO PD

Address PROVO, UT 84601 Weight 155
DOB 03/1986 Eyes HAZ
Birth Place Hair BLK

Total Charges: 1 Release Type Released To
Court: DST Bail:
$20,000.00 Y

Desc: CHILD ABUSE X 2 ChargeType: OTN: CG

Breaking News: 3 bodies found near Brush Creek in Kansas City, MO

Kansas City Cleanup Crews Find Body; Police Find Two More
Volunteers make gruesome discovery
Workers’ Discovery Leads Police To Find Three Bodies
Third Body Found Near Emanuel Cleaver Blvd

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